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Breathing Between the Waves

e strolled the aisles of Whole Foods in Laguna Beach in search of the perfect snacks. Just minutes from resting along the shore, we grabbed a salad, a sandwich, and a bag of cherries to share. As JD guided me down the steep dirt path, the smell of the ocean made me breathe a little deeper. Once the towels spewed themselves on the sand, we opened our lunch. Each cherry tasted a little like sunblock, one of the perils of applying lotion before you eat.

JD dove into the ocean and I read. The usual. Once the heat became unbearable, I followed JD into the ocean and we conquered the waves together. We laughed and joked and made fun of each other. After a while, I became tired and wanted to head back to the shore. I tried with all my might, but I couldn't beat the strong current. JD yelled from a distance to swim back past the waves' breaking point, but it was too late. I was caught in the white of the waves.

With each passing wave, I tried to catch my breath, but they came in such rapid succession I couldn't. I kept on getting tossed even when I tried to dive under them. So I panicked. JD told me to stay calm, but me and Calmness weren't friends when I was getting pummeled. JD noticed I was in bad shape, so he dove underwater and pushed me up so I could take a couple deep breaths before getting hit again. Even with his help, I just couldn't see straight.

Out of nowhere, a lifeguard appeared. And then I almost fainted in his arms like he was Fabio on a cover of a romance novel. He wrapped me in a red inner tube and pushed me to shore. I almost died. From EMBARRASSMENT. Once on the shore, JD and I sat on the sand and I layed in his lap. Okay, so I cried a little too.

A few hours later, on our way home, we recounted the day's events. And laughed. No, we rolled until our stomachs ached. JD made fun of me...I harassed him about the lifeguard stealing his I-Saved-My-Wife thunder...we laughed about the sand in our hair. After a few moments of silence, I realized our reactions to the waves were indicative of our outlooks on life. I was worried about making it to shore, and JD was merely focused on getting through each wave. Breathe in between the waves, he told me at my most panicked state.

Today, I firmly believe that's a principle for life in general: Don't worry about making it shore...just be sure to breathe between the waves.

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Kathleen - What a great post!   09.24.13 - 11:46am
annaliza - haha. that's funny but profound and awesome. i love your creative writing and outlook and your amazing relationship with your bhff (best hubbulicious friend forever). thanks for sharing and making me laugh. and your outstanding artwork (aka-photos) are icing on the cake.  02.09.11 - 7:17pm
Bianca - hahaha i am laughing so hard i just snorted coffee all over the screen & my co-workers are giving me the evils   07.22.10 - 7:08pm
Apple - I so love this jasmine! you're awesome! you too are so pb&j too!!!:)  07.20.10 - 10:23am
Brandi W - I had forgotten about this post and I'm so glad it was on your blog for today because I needed to be reminded of it again!! I love how God works :)  07.19.10 - 10:31pm
Mikaela - I've said it before, but I love your stories. Love, love. BUT, did anyone else notice the cherry stems in the shape of your initial?! Nice touch ;) xo  07.19.10 - 2:28pm
Helen V - your principle for life quote touched me. It can have different meanings for anyone. But for me, it helped me thru this day...thanks Jasmine  08.30.09 - 10:07pm
Krysta - ... That is a TINY bowl! ... Great thoughts, Jaz!  08.06.09 - 11:27am
Lea Hart - oh. ok. tears in the eyes... beautiful story and picture. And I love eating cherries on the beach, too. XO from Brooklyn! Lea  08.04.09 - 11:26pm
cassandra m - xoxoxooxo and prayers always.  08.04.09 - 1:23am
Jeremy Williams - I could not have said it better myself. Such a spectacular outlook on life and how to deal with it. I have a little gem of my own that I use for my email signature, I came up with it one day while I was working on the Coast Guard cutter in NH. ""A person is not defined by their moments of greatness, rather they are defined by the way they handle moments of disappointment "- Jeremy WIlliams God Bless, J. Williams, U.S.C.G  08.03.09 - 11:14pm
Kriea - Thank you  08.03.09 - 9:48am
erica clark - Not only are you a stunning photographer and person, but you are an impeccable writer as well. Thank you for sharing your most intimate moments. You continue to be an inspiration in photography and life.  08.03.09 - 8:52am
cyndi - This really hit home with me and I'm so thankful to you for your words. I hate that you had to experience such a frightening moment and am thrilled everything turned out ok. I know how scary the water can be...when I was about 10 I went rafting with my step-mom down a very calm river. Toward the end I was knocked off the back by a branch and found myself under the raft/boat. Each time I tried to come up my head hit the bottom and held me under. It's still one of my most scary memories. Thank you for being so real. You are such a gem and I absolutely love reading your blog!  08.02.09 - 9:29am
Valerie Acosta - Dang, Jasmine. That hit home. Especially because I have been having a really rough month with my daughter. I've felt like I'm drowning. I need a do-over for my life.  08.01.09 - 6:02am
Kate Noelle - Well put Miss Jasmine... well put. Nothing like real life lessons in unexpected places...  07.31.09 - 1:52pm
Jenni - What a beautiful post. I'm sitting here at my desk trying to fight back the urge to cry a little. What perfect advice.  07.31.09 - 11:41am
alex.kruk photography - I am glad you are ok. Great post !  07.29.09 - 11:55pm
MattDJ - This post is a C-L-A-S-S-I-C!  07.29.09 - 2:19pm
Manuella Pararas-Hulbert - I'm such a sap as I teared up just reading this. You always seem to have that affect on me,lol. I think its the way you write, you draw us in and I almost feel like I was there, plus I had a couple of situations that were similar and there is nothing scarier, thank God you are ok.   07.29.09 - 11:32am
joan.solitario - omg! that must have been terrifying for you.. even though you and jd laughed about it later... but still... :o( glad you're okay though! :o)  07.29.09 - 11:30am
Lisa H. Chang - OH! I HATE getting caught in waves - it's the worst feeling in the world! I'm glad you're alright :)  07.29.09 - 8:06am
Jenn - That was an amazing post! Almost the same thing happened to me- only there was no lifeguard to save me. My husband tried to tell me to be calm but I was a panicked mess- I cried soo hard when I made it back to the shore. I think a relieved cry. Glad you are ok!  07.29.09 - 4:45am
Stephanie - WOW....That is powerful and so true! Thank you for sharing your words so beautifully:) Thank God that you are ok!  07.28.09 - 9:07pm
michelle - The most inspiring post ever! Thank you. I needed this today.   07.28.09 - 7:44pm
Ashley - Only you could take a situation like that and recount it in such a poetic way! I love the concept of breathing between the waves because I'm like you in worrying about getting to shore. And I assure you, I would have been crying my eyes out because I'm just an emotional mess! Glad you're okay!  07.28.09 - 5:02pm
Melanie - Jasmine, This post was so moving. I'm so glad the two of you are ok and I love your outlook on life.  07.28.09 - 2:12pm
Carol - Hi Jasmine! I found your site through, Ribbons of Red and the post about great photographers. I can't even begin to find the words to express how I feel after reading this post. Like others I'm crying, a variety of tears - some that your okay, some for the incredible relationship you & your husband have, some for the amazing insight in the message "breathe between the waves" and fnally the way God blesses our lives with direction from people we've never met! I am at a major cross road in my life, deciding to let go of a business that has cost me over 100K (take the loss) a nd follow my heart/art (where I should have been all along) - this at the age of 54! Thank you & bless you. Look forward to catching up on all your posts. Love the photo of the cherries!   07.28.09 - 10:29am
Lisa - First visit to your blog. I cried. I needed to hear that message too.  07.28.09 - 9:49am
Becka @Studio222 Photography - Glad you are okay! I've lived in FL all my life and I've been trapped in a few rip currents. It really is scary when you feel like you're out of control. Don't be embarrassed! But what a great lesson to share! That may become my new mantra!   07.28.09 - 9:28am
Lorrie Prothero - Okay - I read your old blog and noticed that you've taken journalism classes. I was beginning to wonder if there's anything you tried that you're not EXTREMELY gifted? At least now I know you've taken writing classes, and not all of your talents are completely self taught.  07.28.09 - 9:04am
Nelly Soares - You just gave me goosebumps...great post as usual!  07.28.09 - 8:34am
julie avina - JAS!!!! glad you're careful superwoman!  07.28.09 - 7:57am
Jennifer - I think we are given snipets of wisdom throughout our daily lives. God is there showing us and teaching us at every turn. Thank you for sharing your life with us... your writing is inspiring.  07.28.09 - 7:56am
Daiquiri Fouch - Well, yikes! So glad you're okay. I found myself holding my breath just reading about it! Love, love, LOVE the cherry shot :)  07.28.09 - 7:26am
Bobbie Brown - Oh wow. I have chill bumps. Great post.   07.28.09 - 7:26am
Marla - You have many gifts. Beautiful words.   07.28.09 - 7:08am
Alice - I'm a dork - this post almost made me cry. It reminds me of the way my husband and I used to be. Glad you are okay!!!  07.28.09 - 6:55am
Lori Evelyn - Ok, I just have to say that this post brought me to tears. And I am not a crier! There is such wisdom in that simple statement. Thank you, I really needed to hear that today. Between chemo, work, doctor's appointments, family commitments and just daily life I can really get overwhelmed. I needed the reminder to just breathe between the waves. So, thank you. You blessed my life today.   07.28.09 - 6:45am
Tori - Just what I needed today. My mother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (never smoked in her life) and the outlook is not as good as we had hoped. I've been feeling like I'm drowing in this sea of medical information, treatment and doctors, so this was a wonderful encouragement today. Thank you Jasmine!  07.28.09 - 5:57am
Sue McFarland - Oh my stars!! I am so happy that you are alright. Nothing scarier than being out of control in the water. So happy that you and JD can look back at this and laugh...your positive spin on this life harrowing event gives me great inspiration. Almost as much as you beautiful photos!!  07.28.09 - 5:53am
Events by Evonne - Glad you are OK! And I will remember to breathe between the waves! That's exactly what I need to do!  07.28.09 - 5:23am
Nancy Ramos - I am glad you are fine. The breathing between the waves brought me to tears. But, I am content.   07.28.09 - 12:35am
Lucy - This is why I come to your blog everyday~ its the posts like this. your perspective is what makes you such a rock star~  07.27.09 - 11:42pm
sharla - wow you are a talented writer! and photographer:) I love your blog.  07.27.09 - 11:32pm
Amy - I'm so glad you are ok! That is definitely scary! The ocean has brought me to tears once as well....I was just thinking the other day what Amazing lifeguards we have here. They are so dedicated!  07.27.09 - 10:36pm
Fabuluxe Photos - WOW. So glad you're ok! ;)  07.27.09 - 10:13pm
Dani - What a perfect philosophy!! I'm glad your safe.  07.27.09 - 10:00pm
jen berry - oh man. that sounds scaarryy. i'm glad you were able to laugh about it later. getting knocked around by the vicious pacific is no bueno.   07.27.09 - 9:50pm
Feuza - Wow,beautiful! glad you are ok, souns scary, just like life sometimes too.  07.27.09 - 9:39pm
Wayne Bradt - simple and beautiful, love it!  07.27.09 - 9:37pm
Vania - SimplyBloom Photography, LLC - i adore it. I breathe a little bit slower at the end of this post ;) i love love coming to your blog every day :)  07.27.09 - 9:13pm
Jennifer Bowen - What a fantastic post. Im glad you are okay, that you could laugh about it later, and that you passed on the meaning you found from it. That is a quote I will post. And its a post that will probably end up in a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" type book at some point.  07.27.09 - 8:55pm
Leah Mullett - You. Are. Amazing.   07.27.09 - 8:54pm
Ronee - I thank God you are both okay! What a scary experience...albeit funny now.  07.27.09 - 8:48pm
Jo-Anne Kyle - Wow - Jasmine, I was just watching the news reports about the huge waves in southern California and how busy the lifeguards have been this week. So glad your story had a happy ending!  07.27.09 - 8:44pm
Pol - JD has a great philosophy. Sort out the small things and the big ones will sort themselves out. PS love the cherry photo. I think cherries are just the most gorgeous little fruit! Tiny perfection  07.27.09 - 8:11pm
Sarah - I so needed this TODAY more than any other day!!!  07.27.09 - 8:08pm
Sandra Yu Photography - Poetic. My soul thanks you for it.  07.27.09 - 8:05pm
Carrie Vines - So glad you're ok! Seriously.  07.27.09 - 7:42pm
Darlene McCowan - Thank you for your words of inspiration...Jasmine and JD! :) Sometimes I too get caught by those waves, so I'll remember those words when I think I'm going to! No, really....great analogy!  07.27.09 - 7:41pm
kelly beane - i feel like most have said it, but this too is so perfect for what i am going through in life right now. God has truly given you a talent in photography, but also to also reach others with your writing and i am so thankful you are faithful to him and able to share these little bits of wisdom. i am glad you are okay, but can totally imagine all the laughing going on during the drive afterwards. love this post!!!   07.27.09 - 7:35pm
Anna - Thank you Jasmine:-)  07.27.09 - 7:32pm
Michelle Parish - Jasmine I'm glad you made it through the waves! I was once caught in a current and had to grab onto a piling under a pier covered in barnacles in order to not be swept out to sea. After I was rescued my hands were shred to pieces, but I was ok! "breathe in between the waves"...thank you JD! This beautiful sentence applies to life's challenges literally and figuratively! This sensible advice is profound in it's simplicity. I will repeat this, esp when I feel anxious, like today when I almost turned over furniture just trying to find a ball point pen! (I hate gel pens, but it seemed that was all I could find.) LOL Michelle p.s. does JD have a blog?  07.27.09 - 7:23pm
Greer Rivera - WOW! You are so wise to be able to apply JD's words to life... It's so true. "Don't worry about making it shore...just be sure to breathe between the waves."-J*...and JD I'll be making this one of my mantras for sure!  07.27.09 - 7:18pm
Amanda - I was having a no good, very bad, all-together terribly trying day. For some reason, what you've said about breathing between the waves has helped.   07.27.09 - 6:58pm
Dana F. - Amazing. You are amazing. It's just that simple. Your words make my heart happy. ♥  07.27.09 - 6:56pm
Jessica Shae - totally sweet. I love hearing your perspective on things Jasmine!  07.27.09 - 6:40pm
Jihan Cerda - There's always a moral to every story....I don't know if you noticed, but the cherries to the left, the stems look like they are shaped like the J* logo.   07.27.09 - 6:26pm
Katherine Bowman - Glad you are ok and that you can laugh about it now! :) Great picture by the way! What lens did you use for it?  07.27.09 - 6:17pm
Amy - Okay so I could vividly picture what you went through as I read -- because I would get caught in those "white waves" myself growing up. They are so scary! Especially when you're underneath the boogie board and can't push it away. But you're right - breathe between the waves of life, because you know somethin's always going to be comin'!  07.27.09 - 6:13pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Love this post! Glad you're ok and thanks for the wonderful reminder!   07.27.09 - 5:56pm
Mickie Easby - Thank you, thank you, thank you - a reminder we all need from time to time. I read your blog with fascination and in awe... your stories - the richness of them and the pictures that tell the story in between. Glad you are ok and safely breathing now between the waves!  07.27.09 - 5:50pm
melissa oholendt - I am so happy you are ok! God has enabled you with such an amazing talent for taking the everyday (well...hopefully not THIS everyday) and making it truly profound. You have said what so many needed to hear today. One wave at a time.   07.27.09 - 5:49pm
Nori - Beautifully said  07.27.09 - 5:41pm
ma'ele - That is so funny (the Fabio lifeguard/ and bright RED innertube), yet scary. The waves this weekend were brutal. Most everyone at HB was lining the shores with just a few brave souls in the water... being pummeled!!! Love how you find life lessons in every ordeal!  07.27.09 - 5:36pm
Beki Tillotson - Do you just have telepathy or what, J*? Thats exactly what I've been needing to read. You two are the cheese to everyone's macaroni! :)  07.27.09 - 5:16pm
Stefanie - I recently had a similar experience. I shoot a lot on and near rivers, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a swiftwater rescue course. Part of the course is a swim down a rapid. As I'm bobbing down the river, breathing between the waves, priorities kinda sorted themselves out for me. There was also a part where I had to free myself from being pinned underwater, but we won't get into that, it was just SCARY!  07.27.09 - 5:13pm
Janice - Glad to hear you're ok. Whew!  07.27.09 - 5:04pm
Shannon K. - I love your ability to take life's hardships and find meaning in them. Glad you are okay!  07.27.09 - 4:58pm
Nicole - This was exactly what I needed to read/hear/know today. Thank you.  07.27.09 - 4:43pm
Cathy Crawley - Thanks for posting this, I really needed to hear it today. Glad you are ok too ;)  07.27.09 - 4:34pm
Hanssie Trainor - Was the lifeguard hot? I totally had the Baywatch soundtrack roll through my brain when I read your tweet. But I am so glad you are okay! JD's a rock star!  07.27.09 - 4:26pm
Jen May - I know what you mean. Glad you can make a story of this! :)  07.27.09 - 4:24pm
Carrie K - the stems on the left make a 'J'. Nice work J*  07.27.09 - 4:12pm
Stephanie - Thank you for the tear.....and the inspiration. You are amazing. I'm glad you are here to write about it!! ;o)  07.27.09 - 4:07pm
Amanda - Your talent amazes me...and glad you're okay!!!   07.27.09 - 3:54pm
Lisa - You were not alone: Looks like you have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to feel embarrassed :-) Loved your post - one of my favorites to date!  07.27.09 - 3:44pm
Andrea Cunha - So deep! I am glad that I open your blog today. God bless you.  07.27.09 - 3:25pm
Kiera Haddock - Wonderful!!!!! I needed to hear that.  07.27.09 - 3:15pm
Karina Bravo - wow, nice to know someone helps you breathe....Thankfully I know that too. and by the way..was the lifeguard hot? lol  07.27.09 - 3:12pm
lin - pet photographer - Hehe, thank you for sharing your experience. Its so nice to hear people enjoying their time. Something as simple as relaxing at the beach, eating cherries.  07.27.09 - 3:02pm
Karen - Glad you're okay now. =] Your writing never ceases to amaze me.  07.27.09 - 3:00pm
Jocelyn - I'm so glad that you're okay, and thankful for lifeguards! What a great observation (and good advice) about perspectives! It's true in running too - it's a lot harder to finish your planned distance when you're thinking about the end than when you're thinking about getting through the next leg of the race. :)  07.27.09 - 2:58pm
Lydia - So true. Thanks for the reminder!  07.27.09 - 2:40pm
Tricia-Lynn - Glad you are okay and I just love what you wrote. So perfect for a convo I had with my husband yesterday. I'm sending it to him now. I love your site, your stories, your PHOTOGRAPHY, and absolutely just think you Rock. Wish I lived there. I would probably stalk you. You are an inspiration, truly, to doing what you dream and desire to do and living the life you love. Thanks for a wonderful story. JD is so cute!!  07.27.09 - 2:40pm
Melissa - Can I just say I LOVE this post (and photo)! I am so glad you were whisked safely to shore. ;o)  07.27.09 - 2:39pm
Deb Fikkert - Perfect quotable quote for dealing with life - thanks!   07.27.09 - 2:29pm
Bobby Earle - HA!  07.27.09 - 2:27pm
Jackie - Glad you are okay! I loved how you were able to turn the experience into something positive. Great quote at the end.   07.27.09 - 2:19pm
emily griffith - Alright, when you are going to write a book?! :) Not only are you a fabulous photographer, you are an incredible writer! Thanks for sharing your life and gifts with the blog world! :)   07.27.09 - 2:18pm
James Monarchy Studio - Glad you are ok!!! So are you making a cherry pie for the lifeguard that saved you?  07.27.09 - 2:16pm
Deborah - OMG You too are the cutest things. Whats cool is my honey is so incredible and things your guy does is so much similar to my baby. You remind me of how much I love my baby.   07.27.09 - 2:14pm
Alena - Only you could make me laugh and cry in the same post. Jen and I miss you; we think a trip to NYC is necessary. Fear not, there are no waves here.  07.27.09 - 2:12pm
Tiffany - this quote definitely needs to go in your future book that I think you should write ;) love it!   07.27.09 - 1:55pm
Jewelielyn - love the beach! hate the water--exactly because of what you experienced today!! and while it is important and necessary to "breathe between the waves," it is also important and necessary to eventually "make it to the shore." thanks for sharing this story--it was thought provoking for me : )  07.27.09 - 1:51pm
Jacqueline - Thank you for making me literally LOL!!! FABIO!!! HAHAHAH!  07.27.09 - 1:44pm
Bet - Wow, I'm so glad you're okay!! Powerful post though and a solid principle for life. And you made me cry.. yet again. I <3 you both. *hugs*   07.27.09 - 1:38pm
anda - right on, jasmine. and glad you're okay.  07.27.09 - 1:38pm
Miz Booshay - Oh honey. That is very scary. I thank God for you and JD and Mr. Baywatch. Now. Don't do that again.  07.27.09 - 1:33pm
Kim - Jasmine. You have such an incredible way with words. You are just special. Thank you.  07.27.09 - 1:29pm
Kristin Rogers - Wow Jasmine...that sounds crazy. Glad you guys are safe and able to laugh about it after! Sounds like JD is such a partner for you. Even when he was at the shoot out...he stands behind you, but not in your shadow. It is a strong support and " i just love you" kinda spot!   07.27.09 - 1:22pm
duesenklipper - I recently discovered this blog and have already enjoyed a few of the entries, and of the pictures. But this is one of the best tales I've heard recently, and I shall certainly take the advice about the waves and the shore with me. Thank you.  07.27.09 - 1:20pm
Jane - I once was rescued by a lifeguard when I didn't even realize I needed rescuing. I had apparently drifted way too far on my boogie board without noticing it. I too died of embarrassment as people gathered at the shore to watch.  07.27.09 - 1:14pm
Cindy Simbulan - Life is a journey and not a yes, breathing between the waves is the name of the game.   07.27.09 - 1:08pm
Melissa - So glad you are okay! Thank you for making me smile today =)  07.27.09 - 1:08pm
Brittney - love your work, but more importantly I love reading your WORDS!  07.27.09 - 12:56pm
Andrea - YIKES!! How scary! I am so glad all is ok. JD is a champ- that lifeguard totally stole his thunder. You always make me smile. Thanks!  07.27.09 - 12:56pm
Christa - sniffle, true. I'm glad you're okay :)  07.27.09 - 12:43pm
Sandy Jenete - Very scary and very sweet, perfect reading for today...I want some cherries now!  07.27.09 - 12:42pm
Rakeda Sharber - You are the most awesome thing since sliced bread. Period. I'm so glad you have him. And I'm glad that we have you and your constant gems of wisdom.   07.27.09 - 12:39pm
Sacha - Omigoodness - Jasmine - I remember so clearly nearly drowning and tumbling and when the person came to save me, I had already given up and was rolling with the water so the rescuing arms invaded my bliss of near death. I am happy I was saved though. And my 4 year old boy had his first tumble on Sunday and I flipped out rather than being calm. The ocean is so beautiful but demands respect in an ominous way at times. I am so happy you are safe - I felt sick reading this because it was all so close to home and just goes to show nobody is above it and JD is so right to just be calm but I haven't learned that lesson either. Hopefully my little boy has the breathe between the waves nature rather than his mama's panic mode one! Happy you are ok and able to laugh about it.  07.27.09 - 12:38pm
Sarah Austin - Thanks for sharing, I was so scared! Obviously your ok, but your words get me all wrapped up. *sigh of relief* I'm facing a major change in my life and I think that simple phrase will help alot. Thank you.  07.27.09 - 12:36pm
aileen secord - exactly what i needed to hear. glad you're ok.   07.27.09 - 12:35pm
joyful weddings and events - I am glad you were rescued :) & I love that pic of the cherries!   07.27.09 - 12:30pm
Rosemarie - Thank you!!!!!!  07.27.09 - 12:27pm
terri zollinger - love how you always find the positive in everything !! glad you are safe .... glad you had a good belly laugh !!- they are the best ! - and glad you had some rockin' cherries ..  07.27.09 - 12:21pm
Sarah - Glad you are ok. That is so scary. Awesome advice from JD and I think is what most people need to hear and think about these days. Thank you for this post.  07.27.09 - 12:20pm
Rebecca - Beautiful.  07.27.09 - 12:18pm
mar5195 - This will be my mantra this week. I really needed to read this!   07.27.09 - 12:14pm
Shandon Smith - Girl, that's just what I needed to hear.   07.27.09 - 11:58am
Brooke - Love your blog and love this post. Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you are ok :) And great advice from your hubby!   07.27.09 - 11:58am
Sara Munneke - Wow, i needed to hear that!!! Just about 10 seconds ago, aftering finishing a shoot, gettin the mail, reading e-mails, etc, etc. I thinkin i've 300 things to get done and I feel a rush of anxiety. I thought, i'll just check out Jasmines blog quick!!! I love how you write, that was exactly what I needed to heard, just breathe. Funny how we forgot sometimes. Thanks for posting and glad you're okay too. take care  07.27.09 - 11:57am
alice park - only through your stories can i laugh, tear up, and recount my lucky stars before i finish the last sentence. in that order. thank you for your words and your photos, jasmine. thank goodness for lifeguards!   07.27.09 - 11:46am
jessica rensch - Simply beautiful.  07.27.09 - 11:41am
Glenda - Snif...snif - I know that feeling exactly. Scarry and yes thankfully for me also the amazing men in red came to my rescue! Glad your ok ;)  07.27.09 - 11:41am
erin conrad - i think i needed that at this exact moment.  07.27.09 - 11:38am
Tess - Thank you for the great story and wonderful words! It brought a tear to my eyes, as I really need to remember this!  07.27.09 - 11:37am
Marti Smith - Great Story and message. However, the Cherry J * is what really caught my attention. You are creative beyond words! Enjoy my big brother next week. I hooked him onto your blog and am now so excited for him to meet you at the Seminar! I don't know who is more excited, him .... or me. Oh, yeah... It's me. Jeremy's just like JD. Only kinda goofy. ;)   07.27.09 - 11:33am
Edward Maurer - you have a gift for story telling on the page and the camera. Great message in this post, breathe between the waves.   07.27.09 - 11:20am
Lori - I have a chalkboard that hangs in my kitchen. I mostly write quotes, sometimes words of inspirtation, sometimes just an 'i love u'. Your words will be on the chalkboard in my kitchen today....thank u.   07.27.09 - 11:19am
wrecklessgirl - well, well said darlin.   07.27.09 - 11:11am
jamie delaine - you make me smile!  07.27.09 - 11:11am
Megan Case - Oh my! I'm so glad you are OK.....and that you can laugh about it now. Best wishes!  07.27.09 - 11:10am
amy boring - I can so totally relate to this. It happened when I was about 8 though. The ocean has been intimidating ever since. Glad you made it out alive. :)  07.27.09 - 11:06am
Rebecca - So sweet. (And mmmmmm cherries.)  07.27.09 - 11:02am
Kathleen - I just added that reminder to the little notes all around my computer screen. Thank you. I am also super glad you are okay! And I love the cherries shot....mmm, must go buy cherries, NOW!  07.27.09 - 10:59am
Rick Wenner - Ya know, this is actually perfect for where I am right now in my photography career. Going through all the ups and downs, trying to make it a full time's hard work to make it to "the shore." I know it will be worth it in the end so "take a breath between the waves" is excellent advice. Right on JD&J*  07.27.09 - 10:58am
jess@studio3z - It sounds like you were lucky enough to find a man like blessed with sensible wisdom. I know my husband has "saved my life" on many occasions. :)  07.27.09 - 10:50am
Tara - That is a beautiful thought. Thank you. I found your site through DPS, and I'm happy that I did!  07.27.09 - 10:49am
Thea - perfection  07.27.09 - 10:40am
Kara Laws - Don't feel too bad I would have panicked too! What a great post tho. You have such an amazing out look on life. I am glad you lived through the waves. :)  07.27.09 - 10:39am
Alejandra - Chica you had me crying over here!! I'm glad to know you are safe and sound! You also made me laugh here ...I harassed him about the lifeguard stealing his I-Saved-My-Wife thunder! You are truly an amazing person!!   07.27.09 - 10:28am
Candi - Beautifully written. I can just picture how frightened you must have been. I am glad you made it out safely! :)  07.27.09 - 10:19am
Rich - My favorite blog post ever.  07.27.09 - 10:19am
gina - I love that last statement. I needed that!  07.27.09 - 10:19am
Lindsay Kay - That is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing that wonderful insight.  07.27.09 - 10:17am
melissa - I need this today, too. Glad you're ok. Being able to laugh at the end of such a panic-experience really refills the soul.  07.27.09 - 10:13am
Roxy - I am so glad you are ok Jasmine! Did you get caught in riptide or was it just wave after wave? It mmust be so scary! I got caught in huge massive waves a few years back, when I was in Miami. And it ripped my bikini bottom off of me! Thank you God that I caught it as it floated away...otherwise I wouldn't be getting out of the water. ;)  07.27.09 - 10:12am
Georgia - I do so love your blog and little life lessons. Thanks for sharing, it was the perfect thing for me to remember today. ~Georgia  07.27.09 - 10:12am
Liz - WOW, this is great! Thanks for sharing your experiences!  07.27.09 - 10:12am
Tacey - That must have been so scarey...I was nearly taken by water.....rolling 'round and ', blue, black, blue (sky-water-sky-water). Never panic (as hard as that may be) it will save your life (although Fabio sounded pretty great too). Phew. The world needs you Jasmine....I (we) are so glad you're okay. Hugs.  07.27.09 - 10:12am
MelissaF - What a scary situation. I'm so glad you're okay.   07.27.09 - 10:11am
Amy Clifton - Perfect reminder, and beautifully stated. Thank you. I'm so glad you are safe--that sounds scary!!  07.27.09 - 10:09am
michelle sidles - You're a genius. And so is JD. That is great advice. Glad you survived to tell us about it. ;)  07.27.09 - 10:06am
CharBaiz - Jasmine, thank you for this! you have no idea the impact you have had with this simple post. all i can say is thank you :)  07.27.09 - 10:04am
Lesley - Wow, that's deep. Thanks for sharing this- it's exactly what I needed today.  07.27.09 - 10:03am
Trey Bohon - great post!  07.27.09 - 10:00am
Karen - The Last Detail - Jasmine, you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about! Just be glad you had someone there to it seems the waves in California were MUCH higher than usual this reports several deaths from swimmers drowning in them. SO glad you and JD are ok.  07.27.09 - 9:57am
Alej - That's so scary! I haven't gotten in the ocean the last few summers b/c I'm too freaked out from the last time that happened to me. I wish I could get over it and just have some fun. But my husband's coworker actually broke his neck and died from slamming down onto the sand like that so I continue to be terrified.  07.27.09 - 9:55am
Dana E - I am really glad you're ok and were blessed to walk away laughing and with a life lesson beyond! Thank you for sharing! I'll be sure to breathe as well!! =)  07.27.09 - 9:54am
Roxie - Priceless!   07.27.09 - 9:53am
Carmen Whittaker - Oh Jasmine, I'm glad you and JD are OK. I won't show Fermin (my husband) this post. This is his worst nightmere.  07.27.09 - 9:52am
Lorrie Prothero - Well, if you ever get tired of photography (not) you could definitely make it as a writer!  07.27.09 - 9:36am
Katie - So glad to hear you are OK! But seriously, you need to write a book. I would buy 20 copies. You're so talented at writing - and photography, of course :)  07.27.09 - 9:35am
Dennis Bullock - Well said Jasmine...  07.27.09 - 9:35am
Rachel Clare - The waves this weekend have been crazy - glad you're alright! And PS. I love the message in this post. Will post that thought to my fridge this week. :)  07.27.09 - 9:29am
jeramy - glad you're ok. it was a super big swell on the west coast this weekend. big in nor cal too. love the analogy. new book title perhaps????  07.27.09 - 9:26am
Olivia - So sweet. This is exactly how my hubby is to. All I ever I see is the end result, not each step it takes to get there.  07.27.09 - 9:24am
Ginger Murray - Wow... thank God for JD and the Lifeguard! How scary... SO glad you're BOTH ok.   07.27.09 - 9:23am
Minnie - Such touching words! I need to be reminded of that every so often! Thank you for sharing with us! Glad you are okay!   07.27.09 - 9:14am
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo) - love the cherries shot! the BEST part of summer, for sure.  07.27.09 - 9:12am
Ms T Prescott - Aww, I saw JD had posted on his twitter that the lifeguard had stole his thunder! Glad you're ok, and the analogy is breathtaking. I needed that today.   07.27.09 - 9:09am
Labradoris - What great advice. I'm a cyclist, and I find that I can pull a lot of life lessons from situations on the bike -- for instance, just when I think I am completely spent and useless, I just keep pedaling until I reach the peak of a hill -- and then relax as I crest it in exuberance. A chance to rest before the next hill...taking them one hill at a time. :)  07.27.09 - 9:01am
Alicia - This same thing happened to me in Hawaii. BUT, after I managed to catch my breath and get out of it, I noticed my bikini top was all askew and some people got an eyefull. So just be greatful that: #1 you didn't die and #2 you didn't give a beach peep show. :) I'm glad you lived.   07.27.09 - 9:00am
Tara Templeton - Beautiful entry today! It made me feel a little weepy! I'm happy you're ok and that you have JD to lift you up to breathe between the waves!  07.27.09 - 8:57am
Kara Wieler - Um... why am I crying? Today is one of those days... I am feeling so overwhelmed with work and the end seems nowhere near. I somehow knew that I should check your blog for a little help. I checked earlier.. nope, nothing new. About to log off and actually get some work done, I checked one more time. Thank you for this. I will work at getting through this load, one wave at a time!!!  07.27.09 - 8:57am
Kelli - I am so glad you are okay. What a way to put life in to perspective, just make thru the waves. And what a great story to have to laugh about!   07.27.09 - 8:51am
Stephanie Stewart - What a sweet post, one of my favorites, and JD's advice makes total sense. I think he and my hubby have the same outlook on life. That's why JD balances you, and you balance each other. Glad you are both ok!   07.27.09 - 8:46am
brooke lowther - beautiful! it's hard to keep in all in perspective sometimes. you are truly blessed!  07.27.09 - 8:44am
Kristin Partin - aren't cherries the most stunning fruits to photograph :)   07.27.09 - 8:42am
Nicole Glenn - It amazes me that you can turn dying from embarassment into a beautiful life lesson. I too have been saved by a lifeguard after the ocean tried to make me a fish and I did not leave with such a beautiful story!!! Your writing is so wonderful. Happy Monday!  07.27.09 - 8:42am
Diandra - Thanks Jas. I needed that today.  07.27.09 - 8:41am
Caitlin - You are a terrific writer! This post was sweet. :)  07.27.09 - 8:40am
Jason - sure know how to take a life situation (a bit scary the way it sounds) and turn it into something positive. You are one determined and focused individual. Blessings...  07.27.09 - 8:40am
honey - Beautiful ... I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing and I am so happy you are ok!!!  07.27.09 - 8:39am