Joanna and Cooper : Wedding

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he off-shore winds made their way into the Bacara Resort and cooled Joanna's wedding suite. She sat in a chair and smiled into the baroque mirror hanging on the wall. The stylists doted on her every need, but Joanna simply smiled and floated from room to room ensuring her day flowed as perfectly as she planned it. Afterall, the man of her dreams was waiting for her at a winery, just a short drive away.

They met under canopies of grapevines and purple flowers, just past the outdoor fireplace. Joanna approached Cooper from behind with a smile so wide, so bright it illuminated the already bright day. They embraced for minutes, a million lifetimes orbiting around a nucleus of love, and they realized their moment had arrived.

Under the shade of two oak trees at Roblar Winery, Joanna and Cooper promised to communicate. Promised to love. Promised to remain at each others' hips until their last breaths. They promised. They kissed. They embraced for minutes, a million lifetimes orbiting around a nucleus of love, and they realized their moment had arrived.

Jo and Coop...I love you. Not like, I luv ya! but like the real thing. You've invited me into your home, your lives, and your hearts and I'm extraordinarily thankful. I know your wedding was merely the start of your lives together, but I also know it's the start of a further friendship with ME! ;) I can't wait to hang out again, and I know the future is heavily sprinkled with goodness and love. Thank you for allowing me to document your fabulous wedding day! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

Let me start with the sweet things in life...umm, like, Joanna's Rene Caovilla blingin' shoes...

I adored Joanna's custom Jenny Lee wedding dress...she looked stunning in it!

Joanna's wedding ring caused me momentary was truly stunning! Here's the ring along with a family heirloom bracelet she wore for such a special occasion...

We then headed to Roblar for more preparation and some loving...JD captured this moment between Joanna and her maid of honor, Rachel.

I love me some good details...many thanks to Nico and his ultra fab crew of Nico Designs for their amazing work...just look at that bouquet!

Stunning. I mean, really...Joanna looked stunning...many thanks to Shiela of Shiela Stone for hair and Shannon Jordan of Flirt Makeup

Much to my delight, Joanna and Cooper opted to see each other before the ceremony (which is something I ADORE!) and their first moments together were so beautiful...the following images were captured by JD...

After the First Look, we had some fun around the winery...

I don't know what it is about this photo, but I just love the small details that make this moment so special...

Joanna...stay fabuous.

I can't say enough good things about Joanna and Cooper's bridal party...loved them!

I'm way jealous JD captured this photo...I kinda love it way too much...

A quiet moment just after the recessional...

Ooooh, and all the delicious details...Nico and Maren of Maren Parsons Events truly outdid themselves with all the accoutrements...

Joanna and Cooper were extremely laid back and opted to forego traditional elements to their wedding reception. They kept the night more about their love, and their guests and chose not to be consumed with formalities. Beyond the toasts, the reception was a free-flowing night filled with fun and joy...

Though there wasn't a First Dance, I caught this moment of Joanna and Cooper enjoying each other at the end of the night...

To see more of their beautiful wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Lastly, a special thanks must go to Maren Parsons for her attention to detail, kindness, and overall fabulousness in coordinating this wedding. She was a gem to work with and I hope our paths cross again in the near future! :)
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