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Good Reads, Good News

hen life gets hairy, I have a tendency to have little patience, lack creativity, and--let's just be real--act crabby. And not even the cute kind of crabby. Just plain, old, You're Ugly kind of crabby. When this happens, JD usually pats my hand and says, It's time for you to get a book isn't it? And just like that, he knows I need an escape. Because that's what books are to me, a way to live in someone else's life and dissect the pretty words that describe every scene.

In the past month or so, I've read three books that I'd love to give a little shout out to in case there are people looking for good reads as we approach the holiday season...
*TRADE OFF by Kevin Maney. My good friend David Jay recommended I read this book. He's an avid business book reader, so when I challenged me to define my brand in relation to Maney's Convenience/Quality scale, I was in. It's a super easy read, but the content is awesome. It opened my eyes and made me realize just how important the direction I'm moving different aspects my business. Such an awesome read!

*MARCH by Geraldine Brooks. I blogged a bit ago encountering Brooks' People of the Book and I was in looove. Her writing style just makes my heart jealous and the way she interweaves historical fiction makes me swoon. March won a Pulitzer Prize and it's easy to see why...her documentation of the Civil War from the perspective of Mr. March, the father/husband character from Little Women is beyond heartbreaking, and beautifully written.

*WEDDING WISDOM by Mary Dann and Leila Khalil. I was beyond honored to have photos grace the pages of this book, but when I discovered my photo was chosen as the cover image, I was thrilled! When I received my copy last week, I sat down and read the entire book in about an hour. It's awesome. It's written by famed wedding coordinator Mary Dann and public relations specialist, Leila Khalil, and if you're interested in becoming a wedding coordinator, or merely want to refine your coordination business, this book is for you. It's filled with Mary's insight and wisdom, but always gives full access to her email etiquette, contracts, and timelines. Totally awesome.

In other totally random news, I'm incredibly stoked and humbled to announce I'll be a platform speaker next March at WPPI 2010. When I received the news I was selected, I cried. No, like sobbed. How my life has made its way through mangled paths and crooked streets is beyond me, and to speak in front of my peers is beyond comprehension. To know that just three years earlier at WPPI I had no one to eat dinner with, to soon be giving a platform presentation is the most humbling thing. Ever. I'll be presenting on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 8am**, so I'd love to meet you there!

**Yes, I know I'm speaking the morning after every epic party in Vegas is slated to drop, but I fully plan in going to EVERY party and slipping a Benadryl tablet in everyone's drinks. You'll go to bed early and wake up refreshed and ready to come hang out bright and early. Right? Riiiiight?!? I'm terrified I'll be speaking to a room full of empty chairs, and JD off in the corner wearing a J* t-shirt waving pom-poms. He plans on being my biggest cheerleader.
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aLi - *Cue the 80's wedding song* "Iiii-Iiii-Iiiiii-Iiiiii-I........I will be here..." but there in Vegas of course...I mean...dang it! you know what I mean ;)  11.30.09 - 9:13pm
emily - Looking forward to seeing you speak in Vegas! :)   11.30.09 - 12:33pm
Emilie - I hope to be there to listen to you!! :)  11.30.09 - 4:56am
kat hanafin - so excited to see you speak :) you are the first event marked down on my march calendar within the dates labeled: "Vegas, baby"  11.28.09 - 1:21am
Chandler - amazing work as always. I love the grooms expression for the first look.  11.27.09 - 12:24pm
Tracy Jane - What super great news re speaker. Just goes to show that your mum is always right! Didn't you blog once that she taught you that "No one can out give GOD" ? Our Heavenly Father is simply giving back 10 fold what you have given to so many - myself included over here in Australia :)   11.27.09 - 1:58am
cassandra m - Ahhhh. Congrats on the cover image. I want this book cause its so PRETTY :)) What an well deserved honor for your images. thanks for sharing the other books too. I am reading the 4 books of the Twilight series right now. GOOD!  11.25.09 - 7:48pm
Katelyn Fraser Photo - Oooh, I'll be there, can't wait!!  11.25.09 - 12:21pm
Blair Van Bussel - Are you kidding me Jasmine? I am going to make sure to steal the benadryl out of your purse so that I have a CHANCE of getting in to hear you speak! yay!  11.25.09 - 12:12pm
Otto Rascon - Great book selection... more books to feed my Kindle obsession. And congrats on making the cover of Wedding Wisdom. You rock!  11.25.09 - 11:12am
michelle c. - ohmygodohmygodohmygod... I am SOOOOOO gonna try my hardest to be in that Vegas seminar of yours!!!! I'll be lined up outside, waiting for the doors to open!   11.25.09 - 10:12am
Life with Kaishon - I am so happy for how far you have come. What a joy for you!  11.25.09 - 10:03am
Sandra Regier - Your kidding right??? I flew from Canada to Chicago to see you on the Free to Suceed tour.... I'll be in one of those chairs in Vegas baby!! Can't wait to see you again and hear all your fabulous and funny advice!  11.25.09 - 8:54am
Grace Tan - Hi Jasmine, I'll be flying from Malaysia to Las Vegas to attend WPPI. I am so excited about it, and have been following your blog for years. I'd love to meet you in person. I'll definitely be there!  11.25.09 - 12:39am
Dee - I am totally the same way. There is nothing like a good book to take your troubles far, far away! Congrats on being a speaker at WPPI! Well deserved indeed!  11.24.09 - 7:38pm
Wendy - I absolutely love reading your blog. If you need a break, you read a book. When I need a break, I read your blog. You make me laugh!  11.24.09 - 7:00pm
CHAUBELLA - I live here!!! Do you know how excited I am knowing you'll be in my hometown speaking?!?! Woot Woot!!  11.24.09 - 2:17pm
Anh - 'Because that's what books are to me, a way to live in someone else's life and dissect the pretty words that describe every scene.' ..... your blog is as what you've described ... for me :)   11.24.09 - 2:15pm
Julie Massie - I'll be there! JD will have a little competition in the cheering section. I plan on busting out the "spirit sprinkles." BRING IT ON, JD! ; )  11.24.09 - 1:26pm
crystal - Empty chairs? LoL, doubt it - I am very excited. I made my schedule and I will be there bright and early. Can't wait to hear you speak! Happy Thanksgiving week to you and JD.  11.24.09 - 6:48am
arielle joy - Oh I wish I were going! Would love to hear you speak. You are such an inspiration to me!!  11.24.09 - 5:53am
Leanne Stamatellos - I'll be there listening to you that's for sure - coming all the way from Australia!  11.24.09 - 3:28am
Paul - He he... funny pic but congrats Jasmine... your going from strength to strength!! You deserve it your work is great.  11.24.09 - 1:46am
Michael Costa - Sweet, you're going to kill it!  11.24.09 - 12:31am
Stephanie Rose - That's so awesome! Congrats. : ) The last picture makes me laugh out loud. For real.  11.23.09 - 11:18pm
jenny tarau - i likey.   11.23.09 - 10:09pm
Aaron Vazquez - That is so cool. congrats jasmine. i admire you a lot and look how far you made it. you deserve it :- P  11.23.09 - 9:30pm
Magalie - WPPI: so awesome! Congrats. And thanks for the book suggestion. I was jonesin' for a good book just on the day you posted about "People of the Book." Loved it. Can't wait to read "March."   11.23.09 - 8:58pm
Noelle McCoy - I'll be there (as I'm sure 10-billion other people will)!!! J*, you are blessed!  11.23.09 - 8:12pm
Diandra - So #1... Amazing Jas! So super cool! #2... I'm sitting here with Javier's son and his girlfriend and they totally know JD's dad! He coaches them in tennis at the high school! Such a small world! I soooo want to go to WPPI this year... I was debating but now I really wan tto make it happen! So I can sit next to JD with my pom poms and t-shirt :) Love you!  11.23.09 - 7:45pm
Holli True - Congrats on so many things, Jasmine! Holy moly! I don't know how you manage to do it all. :) I am so going to be at the 8am presentation at WPPI! This is my first year going to WPPI and I am beyond thrilled!! :) Will you be doing another sunrise shoot? (Please say yes!!)  11.23.09 - 7:31pm
Rory Mole - Hi there Jasmine, Thanks for the handy info regarding the books.... I'll make a point of having a look around our Exclusive bookstore here in Claremont, Cape Town to see if they have them. Hey... when are you going to come to Cape Town to speak? I'd be there in a shot...... Blessings to you, Rory  11.23.09 - 7:25pm
Temecula Wedding Photographer - Congrats! I'll be there.... Just attended a workshop at Mike Colon's house and he had nice things to say about you. I didn't realize you once modeled for him!  11.23.09 - 7:23pm
Tara Templeton - I am SO excited to hear you speak at WPPI! I'm even dragging my husband in to see you because he hears about how AWESOME you are all the time! I'll be there with bells on!!!  11.23.09 - 6:50pm
Vanessa Tuau - Thank you for the book recommendations - I love checking them out - your taste is terrific:) Vanessa (Australia0  11.23.09 - 6:48pm
feuza - hey J* keep on shinning, that is so amazing, I have not been to WPPI and feel like I would be eating alone for sure if I did go, I am sure you will rock it!  11.23.09 - 6:39pm
Beria Charles - First time leaving you a comment, but I made an effort with my broken english to say that YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH! Congrats! I dont know if I can make to Vegas next year, when you come to Boston I can even wake up whenever and cheer for you too!  11.23.09 - 6:35pm
kelly beane - I am so excited! I'm there, no doubt... I can't wait!  11.23.09 - 6:32pm
brittney hale - oh i so badly hope i can attend this year... if for nothing else but to hear you speak!!!   11.23.09 - 6:00pm
Brandi Welch - Umm I'm thinking they put you at 8AM because they know EVERYONE will get up to see YOU speak...and once out of bed and hearing your motivational speaking they will feel refreshed for the rest of the day and not crawl back in bed! haha  11.23.09 - 5:52pm
Linda Sherrill - None of this is coincidence! You deserve every bit of it and I appreciate the book recommendations too!  11.23.09 - 5:51pm
Harmony Loves - Yea! Shoot, they should've had you speaking three years ago. It took them this long? Shame on them! ;)  11.23.09 - 5:50pm
Erin Z. - Awesome about the book... I think we have the same sofa, if the book photo was taking on your sofa. How funny!  11.23.09 - 5:46pm
anda - congratulations, Jasmine!! you are beyond deserving of this honor. if i am able to attend wppi this year, i'll not only be there with pom-poms, but i just might choreograph a kick-line routine as well :)  11.23.09 - 5:38pm
s h e r r y - Wish I could make it to WPPI this year, but can't skip school for that long! :-] Would love to see (hear??) you speak one day!   11.23.09 - 5:33pm
samantha - i discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have been coming back every day. you truly inspire me to believe and keep going. you rock! much love from texas.  11.23.09 - 5:15pm
Lindsi - I will be in your platform class bright and early...I'd trade a session with you for a "blue hawaiian" any day ;) Can't wait to meet you!  11.23.09 - 5:03pm
MM - You can bet Justin & I will be there with J* t-shirts and pom-poms as well!! Maybe the three of us can form a pyramid. Ready?? OK!!  11.23.09 - 4:39pm
Meg - What!!! OMG congrats on the platform honor!!!!! you will blow everyone way :)  11.23.09 - 4:30pm
Dan Lanning - congrats on speaking at WPPI! Hope we'll see you there!  11.23.09 - 4:14pm
karen (Mikols) Bonar - you should also read 'hug your customers' ... i couldn't put it DOWN!   11.23.09 - 3:50pm
Nancy Ramos - Totally trilled you are going to be one of WPPI speakers. Still working out finances but when there is a will....   11.23.09 - 3:15pm
DANIELA BERTOLUCCI - Speaking in a room full of empty chairs? You? Yeah, sure. You realize you´re the Oprah Winfrey of photography, don´t you? :) I want to buy everything you mention in your blog. I´m buying all books.   11.23.09 - 3:13pm
Kodi - Eee! Now I really hope I'm going!  11.23.09 - 3:08pm
jasmine johnson - you have absolutely ZERO chance of speaking to a room of empty chairs. you could give your presentation at 5:15 and we'd all still be there!  11.23.09 - 2:52pm
Rebekah Tillotson - I'm praying and saving up to go, Jasmine! If I can't, there's always another year!!! <3 And our Cameras and Cupcakes workshop ;)  11.23.09 - 2:46pm
Lydia - I'll probably be sitting outside the doors to where you'll be speaking an hour early just to get a seat...  11.23.09 - 2:33pm
Naomi - Congrats! I would totally be there if I could go to the convention. Hoping to get there in 2011! Good luck!  11.23.09 - 2:27pm
anna brewer - eeeek!!! SO excited! i will be there!! :)   11.23.09 - 2:21pm
imthiaz houseman - what amazing news! you deserve this so much. congrats Jasmine. :)  11.23.09 - 2:06pm
Jeni - Your worth the early wake up call!! I'll see you there for sure.  11.23.09 - 2:06pm
holl - how could i get tickets? I'm vegas bound in march...i'd love to see you! You'd be my first photo.speaker!  11.23.09 - 2:05pm
Trude - Congrats on the cover and speaking!! I have a good feeling it won't be an empty room. ;) I loved "March" too, so moving. My recent obsession is the Outlander series - if you like historical fiction, its a must!  11.23.09 - 1:57pm
Kelsey Bigelow - Congrats! Can't wait to hear you speak in March when I make my way to my first WPPI conference!  11.23.09 - 1:54pm
Bree - Congrats on EVERYTHING! You're an amazing person and you deserve every bit of happiness & success life gives you.  11.23.09 - 1:37pm
megmanionsilliker - i want to be at wppi so badly. but alas i don't see how i can swing it. i will be cheerleading you from boston!! thanks for the book recommendations - i've been looking for some new reads.  11.23.09 - 1:19pm
Tiffany - Congratualtions on having your photos in the book and being a platform speaker! I'm super proud of all you have're a true motivation Jas! Fabulous!  11.23.09 - 1:11pm
Tina dela Rosa - Congratulations! What an honor! I know you will inspire your entire audience.   11.23.09 - 1:09pm
J - CONGRATS Jas!!! Very cool!!! Cheering you on now! It was great seeing you doing your thing on Sat. :)   11.23.09 - 12:56pm
B - I'll be there! [ least in spirit]  11.23.09 - 12:50pm
Jennifer O. - Congrats! And you may have just inspired me to pick up a book! ;)  11.23.09 - 12:47pm
Anna Sawin - I'll be there! My first one, so excited.   11.23.09 - 12:44pm
Stephanie Stewart - Congratulations, Jasmine! I SOOO wish I could come to WPPI and hear you speak, I would totally be there! And congrats on the book too, you are so inspirational!!!   11.23.09 - 12:40pm
Connie Sithi - That's so awesome how your photo made the cover of a book! Can't wait til you write your own book one day... Congratulations on the speaker gig! Your story is inspiring, J*.   11.23.09 - 12:15pm
Leila Khalil |Wedding Publicist|Be Inspired PR - YAY for this post jasmine! we love your images in our book. You're published now and we love having you apart of our journey with us. Thanks again!  11.23.09 - 11:57am
Anouschka - Congrats om speaking at the WPPI!!! I'm sure the room will be packed :D I actually forgot to ask you about the WPPI last week during the it worth joining on going to Vegas??  11.23.09 - 11:46am
Jaleen - Oh Jasmine, I was beyond thrilled when I heard you'd be speaking at WPPI, this was going to be my first year attending....that is until I found out my due date. If I wasn't going to be 9 months pregnant in March I'd totally be there, with a matching set to JD's pom poms! I went to your workshop in Aug and just can't get enough of you....hearing you speak again would have been such a treat. (sigh)  11.23.09 - 11:46am
Diane - - So happy to see so many wonderful things happening for you! Enjoy the ride!  11.23.09 - 11:45am
Kathryn L - Jasmine! That's so exciting about WPPI! People would be foolish to skip out on your session for sleep.. as if! PS: Love your Stealing Makes Me Sad copyright notice. Where'd you find your coolness, can you share?  11.23.09 - 11:32am
Tasha Prescott - Truly an inspiration Jasmine, you are a breath of fresh air. Congrats on the book cover and the platform speaker engagement!   11.23.09 - 11:29am
Melissa Papaj - My hubby and I are there! ALL THE WAY!!!  11.23.09 - 11:29am
Alexandra - Congratulations at speaking at WPPI!!! :)  11.23.09 - 11:25am
ronnie - Congratulations on both the book cover and speaking at WPPI. I will be there for sure!  11.23.09 - 11:24am
Nicole Benitez - That is awesome!! I am sure that the room will be beyond packed no matter how early :::yawn::: [no 2pm time slot??lol] Congrats on the cover image too! You rock!  11.23.09 - 11:23am
Hanssie Trainor - Save me a seat! Congrats girl!  11.23.09 - 11:18am
Lesley Barr - Congratulations on your great successes, you deserve them! Your images are amazing and you continue to inspire me. I plan on being up bright and early Monday morning for your class. I can't wait!!!  11.23.09 - 11:15am
Kayleen T. - I'll be camping out in line for your class like it's a New Moon movie premier. :)  11.23.09 - 11:12am
Katelyn James - yessssssssss!!!! so excited! for so many reasons ;);)  11.23.09 - 11:12am
gladys jem - oh my god. hahahaha. i am laughing so hard all alone in my apartment. you are the funniest. i wish chris and I could be there to see you speak and cheer you on! Xo  11.23.09 - 11:04am
ohana photographers - that pic! bahahaha love it!  11.23.09 - 11:04am
jamie delaine - Bahahaha. Jassss, your FACE. oh my gosh. :) I'm so excited for you! What an honour and you can bet on at least two being there... JD and me. ;)  11.23.09 - 10:54am
Kira Lauren Photography - You know I'm gonna be there with pom poms alongside JD! =) Congrats on the book cover.... how exciting. You've come a long way, so enjoy every minute!  11.23.09 - 10:51am