Julie and Nick : Wedding

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He loves her. He loves her with every ounce of his big heart.

Nick has always taken care of Julie in such a tender and caring way that it was no surprise when—after seven years into their relationship—he asked for her hand in marriage. So it was fitting for the two of them to host nothing but a tender and caring wedding with no detail overlooked.

Over two hundred guests traveled to Santa Barbara for their ceremony and the Doubletree Resort served as a gorgeous backdrop. With her rotunda suite overlooking the grand reception plaza, Julie stepped onto the terracotta tiles and into the sun. As the band set up below, she shielded her eyes from the bright sunlight with one hand and waved to her grandfather with the other. Much like a princess in a tower, Julie looked down hoping to get a sneak peek of Nick, but before she could, Julie’s bridesmaids beckoned her to don her gown and prepare for her beachside ceremony.

I’m so calm right now…I mean, I have no reason to be nervous because I know. I know there’s no one else but him. And with that, she and a group of girls crossed a busy Santa Barbara street and onto the beach where Julie blossomed into a Mrs. and shall continue to love Nick tenderly for as long as they both shall live.

Nick and Julie, THANK YOU for everything. You treated us like royalty and always thought about our needs before your own—it was definitely appreciated and did not go unnoticed! We enjoyed your wedding and spending the day with you both and we can’t wait to do it again! Much Love…

Nick found Julie's canary diamond wedding ring while vacationing together over a year ago. Not expecting to propose to Julie on the trip, he surprised even himself when he bought the ring spur of the moment and popped the question...the whole story is quite romantic! :)

Shoes and a little bling...two of my favorite things! ;)

I absolutely loved Julie's Romona Keveza wedding her mother is holding up just before Julie steps down into it.

JD caught this shot just as Julie was about to be given away...I think he caught the moment just perfectly...

Julie is a beautiful girl (inside and out!), but she looked positively stunning on her wedding day!

Nick was adamant about ordering Tiffany&Co inspired wedding cakes and he found them at Montecito Confections! Not only were the cakes beautiful, they were sooo good...or so I heard ;)

To view more of their wedding images, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Michael Anthony Photography | LA Photographer - I know this is an older post, but the image of the bride in front of the window is one of the best I have seen, beautiful.  07.21.11 - 5:39pm
Kay English - I love the cake!! Great pictures! Did you use a video light for the last picture? Wow great job on always finding perfect light no matter what circumstance!   07.28.09 - 6:50pm
Barbara Hernandez - WOW Jasmine!! as others have commented you trully captured the moment. You are a superb artist. Many thanks to you and your lovely family for joining us in our celebration, (Mille & Pancho we have been blessed by your love & support). And I would be remissed not to mention Miss Bianca, your make-up artistry is superb. My Julie looked like a genuine princess. Love you all.   07.05.07 - 2:00pm
Denise Carrejo - I was SO impreessed with Jamine - she was EVERYWHERE during the wedding taking pictures and i'm even more impressed with your beautiful website and nice words you wrote about my lovely niece Julie's wedding! and of course these pictures are AWESOME! I sang during the ceremony - Julie and Nick were SOOO HAPPY! and they will be for the rest of their lives AS THEY TAKE THIS WALK TOGETHER!!! if you want to hear their wedding song go to click on "as they take this walk together"  07.03.07 - 12:17pm
Amy Martin - Beautiful! And you used my fave Fray song for the slideshow... even better! :)  07.02.07 - 9:38am
Nicolas and Julie Avina - Beautiful pictures Jas and JD. We can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for sharing in our special day! God Bless P.S. JD, you should start your own blog :-)  07.01.07 - 10:02pm
Mike Warren - Just gorgeous Jasmine! And this post was like reading the beginning of a book!   07.01.07 - 7:34pm
DJ - You are so amazing! I'm super sad I missed you in SB though!!!  06.30.07 - 8:03pm
Millie - I finally see the final product!! Nick and Julie, thank you for a fabulous day. Your wedding was superb! Family, relatives, friends, and so much more. Like always, Jasmine did a fabulous job in capturing those special moments. Superb Jasmine!  06.30.07 - 10:22am
Stacy Cross - Great pics, Jas! :) I was doing my normal "morning before the wedding" insipration search and I'm so glad I stopped by your blog! And I was thrilled to find new pictures - yipee!  06.30.07 - 7:16am
Kristina Hernandez - Talk about beautiful....these images capture true moments, moments we wish we could relive. We can, with your candid shots. Thank you for giving us the means to relive such an amazing day. Love you Julie and Nick.   06.29.07 - 10:39pm
maile - your work is fabulous! and you also seem like such a great person. Thanks for the inspiration and your new blog looks awesome. I love that we get to see the detail with bigger photos now. You rock!  06.29.07 - 5:37pm
Kelley - Beautiful! Not only the shots, but you always word everything so nicely! Hugs and kisses :-)  06.29.07 - 11:51am
Heather Cole - Jasmine- Great shots! Wish I was there shooting with you. Looked like a beautiful day. :)  06.29.07 - 11:24am
Serena - You always write the most beautiful descriptions of their weddings.  06.29.07 - 10:03am
Bianca - Julie looks amazing! Who did her makeup? Its fabulous ; )  06.29.07 - 9:51am
Emily DeWan - I shed a small tear for JD's photo of her and her parents... incredible!  06.29.07 - 9:45am
Melissa Koehler - What a cute couple. I love the wedding cakes! You got some really great shots!  06.29.07 - 8:57am
david baxter - love em!! the palm trees shot is incredible!!!  06.29.07 - 8:56am