10.28.09 Anytime

Beverly Hills Anytime Photos : Anna Brewer

saw her from a distance and I knew it was her before my mind registered her flashy smile. The Starbucks, the heels, the purse. It was Anna and seeing her made me laugh. For no other reason than Anna's personality is comical, yet completely understated. Her jokes are dryly proffered and she keeps a straight face while spiking a punchline. She's fastidious, organized, and timely...and one of the sweetest people you'll meet. I first met Anna via her sister, Angel Swanson of Events of Love and Splendor, as they've coordinated more than a few weddings I've photographed in the past couple of years.

When Anna told me her role at Events of Love and Splendor was changing to a lead coordinator and booking her own weddings, I was thrilled! She's garnished a ton of experience working with Angel and to know she'll be taking on clients of her own is such wonderful thing for her! What made this news even sweeter was Anna asking me to shoot photos of her to update their website. I was honored and I bubbled with excitement! We met in Beverly Hills yesterday and roamed the windy streets for a little fun.

As I've probably stated too many times before, having a personal photo on your website is a vital component to business growth. If you're a professional photographer and you don't have a photo on your site, shame...shame...shame on you! Fo real. I'm calling you out on the world wide web. Having a photo conveys who you are more than a 1,000 words, so set up a camera on a self-timer, call a friend, or con your toddler into snapping a picture because it's one of the best things you can do for your business! :)

Here's the lovely Anna as I saw her in gorgeous Beverly Hills light....

Anna, you're gorgeous...

It was so, so windy yesterday...I'm not was hard to walk down the street! Though it made things difficult sometimes, the wind was a little fun to play with...

If you're in need of a wedding coordinator, be sure to check Angel and Anna out at: Events of Love and Splendor!

Happy Wednesday!
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Angel Pope - I am SO digging her colorful shoes. I'd never wear them, but they are awesome! As always, you inspire!  01.07.10 - 11:05am
Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz - Cute! Love the compositions!  11.03.09 - 7:25am
Kristen - Oh girl, you just did me a HUGE favor! You found my next haircut. God BLESS you (seriously) for photographing fabulous people, because I've been searching for the next coiff, and this is it. Tell her she has a hair stalker in NY who is going to copy her oh-so-fab hair. I have a little growing to do, but LOVE how the bangs aren't really "bangs".   11.03.09 - 4:13am
Life with Kaishon - She is so pretty! I hope her business just skyrockets!  11.02.09 - 7:49am
Sage Hall - Hi Jasimine! First of all, I wanted to thank you for a kick a** presentation at Re:Frame. You livened that room up the minute you stepped into it! I also wanted to let you know that I am one the shameful wedding filmmakers who do not have a personal pic on my website! Yikes! But, I'm changin my ways, can I get an Amen! Thanks for the inspiration.   10.31.09 - 9:22am
Iain King - Loving these shots. The vibrancy of the colors are fabulous. Anna looks so natural and obviously having fun.   10.29.09 - 2:54pm
Katie Denise - She's so cute! I love the way you capture people's personalities in your photos. I feel like I know them after only seeing a few pictures.   10.29.09 - 2:35pm
anna - ps. purple dress by my fave store-banana republic. ;)  10.29.09 - 1:47pm
joan.solitario - you made her even more beautiful than she already is! how do you do it!?  10.29.09 - 11:42am
Lindsay - I love these photos, they're so cute. I love her purple dress!! where'd she get it?? whose it by???  10.29.09 - 9:56am
Erika - Last one on the left! Beautiful and perfect for a wedding events site! =)  10.29.09 - 9:34am
imthiaz houseman - she looks so fabulous, i love the colors.  10.29.09 - 9:01am
anna - umm, pretty sure you have the nicest blog readers ever!! and to answer some silly questions, right now my fave bucks drink is a nonfat peppermint mocha, with 1/2 the mocha and dare i say, whip cream? ;) and my colorful heels are marc by marc jacobs. and thanks all, for your sweet comments. jasmine is THEE bomb! xoxo  10.29.09 - 9:00am
Bobbie Brown - I love love love your anytime shoots!!!! I do have a picture of myself (several in fact!) on my blog that my hubby snapped for me, but I'd love to have YOU do mine! Next time your in NC could you give me a shout please? Thanks! haha!   10.29.09 - 8:18am
Chris c. - Thanks J*!  10.29.09 - 6:02am
Siegrid - awesome photos - as usual!!! I still can't believe you shoot wide open and get such a sharp image! I work mainly with kids and they move so fast that I wouldn't dare go under 2f! Do you tell your "models" to keep still in a position? I think that 85mm/1.2 is next on my list ;-)  10.29.09 - 4:17am
Mark Daams - I love the colors in the last two photos.   10.29.09 - 2:57am
Tim May - The last one is great. So much personality comes across in just one photo. Great work   10.29.09 - 2:36am
simply modern weddings - i love these! she looks not only fab, but is having tons of fun!   10.29.09 - 12:03am
melissa - okay.........need details of the 2nd pair of shoes. THEY ARE GORGEOUS & the dress is ultra fab as well  10.28.09 - 11:24pm
Becka @Studio222 Photography - LOVE her scarf!   10.28.09 - 10:43pm
Tacey - Beatiful shoot Jasmine! What a sweetie she is...I admit I felt a tad guilty the last time you ranted about not having profile photos....Butttt...I went out and got me some profile shots (as much as I despise being in front of the camera...). So ladies and gentlemen, if I can do it, y'all can too! Cheers!  10.28.09 - 9:59pm
Jasmine* - @ChrisC and @JoshuaFrost: The first photo on the left was shot with the 85mm, 1.2. The settings were f/1.8, 200 iso, 1/2000. The bokeh is 100% in-camera and no Photoshop was used to achieve this's just that the lens is so beautifully amazing. I just have to stand there and click away! ;)  10.28.09 - 9:36pm
Jenny Sun - i LOVE it!! really hoping you'll be able to take mine when I hit LA in a few months! :D  10.28.09 - 8:36pm
Brian Fletcher - Nice work, Jasmine!  10.28.09 - 8:32pm
jonathan - she's pretty and these are great pictures  10.28.09 - 8:28pm
Lori - Her multicolored shoes are AMAZING!  10.28.09 - 8:23pm
oneshotbeyond - She looks so fun in these!  10.28.09 - 7:57pm
Sherry - Love it! Her smile is contagious even over the internet! :D   10.28.09 - 6:56pm
Chris c. - Love these!! Someday Jasmine, someday! What is the camera setting for the first image- left? Please share. THANKS!  10.28.09 - 6:40pm
nancy - These are SO Anna! She is perfection and has the cutest style! Anna and Angel together will be unstoppable. Best of luck, Anna!  10.28.09 - 6:30pm
Joshua J. Frost - Hey Jasmine, Long time reader first time poster. What was your trick for getting such a shallow depth of field in that top shot on the left? It's so crisp around her and the background is perfectly out of focus. Is that photoshop or a great lens or both maybe? Anyway, love your work. :-)  10.28.09 - 6:18pm
Celia - Where did she get those second pair of shoes?? Love them! The photos are awesome... as always!!!! :)  10.28.09 - 6:17pm
Marissa Rodriguez - She is gorgeous! Love her outfits and I love how you guys used the wind to your advantage!  10.28.09 - 6:16pm
Pol - Lovely shots! The wind really does make a shoot interesting  10.28.09 - 4:48pm
Char Baiz - she's adorable! I love the photos. I am also super jealous of her 1st outfit!!! I totally want to have you do some photos of me for my website, Jasmine!  10.28.09 - 4:47pm
Jenny Meli - Events of Love and Splendor coordinated my wedding last year and I could not have done it without them!  10.28.09 - 4:00pm
Lauri - She's adorable. I love everything about this session! It's so free and fun. :-)  10.28.09 - 3:42pm
nena - So if I'm not getting married any time soon, can you shoot photos like this of me? She looks so happy =-)  10.28.09 - 3:16pm
Pua - Very cool! Loved these photos - she's a natural in front of the camera :)!  10.28.09 - 3:00pm
Wendy - Aw- she is super cute! Love the outfits she's rocking! Got me wondering what does she drink at bucks! Ha!   10.28.09 - 2:31pm
Narrelle - She looks like she'd be a blast to work with, and just to plain hang out with. And how gorgeous is she! LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes with the 'purple' dress. And timely advice about the photo on the website - I've been on the verge of taking mine down, but couldn't stand you telling me Shame on you! :)  10.28.09 - 2:15pm
miriam - inspiring what you can do despite the wind! i have a photo and i wasn't so sure about using it. glad to hear from someone more experienced what a good idea it is!  10.28.09 - 2:14pm
Leah Godfredson - I do have a photo of myself on my website, and my 6 year old took it of me! Not quite a toddler, but close enough. I think he did a fabulous job.  10.28.09 - 2:00pm
jeannine - beautiful photos, jasmine! anna was the lead coordinator for my wedding last month, love her and think you captured her personality and style so well :)  10.28.09 - 1:40pm
Linda Sherrill - The reminder about having a personal photo on your own website was timely...thanks for the kick in the pants! Great shots and as always, so colorful! Thanks Jasmine!  10.28.09 - 1:35pm
Lydia - These are so fun and fresh! Love how her personality comes through! I desperately need an updated picture for my site...  10.28.09 - 1:32pm
Samuel Lippke - Anna is a favorite with the Lippke family. Nice images. Love the last 2 especially! Jasmine & Anna, what a fun shoot!   10.28.09 - 1:20pm
Brandon M Sweet - Great Shots Jasmine!!!!! I guess im one of the photographers without the photo of myself :( I have one on my facebook though!!!!! Thanks for the awesome photographs as always  10.28.09 - 1:18pm
Michael Fletcher - What a cutie!  10.28.09 - 1:11pm
anna - jas!! thank you. thank you! thank you a hundred times. L.O.V.E. them! LOVE you even more! everything about yesterday was amazing. the wind (although i think that's kind of a love/hate thing), dinner, the par-tay! :) see you soon! xoxo  10.28.09 - 1:11pm
amanda thiessen - shes beautiful!  10.28.09 - 1:04pm
larry reeves - Beautiful!  10.28.09 - 1:00pm
angel swanson - adore!!!!!!! jasmine, you captured anna perfectly!!! she looks so comfortable in front of your lens. i am seriously in love. :) anna -- who did your makeup 'cause you look HOT!!! xoxo  10.28.09 - 12:57pm
kristin @ the treasured petal - And she ALWAYS has a 'bucks in her hand too, so very accurate portrayal :)  10.28.09 - 12:54pm
kristin @ the treasured petal - LOVE LOVE LOVE how you captured Anna's spirit! You are so right about Anna. She can deliver a quip with such a straight face that it sometimes takes me a while to catch on. But she is such a dear, and so adorable! I love working with her!  10.28.09 - 12:54pm
Stephanie Stewart - So fun! Congrats to Anna, and her new position! How will she ever decide which photo to use on the website??!!  10.28.09 - 12:46pm
Kay English - She looks like Demi Lovato!!  10.28.09 - 12:37pm
Bolanle - woohoooo i can't believe i'm the first to Love ur work as always Jasmine......  10.28.09 - 12:35pm
jackie g. - she is adorable!! good work, you two!  10.28.09 - 12:17pm