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SmugMug Christmas Party 2009

came to a sad realization yesterday. My dog is fat. Not fluffy, puffy, pudgy, rotund, or chubby. Fat. Two Christmases ago, I bought him a red, Santa-like jacket and he proudly wore it to my parents' house for Christmas morning. Well, yesterday I rummaged through his box of clothes (please ignore the fact that my dog has a BOX OF CLOTHES) and decided I wanted him to wear it for a special blog announcement.

Well, guess what? That red Santa jacket? Doesn't fit. Like, at all. I was so determined to shoot him in it, that I still tried making it work. And it did-ish. It didn't close all the way, but I made him smile and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Onto the announcement....

Ladies and gentleman, Polo would like to cordially invite you to a SmugMug Christmas Party! Please join us in Orange County, as we combine the Los Angeles and San Diego SMUGs for a night of revelry and debauchery. Okay, maybe not that, but we're definitely going to have a good time! We'll be providing a holiday dessert station, complete with apple cider and hot cocoa, and a full bar should you like to make it a night you'll never forget! ;)

What: SmugMug Holiday Party
When: Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7pm
Where: Mesa Verde Country Club 3000 Country Club Costa Mesa CA 92626
Cost: One can of food. We'll be collecting canned food to donate to the Los Angeles Mission, so please feel free to bring what you can.

The night should be a wonderful time to connect with other photographers, give a little back to the community, and enjoy the holidays together. If you plan on coming, please leave a comment so we can plan accordingly...hope to see you there!
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Rachel - HAHA This is way too cute! SmugMug meeting sounds awesome, wish PEI, Canada wasn't so far away :-(  12.08.09 - 5:42pm
James - I'll be going solo. =)  12.08.09 - 4:26pm
Sean McDougal - Just saw this. Looks super fun. Brooke and I should be there.  12.08.09 - 3:28pm
Katie Neal Photo - Can't wait! Sounds like SOOO much fun!  12.08.09 - 3:16pm
Lauren Bauer - Can't Wait!  12.08.09 - 2:41pm
Char Baiz - Joel & I will be there :)  12.08.09 - 12:50pm
lucy - I'll be there  12.08.09 - 12:20pm
Ralph Misa - Looking forward to attending the party!   12.08.09 - 10:57am
KRISTINA MEGAN - count me in with one of my great photo friends!   12.08.09 - 10:15am
Pamela - Looking forward to it! By the way, your dog is SO adorable :) ~ @PamelaSD  12.08.09 - 9:15am
Meg - I'll be there!  12.08.09 - 8:59am
Tamara Y. - Count me in!   12.08.09 - 8:34am
Miguel Pola - see ya there.  12.08.09 - 8:01am
Natasha Najand - I'll be there!   12.08.09 - 12:33am
Nancy Ramos - See you then.  12.03.09 - 4:52pm
natalie - count me in! :)  12.02.09 - 1:08pm
Kyle Richter - Allison and I are in! (Count 2. Please.) and we totally understand you when it comes to clothing not fitting on your dog anymore.. Chloe (our office manager) is the same way! Haha.. Hilarious.. see you there. Kyle at s28  12.02.09 - 7:48am
rizzariz photography - OMG. That is hilarious. I've never heard of any one dog who couldn't fit into his clothes! lol like really hard!  12.01.09 - 1:51pm
ohana photographers - see ya there!  12.01.09 - 11:50am
Chris Diset - Looking forward to it!!  12.01.09 - 11:00am
Joelle Leder - Wouldn't miss it!!   12.01.09 - 10:59am
Julie Boucher - I'll be there!  12.01.09 - 9:40am
Events by Evonne - Polo is such a cutie pie. Are you sure it's not Polo but the jacket just shrank after all these years? :P  12.01.09 - 3:05am
Anthony J. DeMeglio - I'm there but I'm not wearing the red Santa like jacket. There's no way it's going to fit me either.   11.30.09 - 9:19pm
Allison - Kyle and I will be there for sure.. but is [ B ] finally going to dance on some tables!!! I keep waiting to see it...  11.30.09 - 8:31pm
Brandi - I will be there with bells on, plus 1. Cheers!!!  11.30.09 - 11:33am
Nicole Velarde - Please add 2 more...  11.29.09 - 9:39pm
Danny Mendoza - Count me in!!  11.29.09 - 4:44pm
Youkeun Oh - i'm in!  11.28.09 - 11:24pm
Seanny Ma - I'll be there! Polo looks super cute, even if the jacket didn't fit.   11.28.09 - 9:39pm
Ashley - J and I will be there! Will Polo be there too? You NEED to bring him!  11.28.09 - 7:47pm
Keri Welch - Can't wait for the SmugMug gathering! Happy Thanksgiving!  11.28.09 - 3:30pm
oneshotbeyond - I want to...I want to...I will!  11.28.09 - 11:53am
cassandra m - oooooooo...Polo...too cute. And I am liking this new look, its "vest-like". nice. All you need is some bling hanging around your neck.  11.27.09 - 3:41pm
gina - what jacket? it's a vest. and it fits pefectly!! :O)  11.27.09 - 10:45am
Frances - I don't think Polo has gotten pudgy at all. I'm sure his hair just got thicker! Fun post! You made me giggle!  11.27.09 - 5:35am
Thomas Frank - Please count me in too! Gotta love Polo!  11.26.09 - 10:37pm
Connie Sithi - I can't go since I live in the Bay Area, but I LAUGHED OUT LOUD like CRAZY at your reference to Polo being fat and outgrowing his clothes. Seriously a great laugh - thanks!   11.26.09 - 9:54pm
alex.kruk - I am so happy I guess we will make it this time :) I will come with my husband. Polo is so cute !  11.26.09 - 7:52pm
Michael Boardman - Count me in! I'm looking forward to it!  11.26.09 - 11:33am
Anouschka - OMG! Polo looks too adorable!!  11.26.09 - 9:30am
Tamara - OMG...that is too funny...he doesn't seem to mind the "snug" jacket...he still looks happy...probably because no one was So cute.   11.26.09 - 6:19am
Suzanne Reid - I'll be there.  11.25.09 - 11:04pm
sarah - fat, but cute!!!  11.25.09 - 11:00pm
promise tangeman - I LOVE YOUR DOG!! i want to kiss him  11.25.09 - 10:40pm
dorelies - Maybe he was a little baby-dog the years ago and has been growing up. That could be an easy plausible explanation. Ha, ha.  11.25.09 - 10:39pm
Shell - Sounds fabulous! I will be there. :)   11.25.09 - 10:21pm
Mindy Metivier - Darn, I wish I lived in the OC!!! Your party sounds like fun!!! Thanks for the laugh J*...I am glad that I am not the only one who is having trouble fitting into my clothes from 2 years ago!!!  11.25.09 - 10:16pm
Amber Fox - Thanks Jasmine and Smug Mug for creating this awesome community of photographers. I am so looking forward to some Christmas cheer and hot apple cider. I love this time of year!  11.25.09 - 9:28pm
Sissel - I was just thinking to myself as I was stirring the cranberries of all the things/people I was thankful for, and you came to my mind. I have to meet someday soon and mention this in person, this would be a perfect opportunity. Hope I can make it! PS Santa was a little pudgy too. Just more to love...  11.25.09 - 9:17pm
Jihan Cerda - Polo's not fat; he's voluptuous! Lol....I wish I could go to the SmugMug, but unfortunately I'll be nine months along....this little man can come any time. Enjoy!  11.25.09 - 8:45pm
Ma'ele - I'm there, with a friend. Maybe two. YAY!!!!  11.25.09 - 8:38pm
Bong - Thanks for organizing this Christmas Party!!! I'll be there! BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!!!  11.25.09 - 7:15pm
Jackie - oh my he just looks fabulous! I wish my dog was more of a model like Polo!  11.25.09 - 7:15pm
Feuza - Thats so funny about Polo, feeling like him lately, nothing fits! Wish I was a bit closer to attend your holiday party, have a great time.  11.25.09 - 6:47pm
Cooper Marantz - Dear Polo, listen to me we are not fat...we are big boned. Now smile extra big so you get some more treats. Shake paws if you have to. Eyes on the prize P-dawg. Eyes on the prize. Your bff Cooper   11.25.09 - 6:45pm
Brian Fletcher - I'll be there! Thanks as always Jasmine :)  11.25.09 - 6:42pm
Lorrie Prothero - sounds FUN!!! count one for me ;)  11.25.09 - 5:54pm
evie - so sad I live in Missouri....wish I could come:(  11.25.09 - 5:25pm
Alice Hu - Will try to make it to this one!  11.25.09 - 5:11pm
Kate Noelle - I'll be there! :)  11.25.09 - 4:43pm
s h e r r y - Omy, Polo is SO cute <3 (Even if he can't fit in his Santa jacket. :/ )   11.25.09 - 4:29pm
amy b - sounds fun! You are always so generous with your time. I will get to one of these events one of these days. Hopefully this one! Have a nice Thanksgiving.  11.25.09 - 3:59pm
lroah - So bummed to miss! I am flying to Orlando to do a newborn session that day. Have fun!  11.25.09 - 3:50pm
Mitchel Wu - Going to try and make it. It's a haul from Valencia though ;(  11.25.09 - 3:42pm
Kelly - Count me in! I'll be there! :)  11.25.09 - 3:36pm
Brent Pilgrim - Have you been feeding Polo Reese's PB Cups? Cuz you know how good they are! ;)  11.25.09 - 3:26pm
Angela Hubbard - I hear ya sister. Whiskey just got put on low fat food. Those darn treats and cuz the pups are so darn cute... SPOILED! :) (wouldnt change a thing though)  11.25.09 - 2:51pm
Diana Rush - ... this is a revision to my previous post, it's me + 1!  11.25.09 - 2:47pm
Diana Rush - Yay! I can finally make it to a SmugMug event! See you all there!  11.25.09 - 2:43pm
Tim - Man, I'd love to go.. as it's right in my backyard. But I feel like it'd be so awkward, I'm just a noob that doesn't know anyone. Anyways, CUTE DOG! Our Silky/Yorkie is getting kind of chubby too.  11.25.09 - 2:31pm
Sabrina - Had to tell you that when I pulled up your page, my 4yr old cousin said, "Hey, there's a dog!" I told him, "That's Polo." He then goes on to say, "Polo's my favorite." LOL, the kid cracks me up. But at least he knows a super cute dog when he sees one!  11.25.09 - 2:29pm
Kaysha - Oh, I'm so there! Add 2 please! :)  11.25.09 - 2:13pm
Tira J - So there! Oh Polo....I went to Petsmart today and they had a full line of Christmas clothing for your Mom to choose from. I am sure if you ask, she will take you on a field trip to pick out a new outfit for Christmas morning.   11.25.09 - 1:58pm
jane - Polo is not fat - he's more like the Hulk post transformation. Happy Thanksgiving!  11.25.09 - 1:31pm
Jen Johnson - Looking forward to it! Please let me know if you and your elves need any help! : )  11.25.09 - 1:24pm
[ b ] - count me in!  11.25.09 - 1:23pm
Michael - I'll be there...and maybe my other half.  11.25.09 - 1:23pm
jenny - Polo's hair is pushed up by the outfit, makes it look like it's part of the outfit ! He looks cute nonetheless !  11.25.09 - 1:18pm
Jennifer - Polo is SO cute! He's still workin that Santa jacket. I'm so sad that I don't live in Orange County! I've been with smugmug for at least five years... maybe there should be satellite Smugmug communities!  11.25.09 - 1:09pm
Jennifer O. - Totally wish I could be there!  11.25.09 - 1:05pm
Karen - Fat dogs are cute. I'm not entirely kidding here.  11.25.09 - 1:01pm
Pol - He is SO cute!  11.25.09 - 12:58pm
adam - I'll grab my undersized Santa jacket and hop a plane. SM when will you show love to the Puget Sound!?!?!?!  11.25.09 - 12:58pm
Annie - If I had a smaller adorable doggy like Polo, I would have a closet devoted to him! LOL He's so adorable! My Labby is always without clothes due to her sheer size.  11.25.09 - 12:50pm
Fishgirl - What if I am not a photographer but i want to go and begin to chase my dream as photographer. can i go? I will be there !!  11.25.09 - 12:48pm
Cristina G Photography - Gosh, I need to move closer already. All the fun the photographer community is clearly in Cali! Have fun you guys!  11.25.09 - 12:42pm
Stephanie Stewart - Polo, you are too cute!   11.25.09 - 12:41pm
anniecat - Wish I lived closer... I missed the last Smugmug meeting when I was actually in town but was busy that night. =(  11.25.09 - 12:40pm
Jayme - How FUN!!! I am going to try and come, with a guest.. cant wait!!!  11.25.09 - 12:39pm
Molly Ann - 2, please =)  11.25.09 - 12:34pm
Hanssie - I'll be there but I'll leave my I'll fitting Santa suit at home  11.25.09 - 12:32pm
Tamara Kenyon - You guys should come to Idaho for a Smug Mug meeting!!  11.25.09 - 12:32pm
Mariea Rummel - Polo your so cute! Have a blast everyone! ONE CAN? Pssssh I know our photog crowd can do better than that! What about whoever brings the most in weight get a year of Showit Sites? Huh huh? Then the competion would be on like Donkey Kong! Just a thought...  11.25.09 - 12:27pm
Lydia - This pretty much goes without saying...southern cal people are so lucky! You all are going to have a blast!  11.25.09 - 12:23pm
serena - sounds like fun.....i'm in!  11.25.09 - 12:20pm
Katelyn Fraser Photo - I wish I lived in Orange County so I could come to this event! P.S. Even though the jacket is too small your dog looks super cute...and happy!  11.25.09 - 12:19pm
Peyton Cooke - RSVP-ing for 2! :) I love the cost! It is a great idea! This sounds like it's going to be BIG!   11.25.09 - 12:18pm
Karen ReVelle - I **definitely** will be there. It's also a bday celebration for me too! ;-) (yay for the December babies, right?) Can't wait to meet the LA and SD Smuggers (proper word??) as well!  11.25.09 - 12:14pm
Alexandra - he is too cute :)   11.25.09 - 12:14pm
imthiaz houseman - seriously i just had to comment because i think its so darn cute that polo has his own box of clothes...what a cute photo! :)  11.25.09 - 12:12pm
Kirstinrose - Cuuute! Those dogs are so fun to dress up. =)   11.25.09 - 12:11pm
Khristen - Oh man, west coasters have all the fun :( Thats it.. I'm moving...  11.25.09 - 12:09pm
carlie - we'll be there!!! miss you j!! love to jd...  11.25.09 - 12:09pm
Erin Marie Hall - MANNNN, I wish I could! I'll only be out in socal from Christmas day till Jan 7th. :( I'm so lucky my boyfriend's family is all in the OC... maybe one of these times I'll be able to meet all of the amazing California photographers while I'm visiting. Have fun everyone! :)  11.25.09 - 12:08pm
anna brewer - polo still looks GREAT! :)  11.25.09 - 12:06pm
Blair Van Bussel - I would LOVE to join! P.s. my Cali has the same "little" problem as Polo....I figure its just more to love :)  11.25.09 - 12:05pm
Joe+Kathrina - We're SO there. We never miss a Smug really, love them. Guess we know what Polo's New Years Resolution should be...  11.25.09 - 12:05pm
maria hedengren - oh why is Orange Country so far away... have fun you all!  11.25.09 - 12:01pm
Troy Grover - Aimee and I will be there ;)  11.25.09 - 12:01pm
Diandra - I should be there :) I usually am!  11.25.09 - 12:01pm
Nancy - I'll be there! You just made my day.  11.25.09 - 12:01pm
Mollie - The hubby and I will be there!  11.25.09 - 11:56am