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Dance Like No One is Watching

ver breakfast with my best friend Brianna, JD animatedly recounted our recent packing experience for a one-night stay in San Diego. He was orchestrating a symphony of emotional suspense and hit the high note saying, ...and then, I asked if Jasmine was going to take her computer and she said No! Brianna let out an audible gasp. The kind of gasp one might hear if I said I made out with Barack Obama. Total disbelief. They went back and forth with their No ways and their But she never leaves without its. I soaked my embarrassment in syrup and rolled my eyes.

There's a reason I left the computer at home. And I have to thank David Wenzel for my decision.

Last week I sat in the stairwell of our home with the phone in my hand and sobbed. JD perched himself on the couch below and let me cry. I had just got off the phone with Amy Wenzel, and she informed me David had brain cancer. And just like that, my world stopped. Because, yes, it was about David and Amy...but it was also about me. Amy held a mirror to my life and it showed I was a hot mess. If priorities were articles of clothing, I'd definitely make the What Not To Wear List.

I cried in the stairwell and I apologized from a distance. Forgive me. I love you. I'm screwing things up. I'm a workaholic. I felt like I was in a 12-step program and, like most rehab groups, admitting I was messed up was the first step. When I started choking on my words and the tears took over, JD climbed up the stairs and sat with me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and squeezed. Much like an orange, the tighter he squeezed, the more tears fell.

I'm making changes in my life to allow me to lead the life I want. I was caught up in moving fast, but I didn't know the direction I was going. With many thanks to David Wenzel, I'm finding my way back to the right path. And it's a path dotted with computerless vacations, long walks, deep breaths, saying no, and dancing in public. Sometimes when I'm unbearably happy, I bust out a dance. It doesn't matter where I am, I just dance like no one is watching.

Hey, JD, the next time you see me dancing in public, I'm dancing for you. I'm dancing because I'm happy. I'm dancing because while I don't know what tomorrow holds, today we have Life. And, dang, it's beautiful.

The photo above was taken on our trip to San Diego...thanks for your mad photo skillz, Bri! ;)
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Eliza Lewis - I follow Jessica Claire's blog and now I am following yours! I loved this post about dancing like no one is watching. Your work and your life are beautiful indeed!  07.28.09 - 1:25pm
Sarah Alston - Why you always gotta make me cry? *sniffle  06.30.09 - 6:31pm
Laura - Such an unfortunate hand that your friends have been dealt. My heart aches for them as I lost my father to a brain tumor in 2003. What we, my family, mom and I, wouldn't give to have just a few more moments with him. To hug, kiss and just stare at one another. It took the loss of my dad to make me realize that life is VERY short. I still have to remind myself, every now and again, to slow down. But I always, always appreciate every moment w/ my loved ones. I thank God every night that he's given me another day to love them. You and your friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.  06.30.09 - 11:06am
Cynthia Q. - So proud of you Jasmine. Great post!  06.29.09 - 9:33pm
jeramy - you nailed it. good on you. here's to livin.  06.29.09 - 4:50pm
michele - thank you for sharing something so personal. so often, we forget to slow down and enjoy life and all the beautiful things around us. currently I struggle with that. between work, buying a home with my boyfriend, tending to the dog, building my photog biz, where is the time for us? you make the time. simply. put.   06.29.09 - 11:14am
Bartolomeo Photography - Oh Jasmine- this is so true. I too do this- each time we even go for a family getaway I make sure I have my laptop to keep up with emails and such. When what I really need to be doing is enjoying carefree time with my husband and two boys. Thank you for this post!  06.29.09 - 10:26am
korey - So now I'm crying, and I'm crying because it's 11:06, and I still have hours of work to do. My new husband is sleeping in the next room and I have been doing this for nights...well now weeks. Meanwhile this same thought has been echoing through my mind...if not now, when? Be strong and claim the life you want. If not now, when?  06.28.09 - 11:05pm
Mandie - Thanks for this post... I'm just starting out and I'm a newlywed. Definitely a good reminder to keep my priorities in line along the way... My prayers are with your friends Amy and David.   06.26.09 - 8:53pm
Araceli - Love at it's best!  06.26.09 - 1:31pm
Tracy - I'm sure there are a million photogs reading this a tearing up. What strong and meaningful post..thank you so much. Definitely need to re-think my own life. My prayers go out to David and Amy.  06.26.09 - 12:08pm
Tracey - I read your blog daily and feel inspired, but I read this post and tears are streaming down my face. I couldn't have said it better and I couldn't agree more. Take the time to FEEL how beautiful life and love truly are.  06.25.09 - 10:02pm
Denise - Love the boots.  06.25.09 - 6:07pm
Kathryn Brown - Working on that exact same thing myself- success always comes with a price- but we have to redefine success and keep it in is not worth our loved ones or running ourselves into the ground- happiness has a value greater than any paycheck!!!  06.25.09 - 12:50pm
ohana photographers - david has been in our prayers. it's so hard not to be a workaholic as a photographer, but life is too short not to take a break and dance with your family once in a while.  06.25.09 - 9:29am
Chris Ellis - Amen! I'm glad you realized this now. I realized it at 29 when I came to know Christ, and now at 35, I see now that I finally began living at 29.   06.25.09 - 8:19am
Laura - I've been away from the internet for a few days because of my best friends wedding being last weekend and all. I just want to say that it's funny because in her guest book on Saturday I wrote to her "dance like no one is watching" (I also wrote, "if you fart own it"... but it's not as relevant to your post here) This is really good advice. So much of life is defined not by what you do, but by the relationships you build and maintain with those around you. Thank you for this post.  06.25.09 - 8:19am
Ricki Ford - David is in our paryers. I really like this post Jasmine. Our preacher always says the same thing that people need to get thier hearts right with the Lord you don't know what tommrow holds. We could be fine in the morning but by the end of the day we could be standing before of God. And without Jesus Christ there is no life!  06.25.09 - 6:42am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - CONGRATS on this decision, Jasmine! The whole 'life balance' is SO elusive, isn't it?  06.25.09 - 1:49am
steph - i saw this poster today and thought of your post. awesome!  06.24.09 - 4:25pm
Julie Hill - OMG! That picture of you and JD is so cute!!   06.24.09 - 3:32pm
Jeni Maus - Your blog posts just make me smile. I could go on and on about why, and how I check out your blog when I am feeling in a funk, and I somehow always feel better after reading them, and how they are always so appropriate for how I am feeling at that moment, but I will stop now and just say "thanks, you rock."  06.24.09 - 2:58pm
Patrick - It's a shame it always takes something horrible to wake people up and smell the coffee. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  06.24.09 - 1:23pm
Hanssie Trainor - Dang it Jasmine. You made me cry...and I just put on my makeup! Thanks for the reminder and I'm getting off the computer RIGHT NOW!  06.24.09 - 12:13pm
Lucero - All I can say is God Bless you & JD! Tear tear!! Family is sure everything. : )  06.24.09 - 11:04am
STUDIO 623 - mindy and i just celebrated our 9th anniversary. it's AMAZING just how refreshing just one "day off" can be.  06.24.09 - 10:53am
David Wenzel - Dear J* & JD. I love you both so much. Can't quite put it all into words so that will have to do. Just know how much you two mean to Amy and I.  06.24.09 - 10:33am
Linden - Why does it take something so tragic to make us realize what we take for granted? Thanks so much for this I really needed it to day! I'm gonna go home and hug my babies neck and tell him i love him <33 and then dance like no one is watching! So maybe I will just dance in my room so I don't harm anyone... Will that work also?? You are awesome btw! I love your blog :)   06.24.09 - 9:35am
Stephanie Greenwell - Thank you. Yesterday, I read this post, then my husband got some not-so-great news about his heart. We are expecting another child to add to the three we have and last night, I didn't work on my computer. We sat on the loveseat, and snuggled. And our baby girl eventually joined us. Your post kept going through my head as we laid there and how peaceful it felt. I'm praying for your friends Amy & David as well, and please keep us in your prayers also. Now, go dance!  06.24.09 - 9:25am
Kelly Braman - WoW! This totally hit home for me! I always love your honesty and I hope you realize that you help so many woman in the business as we can all relate:) Sending some love your way today~can you feel it?! :)  06.24.09 - 7:52am
New York City Wedding Photographer - What a lovely post! When tragedy strikes, I am always amazed by the power of the human spirit to persevere and heal. Add "Dance like No One is Watching" to your workflow :)   06.24.09 - 6:50am
~abi~ - i just got teary-eyed! you are a beautiful person, jasmine!  06.24.09 - 6:21am
Riz Crescini - Jasmine, love this post! My newborn has been occupying most of my time the past couple of!!! Keep speaking words of truth, sis!  06.24.09 - 5:52am
Narrelle - Thanks again for your honesty and humility, so beautifully expressed. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see you dance - it brings a smile to my face just to imagine it. :) Thanks for the encouragement.  06.24.09 - 5:07am
Vania - SimplyBloom Photography, LLC - Jasmine, JD really sounds like an amazing partner to have. One in a million. -V SimplyBloom Photography, LLC  06.24.09 - 12:16am
Feuza - Definetely gotta live like there is no tomorrow- so sad to hear about David, will be praying for him and Amy... I have been so wrapped up in my startup that things are so out of place as far as priorities- thank you for this post  06.24.09 - 12:08am
Gina S. - Jasmine...this was a touching post. I should be thanking you because your post reminds me to slow down and not to get so wrapped up with work-life. Thank you for sharing your are an inspiration. P.S. Yay for your trip to San Diego...I'm from San Diego =)  06.24.09 - 12:06am
Christine - =) It usually takes something hard for us to realise what we have. Good for you for taking the steps you are, its good medicine for the soul. PS - Bri's mad photo skillz captured a beautiful pic!  06.23.09 - 11:47pm
Nellie Guerrero - Oh are truly amazing.   06.23.09 - 11:35pm
Amanda - Amen sister!!!   06.23.09 - 11:35pm
Nicole Glenn - Yes, life is too fast AND too short. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and maybe even smell the roses! Amy and David are in my thoughts and prayers.  06.23.09 - 11:19pm
Deyla Huss - I sat here today reading your post with my cup of coffee,listening to my children play and be silly as I Blog, edit, work work work. And I think to myself how stupid I have been to have wasted so much precious time stressing about getting that Blog post up or making sure my new marketing materials are ordered and sent, getting that album done today. But really as I know my business is important but not NEARLY as important as my husband and children. So today and more and more I will be shutting off this computer and playing hide and seek with my children and holding my husband and thanking my lord and savior for all that he has blessed me with and cherishing these moments I have. Thanks J* for these gentle reminders, signing off ~ Deyla  06.23.09 - 11:04pm
Erica Velasco - It's about time you cut yourself some slack and time!  06.23.09 - 10:22pm
jenifriend - you're speaking the story i just spoke to a friend today...thanks for reminding me...again...the correct order of my priorities.  06.23.09 - 10:05pm
Diana - I just found your blog a few days ago and fell in love with your work and now Im falling in love with your words. Im sorry to hear about your friend. I know whats it like to go through this and I know its not easy for anyone. But Im glad to hear that its bringing reasons in your life to change for the better. Bless your friends and you and your family.   06.23.09 - 9:45pm
Emily Faulknor - I am still praying for your friends Jasmine, Gosh I just love your sincerity and vulnerability. You speak truth always. God's favor is upon you. Blessings to you and JD!   06.23.09 - 9:20pm
Meredith - Good for you j*! This brough tears to my eyes, it also made me see that I to need to stop & slow down. life is just flying past me as i go on in my everyday rut taking things for granted... I think tomorrow I will stop & dance like no one is watching. thanks j* you enspire daily! :)  06.23.09 - 9:01pm
Melissa - DANCE BABY, DANCE!  06.23.09 - 8:36pm
stephanie Hayes - Ah. Great post. I think only those who have been touched by the horrible tentacles of cancer can fully begin to wrap their minds around this train of thought. Don't get me wrong, Cancer is a nasty nasty disease. But at the same time. . . in an odd almost ironic way, it can give you a new way of thinking. A new lease on lease so to speak. It reminds you of what we do have, right here, right now. Thank you for the inspiration, the laughs and the encouragement.   06.23.09 - 7:49pm
Rachel Absher - Jasmine, thank you for always bringing me back to what is important. I love your words and I don't know if you realize just how much wisdom you really do have. I admire you not only as a photographer but as a woman of God.   06.23.09 - 6:52pm
Ginger Murray - Everyone needs to hear this--- *I* needed to hear this. Thank you so much for this post. I'll be awaiting further news on David's condition... praying for them both.  06.23.09 - 5:43pm
Heather - Amen to that! I have been following David's story and it's definately made me take a step back to take a look at my own life. It's amazing how quickly I can put important things in the wrong order on my list. David has an incredible outlook on life, and it's inspired me to get things back in line and start "dancing."  06.23.09 - 5:31pm
Yuka photo art - Thank you!!! You back me in reality! We should enjoy every minute of our life!!!!!  06.23.09 - 5:29pm
Papi - Jenny Duffy, I LOVED your comment. 10-4. Roger that! I hear you. Jasmine *'s dad. Shheesh!  06.23.09 - 4:58pm
Theresa - Dance, dance......where ever you may be....Dance said the Lord, and I'll dance said he.... You are lucky to learn the "take a break", and just say"no" lesson before you have kids. It will take you far! Praying for David!  06.23.09 - 4:51pm
Holli True - LOVE this post, Jasmine! I think life really is all about those little moments that just make your heart smile. I've been talking walks with my kids and hubby in the evenings and I swear it's like cleansing the soul. :) I know I need to get my work done, but I also need to enjoy my family. Enjoy my life. A few weekends ago, Jeff and I shot a wedding up in Washington in the middle of nowhere. No cell service, no cable, no internet. It was amazing!! I'm dancing with you, girl!!   06.23.09 - 4:45pm
imthiaz houseman - thank you!  06.23.09 - 4:24pm
barbara (soon to be dieppa) - My thoughts and prayers and floating their way.   06.23.09 - 3:41pm
Ashley - I was diagnosed with cancer in '07. I have to say it was a blessing. It made see what was really important and to cherish those moments. My husband really stepped up to the plate helped me through. He was my strength. I was beautiful even when no one else saw it. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful best friend. My prayers to David and Amy.   06.23.09 - 3:18pm
Amy Starks - I definitely needed this reminder on a day like today - thank you!  06.23.09 - 3:17pm
Alejandra Arroyo - Wow! That was beautiful Jasmine!! You couldn't have said it any better. You know there are times I get in the elevator and I see someone just frowning, I smile at them since I am always smiling hoping maybe just maybe that will make them smile and realize one could have it worst! Your friends David and Amy will be in my prayers!!! Lot's of love from Dallas! =)  06.23.09 - 2:54pm
eden lang - I'm sitting in front of my computer with tears, I really am sorry for all that Amy and David are going through. I wish them the best and am so grateful that I can learn from them. I agree life is better when it is lived! ...why is that so hard to remember sometimes?! thanks for your honest thoughts.  06.23.09 - 1:10pm
danielle - i'm a long time blog stalker but never post over here in nashville, tn. thanks for linking to your wentzel friends. i've passed along his blog to others, too, and have also found his blogging encouraging and challenging. i think your wentzel friends are blessed to have a friend like you!  06.23.09 - 12:48pm
Amanda Picone - Awesome post!!! I love to dance in public, too. Also because of my amazing husband :) I will truly take to this post to heart when I get home tonight and sit on the couch with him , rather than go straight to the editing chair.  06.23.09 - 12:45pm
Surelyv - Jasmine, thank you so much for sharing this with us. Our hearts go out to Amy and David. Sometimes the universe sends a wakeup call our way whether we understand its implications or not.....  06.23.09 - 12:43pm
Arielle - Thanks for this inspiring post... we need constant reminders of what is most important!!  06.23.09 - 12:38pm
Tacey - You are an inspiration...and yes...Life is about savoring the moments, not about how fast your business catapults to the next level. Good for you for getting it... Much love...  06.23.09 - 12:16pm
Karla Perez - Jasmine, I dont even know you...but I love you! Reading your blog is like a daily routine for me. Today when I get home I will not touch my TV or computer, instead I will give 100% of me to husband. You make me no other. May God continue to bless you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! K~  06.23.09 - 12:14pm
Sarah Austin - No truer words have been spoken. Amen!  06.23.09 - 11:56am
heather - clearly, you are speaking for a lot of people with this post. Turning the computer off now...  06.23.09 - 11:46am
Angi Davis - You're doing the right thing and at such a young age - you're wise beyond your years, Jasmine. I'm 43 years old, and nothing will interrupt my time with my husband and children. Nothing. Good for you, and peace to your friends...  06.23.09 - 11:38am
Jenny Sun - dear lord, jasmine, you spoke the words from my heart today. I have been feeling that my work has been eating up my life the past 6 months to a year, and as a result, ive been sick, and on top of that had no time to treasure what really matters to me in life. I am praying for the same guidance and initiation to change my life so that those i love around me will know they really are truly special and that I do love them more than what i do. And more than my computer. God bless you Jasmine. From the bottom of my heart. Im glad you are a christian photographer, who not only takes breathtaking images, but inspires and spills out words of wisdom from our Lord like that. Much love.   06.23.09 - 11:27am
Bobbie Brown - Good for you! I def need to stop and slow down too...   06.23.09 - 11:13am
Rose - I totally agree!   06.23.09 - 11:02am
Lydia - David has been an inspiration to so many of us. I'm off to doing something besides sit in front of my 'puter all day!  06.23.09 - 11:01am
Chelsea McGowan - Thank you. I had a similar moment last night when my son crawled up in my lap and said, "Can you stop playing with other people and play with me?" Broke my heart. Regardless of the goal I'm working toward, I'll never get this time with him back again. It's about TODAY. Enjoy yourself.  06.23.09 - 10:53am
Philip Casey - Kinda looks like JD is showing off some leg there and wearing those awesome boots. LOL  06.23.09 - 10:52am
Shannon - Jasmine, thanks for posting this!!!  06.23.09 - 10:45am
Dee - this post made me cry. preach it girl.   06.23.09 - 10:40am
Tira J - Thank you Jasmine!   06.23.09 - 10:30am
Sherri Winstead - Make a girl cry why don'tcha? Seriously. I don't post often, but I felt led to do so. My heart sunk regarding David and Amy, and you don't have ot know them at all to feel a complete sadness over it all. I'm praying! Your post put my yesterday right into perspective! Photographer and Mom of two boys with autism....well..suffice it to say, it's not always easy. THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST!!  06.23.09 - 10:28am
Molly Michel - A great reminder! Jeff and Julia Woods said at WPPI that your business will take everything you are willing to give it. And that really resonated with me. Sometimes you have to draw the line and say - "no you aren't getting this." Good for you!   06.23.09 - 10:28am
Gwen - Teary-eyed. That's what your post did to me. Thank you for always being so open and honest with us. I'd turn off my computer right this instant...but my supervisor would probably not approve. But I will carry this lesson in my heart and spend some QT with the hubby as soon as I get home; rather than checking my email since I pass the office before having to go upstairs where he usually is. Thanks again.  06.23.09 - 10:25am
Janet - Beautiful...and so true. Thanks for reminding us of what's important!  06.23.09 - 10:24am
Lindsay C. - I've followed your blog now for a while - I'm a huge fan, but I've never left a comment until now! This post brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on a new you! A lot of people could benefit from reading this. :)  06.23.09 - 10:23am
Diane - - We all have these special moments in our lives that just make you stop and look around and realize what is or isn't working for you, before it's too late or something happens. I'm happy to hear that moment is here for you and the changes to make your time together will be better. Good for you!  06.23.09 - 10:18am
cyndi - I found myself dancing while in Ikea yesterday and that's so not like me! Now I know it's because I was happy and not just crazy like my husband feared as he cruised along behind me! I love your new philosophy and applaud your desire to balance things in your life. I learned this lesson the hard way almost ten years ago when I lost a very close friend to a car accident. While I try to live a more balanced life, I do tend to forget this lesson in the craziness of daily life. Thanks for the reminder!  06.23.09 - 10:17am
e'lisa - thank you jasmine for such a wonderful post. it's comforting knowing i am not alone. it's a battle to love what you do so much that you kind of lose sight of everything else. workaholic is my middle name, and over the past few months i am realizing i need to slow down. this is just another reminder. thank you.  06.23.09 - 10:17am
Stephanie Stewart - One of my favorites posts of yours. Beautiful and true. Cheers to computer-less vacations and quality time with loved ones!  06.23.09 - 10:16am
Shellee Coulter - I have to stop reading your blog at write everything so beautifully that I usually end up crying!! I love what you said and makes me think about our lives. We spend so much time involved in our business and need to step back and appreciate everything we everyday like its your last!!  06.23.09 - 10:16am
Lacy Dagerath - Beautifully written! And Oh So Right! I just hate that it takes something like David's cancer to wake us up!! I used to feel guilty if I was enjoying life BEFORE I was getting work done... no more! :)   06.23.09 - 10:08am
Patricia Sampson - J*...I visit your blog often. I actually think that I am addicted to your gorgeous imagery and heartfelt words. We have never met but I feel like I know you :) Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul the way that you do. Thank you for the inspiration, the occasional cry and the great giggles! Thank you for the reminder to live life to the fullest. You rock!  06.23.09 - 10:05am
Alison - I have had a recent wake up call to how precious life, time and relationships are. The Wenzel's story only slammed it that much further home. I am making myself put down the camera, step away from the computer and just breathe more often. You summed it all up beautifully.   06.23.09 - 9:58am
MegganB - perfect. thanks for sharing your heart - it brightens my day.  06.23.09 - 9:56am
claire - Jasmine, do you know the rest of that is one of the best and my most fav. sayings...and i always dance like no one is watching!  06.23.09 - 9:55am
Navy Sou - Awww....Jasmine! YOU'RE beautiful for that post!  06.23.09 - 9:54am
Allison - Totally Agree it can be so hard to look up from lifes to do list and look around but when you do it is amazing! I am inspired to stop smell the roses more and do a little jig its not about the destination but the Journey!   06.23.09 - 9:54am
CharBaiz - so true. now I'm getting all teary eyed. thanks :)  06.23.09 - 9:46am
Kathy Carlisle - Celebrate's not very often that we have a dose of perspective from someone else's life that wakes up our desire to change and appreciate life in a simpler form. For you to be so touched by David's story (as we all are), I think you should celebrate the gift he has given you today. You won't be the one that waits for her own wake-up call. Beautiful post Jasmine. Keep those dancing shoes on!  06.23.09 - 9:46am
hongyi - u made me teary reading this! thanks for sharing... :)  06.23.09 - 9:45am
Megan Beth - Unfortunately your entire story reads too close to home. Sometimes I wonder if I work so much to cover up the reality.   06.23.09 - 9:42am
Larry Reeves - Thank you. I love your honesty and real-ness.   06.23.09 - 9:42am
Katelyn James - thank you. It's so hard to stop working when you love it....but this type of work seems to be able to consume like no other. Thank you, thankyou... and thank you David, God bless you and Amy....I know ya'll are in the palm of his hand. He is good and sovereign and will carry you through all of this uncertainty and tragedy.  06.23.09 - 9:37am
Jenny Duffy - Jasmine* start your family! Children will give you an even more grand perspective on enjoying life!  06.23.09 - 9:34am
Crystal Chick - Bravo.  06.23.09 - 9:23am
Mary Marantz - thank you. you have no idea how much I needed to hear that. from one workaholic to another, I appreciate it with my whole heart.  06.23.09 - 9:22am
Fishgirl - Such a wake up call,. my hubby always complain about me and my laptop all the time.. i need to do that too and slow down a little.. thanks for sharing  06.23.09 - 9:18am
Kimberlee West - Wow.  06.23.09 - 9:16am
Jaleen Lessard - Jasmine, You said it so perfectly!  06.23.09 - 9:15am
Misty Johnson - You're optimism is so contagious! Thanks for the ever so needed perspective!   06.23.09 - 9:15am
brooke bowland - i am sooooo with you! all that the wenzel family is going through has really struck a cord with me and i think its time to take note and really look at things. thank you for putting it in text.  06.23.09 - 9:15am
Amber - Thanks for the reminder J*! You nailed it!  06.23.09 - 9:15am
Shawna Herring - Thanks. I needed a good cry. You hit the target.  06.23.09 - 9:14am
Dustin Francis - Such a wonderful post! Losing my fiance 6 months ago, really gave me so much much of what you speak, I feel...thank you.  06.23.09 - 9:14am
Marissa Rodriguez - Great post Jasmine!   06.23.09 - 9:13am
Lindsey - Thanks for the beautiful post Jasmine. As most of your posts do, it has left me inspired and teary!   06.23.09 - 9:12am
Lymarie - I am in tears! Knowing how precious time spent with loved ones is. Te amo Lovi!  06.23.09 - 9:11am
Jamie Sheasby - David Wenzel has changed all our lives, I'm so grateful you shared his story.  06.23.09 - 9:10am
Ken Burg - Wow! Thanks for the wake-up call!  06.23.09 - 9:08am
Catie Ronquillo - Beautiful. Thanks for the reminder that we can survive without the computer. Quality time with loved ones rules!!  06.23.09 - 9:07am
Dede Edwards - Thanks! We all need a reality check sometimes! You are so right!!  06.23.09 - 9:07am
Christa - I really shouldn't read your blog while at work. It's hard not to burst into tears....but everything you said is so true. Appreciate what you have...we just never know what the future holds :)  06.23.09 - 9:07am
Jen Avril-Rae Shannon - Very cute! I know, it's hard to balance this business and the husband... I need to take some 12 step therapy lessons in leaving my computer alone too.  06.23.09 - 9:06am
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo) - awwww thank you for the reminder! i think we all need that time to time.  06.23.09 - 9:05am
jamie delaine - oh DANG your writing makes me cry. seriously. i'm sitting here teary-eyed. i've been making changes to my life much like you said the past two weeks and... it's definitely hard to put the work down, but when I do: i see there's life outside my office. ;)   06.23.09 - 9:05am
Chris c. - Beautiful!  06.23.09 - 9:04am
brianna - If track doesn't work out, can I be your second shooter??? XO.  06.23.09 - 9:04am
LS - Beautiful post, Jasmine. I've been reading David's blog and my heart goes out to him and Amy, along with all my prayers. It's a terrible excuse, but nonetheless a great reminder of how precious life and love truly are.  06.23.09 - 9:01am
Kelly Trimble - I love that...and while I'm not 1/100,000,000 as busy as you are...I still need to stop, get off the computer, say NO more, and enjoy life. Thanks for the reminder! KIR!  06.23.09 - 9:00am
Andrea DV - I hear you loud and clear Jasmine.  06.23.09 - 8:59am
Sarah @ - This is such a sweet, lovely post. I don't even have the words to say how it made me feel.  06.23.09 - 8:58am
Allison Waken - I like to dance too, no matter where I am (I have been known to do it quite a bit at the gym) but haven't in a while. Thank you for taking the time to remind me.  06.23.09 - 8:58am
cassandra m - I think you may be a little hard on yourself there girlie. YOU always remind everyone to work hard BUT to live and laugh and love and enjoy life. You always remind us. But work can be overwhelming, so I am glad you are remembering to relax...   06.23.09 - 8:57am
Amy Schubert - you're always inspiring. xo  06.23.09 - 8:57am
kelli d - great post, jasmine. it's unfortunate that it sometimes takes bad news to help us reprioritize and refocus on what is most important. i am praying for healing for your dear friend. may god continue to bless your marriage, your family, and your work!!  06.23.09 - 8:52am
B - Life IS beautiful. More beautiful because you are in it and we get to have you to spend it with. I love you, best friend. Thanks for not saying no to dinner last night. 143  06.23.09 - 8:48am
Evelyn Perez - AMEN sister!!!!  06.23.09 - 8:47am