Things That Make You Say Oooh

The smell of wet pavement. A bouquet of flowers just because. A homecooked meal. Anything Godiva.

These are the things that make me say Oooh.

One thing that shall be added to the aforementioned list is this baby:

While in Seattle last week for the Anti-Workshop, I was fortunate enough to borrow Jessica's 28mm lens. I've been shooting almost exclusively with prime lenses and it's radically changed the way I see weddings and the images I'm producing. I love my 50mm and my 85mm, but when I wanted to go wide, I'd turn to my 16-35, 2.8, but it sometimes left me wanting more--more crisp, more sharp, more of a fall-off.
Most of the images I submitted for our final group project was shot on the 28mm and I was smitten at first click. On my recent trip to Santa Barbara, I stopped by Samy's Camera before the wedding and bought the lens.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for things that make me say Oooh :)
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Kay English - Ooohh mama!!! I never tried that lens before. Was it so awesome? I noticed there's a Hova filter... do you use them on your lenses now?  07.28.09 - 6:47pm
meg - He He...too funny! Well thanks for the VIP info! Great rock!  07.05.07 - 12:27pm
Jasmine* - Hi Meg! I don't use a polarizer so I guess I wouldn't recommend one...and I highly doubt you want to know what filter I'm using after reading Becker's admonishment below!! ;)  07.04.07 - 6:11pm
meg - Hi jasmine, what kind of Hoya filter did you put on that? Do you recommend using a polorizer?  07.03.07 - 1:39pm
Tiffany - Thanks Jasmine~ I just ordered this from Adorama~ :) Thank you for being so kind and sharing your tips!! :) It is very appreciated!   07.03.07 - 9:42am
Jasmine* - Hi Heather and Tiffany! It's the 28mm, 1.8 and I bought mine at Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara, but you can find one pretty much anywhere on the Internet...I hope this helps! :)  07.02.07 - 3:35pm
Tiffany - Hi~ Jasmine ~ Is this the 1.8mm lens, or 2.8? :)   07.02.07 - 3:28pm
Heather - I'm so intrigued about this lens. But I can't find it on the Canon website. What f-stop is yours and where can I find one?  07.01.07 - 6:27pm
Meg - lenses pretty much rock! I have a 28 too and I love it. My favorites are also the 50 and the 85mm. Those three are the top 3 I use when shooting. Prime lenses make you move more to get the shot too...less lazy! I think of it as lenses that have a dual - you create cool pics- and two- you burn more calories while shooting with them ;o)  06.29.07 - 6:28am
Evan Laettner - Jasmine, Your work is looking great. Prime lenses rule  06.28.07 - 9:45pm
Heather Cole - Jasmine, What a great lens! I loved your pictures at the workshop so good purchase!! Miss you.  06.28.07 - 7:09pm
Angel Barnes - i would love to see some more pics posted using this lens :) how fun!  06.28.07 - 5:40pm
Christopher Grisanti - Jasmine, I agree with [b]. Many years ago, I couldn't figure out why my sexy 70-200 2.8 wasn't sharp. As soon as I dumped the filter. . .ZAP! Razor sharp. C'mon, you can do it1  06.28.07 - 4:56pm
Shy - The smell of wet pavement? hmmmm... That's odd..haha But I guess I can't give you too much of a hard time because I get excited over SPARKLY cement! ;)  06.28.07 - 4:11pm
Amy - I've been wanting this lens too! The 16-35 is one of only 2 zooms I own and it makes me so mad sometimes. For how much it costs, it should be able to do cartwheels, but it lacks that sharpness you get with a prime. The 28mm has be