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Further Proof

woke early this morning and got some pretty fantastic news this morning via email (more on that later this week!), reorganized my living room shortly thereafter, then headed off to church. I know this may come off oddly, but I really like going to church. I like singing outloud (even though those sitting next to me might not appreciate it) and sitting so close to JD that I can smell the soft scents of his after-shave as he exhales. And I like the sounds of rustling pages as Bibles are opened.

But, then again, I like pages...and all things paper for that matter.

As some of you may know, I thoroughly obsessed with Post-Its. And by obsessed I mean I don't know how people survived for so long with out the most ingenious invention since, oh, say, the telephone. I can't survive without at least twenty-seven Post-Its floating around my desk, computer, and purse regarding everything from a To-Do lists, grocery lists, quotes I've read somewhere that need to archived or forever forgotten. So one can just imagine my joy when I saw these adorable Post-Its on my mother's desk (and, ahem, later stole them from her):

So, I believe these are just further proof that there is a God...because, really, who else would care about making some genius at 3M so brilliant in creating the coolest pieces of sticky paper in the world? And make them PINK?! Genius. Sheer genius.
Double bonus cool points to D BAKER for sending this schnazzy link my I have a Post-It embedded in my blog!! I LOOOOVE it!! :) Feel free to leave me a message after the beep. BEEP.

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Ashley - I really like your post about church, and I totally understand your obsession with post-its! My parents both worked at 3M, so I grew up (almost) more post-it's and scotch tape than toys! My mom told me once that the guy who invented post-it's did it because he needed something to make notes with in his bible that wouldn't ruin the pages like tape did. Just a little interesting tidbit from one post-it fan to another. Oh, and of course - I love your work!  07.08.07 - 8:53pm
Amanda Elkins - I love post-its too! I became obsessed with them after I had my baby girl and couldnĀ“t remember anything anymore! Too much going on!! lol Now They are everywhere, purse, walls, kitchen, a drawer close to the toilet! lol I even brought some with me to my vacation! :)  07.04.07 - 6:44am
Jamie Delaine - God IS so good. And definitely has a sense of humor. I can hear him laughing as you wrote this blog. :P Post-its are fantastic though. I mean...notes...they are OK, but they always get lost and thrown around. You stick a post-it on the computer monitor, and it isn't going anywhere!!  07.03.07 - 10:16am
D Baker - Loyal Blog Follower here. I saw these after looking at Jessica's blogs new toy. I remembered your post, and I thought you would enjoy these. Shortcut to:  07.03.07 - 7:32am
olivia wagner - Check these out: You totally need to get these!  07.03.07 - 6:40am
steven kang - you are just too too funny.  07.02.07 - 8:49pm
Regina - Hey Jasmine, You don't know me but I enjoy the art of photography too. I just wanted to contribute to your post on post-its....which I too have a love afair with. I have every color of the rainbow and I never leave home without them.... They are in the car, purse, desk at home at work and oh! I also keep some my camera bag.   07.02.07 - 12:06pm
Mary - so weird! i was *just* thinking about this yesterday when we were at church. It's like I just can't sit close enough to him and I'm alway scooting in just a little more. Oh of the best gifts I've ever gotten were ones in the shape of an "M" in all sorts of colors. I still find them all over our apt!!  07.02.07 - 10:25am
Paige Kearin - I love snuggling with my husband in church and I'm glad you now have hard evidence that God really does exist  07.02.07 - 10:16am
Kelley - You crack me up! I'm with ya though - my monitor looks like it's got a lion's mane of post-its surrounding it! :-)  07.02.07 - 8:45am
DrewB - You are such a dork! At least I know what to get you for Christmas now :P   07.02.07 - 8:39am
Jasmine* - Wow! Thanks for the stickies feedback...I especially love Angel, Tosha, and Audra's suggestions! I'll most definitely have to feed my Post-Its addiction this week with a little online post-its shopping! Thanks! :)  07.02.07 - 8:23am
nicole green - i'd be sooo lost without my post-its! i've got 5 sitting right here next to me with a list of everything i need to do today. :D  07.02.07 - 8:18am
angel swanson - gotta love stickies!! my post-it notes (awesomely stored in an adorable booklet) can be found here:  07.02.07 - 8:09am
Tosha Francis - Since you love stickies I know you will ove these!!!  07.02.07 - 7:49am
Audra - If you love stickies you might find some of these amusing! I especially like the "I didn't realize you were cool until" They make it really easy and give you options in case you can't think of reasons!  07.02.07 - 6:20am
C.J. Scott - I'm *crazy* about Post-Its too. They're literally all over my desk when I haven't tidied up for a bit.   07.02.07 - 2:14am
Fallon - Hi Jasmine, Just wondering if you could please tell me who sings the songs that are used in the slide shows for... "Brittany and Shawn"... "Nancy and David"... "Mark and Tiffany"  07.02.07 - 12:25am
Jen Harris - Amen Jas...and what an awesome God He is!   07.01.07 - 9:46pm
Stacy Cross - Hahaha.......well, there IS a God, and he does care about the small things! :)  07.01.07 - 8:46pm
Shy - you make me smile :)  07.01.07 - 8:17pm