Blu Domain's Photographer of the Year

Love Is…
*Climbing Chainlink Fences
*Laying on a Filthy Railroad Track
*Laughing Hysterically Under the Cruel Rays of an Orange County Sun
*Eating Organic Strawberries While Looking at Picture Proofs

Yesterday afternoon JD organized a photoshoot. For me. Yes, me.

He’s always joked about wanting to organize a photo session just for fun, but we’ve never made it a priority…until yesterday. You see, I needed a very specific picture because I received news a few days ago that I was chosen as Blu Domain’s Photographer of the Year!!! This news was such a SHOCK to me and I seriously couldn’t believe it.

I am so incredibly humbled…and slightly embarrassed. Anyone can tell you that the inception of my business has been a rollercoaster of emotion and its life is nothing short of a series of miracles. I’m indebted to my amazing clients for their trust in my ability to succeed…and indebted to some of the best mentors in the industry…and indebted to my superstar family for supporting my dreams and aspirations…and, lastly, to my best friend, confidant, and husband, JD Extraordinaire.

To read more about all the new and amazing things happening at Blu Domain, be sure to check out the Blu Blog for the latest…and don’t be afraid to send Kailee a little love! ;)

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C Lua - Congratulations Jasmine! I’m so happy to see how successful you’ve become. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Of course you deserve the award since your work is amazing! Hopefully your schedule is free when I get married! Whenever that is! Ha ha (o;  07.17.07 - 4:53pm
Scarlett Lillian - I saw this over the weekend and meant to comment. A super big congrats! You deserve it! They couldn't have picked a better photographer who is more beautiful from the inside out!  07.12.07 - 12:19am
Rich Smith - Couldn't have happened to a nicer person! Your photos are absolutely kickin' lately! I'm HIGHLY impressed!!!  07.11.07 - 12:02pm
Ron Dawson - Congratulations Jaz. That is a great honor. You are truly blessed.  07.10.07 - 11:34pm
millie holloman - woo hoo! way to go Jasmine! I am super excited for you, what an honor!   07.10.07 - 5:07pm
James Christianson - Congratulations Jasmine! That is incredible. Well done.  07.10.07 - 1:41pm
Deyl - you deserve it! you're a rock star!  07.10.07 - 11:05am
michelle pearson - Congrats!!!!  07.10.07 - 10:53am
Alejandra - Felizidades!! I ditto all the other messages. =)  07.10.07 - 10:03am
Lauri Carbone - How fantastic! You completely deserve it. Congratulations!!! :-)  07.10.07 - 8:50am
Emily DeWan - Wonderful and amazing news! You are so deserving of the honor.  07.09.07 - 6:45pm
Jim Cook - This is so freaking cool!!!! This is so deserved it isn't even funny. You rock big time!!!! It is so awesome seeing your career skyrocket!!!  07.09.07 - 5:35pm
jenniferL - cool... congratulations!   07.09.07 - 5:12pm
Tiffany - Congrats to you Jasmine! Photographer of the year is quite befitting=) I have the best photographer ever! 3 weeks...can't wait! Oh, and you look gorgeous in this picture...what else is new! haha  07.09.07 - 4:58pm
marisa holmes - Congratulations Jasmine! I am so proud of you. You have become an amazing wedding photographer in such a short time. Way to go!  07.09.07 - 4:20pm
maile - one more shout out to say CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT! :0)  07.09.07 - 11:40am
Amy Martin - Congrats Jasmine!   07.09.07 - 11:33am
angela hubbard - CONGRATSSSSSSSSS JASMINE! You are the best best best! this is awesome im so happy for you. your puppy must be so proud ;)  07.09.07 - 11:12am
Jeanette - yahoo, woo hoo, all the "HOOs" to you!!! You are brillant!! Many congrats Miss Star!! Ü   07.09.07 - 9:13am
Tony - Congrats. Jasmine!   07.09.07 - 9:06am
Courtney Toney - Woo~hoo! Congrats again! By the way- that is a hot picture. Well done JD!  07.09.07 - 8:36am
Melissa - oh my gosh yay! my photographer kicks ass!! :)  07.09.07 - 8:11am
david Bornais - Congrats Jasmine, You do a fabulous job. It's deserve.  07.09.07 - 7:04am
Melissa Koehler - You are SOOOOOO deserving of this. You should also receive the sweetest photographer of the year award too. Congrats girl!!!  07.08.07 - 10:17pm
Nataly - Congrats, Jasmine! You deserve it!  07.08.07 - 9:57pm
patrick|dwf - awesome! big congrats!  07.08.07 - 7:15pm
Regina - Awesome Jasmine! Congrats! You produce phenom work you deserve it all!   07.08.07 - 6:15pm
Christy Hollingshaed - CONGRATS Jamine!!! I am so excited for you. You are truely one of the most humble and talented people I know. You'll be on Oprah one day! LOL!  07.08.07 - 6:04pm
Carmen - Congratulation!!!!! You must be on cloud nine. Keep up the great work!!!   07.08.07 - 4:50pm
Kate Mefford - Yea, Jazzy*! deserve it, sister!  07.08.07 - 1:56pm
Melissa McClure - No doubt in my mind (ever) that you deserve all of this and more. You rock! Couldn't have chosen a better, more genuine canidate. Lots of love and luck from me to you! Nice shot JD!!!  07.08.07 - 1:50pm
Mia - CONGRATS!!!! May this year be one of the best!  07.08.07 - 1:21pm
Sean Azul - Congratulations, J-Star. You're one in a million Sean  07.08.07 - 9:44am
sabine scherer - Congratulations! You definitley deserve it - I love your work well as your approach and philosophy!  07.08.07 - 7:02am
Jen Harris - That is AMAZING!!! I am so very happy and proud of you! What a terrific accomplishment! Hugs!!!  07.07.07 - 11:51pm
.:LiaS:. - Congratulations Jasmine!! You are a pretty lady and seem to have a great personality. I am a newbie in photography - love your work and stalk your blog from time to time (hope you don't mind) =) Hope someday I'd be as good as you! =) God bless!  07.07.07 - 10:20pm
stephanie - Wow!! That is so stinkin' awesome!! What an honor!! I love the way you are so incredibly humble it is such a great quality! Congrats again on a well deserved win!!  07.07.07 - 10:00pm
jen - CONGRATS! You are very deserving of both - the award from BLU and a photo session JUST FOR YOU! Love the shot, by the way! Keep up the amazing work and inspiration!   07.07.07 - 9:05pm
Shyla - wowzers! will you STOP being soooo hot already? ;) xoxo Congratulations my love.... you deserve every moment of glory, and this is only the beginning.  07.07.07 - 8:50pm
cheryl walsh - CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine!! Yes, of course you ROCK as a photographer - your sense of style and ability to capture such pure beautiful moments is such an inspiration. But what really shines thru is your goodness - your pure heart that loves your husband and what you do and life and the people around you, whether you know them or not. People like you make this world a better place - I hope you enjoy this honor, this reflection of all that is good in you coming back to you, to its fullest!!!  07.07.07 - 8:16pm
kerri - CONGRATULATIONS! fabulos award for a fabulos lady! love the photo too!! :)  07.07.07 - 7:04pm
Janey - WOW! You deserve it! You are amazing! :)  07.07.07 - 5:24pm
Jennifer Regruth - WOW, girl! All that good karma and talent have really sent you places!!!! I am so happy for you. And tell JD, great photos!  07.07.07 - 5:21pm
Geanette - It couldn't of happened to a more inspirational person! You really offer alot to others, so good for you! Geanette  07.07.07 - 5:14pm
~leah g~ - Congratulations!! An honor that was well deserved. Beautiful shot, JD.  07.07.07 - 3:30pm
Amy Nave - Girl that is soooo exciting:) It was soooo great seing you last night. Love ya, Amy P.S. You look super hot in that pic, did JD take it?  07.07.07 - 12:48pm
Kevin Swan - Congrats, grrl. You rock!  07.07.07 - 12:26pm
jessica claire - yay for jaz! now we have our own club with only two people in it :)  07.07.07 - 11:34am
Christopher Grisanti - Jasmine, When I met you and JD in Laguna Beach about a year-and-a-half ago, we had a brief conversation about pursuing your dreams, and about inspiration for photography. Little did I know that this short time later, your work and your passion for photography would inspire me! Congratulations1  07.07.07 - 11:33am
Tony Yu - This is awesome. Congrats!! You totally deserve it. Keep on Rocking!  07.07.07 - 10:25am
Trista - OMG!!!! Congrats!! I'm sure this is just the begninning of even greater things to come!  07.07.07 - 10:03am
Jasmine* - My dearest friends...THANK YOU for your kind words. I'm so blessed and I feel quite undeserving. THANK YOU!!! And, yes, Jody, I found out I was POTY a few days ago and Blu requested a specific photograph to as part of their website launch :)  07.07.07 - 9:23am
Jody - Do you mean you were chosen by Blu as the photographer of the year before you did the "I heart Blu" photoshoot?  07.07.07 - 8:58am
Jamie Delaine - Congrats Jasmine. You SO deserve this. Wow, that's such a NEAT award. Post up more pictures that JD took, we want to see!  07.07.07 - 8:54am
Mark S - WOW! Smokin hot! Congratulations! It was great meeting you at the Antiworkshop! And now I'm proud to say(actually brag!) that one of my friends is the top BluDomain photographer! You rock!  07.07.07 - 8:40am
crystal goss - This is sooo cool, Jasmine! There is no one better to have that title this year. You have skyrocketed and absolutely blown everyone away! You are one of the dearest people I know! congratulations to you, girl! Can't wait to give you a giant hug at Partnercon!  07.07.07 - 8:40am
Rachel - Congratulations! Well do awesome work. :)  07.07.07 - 8:30am
Stacy Cross - Jasmine - I have to say that I am 100% NOT surprised - you are wonderful! And so talented......enjoy this exciting time - you deserve it!  07.07.07 - 8:10am
Dad and Mom - Our precious Jamine.........what can we say? Thank God that UCLA Law School "glass slipper" wasn't a perfect fit. God's will is a perfect fit! Little did you realize such a honor would come your way. Thank you Blu Domain!  07.07.07 - 7:25am
Maureen - That's Amazing!!! Congratulations on a fabulous year!!!!  07.07.07 - 7:16am
dustin steller - J* — as an awesome photographer and an even cooler person, I can't imagine a better person for this award to go to! Congratulations, Jasmine. Thank you for being a light and inspiration to us all.  07.07.07 - 7:01am
Stacy Ziegler - CONGRATS Jasmine!!!! So exciting and definitely deserving.  07.07.07 - 6:58am
david baxter - congratulations jasmine! you so deserve it! it was so awesome to meet you tonight. my daughter was thrilled! you are truly as beautiful inside as you are outside! may God bless you and yours always and continue to bless you with incredible talent!  07.07.07 - 2:25am
C.J. Scott - YAY for you, Jasmine!!! Congratulations :)  07.07.07 - 2:16am
Shannon - con-grat-u-lations!! HOW FUN TO MEET THE REAL YOU TONIGHT!  07.07.07 - 1:46am
Fred Egan - Even if there was a vote like last year...I would have voted for you! You're GOOD enough for it ;) OWN IT!  07.07.07 - 1:23am
Serena Grace - Wow....CONGRATS Jasmine!! That is so exciting. You're definitely an amazing photographer. I must be behind on the Blu blog. =P  07.07.07 - 1:09am
Sofie - I couldn't think of a more deserving photographer to receive such a wonderful title! Many, many congratulations Jasmine ... I'm certain this is just the start of much more :)  07.07.07 - 1:00am