Things That Make You Say Oooh

The smell of wet pavement. A bouquet of flowers just because. A homecooked meal. Anything Godiva.

These are the things that make me say Oooh.

One thing that shall be added to the aforementioned list is this baby:

While in Seattle last week for the Anti-Workshop, I was fortunate enough to borrow Jessica's 28mm lens. I've been shooting almost exclusively with prime lenses and it's radically changed the way I see weddings and the images I'm producing. I love my 50mm and my 85mm, but when I wanted to go wide, I'd turn to my 16-35, 2.8, but it sometimes left me wanting more--more crisp, more sharp, more of a fall-off.
Most of the images I submitted for our final group project was shot on the 28mm and I was smitten at first click. On my recent trip to Santa Barbara, I stopped by Samy's Camera before the wedding and bought the lens.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for things that make me say Oooh :)
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Kay English - Ooohh mama!!! I never tried that lens before. Was it so awesome? I noticed there's a Hova filter... do you use them on your lenses now?  07.28.09 - 6:47pm
meg - He He...too funny! Well thanks for the VIP info! Great rock!  07.05.07 - 12:27pm
Jasmine* - Hi Meg! I don't use a polarizer so I guess I wouldn't recommend one...and I highly doubt you want to know what filter I'm using after reading Becker's admonishment below!! ;)  07.04.07 - 6:11pm
meg - Hi jasmine, what kind of Hoya filter did you put on that? Do you recommend using a polorizer?  07.03.07 - 1:39pm
Tiffany - Thanks Jasmine~ I just ordered this from Adorama~ :) Thank you for being so kind and sharing your tips!! :) It is very appreciated!   07.03.07 - 9:42am
Jasmine* - Hi Heather and Tiffany! It's the 28mm, 1.8 and I bought mine at Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara, but you can find one pretty much anywhere on the Internet...I hope this helps! :)  07.02.07 - 3:35pm
Tiffany - Hi~ Jasmine ~ Is this the 1.8mm lens, or 2.8? :)   07.02.07 - 3:28pm
Heather - I'm so intrigued about this lens. But I can't find it on the Canon website. What f-stop is yours and where can I find one?  07.01.07 - 6:27pm
Meg - lenses pretty much rock! I have a 28 too and I love it. My favorites are also the 50 and the 85mm. Those three are the top 3 I use when shooting. Prime lenses make you move more to get the shot too...less lazy! I think of it as lenses that have a dual - you create cool pics- and two- you burn more calories while shooting with them ;o)  06.29.07 - 6:28am
Evan Laettner - Jasmine, Your work is looking great. Prime lenses rule  06.28.07 - 9:45pm
Heather Cole - Jasmine, What a great lens! I loved your pictures at the workshop so good purchase!! Miss you.  06.28.07 - 7:09pm
Angel Barnes - i would love to see some more pics posted using this lens :) how fun!  06.28.07 - 5:40pm
Christopher Grisanti - Jasmine, I agree with [b]. Many years ago, I couldn't figure out why my sexy 70-200 2.8 wasn't sharp. As soon as I dumped the filter. . .ZAP! Razor sharp. C'mon, you can do it1  06.28.07 - 4:56pm
Shy - The smell of wet pavement? hmmmm... That's odd..haha But I guess I can't give you too much of a hard time because I get excited over SPARKLY cement! ;)  06.28.07 - 4:11pm
Amy - I've been wanting this lens too! The 16-35 is one of only 2 zooms I own and it makes me so mad sometimes. For how much it costs, it should be able to do cartwheels, but it lacks that sharpness you get with a prime. The 28mm has been patiently waiting its turn on my "to-buy" list :)   06.28.07 - 3:17pm
Fred Egan - Greatness-I love my 24mm prime...killer stuff-glad you love it!  06.28.07 - 2:21pm
Jasmine* - [b] grandmother draped her sofas with plastic covers, my mother covered our car seats with towels to avoid you can see, I hail from a long line of worry-warts. Hence the filter. Perhaps if I'm feeling brave enough, I may take off the filter. How 'bout this: I take off the filter, you say no to Diet Coke for a week. Game? ;)  06.28.07 - 2:06pm
Melissa McClure - oh girl, you just ignited my jealousy bug!  06.28.07 - 2:04pm
[ b ] e c k e r - jazzy, that is a sick lens, but please do me a favor and take that cheap filter off of it. nothing cuts down sharpeness like filters. it really doesn't do that much for you. if you drop the lens most likely it will be jacked up anyway.   06.28.07 - 1:57pm
Jen Harris - Oooh...I'm right there with you!   06.28.07 - 12:24pm
david baxter - ...ooooh. so jealous. please post some of your work with your new baby!  06.28.07 - 11:54am