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OC SmugMug Meeting : Jasmine Star

kinda feel like I'm throwing my own surprise party. Except there's no party....officially, anyway. Anytime you gather a group of photographers, there's bound to good times and someone inevitably dancing shirtless on a table (sorry, Becker, I just sold you out!). This SmugMug meeting will be slightly different because I'll be both hosting and speaking. Holllla! Like usual, I always get nervous and pace my house for hours on end before I speak, but I think we'll have a good time. And if I suck, you can kick me out of the meeting. JD said he'll even bring tomatoes for you to throw.

I'll be giving a presentation entitled Netmaking: A Response to Pointless Networking. If you know me, you'll know I'm not the biggest fan of networking, but a huge proponent of getting to know (and care) for people on a real level...what I commonly refer to as 'netmaking'. I'll share personal examples how of how I've implemented this in my business and explain how netmaking stimulates growth, starting at the beginning of my career to the present.

The meeting will be held at Mesa Verde Country Club on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 7pm. Please RSVP in the comment box so we can guarantee seats and ensure everyone is well taken care of. See you there!

{p.s. I was just kidding about Becker dancing on tables!)

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Brian Fletcher - Thanks for everything at the SM meeting tonight, Jasmine. It was truly inspiring!! And sorry for all of the coughing! (stupid cold!)  11.06.09 - 12:15am
Brian Carter - Last minute change in plans, my wife and I will be there! Looking forward to seeing everyones beautiful faces ;)  11.05.09 - 4:58pm
Rosanna Garcia - I will be there. I am not a photographer but heard great things about you. I need to learn more about networking.  11.05.09 - 3:08pm
Joy Dai - i hope it's not too late to RSVP but i plan to attend!  11.05.09 - 2:03pm
Kate Noelle - Coming with one other.... :) Can't wait J!  11.05.09 - 1:44pm
Lori Yohe - I'm showin' up!! Hopefully the rush-hour drive from Hermosa won't be too disastrous.  11.05.09 - 10:50am
Joe Barnet - Mirta and I will be attending this evening. Thank you!  11.05.09 - 10:13am
joelle - count me in!   11.05.09 - 10:09am
ohana photographers - sounds like fun! count me and my honey in :)  11.05.09 - 10:06am
la thang - count me in for 1  11.05.09 - 9:36am
Jeff Whetstone - I'll be attending tonight by myself. I receive email updates from Smugmug for these meet ups, but was not aware there was a rsvp list here on your site so I'm chiming in late it seems. This will be my first smug meet so I'm kinda excited to see how it all works. See everyone soon.  11.05.09 - 9:29am
Joe+Katrina - Just in case for some reason my better half didn't already RSVP: we are so there!  11.05.09 - 8:36am
Brandi - 2 please!!! Can't wait!! This will be my first time!!   11.04.09 - 11:19pm
Simeon Rodgers - I'll be there with a guest!  11.04.09 - 9:31pm
Ginette Sundin - I am gonna be there. Travel and all. But really...what could keep me away from the thoughts of J*? No traffic, no wind, rain, high water, or hell. I am THERE. I can't wait!   11.04.09 - 8:06pm
Molly Williams - I will be there! Can't wait. It will be my first time and I'm so excited/nervous that I can barely stand it!  11.04.09 - 4:11pm
Kristin Vaughan - I'm gonna try to come!  11.04.09 - 2:08pm
Martin Ayon - Big Fan of your work and your career success and for sure I will be there! - Please save a spot for me  11.04.09 - 2:04pm
Megan Guerrero - I will be there plus 1. I can't wait!!!  11.04.09 - 12:21pm
diana radoi - :( why did i have to move! i wish i could be there..... can we have it aired live?! :)  11.04.09 - 11:42am
lucia - i will be there for sure!  11.04.09 - 10:12am
Charity N. - I will be there plus one.   11.04.09 - 9:50am
Holly Gratner - I will be there!  11.04.09 - 9:29am
anapaul - 2 please! Thx!  11.04.09 - 8:49am
Mahera Rana - Can't you please come to Maryland?   11.04.09 - 8:35am
Ryel j - I'll be there for sure! No pacing'll be stellar.  11.04.09 - 8:11am
Tony Gonzalez - I think this sounds interesting and would like to attend this workshop. With the possibility of starting a business, I see how this can be extremely beneficial. Save me a seat!   11.04.09 - 8:11am
Tony Gonzalez - I think this sounds interesting and would like to attend this workshop. With the possibility of starting a business, I see how this can be extremely beneficial. Save me a seat!   11.04.09 - 8:09am
Brian Palmer - Holla!! Do your thing Jasmine, I know it will be off the hook! I have to get out to Cali!   11.04.09 - 7:53am
TARYN - i'll be there +2!  11.03.09 - 7:04pm
KRISTINA. MEGAN - I'll be there with bells on. And I'm dragging my bestie with me, too! woot woot!   11.02.09 - 10:49pm
Jessica Elizabeth - "Netmaking" Love it already! My husband and I will see you there!  11.02.09 - 1:35pm
Jessica Elizabeth - "Netmaking" Love it already! My husband and I will see you there!  11.02.09 - 1:35pm
Jessica Elizabeth - "Netmaking" Love it already! My husband and I will see you there!  11.02.09 - 1:35pm
Karen Moore - Please also add Valerie Goyer - see you then!  10.29.09 - 9:42am
kate colosi - I am coming!  10.27.09 - 10:24pm
Youkeun Oh - I'm there!  10.27.09 - 10:03am
Tracy - I would really love to be there but live too far away. :( Any chance you might make a video of the event and post it so that we can all benefit from your knowledge? :)  10.27.09 - 6:57am
Karen Moore - Hi Jasmine! I'll be there with my friend Jeff Goyer, can't wait!  10.26.09 - 5:32pm
Nadine - Yes Please! I'll be there!  10.26.09 - 12:19pm
Ghanaughn Brown - I will be there.  10.25.09 - 11:22pm
Ghanaughn Brown - I would love to be there.   10.25.09 - 11:21pm
Melissa Munding - I wouldn't miss it! And I'm bringing a friend.  10.25.09 - 7:49pm
John - Count me in!  10.24.09 - 7:24pm
Santiago Valencia - Count me in. Thanks!  10.24.09 - 12:15am
Scott - I'll be there + 1 guest!! Thank you.  10.23.09 - 12:50am
Keri Welch - please add 1 more. :-)  10.22.09 - 8:02pm
Anand - Not sure if there is space, but I would love to be there.   10.22.09 - 6:01pm
Meng Kaing - Please count me + 1  10.22.09 - 2:01pm
elena - rsvp~ YES... 1 maybe two  10.21.09 - 9:14pm
Michelle Guzman - Love this photo of you!  10.21.09 - 6:03pm
Robin - I'm there!  10.21.09 - 1:46pm
Kira Bautista - please count me in + 1!!!  10.21.09 - 11:04am
Nancy - I will be there!  10.21.09 - 5:48am
George Shieh - Count me in +1 guest!  10.20.09 - 2:39pm
Sarah Myers - I'm there! Yay!  10.20.09 - 11:12am
Amanda Murphy - I previously RSVP for 1 but I'm bringing a friend, make it 2! :)) so excited!   10.20.09 - 8:14am
Leslie - Yes Yes YES!   10.19.09 - 9:55pm
Michelle Pearson - +1 :)  10.19.09 - 8:07pm
Matt - Will be there +1  10.19.09 - 7:41pm
Monica Guerrero - I am moving to Arizona next year, which means I'll be closer to California! I've made it a goal of mine to attend one of your workshops in the next couple years! :)   10.19.09 - 6:51pm
Christina Gressianu - I wish I could be there! I've been doing the networking thing and feel like it's pointless, so I'd love to hear what you have to say! Good luck!  10.19.09 - 6:10pm
Gayla - I'm there + 1. So add 2 more to the list! :-)  10.19.09 - 4:19pm
Nicoracle Photography - I am in for 2! Can't wait to see you, girl!  10.19.09 - 2:20pm
VanessaM - Oooh! My first SmugMug meeting and I get to hear Jasmine speak?! Wow! That's almost as cool as winning Laker tickets...almost :-)  10.19.09 - 1:50pm
megmanionsilliker - jasmine - this is an absolutely stunning photo o f you being your absolutely stunning self!  10.19.09 - 1:31pm
Sherri Paxton - Count me in for 2  10.19.09 - 11:35am
Joel Muniz - Thanks for the invite.  10.19.09 - 10:59am
Erin Palos - We will be there, count us in for 2. :)  10.19.09 - 12:49am
Brian Fletcher - I'll be there! Thanks Jasmine and SM!  10.18.09 - 10:45pm
StaceeLianna - i'll be there! :D so excited!!  10.17.09 - 9:58pm
[ b ] - i'll be there. no dancing though.  10.17.09 - 2:17pm
Crystale Le Mamoulelis - I would love to join you all!  10.17.09 - 2:15pm
Catherine - It'll be my first smug mug! Count me in!  10.17.09 - 12:55pm
Maita - count me in + 1 Thank you!  10.17.09 - 12:09pm
Serendipity Photography - Wish we could be there -- but we're nowhere close to your location. :S  10.17.09 - 11:44am
Amber Fox - I am totally looking forward to another great night at smug mug. Thanks ahead of time for teaching and organizing this event.   10.16.09 - 5:19pm
Rachel Clare - If I'm not giving birth (I so hope to be giving birth), I'll be there. :)   10.16.09 - 5:00pm
Allen Taylor - Looking forward to your presentation, count me in.  10.16.09 - 3:56pm
Jamie Bentley - count me in for two seats! : )  10.16.09 - 3:53pm
Blair Van Bussel - I'm soooo there :)  10.16.09 - 2:34pm
Gloria McCune - Count me in!  10.16.09 - 2:23pm
Diana - I'd give anything to be able to go to these meetings...but living half way across the country (Florida...see, not even kidding!) is no good. No good at all. ;) Please consider recording the presentations and streaming live...that would be SO kick butt.   10.16.09 - 1:54pm
Michael - I'd like to attend! is there a more formal RSVP list or sign up? This will be my first meeting.. Thanks!!!  10.16.09 - 1:47pm
Tawny Horton - Im totally there!! With a friend of mine! Im soo excited! Does it cost any money?  10.16.09 - 1:09pm
Monica Guerrero - Pascal had a great idea! You could do web videos of your presentations for those of us not in the area! :) That would be awesome!  10.16.09 - 12:10pm
lucy - put me down for cookies~  10.16.09 - 11:41am
lucy - im there =)  10.16.09 - 11:41am
tim king - I'll be there plus 1  10.16.09 - 11:29am
Shirley - I am so there! Please reserve 2 seats! :-)  10.16.09 - 10:23am
kailee higgins - i'm completely copying everyone else by saying i would LOVE to watch a video of this!!! there aren't very many cool meetings like these in alaska :)   10.16.09 - 10:19am
Tiffany - have FABULOUS hair jas!   10.16.09 - 10:10am
Melanie Ann - I totally agree with PASCAL! I would fly out if I could. But a recording of your presentation would be more than amazing.   10.16.09 - 9:31am
Kathleen Porter - I second that PASCAL! A recorded speech would be great. Or you could come visit Vermont :)  10.16.09 - 9:28am
Sabrina - Oh, I agree with Pascal, I'm in North Carolina and there is NO WAY I can attend the meetings...but if they were recorded somehow that would be spectacular!! I'm sure you'll do "fabulous" J*!  10.16.09 - 9:23am
Sara Mac - I'll be there!  10.16.09 - 9:15am
Lloyd Graves - Jasmine, here's my RSVP; thanks!  10.16.09 - 8:45am
Julie Boucher - I'll be there!  10.16.09 - 8:39am
Darryl Ferguson - RSVP one seat   10.16.09 - 8:23am
Sarah - Me + 2. Unless my baby comes early. :) Looking forward to it though.  10.16.09 - 8:19am
Sherry - I wish I could make it; it sounds so exciting! I should move to California or something. Hopefully one will coincide with my trip in February!   10.16.09 - 8:16am
HOD - Incredible photo!  10.16.09 - 7:48am
Kathy Chappell - Will be there!!  10.16.09 - 6:56am
Pascal - You should think of recording your presentations for those of us who live too far from you ;) Have fun !  10.16.09 - 6:18am
jayzee - 2 seats for me please = ) ... thanks!!  10.16.09 - 5:53am
Holly - Love the pic!!   10.16.09 - 5:26am
Ma'ele - Yes... I will be there w/ another photog friend! YAY for living in So. Cal!  10.16.09 - 1:00am
shani barel - couldn't OAY me to miss it... ;)  10.16.09 - 12:17am
cassandra m - :( I'm too far away. Wish I could hear this.   10.15.09 - 11:14pm
Jane - i'll definitely be there! thanks!  10.15.09 - 10:23pm
Seanny Ma - Save me a seat please :)  10.15.09 - 9:53pm
Kyle Richter - J*.. You can count Allison and I (2 seats please) in for the SmugMug!! Can't wait to hear you speak.. And I promise we won't throw tomatoes.. at least I don't think so.. Ha. Kidding... This meeting.. we hope to meet you and chat.! Cheers. kyle @ studio 28 photo  10.15.09 - 9:50pm
Suzanne Reid - Sounds interesting. One seat for me.  10.15.09 - 9:45pm
Peyton Cooke - RSVP-ing for 2 :)  10.15.09 - 9:43pm
Iris - Please reserve 2 seats for me. Looking forward to meeting you the first time!  10.15.09 - 9:39pm
Patrick Farrington - Always enjoy reading your blog and your tweets. I often forward them on to my friend Nikki of Contemporary Photography, so much of what you say reminds me of her. I'm not sure you're really kidding about Becker. Give him enough Diet Coke and who knows what will happen? And tomorrow IS his birthday.  10.15.09 - 9:18pm
Bong - I'll be there!  10.15.09 - 8:58pm
Hanssie Trainor - Boo! I'll be in Africa :(  10.15.09 - 8:28pm
Nancy Ramos - Me + 20  10.15.09 - 8:14pm
John Leocadio - I'll be there and I'm bringing friends!!  10.15.09 - 7:44pm
Aimee Tangeman - Troy and I will be there! Can't wiat :)  10.15.09 - 7:28pm
nick yutaka - i would like to rsvp for two seats please. thank you so much for hosting and now taking the time to double as the guest speaker. these smugs are great!  10.15.09 - 7:21pm
Dawn McCarthy - Beautiful shot of you by Amy! Wish I were closer to attend the SMUG meetings! I am hoping for a SMUG group in Jacksonville Florida soon!   10.15.09 - 7:01pm
Jewelielyn - yes, diandra's mom will be there, because i am interested in hearing what you have to say (i always learn stuff from your faqs blogs.) and because i love to be around all the happy photography people, even though technically i am not one of you.   10.15.09 - 6:55pm
Marianne - There and There!  10.15.09 - 6:35pm
Jenna Marie - I'll be there +1!  10.15.09 - 6:08pm
Tiffany Rebecca - I can't make it out to Cali this time ;) BUT just wanted to say your gorgeous!! <3  10.15.09 - 5:35pm
Mike Reed - Any chance you'd record it and stick it on youtube? I'll be in Austin on the 5th.  10.15.09 - 5:06pm
Maria - Jasmine! I couldn't be any more addicted to your blog! I just love your stories and I know that you will do awesome speaking at the meeting! Thank you for being so giving and thank you for doing it fabulously!! :)   10.15.09 - 5:01pm
Ricky - count me in=)   10.15.09 - 4:28pm
Erica Young - I suggest you doing a webinar one of these days so we can listen to you especially since I'm in Michigan! And who knows when you will come back out here! Think about it. I would listen in a heartbeat!  10.15.09 - 4:22pm
Molly W. - I was planning on flying to CA on the 6th but because of this, I'll plan on coming on the 5th! Count me in!  10.15.09 - 3:50pm
Susie Solorio - I'd like to RSVP my seat & one other if possible. Thanks, can't wait to see you speak!  10.15.09 - 2:59pm
Elmer Estimo - Will be there + 1.  10.15.09 - 2:36pm
Hayley - I LOVE YOUR WORK! Please save two seats. Thank you :)  10.15.09 - 2:21pm
Paula - is loving Shay's idea! If I weren't on the opposite coast I'd be there but I would love to see it available for those of us who don't live anywhere near OC!  10.15.09 - 2:15pm
dyan - 3 seats-- Will be bringing an interpreter.. What should we bring? :)   10.15.09 - 2:04pm
Mark - What would be cool if someone would videotaped this speaking engagement. I have been trying to get input from becker, david jay, and jasmine about this topic since they preached it heavily on a shallow level. I was hoping to find some answers from an in-depth level. No one cared to respond. I can understand that you and others are busy, but I have been trying to find ways to meet photographers on the west side of the Metro Phoenix Area such as Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale. No one seem interested at all. I just thought that they would practice what they preached. Wish you the best at your speaking engagement. I definitely would like to get the audio and/or video to this event. Thank you.  10.15.09 - 2:03pm
Trude - Yup, I'm totally there!! :)  10.15.09 - 1:34pm
Shay Voorhees - Aw, man...wish I lived in CA right about now. Anyway you'd tape it and somehow have these awesome meetings avail for web viewing? :D   10.15.09 - 1:24pm
Kayleen T. - Aww.... who would want to throw tomatoes at you! You're an awesome speaker and I've only seen you on video, can't imagine how it is live and in person! :)   10.15.09 - 1:08pm
MelissaF - It would be really cool if you could arrange for someone to videotape this then post it in YouTube. I hope I didn't "start something" by throwing that out there. Just trying to think of a way for all of us who live so far from you but still would love to hear ya!  10.15.09 - 1:08pm
Nicole Andrews - I will be there! I am so looking forward to it!  10.15.09 - 1:04pm
Jared Crawford - I'll be there. Looking forward to it...thanks!  10.15.09 - 12:53pm
Wendy - I just wanted to comment how cute your papi visits/comments on your blog. Ah how we love our parents. Stunning picture of you!   10.15.09 - 12:39pm
Melissa - Will be there +1 =)  10.15.09 - 12:18pm
Melissa Mae - Looking forward to it!! I will be there :)  10.15.09 - 12:05pm
Jeff Milo - I will be there, Looking forward to it  10.15.09 - 11:56am
Al Martinez - I will be attending, plus 1.  10.15.09 - 11:54am
Laura Battisfore - Looking forward to attending my first Smugmug! Bringing two other fabulous photographers. Thanks!! (Can we bring anything??)  10.15.09 - 11:48am
Laura Holmes - Count me in +1. My husband and I will be coming! Thanks for hosting :)   10.15.09 - 11:46am
Tracy - I will be there!  10.15.09 - 11:42am
Casey McGaffick - Jasmine, I am a photographer from Western, NY. I wanted to let you know that I follow your blog and enjoy your work. I am very jealous of your weather though, as it's snowing here right now ... ugghh ... I appreciate your candid Christian perspective also! :) Take Care!  10.15.09 - 11:20am
Jayme - I will be there, with maybe my hubby. I am excited for my 2nd smug mug... and also to hear you talk. :) I will come prepared with business cards this time. LOL  10.15.09 - 11:13am
Lydia - Oh how I wish I could go! I'll be down in the area later that month... :-(  10.15.09 - 11:13am
imthiaz houseman - kinda jealous that we can't make it to the OC to hire that presentation. good luck and love the photo!  10.15.09 - 11:09am
Leyla N - Aww... how I wish I could attend...   10.15.09 - 11:08am
Feuza - Wish I could attend or for there to be a live broadcast thingy   10.15.09 - 11:01am
Paul Rohde - Dang. I really wish I didn't have other things going on thursday nights. You soooo need to shoot these Smugs on video and put them up somewhere :)  10.15.09 - 10:50am
Wendy Marie - I will be there plus 1  10.15.09 - 10:44am
Lisa Scarsi - See ya there and I never need a tomato when you speak!! You're so much fun to hang with and listen to.   10.15.09 - 10:39am
Amanda - I would love to RSVP! Yay! super excited!   10.15.09 - 10:36am
Katie - I will be there.. as long as the Angels aren't playing game 7 of the World Series in which case I have tickets :-) But anyway, if you need someone to help/bring cookies/random things I'm available as well...  10.15.09 - 10:33am
Karen R. - I will be there! And I still expect some dancing on tables! (Maybe after the meeting?!) Thanks, Jasmine! :-)  10.15.09 - 10:32am
Ashley - J and I will be there! Need us to bring anything?  10.15.09 - 10:31am
Douglas Molina - Hello Jasmine, please set a side 1 seat for me. I look forward to seeing your presentation. I am sure it will be informative and entertaining. See you then. Thanks, Douglas  10.15.09 - 10:25am
Amy Kolcz - I will be there. Can't wait to LEARN...LEARN....LEARN....  10.15.09 - 10:23am
Mikal Lok - I will be there. I am excited to see you speak. Have a great day!!! LOKITM  10.15.09 - 10:20am
Jeni - Umm...yeah.  10.15.09 - 10:20am
Douglas Molina - Hi Mrs. *, please set aside 1 chair. I look forward to to hearing you speak. Thanks.  10.15.09 - 10:17am
Douglas Molina - Hi Mrs. *, please set aside 1 chair. I look forward to to hearing you speak. Thanks.  10.15.09 - 10:17am
Bobby Earle - You know we're there, Jaz!  10.15.09 - 10:16am
Lauren Bauer - RSVP me +1 =D   10.15.09 - 10:11am
Lorrie Prothero - That's my kind of speaker - real! Looking forward to it.  10.15.09 - 10:06am
Marla - Wish you could video-cast these lectures. This is a great topic  10.15.09 - 10:05am
Nicole Glenn - Puh-lease! You NEVER suck. Plus 2, what what!  10.15.09 - 10:05am
Jaclyn Marie - Super cute photo Jasmine! Someday, I'll plan a vacay to Cali just to come to one of these. I mean, can you think of a better excuse??  10.15.09 - 10:05am
Andrea - I'm the first! Yay, please count me in, I can't wait to hear you speak Jasmine!  10.15.09 - 10:05am
Diane - - I wish you would take this on the road...I would so love to attend anything you speak at!  10.15.09 - 10:04am
Audrey - What about the East Coast???? I always feel so left out of the deliciousness.....*sniffle*  10.15.09 - 10:00am
Diandra - I think I'll be there :) My mom will probably come too. She likes these!  10.15.09 - 10:00am
Marissa Rodriguez - Count us hubby and I! So excited that I can finally attend one of these!   10.15.09 - 9:58am
oneshotbeyond - I'm in! :-) Great photo of you by Amy!  10.15.09 - 9:57am
Jen Johnson - Wait, on the SMUG calendar it says the next meeting is on 10/22. Grrrrr, I thought I was so smart by already putting it on my calendar, too. I'll be sad to miss this one and know that you'll be GREAT!  10.15.09 - 9:55am
Papi - Jabs, that' a very gorgeous shot of you (Thank you, Amy); you look beautiful...but your mother is a better looking chick. Papi  10.15.09 - 9:55am
Kristin - I'll be there! My first Smug meeting, so excited that you'll be speaking!  10.15.09 - 9:55am
Tira J - I will be there. Sorry, tomatoes will be out of stock that day! You are going to do great! No nervousness necessary.....You are a GREAT speaker! Great image by Amy! So fab!  10.15.09 - 9:53am
Kaysha - Yay, can't wait!! Add two please!  10.15.09 - 9:46am
Micah Dahlberg - RSVP: I'll be there.  10.15.09 - 9:43am
CHRISTA MEOLA - Looking forward to it!  10.15.09 - 9:37am
gabriel.ryan. - jasmine, you're so sweet... really, you don't have to... i know what's going on... you're just gathering a couple hundred of my best friends for MY surprise birthday party. but, if you wanted to keep it a secret, your blog is the last place you should have hid the invite. anyways, i can't think of anywhere else i would rather spend my birthday ;)  10.15.09 - 9:36am
Michael Fletcher - I'll be there with a friend! :)  10.15.09 - 9:31am
Tracy dee - Sounds like I be a fool to miss it! Im in.  10.15.09 - 9:30am
Natasha Najand - see you there! and you will rock it out sista. no doubt about it.  10.15.09 - 9:29am
Tracy (Serendipity Images) - I'll be there! Can't wait! :)  10.15.09 - 9:27am