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Tofurious SEO Workshop

ast week--shortly after I returned from vacation in Puerto Rico--I battled a cold. And not your friendly cough, sniffle, cough garden style variety cold. It was like my lungs were inspired by a beat up 1943 Ford truck. Like my lungs were trying to win a muffler contest and the rumble in my chest was legit. Just ask JD...he thought he was sleeping next to a smoking trucker most nights. It was classy.

I had a meeting scheduled with Lawrence of Tofurious, and I didn't want to cancel because our schedules finally worked after weeks of hits and misses. So me and the Ford truck nestled in my chest decided to show up and meet for a Search Engine Optimization seminar. Everything was fine and dandy...until...until I caught a cough in my throat. Don't know what that is? Well, it's a cough that's STUCK IN YOUR THROAT. I tried coughing, but I couldn't really breathe. I wanted to drink a little tea, but I was coughing. And then I couldn't stop. Like, really, I couldn't stop coughing if my life depended on it. So, there I sat coughing--looking much a like a cat with a hairball in my throat--until I had to excuse myself (via sign language) and step outside. It was classy.

The good news is that Lawrence was a total gem and acted like everyone gets coughing attacks when they meet him for the first time. Oh, what? Oh, yes coughing is just my thing. I have that affect on women.

Lawrence and Lan Bui pretty much rocked my world. The SEO workshop was nothing short of awesome and if you're interested in learning more about understanding optimizing your web presence, definitely check out his upcoming workshops...they're gonna be fabulous! Here's a short video Lan shot shortly after the seminar was commenced.

I'm hoping Lawrence will visit an OC SmugMug meeting in the near future, so if/when he does, be sure to clear your calendar because he's pretty much a web genius! Speaking of SmugMug meetings, I hope to see you THIS THURSDAY at 7pm for our next should be pretty epic. I'm just sayin'.... To RSVP, CLICK HERE to let me know!

Happy Monday
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Life with Kaishon - So funny. I never heard someone refer to a cold as Ford Truck stuck in their chest : ) Hilarious!  08.31.09 - 3:53pm
Kia Gregory - Lawrence and his SEO workshop sound so amazing. He has now come recommended by three of the wedding photogs that I follow.  08.26.09 - 3:36pm
Christy - I like your blog! Your blogging style is very similar to Pioneer Woman's.   08.26.09 - 8:21am
Brian Fletcher - So many little money! ;)  08.25.09 - 9:27pm
Melissa Oholendt - Man, I want to be your bestie. (PS - I love your Puerto Rico haircut!) I think Dane is interviewing Lawrence in a week at the Fast Track coaching. VERY excited to see it!  08.25.09 - 8:27pm
Elizabeth Luna - Wish I had 2,000 to see his SEO meeting!  08.25.09 - 1:18pm
Shirley - Jasmine...I sooo hear you. Last week I got a cough the day I was scheduled to get a tooth extracted! I was just so elegant in trying not to cough on the doc while they pulled my tooth... :-( By the way I met Lawrence last night at a meetup in Irvine. He is AMAZING at SEO.... Hope you are feeling better!!!  08.25.09 - 9:17am
Diana - Awww!!! Sounds wonderful!! Would love to attend...not anywhere near there so that wouldn't work....As for your cough, I myself and my toddler just got over a terrible cough. The only thing that helped was a honey and onion syrup I made....ITS AMAZING!!! Try it!! Not even robitussin comes close! lol.... Hope it helps you feel better as it helped my little one and me! ;)  08.25.09 - 8:07am
caroline - Hope you're doing better now! I read something on his blog about you making him lasagna... I had a cough that wouldn't go away for days, and kept brushing it off. When I was still sick the day before I had a wedding to shoot, I finally dragged myself into the doctor and found out I had pneumonia. So I had to shoot heavily medicated. Don't let this happen to you, kids!  08.25.09 - 7:19am
Matthew Saville - Just got together with Lawrence and a buncha other photographers here at the Irvine Spectrum over some free coffee and a chat about SEO. Lawrence is definitely a web optimization genius, no doubt! =Matt=  08.25.09 - 4:31am
Hannah - Oh you poor thing. I literally just wrote about resembling my ex boyfriend's 1970s Merc struggling to start thanks to an epic flu from which I am yet to fully recover. No bueno. Ventolin puffers will nix that cough! I hope you feel better.   08.24.09 - 8:51pm
Christine - Jasmine - you are the BEST. And PS I am LOVING your earrings. When you come to Australia in Jan, I'm totally kidnapping you for an afternoon of shopping. :)  08.24.09 - 8:20pm
Erica Velasco - I can't wait to go to this!  08.24.09 - 7:20pm
shannon kelley - the video is fab, as are you! the workshop looks amazing too!   08.24.09 - 6:49pm
Jessica Rensch - BTW You look like a supermodel!!!!!! Thanks for all of you consistent posts! the rock!  08.24.09 - 5:27pm
joan solitario - jasmine, in case you didn't know.. you're soo pretty :o) thanks for sharing again and again and again!  08.24.09 - 3:24pm
Jodi Marie - I have asthma which comes in the form of coughing attacks like that! Been there and done that, your right it makes you feel real classy!  08.24.09 - 3:13pm
Stephanie Stewart - Hope you are feeling better! I have been there before with the coughing spells, no fun! Get better soon!!!  08.24.09 - 1:36pm
Tyler - YESSSS SEO is so important. If you want some constructive criticism you should fix the url structure of your blog all the ? and = stops the search spiders. Try setting clean urls up. If you want any other advice shoot me an email.   08.24.09 - 12:30pm
Lydia - Jasmine, you're the only one who could write two paragraphs about a cough that made me want to read more! Hope you're feeling better now!  08.24.09 - 11:59am
Heather Maynard - Oh my gosh - I HATE coughing attacks! And people always look at you like they've never done the same thing. Please. Once I got a coughing attack on a bus full of old people. About 27 hands flew at me offering a peppermint.   08.24.09 - 11:43am
Christina Gressianu - I had the same darn cold last week, and shot a wedding on Saturday with my friends Sudafed and Ricola. I hope you're feeling better!   08.24.09 - 11:34am
amanda thiessen - oh i love his videos!  08.24.09 - 11:18am
Mapuana - I hope he makes it to a SmugMug mtg. Can't wait for the one this Thursday. See all of you there :)  08.24.09 - 11:17am
Lorrie Prothero - You are so great in front of a camera. In that interview where you said what actress would protray you in a movie and you said "me" - I think you should go in for a screen test. You are not only good behind a camera, you are great in front of one. You're not stiff, you know how to engage your audience, your body language is very inviting. BTW - thanks for the referral, but what does SEO mean. * Also, again, thanks for the assurance that I'd love the 50mm fixed on my smaller sensored SLR.  08.24.09 - 11:14am
nena - I am just getting over a sickness too, so I know how you feel! =-)  08.24.09 - 11:05am
Diane - - Sounds interesting and something I could definately benefit from...can't wait to hear more about this and what it's all about. Sometimes I wish I lived in the OC area so I could attend all these meetings and seminars.  08.24.09 - 10:53am
brooke bowland - well you have me interested! i actually have always enjoyed checking out tofurious and keeping up with his bits of info. fantastic! oh and jasmine...not only are you an amazing are so well spoken. hoping one day to make the cut on your workshop! hehe. looking forward to your next post!  08.24.09 - 10:32am