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just got home from a lovely staycation. You know, the newly minted term for a vacation close to home. A small smile broke across everyone's lips when we told them we were staying in Laguna Beach from Irvine...which is just next door! It's hard to get away during wedding season, but sneaking away from the busyness of our lives was so incredibly perfect for our anniversary. Very much like last year, JD and I simply wanted to check out and de-stress together. With gracious help from Jaime Puffer, she aligned a perfect stay for us at Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach and we loved every minute of it!

This morning, we slept in until 8am, hit the gym, and then darted to the beach to soak up the last few hours of serenity. JD and I spread out beach towels and we used a few more to shield us from the overcast skies and sea breezes. We layed in silence, listening to the sound of the ocean along the shore, and felt incredibly overwhelmed with what could have been the most perfect day. Perhaps it was. No, no, perhaps it is. I mean, really, we have everything that ever mattered (healthy families, amazing friends, living passionately, and own a perfect dog) and resting by the shore was simply a thick dollop of creamy sweetness.

While I realize every day cannot be perfect (and, trust me, I've had more than my share of pretty awful days), I am content savoring these moments and storing the memories.

I'm sad to say I forgot my camera, so JD and I made sure we used our iphones to help us remember the details of our fourth year together as husband and wife.

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laguna beach hotel - Nice pics..but um, why arent you both photographed TOGETHER..??  08.02.10 - 2:43pm
Chris - Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many many more :)  10.08.09 - 10:50am
Amanda Carlson - Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate.  10.04.09 - 1:07pm
Life with Kaishon - Happy, happy anniversary! : ) I am glad you had a perfect day.  10.01.09 - 10:38am
Events by Evonne - Happy Anniversary, Jas and JD! I can't believe you guys forgot your camera! :)  10.01.09 - 2:31am
Nicole Glenn - A much deserved break for sure. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of fluffy dogs, sandy toes, wonderful moments, and love.  09.30.09 - 9:32pm
Nicole Benitez - So Cute!! Happy Anniversary. Sounds like the perfect start/end to another year of wedded bliss.   09.30.09 - 7:29pm
Pol - Congratulations on four years together :) May your future be filled with smiles, laughter, hugs and tons of love. Somehow I think you took a photo in your heart of everything you felt on this day and will remember it always!  09.30.09 - 7:13pm
Cecile - How do you FORGET your camera?? Hahha.. Happy 4 YEARS! I enjoy both your work! Thank you for sharing. HUGS!  09.30.09 - 5:01pm
melissa oholendt - Pretty sure my is perfect day is the beach on an overcast day with a breeze and a big group of friends. I am in need of a day like that.  09.30.09 - 4:29pm
jamie delaine - YEP. cuter than life itself.  09.30.09 - 3:43pm
Elizabeth - congrats -- we will be celebrating this November our 10th year and it has not even felt like 10 years which is good. I hope you two enjoy many more years of happiness!!!  09.30.09 - 2:37pm
Amy Wenzel - i love you guys.  09.30.09 - 2:34pm
Katie Whitcomb - You guys are so cute! We will be spending our anniversary (October 11th) at the Lemon Creek Winery in Michigan. Woot Woot!  09.30.09 - 12:38pm
Stephanie Stewart - Glad you had a perfect day! You 2 are soooo freakin' cute together!   09.30.09 - 11:36am
arielle joy - Awww so very sweet!! I love you guys! Happy anniversary to ya'll.   09.30.09 - 11:13am
erin fults - so sweet! my husband and I will celebrate 4 years in december. :-)  09.30.09 - 9:05am
Cory Hydar - Congrats on the 4 years and many more, J* and JD, I have been reading your blog for years, wish I had the tools, experience and personality that you have. Thanks for all your advice and all that you do. Cory from Omaha, Ne  09.30.09 - 7:08am
Bong - Happy Anniversary!!!   09.30.09 - 5:38am
Alexandra - Congratulations :)   09.30.09 - 5:37am
Paul C - Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many more. Thank you for the blessing and inspiration you are to so many.  09.30.09 - 1:57am
Sakura Hasegawa - You are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as posting gorgeous photographs in your blog. More power to you and your husband. Happy Anniversary to the both of you.  09.30.09 - 1:42am
Paul - Hope you have many more happy years Jasmine..! Happy Anniversary...!  09.30.09 - 12:50am
Heather- - I like this idea of a stay vacation! Sounds great after such a busy summer. Cheers to you-one inspiring and very cute couple! And here is to growing old and wrinkly together-!!! CHEERS!  09.29.09 - 11:45pm
Fiona andersen - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... not sure if I spelt that right?? RIGHT on you two beautiful people... right on!!!!!!  09.29.09 - 11:32pm
Carmen W. - Congratulations Love Birds. You two are so adorable.  09.29.09 - 9:34pm
cassandra m - Ahhhhhhhh. Bet it was nice to take a moment to relax & breathe....Glad to hear you did. Happy Anniv again :))  09.29.09 - 9:01pm
amanda thiessen - yay! you guys are so cute! i feel you on leaving your camera at home. My husband and I went to the SD Zoo for the first time and didnt charge the battery so the first picture i tried to take it died. Then we bought a disposable one for like 20 bucks and of course, at the end of the awesome day.. we took a rest on a bench and totally forgot it there! so someone has our zoo pictures somewhere out there! haha  09.29.09 - 9:00pm
Brandon M sweet - I love that! Great day it sounds like. I wish I could express my feelings in words as well as you do. I have always had a problem with that. And my stuttering issues have never helped ;)  09.29.09 - 8:34pm
abramichelle - :)  09.29.09 - 8:30pm
Stephanie Castillo - Happy Anniversary!! :)   09.29.09 - 8:12pm
Marisa Schibilla - It's nice to leave your camera at home on the rare occasion, isn't it? Thanks for a wonderful post as usual! :)  09.29.09 - 7:21pm
Michelle O - Congrats you two! It only gets better!  09.29.09 - 7:10pm
Bobby Earle - You used the grossest word ever!!! Dollop :P Lindsay and I are so happy for you two.   09.29.09 - 6:59pm
Rebekah Tillotsong - Maybe the fact that you forgot your camera is somewhat symbolic, dontchya think? :) Like maybe you *needed* to forget about any and all photographic devices for a little while and just savor the memories!  09.29.09 - 6:09pm
Sandra - The two of you are very cute. Enjoy your time together.  09.29.09 - 4:40pm
Sue M - Forgot your camera???? Isn't that like forgetting an appendage?? Happy Anniversary and I am glad that you and JD had such a nice and perfect day!!  09.29.09 - 4:21pm
gina amin - It only gets better!   09.29.09 - 3:42pm
Lydia - I love Nick's! Thanks for recommending it when I was there! I feel doubly special because it looks like it was awesome enough for you to go when celebrating! Happy Anniversary!  09.29.09 - 3:36pm
Jessica Shae - Happiest of Anniversary to you two! Y'all are so adorable, God bless you with so many more wonderful years together!  09.29.09 - 3:02pm
Brian Fletcher - "Forgot" your camera? Blasphemy! ;P  09.29.09 - 2:50pm
Debbie H - Happy anniversary! You two are so cute together! :)  09.29.09 - 2:47pm
Lauren Bauer - You guys are so cute! Congrats on your Anniversary and perfect Staycation..those are the best. Ironically, my husband and I usually spend our staycations in Laguna as well. It truly is the perfect little getaway--or as we call it a "minibreak" lol.  09.29.09 - 2:46pm
Debbie H - Did you run to your computer the minute you got home? I was reading your blow from yesterday and up popped your new post. I've been a blog-stalker of your for years and now out in the open. You are an inspiration!  09.29.09 - 2:39pm
B - Oh my word! Did you go to Nick's? It looks like it. Jealous!  09.29.09 - 2:19pm
Nicole Meyers - You are so sweet! I am glad you are having such a wonderful day- you deserve it!  09.29.09 - 2:09pm