Kisses and Disses : Moonwalking and Showit Design

've debated writing this entry for the past couple of hours. Well, because, I'm quite certain my father will raise an angry fist and tell him he doesn't understand my fascination with pop culture. Afterall, I went to college. Because--in his mind--people who go to college aren't into pop culture. Uhh, Dad, sorry to break it to you, but I only smoke on my pipe and sit by the fire place to read Socrates on Thursday night...other than that, I'm happily entertained listening to music and watching reality television. But don't can hang my college diploma in your office and pretend I'm smart!

Yesterday I received news (via my Twitter account) that Michael Jackson died. I was literally in shock and sat in my car to collect my feelings. I know it sounds all drama, but I felt like a little piece of my childhood died. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson on a battery operated radio in my bedroom, so the memories I have associated with his music are almost tangible. What the heck, I even owned a pair of LA Gear MJ shoes for crying out loud! And don't even get me started on my high school cheer routine choreographed to and Michael go way back. Oh, Internet, for what it's worth I'm sad to know he's gone.

Dad, you can resume breathing again. Remember, just look at my diploma and pretend you spawned a child with more than a few brain cells! :) And in honor of all my uncollege-like behavior, I think it's time for another installment of Kisses and Disses...holllla

This week's DISSES go to:
*Polo. Yes, you read that right. My dog gets a big diss this week because as I kissed JD today before going to the gym, Polo ran up to me and started growling. Every time I kissed JD, Polo growled a little more. I swear, my dog thinks he's married to JD.
*My jeans. I'm quite certain they're shrinking. Yes, all of them.
*Wannabe Moonwalkers. Seriously, if you're going to pay homage to a music legend, please do Michael Jackson's dances justice. Skipping backward doesn't count. If you want lessons, hit me up...I tear up the dancefloor because I wanna be startin' somethin'...

This week's KISSES go to:
*JD at Panera. I receive many emails from people who'd love to get help customizing and building their website with Showit and while I'd love to personally help, my schedule doesn't permit me. However, JD came up with a great idea to meet people who'd like to get free help building their website. JD will be working from Panera this Monday, June 29, 2009 from 1pm-3pm, so if you want to stop by and pick his brain for help, feel free! To get the exact location, please email him at
*Dan X Nguyen - business lawyer extraordinaire. Dan is an friend from college and occasionally emails me links to articles I may find useful in my photo business. He recently sent me a link to this patent, copyright, and trademark blog in regard to licensing music for slideshows and DVDs. It's a good read and makes me understand music usage rights a little better! :)
*Up by Disney/Pixar. I saw this movie yesterday and I was bawling in the first ten minutes. It was SO FABULOUS!! Seriously, I fell more in love with life, JD, and adventure after viewing it.

Happy Friday!
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Kristin - I adored Up too! I was bawling so hard in it within the first 10 minutes too...and I don't cry like ever!  06.30.09 - 4:25pm
joe sanfilippo - Awesome stuff!! i LOV EIT!  06.30.09 - 4:17pm
Misty - Ha! That's funny. My jeans are shrinking too. We must wear the same brand.  06.30.09 - 11:19am
Lauryn - that is so funny about polo! My hubbie childhood pet does that whenever im over his parents house.   06.30.09 - 9:35am
Stephanie w/ VMP - Great post! Adventure is out there!  06.29.09 - 1:43pm
darkroomRYAN - Hey Jasmine! How's my Moonwalk?  06.29.09 - 6:36am
Tina - I loved MJ!! My dad even got a perm and wore a newsboy cap like the video with Paul McCartney. It's even more funny because my dad is asian! Asian with a perm! It was pretty funny. But I was a little kid I thought my dad was cool!! I think you and I need to have a dance off next month :)  06.28.09 - 9:32pm
Dan Lanning - i had a pair of MJ shoes, too..... :)   06.28.09 - 3:51pm
Danielle Aquiline - Hey, Jasmine! Two quick questions for upcoming FAQs: 1. What kind of lighting do you use during a dimly lit reception? Do you use off-camera flash? If not, do you drag the shutter? 2. How do you handle clients that want a bunch of big group portraits? Do you usually take as many as they want? Or do you give them a list/options? Thanks!! Love all of your advice.   06.28.09 - 3:31pm
Amanda - I can't wait to see UP!   06.28.09 - 2:09pm
nena - I love these posts...they're so funny! =-)  06.28.09 - 9:27am
Miami Wedding Photographer - I have never felt so out of place in this world as when Michael Jackson died and everyone was mourning. I went through the 80's and 90's blisfully unaware of this guy. I thought he was a basketball player for a while. Then I traveled through China and the middle east and there were two people that the kids all knew Michael Jackson and John Cena(sp). I shudder at this world we live in.  06.28.09 - 9:10am
Shivika - Grew up on MJ's am very sad to see the creator of my childhood memories gone.. : ( Anyhow, another great post Jasmine and yeah, who knows if Polo's dissing you for kissing JD or for being kissed by JD. He's a class act, I tell you.   06.28.09 - 8:18am
Jessica Shae - I love reading these posts Jasmine, they are so fun!  06.27.09 - 8:39pm
Mark Zemnick - Can you post a video of yourself giving us a lesson on how to do the moonwalk? Would like to see that. I seriously don't know how to do it. Always wonder how I can do the moonwalk. Thanks.  06.27.09 - 7:16pm
jen - I'm on the fence on what I like more.. you're writing style or your photography! Jen  06.27.09 - 5:14pm
Thea - great post...i remember watching Thriller in BAND class!!!??! anyway- i must say after reading your "interview"at i heart faces, i must say that YOU girl have amazing eyes!! no wonder your photography business is jammin!! keep up the fabulous work!  06.27.09 - 5:01pm
Phil Wong - I agree with your comments about MJ, I think that most people at some time in their life has been touch by an MJ tune. He will be sadly missed by the majority.  06.27.09 - 2:18pm
Amanda Key - Jasmine, you are so funny!   06.27.09 - 10:26am
Michael Domingo - Looks like the diss for Polo is appropriate, cute as she is; my Lulu does the same thing and it's happened from day 1. Barks and snarls when my wife and I kiss or snuggle in front of her. Sounds like a job for the The Dog Whisperer.   06.27.09 - 10:14am
Kristi - I too was shocked to hear he died. I remember dancing in the livingroom with my Dad who can do a mean moonwalk (you'd be great friends) and though MJ went a bit strange...I still had to do a shout out to him on my blog. The bad, the beat it, the thriller of it all!   06.27.09 - 8:07am
ErikaM - Love this post about MJ. So glad you posted it, because I've been thinking the same way since I heard the news and didn't know how to express it or how much I can talk about it w/o driving my husband nuts! ;) Think you covered it perfectly. I've got PYT on repeat in my head for the last 2 days. :)  06.27.09 - 12:37am
Rory Mole - Hi there Jasmine, Thanks for another great post on this blog of yours. Just some food for thought. I'm not sure if you know this, but dogs are very territorial. A dog will follow only one master. It will find out who the boss is and follow accordingly. Everybody else in the household is viewed as a sibling. Siblings are growled at and the boss is worshipped. Maybe it's time to find out Who The Boss Is! One way to show your submission is to lie on the floor on your back facing upwards and lift your right arm up just a bit to let Polo know that you are in submission him. If you want him to know that he must submit to you then you need to show some big time aggession and growl as loud as possible and do a bit of a mock attack. Of course you won't really mean it, and hopfully, Polo won't think you are joking around..... Try it... it may work. I might have got this all wrong... Maybe Polo is a bit jealous when you and JD hug and kiss. He wants to be the center of attention. Blessings, Rory  06.27.09 - 12:13am
Hanssie Trainor - I just have to say that I have a student who is auditioning for Teen Jeopardy- 9th grader who speaks Latin and reads Shakespeare for FUN- is scared she won't make the Jeopardy cut because they ask a ton of pop culture questions. I assigned her to read US Weekly diligently every week and People Magazine as well. See, pop culture helps us round out our education!  06.26.09 - 11:25pm
jenifriend - random moment: the night before MJ passed i decided (for some unknown reason other than i was bored) to learn how to moonwalk. my friend video taped me and we posted it on my facebook...then MJ died. it was a little...weird...  06.26.09 - 10:11pm
erica velasco - loved Up too!  06.26.09 - 8:59pm
meg - If it makes you feel any better, I majored in Pop Culture in college and then got a grad degree in film. So, I'm all about being well-educated and loving tv, movies, and music!  06.26.09 - 8:28pm
Katelyn James - JD I'm building one! As we speak! It's been a two day process but I'm in love almost done! I have a TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED Site! (Can you tell I'm excited!..all the exclamation marks?!) If I wasn't in VA I'd make a panera trip:)   06.26.09 - 7:58pm
Katherine Bowman - Ok, I think I saw those same guys dancing on the news and laughed out loud! That's really nice of you JD to help others with showit sites! If I was closer I would be there for sure!   06.26.09 - 7:29pm
Angela - I felt the same way about UP. I cried 4 times and just wanted to go on an adventure with my bf. no one else was as moved as I was...  06.26.09 - 5:57pm
Apple - *how-to-moonwalk video :D  06.26.09 - 5:56pm
Apple - how about a how-to-moonwalk jaz?:P  06.26.09 - 5:56pm
Tira J - Oh Jasmine! I owned a pair of those shoes as well. And I remember when the Thriller video came out, I was glued to MTV. After that, my mother ripped the cable cord out of the wall. We have the same problem with our pets. They get incredibly jealous when I kiss the hubsters. Who owns who? Off to read that blog post. Have a wonderful weekend!   06.26.09 - 5:14pm
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Maybe Polo is jealous JD was kissing YOU back ... you're his mommy, after all!!!!  06.26.09 - 4:57pm
Mands - Also paused yesterday to think of MJ and glad he didn't die alone, like so many of those stars that "lose" it in later life do....very very sad, but the music lives on.... On another note, do you think you could post the links on your blog so they open in a new page? you put "target_blank" as the option for new links...I love reading your blog, and always disappointed when I click a link and it takes me away from the Fab Jas, when I haven't finished reading the rest of your post, a Diss, and a big KISS  06.26.09 - 4:42pm
Lydia - It was awesome sitting next to JD at dinner after your workshop, but I thought of so many more questions afterward! If only your Panera was close to my Panera!  06.26.09 - 4:40pm
kaydrenth - Giiirrrlll!!! Look out! Polo gonna take yo man! Just kidding. It's still cute though. We just took our little man to see up for his first movie experience. I so cried my eyes out. I think the fact that I am a scrapbooker made it worse. Keeping memories safe for when we can no longer tell the stories rocks!! Here's to the everyday adventures!  06.26.09 - 4:38pm
beth - We all loved UP. Saw it about 2 weeks ago and I'm still thinking (or crying, take your pick) about it. Something for all of us (almost 40, twin 10 year old boys, and a 4 year old boy). Think we're going again soon...  06.26.09 - 4:29pm
dan X nguyen esq. - I'll trade you Moonwalking lesson for Smooth Criminal Anti-Gravity Lean lessons.  06.26.09 - 3:17pm
Leah - Girl, I even did a little "blog" on the talented Michael Jackson....I, too grew up jamming to his music, waiting patiently to see Macauley Culkin, scared out of my pants the first time I saw Thriller & dancing to "Don't stop til you get enough" at more than 25 high school parties. And, guess what? I'm going out w/ a girlfriend tonight to bust a move to him for what will not be the last time! Cheers and Happy Weekend!  06.26.09 - 3:11pm
Stephanie Stewart - I am in shock as well about MJ. Do you watch SYTYCDance? They said some really nice things about him on last night's show. He will be greatly missed. Aww...lil' Polo is protective! What a cutie! And how nice of JD to help people out with their websites! Wish I could be there!  06.26.09 - 3:01pm
Nicole Glenn - Ahh! Loved UP! Might be my favorite Disney/Pixar flick. Um, poor JD will probably be bombarded at Panera. Seriously. I hope he finds a big table. MJ..tear...  06.26.09 - 3:01pm
Melissa - I totally had an MJ poster on my wall in the 80s, as well as an I heart Michael pin, and even a white glove fuzzy sticker. And spent countless hours in my basement making up dance and gymnastic routines to his music. ;o) Wasn't UP fabulous? The kids and my hubby and I all gave it two thumbs up!  06.26.09 - 2:58pm
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo) - i know how dogs get! LOL  06.26.09 - 2:53pm
Allison @ The Innovation Companies - I just saw Up this morning. It was absolutely fantastic. I was definitely inspired too!  06.26.09 - 2:49pm
Gwen - Le sigh. I blogged my own sadness over the passing of MJ yesterday evening; and today my heart is admittedly a little heavy. Like you, I feel a part of my childhood is gone. Thanks for sharing your feelings on this terrible news, too. Second the kisses for Up. There I was with my two and a half year old - and I'M the crying fool! lol Such a good movie all around; it's a ways off...but I smell Oscar.  06.26.09 - 2:31pm
Adam - Thanks for the links J*. Fun to see you 2nd shoot someone I actually "know" (two of his brothers anyhow!) Samuel Lippke.   06.26.09 - 2:31pm
Bobby Earle - I'm sorry, but the idea of seeing Polo almost guarding JD?! Too freaking cute. Gotta see that!  06.26.09 - 2:24pm