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The Hammock

t's what we did. Every night, we'd lazily walk out toward the ocean--pass the bar filled with loud mouths and empty words--following the sounds of the crashing waves. We'd take off our flip-flops and walk barefoot toward our spot. Yes, our spot. We'd staked claim to one particular hammock and we would've carved our initials into the adjoining palm trees if we could've. Our spot.

In the shadows of night, under a canvas of stars, JD and I talked about everything and nothing at once in the hammock. We'd recount our favorite high school memories, the first meal I made as a wife, the time I ran into a glass doorway, my secret dreams. I'd lay in my lover's arms and press my face into his neck, inhaling a sweet musky scent of the day's events. Sunblock, sweet plantains, and Newsweek magazine. I made him promise not to forget us. The simple us. The $5.99 pho and spring roll us. The kiss me with morning breath us. The Blockbuster night us. Made him promise not to forget who we are at that moment. Broken, thankful, content. And at the same time, entirely whole.

Yes, it was our spot. And though the hammock remains on the island of Puerto Rico, just off a private beach, we took home the distinct pleasure of knowing the future is unknown, but bright. We approach our hopes and goals with the full assurance that together, we'll find a hammock any place in the world.

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whitney law - yep, as usual, the YOU + JD posts make me cry happy tears.  04.09.10 - 11:54pm
Life with Kaishon - This was so pretty. It made me cry.  08.31.09 - 3:55pm
Jennifer - Such beautiful words and spot!  08.25.09 - 2:18pm
Dana F. - Jasmine, you are quickly becoming my favorite author. So please, write a book already! You could write about socks and make it a page turner and a tear-jerker. Your words start my day with a smile.   08.23.09 - 7:12am
Apple - <333  08.22.09 - 6:22pm
Photo Ninja - I'm thankful for family. My fiance's mother was in the hospital for potential pancreatic cancer.  08.22.09 - 9:57am
Colin - "pass the bar filled with loud mouths and empty words"---Love it... such an unfortunate truth in our world these days. Beautiful entry J!  08.21.09 - 6:05pm
Ginger Murray - I was watching Jim Gaffigan (spell?) on Comedy Central last night, and he has a joke about hammocks. Have you heard it? Here, I found it on YouTube...   08.21.09 - 1:04pm
Tiffany - You have such a way with words! Absolutely beautiful. Yet another one of your postings that has brought a tear to my eye. cheers to true love.  08.21.09 - 9:47am
Ashley - Jasmine--> I just read this and teared up. I completely related. My boyfriend and I were in Italy last year, and we have "our Spot" a bridge in Venice. It was everything you said above, your way with words is beautiful.   08.21.09 - 9:28am
Dixie Dobbins - i got goosebumps. wow thanks.  08.21.09 - 9:26am
Melissa Tirado - *sigh* You just made me fall in love again, Jasmine. So perfectly and simply said.....  08.21.09 - 9:21am
Kimberly - P.s. Jasmine... Please write a book. :)  08.21.09 - 8:43am
Lesley - Your words take my breath away! Can't wait to hear you speak in Lansing next month.  08.21.09 - 7:56am
Cristen - I love your words! It is so true and love...what is better?  08.21.09 - 6:37am
Anouschka - You should sooo publish a book!  08.21.09 - 3:45am
ohana photographers - be blessed always.  08.21.09 - 1:47am
marissa moss - this looks (and sounds) like paradise. lovely.  08.21.09 - 12:59am
Bobby Earle - Of all my married friends, the dynamics between you and JD are my favorite.   08.20.09 - 11:06pm
Angel Canary - I am so very happy for you. Thank you for reminding me that I need to take more time for me and the hubby to breathe in life and take a minute to relax. One day soon...I need to do just that...relax in his arms in a hammock on the beach...  08.20.09 - 9:34pm
Michael Kettler - Jasmine, I'm going to express what I could have and should have each and every time your write. "Your a wonderful writer!" Cheers, Michael   08.20.09 - 8:41pm
Kathrina - swooon. beautiful sweet words.  08.20.09 - 8:24pm
Cynthia Q. - YEAH Jasmine and JD! Keep rockin' the hammock!  08.20.09 - 7:21pm
Tiffany - you're such a beautiful writer! The hammock sounds amazing...I could definitely chill on that with a drink in my hand=)  08.20.09 - 5:21pm
Zoltan Nagy - Jasmine, I'm just amazed at every time I read your blog. You're exemplary both as wife and photographer. Gob bless you!  08.20.09 - 5:04pm
amanda thiessen - hammocks are probably the coolest most comfortable thing ever! i would love a hammock.  08.20.09 - 4:48pm
Aimee - I love you guys. <3  08.20.09 - 4:46pm
Valerie Acosta - Girl, I wish my life was as romantic as yours. When my husband and I left Puerto Rico, seven years ago, we brought a hammock with us. To remember lazy Sundays, and to take it to the beach whenever we went because who here has a good Puerto Rican hammock?! Well, like I said, it's been seven years, and the hammock has gone from PR to Monterey, CA to San Angelo, TX to Washington, D.C. , and now in a couple of months back to San Angelo, TX. In a box. Not ONCE has he even offered to put it up for me, not even IN FRONT of a photo of a beach.   08.20.09 - 3:53pm
Christa - I "so" get this post....with a baby on the way my biggest fear is losing us. It's nice to be vulnerable sometimes though, makes you realize what truly matters and to be thankful for what you have :)   08.20.09 - 3:45pm
Raquel - Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!  08.20.09 - 3:17pm
Ashley - So beautifully written, as usual! Oh and I'm craving sweet plantains now!  08.20.09 - 3:09pm
Krysta - Too cute! I hope someday I can have a love like yours and JD's! <3  08.20.09 - 2:39pm
Niecey - Your writing is at least as beautiful as your photos are. I can't decide which I'm in love with most. This made me tear up. What a beautiful message in a world where love is often losing the battle. Every marriage should have a hammock.  08.20.09 - 2:36pm
gina amin - That is exactly what I would say, if I could say it as eloquently as you. This reminded me so much of my husband and I. You have such a way with words. Love it!  08.20.09 - 1:48pm
Susie Nguyen - You down with the pho and spring roll!! Holla ;)  08.20.09 - 1:37pm
Kare - *sigh*  08.20.09 - 1:37pm
Katherine Bowman - Beautiful!! So what was the first meal you made as a wife?? :)  08.20.09 - 1:33pm
Dawn Beirnes - how gorgeous and relaxing looking! I can almost hear the ocean when I look at it. You and JD really have you stuff together in the marriage/love/respect departments!   08.20.09 - 1:24pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Love this post! Hammocks are the best! My husband and I did the same thing in the Dominican Republic on our honeymoon. It was great! Thanks for reminding me about the hammock we bought and haven't used! :)   08.20.09 - 12:55pm
Stephanie Stewart - Love this post! Cheers to wishing you and JD can return to your spot again soon! But it sounds like you are always in your spot, know what I mean? You two are like peas and carrots! How is Polo??? We need a Polo post!!!  08.20.09 - 12:44pm
Char Baiz - moments like those are what make everything in life worth it. I adore moments like that with my Joel :)  08.20.09 - 12:41pm
Rachel Clare - this makes me want a vacation with my love- time to sit and think and cherish. i'm glad you had some time for YOU.  08.20.09 - 12:38pm
Crash Taylor - How much I would love to be chillin' in that hammock. That image is sick! Hope you're well J* Crash Taylor  08.20.09 - 12:31pm
Ginger Murray - Isn't it amazing the moments, and places, you can experience as a couple...  08.20.09 - 12:30pm
Mirelis - Jasmine... you and JD are both beautiful inside and out and I wish you the BEST life has to offer.   08.20.09 - 12:29pm
linda - awesome.  08.20.09 - 12:26pm
Megan Beth - You lie...I see 'our spot' on the left tree :)  08.20.09 - 12:26pm
Heather D. - LOVELY words and awesome pic!   08.20.09 - 12:24pm
Cheryl Cronin - I want to be in that hammock right now!!! well, maybe another hammock since that one's yours :) Beautiful words!  08.20.09 - 12:23pm
Sally - Always cherish your hammock moments. You have an awesome way of putting your feelings and thoughts into words.   08.20.09 - 12:23pm
claire ryser - aw. I love this post :) My sister is a singer and songwriter... I'll have to send you a song that I know you would love and fits perfectly with this post!  08.20.09 - 12:15pm
Melanie Schall - Jasmine, you are truely inspiring. Not only does your photography speak, but the way you wind your words is inspiration enough. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us.   08.20.09 - 12:13pm
jen - You are such a beautifully gifted writer.....  08.20.09 - 12:11pm
Sue McFarland - Makes me wish that I was in a special spot right now. Love your photos and love your writing!! Thanks for sharing with us.  08.20.09 - 12:08pm
B - Dude, I was lying on my bed watcing MTV all those nights in the hotel while you were 200 feet from me?! Thanks for the invite! Just kidding ;)  08.20.09 - 12:05pm
Michelle - Your writing (and photography) are so captivating! And you and JD are adorable. &#9829;  08.20.09 - 11:59am
Feuza - Your way with words is such a blessing for us who read. love it.  08.20.09 - 11:53am
Christina Littleton - That was so beautiful!! That's what keeps a marriage alive and when you have kids... remember the hammock. :)  08.20.09 - 11:40am
Kaysha Weiner - I love your perspective on life! You seem to easily gravitate back toward the simple and uncomplicated source of love!  08.20.09 - 11:29am
Kira - Beautifully said! Thanks again as always for the inspiration!  08.20.09 - 11:28am
Amanda Picone - Simply beautiful.  08.20.09 - 11:25am
Lora - Hammocks are definitely the best. I had a similar hammock on a vacation to The Keys last summer. Love your blog and your writing style. :)  08.20.09 - 11:23am
Nelly Soares - Wow, just beautiful. I wish I could express myself as you do. You have a true gift.  08.20.09 - 11:21am
smitten - amazing. love is the greatest joy a person can ever know. you obviously have lots of it ;)  08.20.09 - 11:18am
michelle sidles - now *I* want a hammock! ;)  08.20.09 - 11:12am
Tasha Prescott - You are both truly blessed to do what you love, love what you do and share it with the person you've vowed to spend your life with. That to me is Happiness. Enjoy!   08.20.09 - 11:11am
Vanessa Fernandez - That was beautiful. I'm going to send it to my husband. This really touched me because of what we are going through right now. The days are long and hard, and the future is really hazy, but we have each other, love, and hope.   08.20.09 - 11:11am
Christina M. - I always love your blogs, you write so beautifully and this was no exception   08.20.09 - 11:07am
laurahana - I hope you two stay this sweet for always!  08.20.09 - 11:07am
Catie Ronquillo - Beautiful! I feel ya...I've totally walked into a glass doorway...and a regular doorway - my husband nicknamed me Casper because I try to walk through walls. lol.  08.20.09 - 11:06am
Blair Van Bussel - This sounds so perfect! Oh how I love Puerto Rico! We actually had a hammock just outside of our hotel room on the beach there too! I actually have a picture of us on it at the end of our little video on the blog. Don’t you just love those little moments that confirm that every thing is okay? Thanks for sharing Jasmine! :)   08.20.09 - 11:06am
Mandy Sroka - Beautiful  08.20.09 - 11:06am
Catherine - ****** You're amazing with words, Jasmine....Write a book already...filled with all your GREAT pictures... truely an inspiration. LOVE it all!! ********  08.20.09 - 11:02am
Tara Templeton - My husband and I have OUR hammock on the Big Island...gentle breezes, pure contentment, honest words, love to last beyond a lifetime...Thanks for helping me stop for a moment to think about the truly the wonderful things God has given me!  08.20.09 - 11:00am
chantz Hough - You should seriously write a book! You are such a great writer!   08.20.09 - 10:59am
andrea Gaudreau - hello perfection!!!!  08.20.09 - 10:58am
gabriela gandara - Love your words Jasmine...makes me think of how trully we are blessed and how "life" not always has to be prefect   08.20.09 - 10:53am
Lindsey - Incredible.  08.20.09 - 10:48am
daria bishop - I just wiped a tear from my eye. You two are so sweet! xoxo  08.20.09 - 10:41am