09.22.09 Personal

This Morning's Conversation on a Walk

JD: Please don't do this to him...again...
J*: Polo loves this! Trust me!
JD: Jaz, look at his face. I doubt he's what I'd call Happy.
J*: Polo, you wub dis, don'cha boy? You wub all dis attenchon from me, don'cha boy?
JD: I don't think he likes when you talk to him in your puppy voice either...
J*: Of course he does! He told me. Last night, in fact! So, there.
JD: It's official. Our kids are going to hate you.

Polo wubs me werry much...

Many thanks to Courtney Dellafiora for sending Polo this hoodie after attending The Workshop last month...Polo and I juss wub her!
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Whitney Breitkreuz - AWW!!! EEIIK he DOES WUB IT!!! my sis follows ur blog and pics and i was telling her today how i want a maltese sooo bad, and she was like "omg! you have to meet polo!" so here i am...and I DOOO love polo! I found myself quickly talking as follows: "aww! heez a cuuute widdle puppy! wook how pweshhhus he is! he wuuuvs his widdle outfit!" to which my sister promptly vommitted. o well. he's SOOOO CUTE!! heart, whitney:)  12.04.09 - 8:42am
Ben - Polo is such a poser! :-)  10.01.09 - 12:23am
Erma - Ha ha ha.. I love Polo photos.. and no matter what others tell you.. of coarse our dogs love to get dressed, I consider that a hobby.. I mean seriously look at that happy face  09.29.09 - 1:21pm
Tamara C - Super cute. I think he loves it, he IS smiling!   09.28.09 - 3:22am
Bella Taylor - Oh sooo cute, hubby thinks the same of me when I talk to our dally like that... You can't help it there just sooo cute  09.27.09 - 4:24pm
Diandra - Jas, where are his ears in the first picture? Oh well, he's even cute without ears :)  09.25.09 - 11:17am
Dee - What a cutie!  09.25.09 - 10:41am
Heather LaBone - OK, this is the just the cutest thing ever. I love how you included your conversation. Ya know, every time I check on your blog...your just an incredible person. Luv u!   09.25.09 - 3:06am
Rose - OMG, your dog is too cute!!   09.24.09 - 4:13pm
Mandi Nikole - Super CUTE!!  09.24.09 - 1:53pm
Jamie - Ha ha! With the hoodie up, Polo looks gangsta.  09.24.09 - 10:50am
KrisD Mauga - I love this! I am so going to have to copy and do this to my dogs!  09.24.09 - 10:38am
Brooke - Oh this is too cute. I wub the little sweater and I'm sure Polo does too...that's what I always tell my husband too when I dress up my dog ;)   09.24.09 - 8:41am
ohana photographers - this just made me smile big this morning.   09.24.09 - 8:27am
Jo Carr - Hahahahaha........ that's so cute!! I bet Polo's glad his doggie friends don't have laptops to check out his Mom's blog though ;)  09.24.09 - 3:05am
Pascal (Aoshi Studio) - Oh so great, more Polo please!  09.24.09 - 2:01am
Vania - SimplyBloom Photography, LLC - ok, Jasmine, it's official. You are the coolest person on earth for making that dog sweater. Genius! I adore it!!  09.23.09 - 10:47pm
Rae Mati - If my kids are ever allowed to get a dog (which means overcoming our allergies) it will have to be a dog as cute as Polo!  09.23.09 - 10:35pm
Erica Velasco - How stinking cute is her?  09.23.09 - 6:39pm
ksen : ) - that hoodie ROCKS. absolutely adorable... i just want to squeeeeeeeeeeeze him. :)  09.23.09 - 6:17pm
Christine Pobke - Dear Polo, You are the most adorable thing I ever did see. Especially when you hide your ears like that. Makes my heart melt! :)   09.23.09 - 4:28pm
michelle - I LOVE this!!! I am still trying to convince my husband to let me dress up the dog...just a bit.   09.23.09 - 4:22pm
Amanda Thiessen - hahaha this is so great!!  09.23.09 - 4:06pm
Gwen - Polo is so stinkin' cute! Ya know, if you're ever in San Diego for another shoot and you need a pupsitter...I would totally do this for Polo. I can't guarantee that I'll give him back to you, but least you know he'll be adored by my almost three-year old! :)  09.23.09 - 1:58pm
jackie - all i can say is.. i love you.. in the most platonic way of course!  09.23.09 - 11:42am
Diapers & Divas - My husband and I have this same conversation about our 6 month old son! LOL!  09.23.09 - 11:34am
Rachel Clare - Ha! I love that first hoodie picture.   09.23.09 - 11:29am
Alexandra - Awww he's so cute :):)  09.23.09 - 10:47am
Diane - - Polo is a total ham-bone! Love it  09.23.09 - 10:29am
Ashley Rose - Pretty sure that this same conversation has gone on in our home :) you betcha im already planning out our pups halloween costume! he is either going to be a banana, or edward cullen :) lol. our children will hate us /love us for this!   09.23.09 - 10:25am
MK Loeffler - HAHA! This sounds just like a conversation my husband and I would have!  09.23.09 - 10:19am
Kristen Snyder - What a cute puppy! Polo is an awesome name for a dog!   09.23.09 - 9:36am
April - OMG, how cute is he?!?!!! That hoodie is the pocket in front too! Priceless!  09.23.09 - 8:05am
Stephanie Stewart - Polo, you are a star!!! Rock star!!! I'm with you on the puppy voice, I think pets LOVE it...I'm sure my kitty Lola would agree. Ha!  09.23.09 - 7:00am
Paul - Your dog is so cute :-)..!! lovin it!! Not a big fan of doggy clothes though!!  09.23.09 - 6:55am
stefany kueive - OMG!!! Jasmine Polo looks so cute!!! What product do you use to keep polo so white?? I have a maltese too and I uses angel yes but she refused to eat. He looks great in the * shirt too!!   09.23.09 - 6:18am
Joe Anna - Love it! He's just so cute!!   09.23.09 - 5:35am
Shuva Rahim - Too funny!  09.23.09 - 5:17am
Elsie - I wub it! LOL! It's awesome! =)   09.23.09 - 5:01am
Cristen - That is the cutest thing I have seen!! Love a hoodie...although I too, guess my pup doesn't like it...haha! :)  09.23.09 - 4:44am
Anouschka - LOL!!! You're just the same with Polo as I'm with my two... ;)  09.23.09 - 4:06am
Events by Evonne - Polo seems happy in the last picture. Oh yes, he is a star... just like his mommy!  09.23.09 - 2:59am
Aimee - LOVE IT!!  09.22.09 - 11:23pm
Brian Fletcher - Hmm...I think I'm with JD on this one. Hehe.  09.22.09 - 10:26pm
Jen Johnson - HILARIOUS!  09.22.09 - 9:37pm
Gray Photography - Zach & Jody - BA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  09.22.09 - 8:07pm
Prema BUCK - Haha...yes adorable for sure!  09.22.09 - 8:01pm
Brianna - Normally I dont comment on this type of thing but it was so darn funny that I just had to! I am certainly glad that my family are not the only ones that claim that our dog talks to them! lol   09.22.09 - 7:58pm
Heather Corporan - LOVE LOVE LOVE his pullover! haha. How cute is he!  09.22.09 - 7:42pm
Angel Canary - Oh my he is so stinkin cute!!!!! I love the outfit!  09.22.09 - 7:22pm
Melissa - That is the cutest thing EVA!!!!  09.22.09 - 7:10pm
Karalee - Oh my gosh! That just made me laugh. It sounds EXACTLY like the sort of conversation my husband and I would have (if we owned a puppy). Even without the puppy, it is so close it's not funny! P.S. Polo is too cuuute!  09.22.09 - 6:03pm
Mishelle - So cute!! I was wondering what you did with his ears until I realized it was a hoody! Yes, he wubs it =)   09.22.09 - 5:55pm
aimee tangeman - So cute! I want to meet Polo! You should bring him to a SmugMug!  09.22.09 - 5:50pm
Mark Hayes - Oh my goodness. He just gets cuter and cuter.   09.22.09 - 5:44pm
Becka @Studio222 Photography - What a sweet idea.   09.22.09 - 5:37pm
Emma Sharkey - Love it! You are only doing what every mummy in the world does! It could be worse, it could have been a pettiskirt! LOL E X  09.22.09 - 4:56pm
Ann Christine - AWESOME!!!... Polo is in a whole class of his own:) Loveyaalot's  09.22.09 - 4:53pm
Ashley - No words Jasmine, no words...okay wait, I thought of one. ADORABLE!  09.22.09 - 4:53pm
cassandra m - THAT is an awesome hoodie. I love your narration. I talk to "mocha" in puppy voice all the time. ha ha. Polo rocks.  09.22.09 - 4:51pm
fishgirl - Polo, polo I like you and your papis so very much!! J* i am planning on getting my first camera to begin practicing my shooting, do you have any special store to recommend. I really appreciate if you can get back to this stalker on that. Also what type of camera is good for a dreamer/Beginner as me? Thanks   09.22.09 - 4:23pm
MelissaF - How precious. I think he looks adorable...I also think he loves it!!  09.22.09 - 4:15pm
Meta - So cute! How can you not smile when you see that pic! Love the puppy talk and all your photos! What an inspiration you are :)  09.22.09 - 3:57pm
Regina White - Too Cute!   09.22.09 - 3:50pm
Leyla N - OMG!! This is so adorable!! I am smiling from ear to ear!! What a cute idea... hehe Your kids will be beautiful & will of course love you despite all the "torturous embarrassment" you might put them through ;)  09.22.09 - 3:46pm
Tiffany - I want to meet lil Polo!  09.22.09 - 3:40pm
Jadine Rodriguez - First of all many thanks for posting the dialogue. And second, I think you need to think about selling customized shirts/hoodies lik this for people. I know I'd def buy one along with your gazillion fans! :)   09.22.09 - 3:19pm
brooke bowland - okay seriously...seriously funny. so very wubbable. hehe.  09.22.09 - 3:16pm
Danielle Simone - poor polo... Hey, what am i talking about? I just bought my dog a halloween costume...geez!  09.22.09 - 3:15pm
lucy - Polo always makes me come out of my google reader to comment~! look he's smiling. Im such a dog lover  09.22.09 - 3:09pm
Rick Fernandez - Laughed so hard I think I broke something!  09.22.09 - 3:04pm
Oakstream Photography - LOL!!!! Absolutely freakin HILARIOUS! You are a dang riot!!!!!!  09.22.09 - 3:00pm
JimmieB - I've never been a big fan of clothes on a dog. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't do it!. I'm with you JD!!  09.22.09 - 2:57pm
Cathy Crawley - Hysterical! You three are so cute :)  09.22.09 - 2:37pm
Larry - That's too legit!  09.22.09 - 2:34pm
Ala @ The Modern Type - Holy moly! The most adorable thing I've seen. Ever. You, Polo and Courtney are my faves! xoxo  09.22.09 - 2:18pm
Pol - VERY cute! TEll your hubby of course your kids will love you ,might be embarrassed to bits by you ;) , but will love both of you stacks.  09.22.09 - 2:13pm
Feuza - He is so adorable that it melts my heart, and he loves the sweater, I could just tell  09.22.09 - 2:05pm
LibbyJames - your pup is too darn cute  09.22.09 - 1:48pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Best post ever! Too cute! :)  09.22.09 - 1:45pm
erin Fults - way too cute! :-)  09.22.09 - 1:41pm
Christine - Awww.. That is so cute!!! :D  09.22.09 - 1:39pm
Jenny Duffy - hahahaaa! Love it! Dog Wovers are da bomb!  09.22.09 - 1:36pm
Sandra Yu Photography - Too cute! We wub Polo! :D   09.22.09 - 1:33pm
doreen - Hilarious!   09.22.09 - 1:21pm
Jo-Anne Kyle - Polo in the * hoody is too cute. Just the other day, I was thinking that Polo should have his own category on your blog :)  09.22.09 - 1:16pm
Courtney Dellafiora - OMG!! AWWWW! He looks cuter than I even imagined he would in his hoodie!! LOVE IT!!! You're the best J and and I wub you and Polo tons! Love the convo with JD too - hilarious and SO you! Besos!  09.22.09 - 1:15pm
Monica Starr Brown - I love it!! We have two 4-legged children ourselves so I absolutely loved this post!  09.22.09 - 1:15pm
Gabriela - Cutest post ever! Polo has some mad modeling skills! Dont worry you are not the only one who talks to their dog like that :)  09.22.09 - 1:13pm
Christina Gressianu - Oh man. So funny. I do the same to my cats, and I'm pretty sure they totally hate it. But they are so cute! And so is Polo. It's hard being cute.  09.22.09 - 1:05pm
Gina Meola - PERFECT!  09.22.09 - 1:02pm
Blair Van Bussel - Jasmine! The picture with Polo with his hood on is amazing!!! I just started busting up laughing in my quiet office ;)  09.22.09 - 12:57pm
kelli Taylor - That is one of the funniest posts ever!  09.22.09 - 12:55pm
Steve - Funniest thing I've read all day  09.22.09 - 12:55pm
Kelsey Tice - I was reading this post in a very important class that I should have been paying attention to. Instead, I laughed out loud at a completely inappropriate time. No bueno.  09.22.09 - 12:54pm
Lindsi - I can't help but laugh at your and JD's conversation. My husband was looking at me wierd when I started laughing :P  09.22.09 - 12:49pm
Lydia - Haha, so cute! Just look at that face; he adores you!  09.22.09 - 12:47pm
TH - He's so cutee!! Wub wub!  09.22.09 - 12:45pm
B - Oh my word! My nephew is the cutest stinkin' thing EVAH!!!  09.22.09 - 12:34pm
Lindsay P - Oh my goodness, I have heard that last line of your conversation from my husband far too often after doing tortuous things to our dogs...all out of love of course!!  09.22.09 - 12:13pm
Khristen - HE HAS A PUPPY HOODIE!!! Thats adorable!! Maybe JD is jealous, buy him one :)  09.22.09 - 12:08pm
Kaza - Oh you two are so cute with your dog...we have two malteses and I do the exact same thing - we have great conversation with our dogs:)  09.22.09 - 11:56am
GJ - Polo is the cutest dog EVER.  09.22.09 - 11:54am
pinky - Oh I WUB it!!! So cute!  09.22.09 - 11:48am
Dawn Regan - Awww, Polo, you look soooo cute!!! And I'm sure he does wub you werry much, Jasmine! =)  09.22.09 - 11:44am