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SmugMug Christmas Party 2009

love the holidays. Last Monday I hung out with a fabulous group of people and we ate food, sang Christmas carols, and decorated cookies. It was like a Christmas chick flick...only better! Then last night I had the pleasure of hosting the SmugMug Christmas Party, along with the Los Angeles leader Peter of Peter Garr Photography and San Diego leader Garrett of Garrett Photography. Talk about getting my holiday partying on!

As JD and I walked back to our car at the end of a wonderful evening, I couldn't help but feel so insanely blessed. Everyone who came out and supported the event just blew my socks off and I'm proud to call my peers, my friends. More than 250 photographers came to Orange County to enjoy an evening of just hanging out. The canned food drive was a total hit and with everyone's help and support, we collected hundreds of pounds of food! When Peter loaded his car to take it to the LA Food Bank, he looked like a low-rider gansta because of the weight of the food. Hollllllla!

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, and a BIG thank you must go to Jeff Jochum for making his way from Denver to spend time creating a group based on fostering a caring community on behalf of SmugMug.

Now onto two of my favorite things....trees and sugar!


Here's Peter hosting an awesome raffle...seriously...there were some awesome prizes!

Garrett representing SD....

Yours truly. With a truly bad bang day.

Jeff talking about his stint in lie! ;)

Dear Mom...this is why we don't have kids...

So, so, so proud of this amazing donation of food! Lots of boxes!

Some kind soul brought an entire box of Neutrogena hygiene awesome!

Again, thanks to everyone and I can't wait to hang out again in 2010!
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Vicki - I blogline your blog so I never come to your actual blog. I drink up, hoard up, your words and pictures and then never leave a comment. Rude of me I realize after seeing my page views jump up and nobody is commenting? I love comments, so I've decided if I love them, I must give them. ;) Honest a HUGE fan of your work and look forward to your blog posts every week.  12.15.09 - 6:34pm
amanda thiessen - haha the baby photo is priceless ;)  12.14.09 - 2:53pm
Temecula Wedding Photographer Theresa Minnette - Hey! I'm in this pic! You can see half my face peeping into the frame on the left side :) That was a great time.  12.13.09 - 9:56am
portrait retouch - Hi, Happy Christmas. Thank you for your blog. Great photograph.  12.11.09 - 9:25pm
Corinna Hoffman Photography - Wonderful work! Blessings to all of you and those that donated :) PS-loove your dress :)   12.11.09 - 7:54pm
Courtney - Oh wow, that picture of JD and your comment made my day. I am still laughing! But seriously, you would both be amazing parents. :)  12.11.09 - 9:19am
Jennifer O. - Whoooo girl, you are gorgeous!  12.11.09 - 5:19am
Anouschka - Your comment next to the image of JD with the baby had me in stitches.... You are too funny!  12.11.09 - 4:38am
Katelyn James - ah hahahha! JD will be an amazing dad.....just caught him during an off moment. :)   12.10.09 - 11:55pm
Kayla Renckly - Wow looks like an amazing party, too bad there isn't something as awesome as that here in Phoenix, well heck it wouldn't have you so it wouldn't be anyway ;)  12.10.09 - 9:19pm
Brian Khang - Oh that was so much fun! I was confused when I first got there, expecting some kind of formal lecture to happen. I kept chatting away with people while looking over my shoulder seeing if someone would say "Attention People!" .. ha ha  12.10.09 - 1:36pm
Kristin Partin - I think you deserve all the props in the world for keeping your dress up all night. I am seriously tube-top dress retarded.   12.10.09 - 1:27pm
Michael Boardman - That was a fun event (and only my second SmugMug meet) and happy I was able to help donate. It's always a plus if you win something! :) Looking forward to the next meet!   12.10.09 - 1:05pm
Lola - Very nice! Orange County knows how to throw a feast :D  12.10.09 - 12:59pm
nena - So fun! =-)  12.10.09 - 11:38am
brooke bowland - awesome. so wish i was closer!  12.10.09 - 11:06am
Melynda Bean - Thank you for collecting the food! Great pics Jasmine  12.10.09 - 8:35am
gabriel.ryan. - stupid good??? maybe we spoke too soon ;) love you guys!  12.10.09 - 8:25am
Jason Grubb - Once again... wishing I lived in Orange County!  12.10.09 - 7:22am
Life with Kaishon - I love all of the pictures. Especially the one of the crying baby : ) How funny is that! I don't think your Mom will care if the baby cries or not! Trust me : )  12.10.09 - 7:04am
Syreena B - I ditto leyla's "wish I lived closer" guys are awesome!!!  12.10.09 - 5:30am
Ashley - Seriously awesome party! But wait, where's the pic of your dance off with Jeff? Ha ha. Just kidding (: We're getting a DJ next year, right?  12.10.09 - 12:35am
feuza - that JD picture is the best and you two should start ordering some babies soon (j/k ( that is a saying in brazil) what a great event, wish there were more cool happenings in the east coast like over there.  12.09.09 - 9:44pm
Vania - SimplyBloom Photography, LLC - Jasmine, you look so beautiful in that pic above-- stunning! hoping we'll meet at WPPI 2010!!! -V  12.09.09 - 9:29pm
Laura Lawson - I laughed out loud at that photo of JD. Way too cute Jasmine.  12.09.09 - 8:52pm
alex.kruk - The cans idea was such a great idea that maybe it should be a smugmug tradition. There is so many people hungry was my first smugmug meeting hopefully not last. I am glad I got to say thank you to you Jasmine for all your help and that I got a chance to meet you in person.... and I won camera bag which was such a nice surprise :)  12.09.09 - 8:47pm
Crystal - Look at JD!!!!  12.09.09 - 8:07pm
Brandi Welch - That's awesome!!  12.09.09 - 8:00pm
Jackie Lamas - I'm so sad I didn't make it! hopefully I'll make it to next year's meetings!  12.09.09 - 8:00pm
uLi - Nice X'mas party =)  12.09.09 - 7:18pm
Erica Velasco - You and me...eye to eye with the kid photo...haha.  12.09.09 - 5:57pm
Stephen Knuth - Hey! I can see my head in the very back of that first picture!! COOL! It was great to hang out with so many fun people. How great that was for so many people to bring food to donate! :-D   12.09.09 - 4:51pm
Laura - Gorgeous photos Jasmine*! I was reading on your website that you love reading. What good books have you read recently?  12.09.09 - 3:53pm
Leyla - What a lovely event and so nice of everyone to pitch in with the food donations! You guys are all amazing and I wish I lived closer so I could participate as well...  12.09.09 - 3:45pm
Brian Fletcher - Kids are sick :( ...I dropped by for 10 minutes but wish I could have stayed longer - it looked like a lot of fun with great food and conversation! Good job Jasmine, Peter and Garrett for putting it all together!  12.09.09 - 2:57pm
Peter G. - Thanks to all the photogs who came and donated. Thanks to you Jasmine for always being such a gracious host. You all inspire me every single day. Such a fantastic community to be part of. I'm humbled, honored, and blessed. :-)  12.09.09 - 1:35pm
cassandra m - I am sad I live so far away and missed this...but my heart smiles at all the wonderful and amazing things you all enjoyed last night. I love the photo of JD and that crying baby. That is so funny...I love it.  12.09.09 - 1:35pm
Evonne & Darren Photography - Wow, looks like an awesome party with great friends and all that amazing canned food and the Neutrogena box? Unreal! Hahahaha... I feel the same way about kids, but great photo of JD and that crying baby though!  12.09.09 - 1:17pm
Maalaea w/ i and m photography - What a lovely tree and those cupcakes look yummy!!  12.09.09 - 1:01pm
kristin @ the treasured petal - hehe you kind of look like you're singing gospel songs in that picture :)   12.09.09 - 12:47pm
Diapers & Divas - It looks like a blast! Those cupcakes are making my mouth water. And great job on the canned food donation!  12.09.09 - 12:10pm
Shefali Shah - Jasmine, it makes my heart bubble with joy to know that you all helped the less fortunate out! Amazing people I have to say! P.S. The picture with JD and the baby and your comment made me laugh out loud. Love it.   12.09.09 - 12:06pm
Kristin Vaughan - Like I told you, thank you so much for putting this on last night!   12.09.09 - 11:22am
Stephanie Stewart - What an awesome event!!! Good work!!!  12.09.09 - 10:58am
michelle sidles - I *LOVE* the guy in the "Peeps" shot doing the international sign for CALL ME! ;) I don't know why but of ALL the images that is the one that totally makes me smile. hahaha! ;)   12.09.09 - 10:46am
Karen R. - SUCH a great time, seeing not only familiar faces but meeting new ones too (at least 3!). :-) What a great way to get to know our SoCal neighbors and I love that we all brought more than just the requisite 1 can for admission, too. We are a great group in community as well as in spirit, and that makes me proud to say I'm from Southern California and arguably one of the best photographic communities in the nation (at least in my book -- I haven't been to all the others so I'll have to get back to you on that). ;-) Thanks, Jasmine, for helping lead the way to a better group for us all!  12.09.09 - 10:39am
Curtis Moore - So much Fun!  12.09.09 - 10:28am
Angel Canary - "Dear Mom...this is why we don't have kids... " hahahahahahha  12.09.09 - 10:28am
Nancy Ramos - So wanted to give you a hug last night and wish you a wonderful month. You were sorrounded by your loving fans. See you at the next smug.   12.09.09 - 10:10am
Jenne - I so wish I could have been there... It's too bad I'm stuck in snowy Toronto! Thanks for the blog visit!  12.09.09 - 9:54am
rachel darley - oh, how insanely jealous I am of the west coast. there, i said it. and I love Jeff's "tradition" shirt from Hee-larious!   12.09.09 - 9:52am
Jen Johnson - Thanks for not making my butt look big in that pic. : ) No, but seriously, thanks so much for taking the lead on this wonderful community here in OC. I love attending the meetings and networking/exchanging ideas with other photogs! Merry Christmas!  12.09.09 - 9:50am
s h e r r y - Haha, the picture directed at your mom was HILARIOUS. The SM meeting had an awesome turn out. I hope there will be on in February! :]   12.09.09 - 9:46am
Molly Williams - There we are! Off to the right in the middle! Jasmine, I just have to thank you for last night. It was my first but definitely not my last smug. I met some amazing people who were so generous in giving out their knowledge to a newbie like me. It was just a positive and fun night and I feel so inspired and invigorated to start my business knowing that these awesome people will be my peers. Thank you again Jasmine for putting it together!   12.09.09 - 9:32am
Julie Massie - Ummm...that photo of JD and the terrified baby pretty much made me spit out my orange juice all over my laptop. Thanks for that... ; )  12.09.09 - 9:30am
Diandra - Bummed I missed it. Next time :) Im sure it was fantastic! And such a GREAT idea to do the canned food thing. And Jas.... babies cry. it's not JD's fault :)  12.09.09 - 9:27am
Katie Whitcomb - When I read about your "bad bang day" I instantly thought of Jerry Ghionis and him singing "She Bangs She Bangs". They call it Fringe, not Bangs.. Hilarious...  12.09.09 - 9:27am
Kate Noelle - Good to see you briefly last night ;) Thanks for doing such an awesome job hosting the OC SMUC group... OC definitely has the best leader!  12.09.09 - 9:06am
Rachel Perry - The "Dear Mom... this is why we don't have kids..." made me laugh out loud!   12.09.09 - 8:57am
Lydia - The picture of JD + the baby is so cute! All babies cry, even with the best of parents! ;-)  12.09.09 - 8:47am
Matthew Saville - Thanks so much for being an awesome host and bringing your energy to the community! It's been a wonderful year for amateur and professional photographers alike... :-) =Matt=  12.09.09 - 8:28am
Tina - Me lovey the sleek straight 'do! Looking mighty lovely my friend! JD with baby is pretty funny.  12.09.09 - 8:27am
Moyo - Love the caption for JD& baby..  12.09.09 - 8:18am
Tiffany - I LOVE the photo of JD with a crying baby! great caption  12.09.09 - 8:17am
Grace - Hey... I get to post the first comment! Great pics!  12.09.09 - 8:14am
B - JD is just busting out a Cesar Millan... he's like the Baby Whisperer ;) Mom, your grandkids will be fine! Keep nagging Jas for more kids...  12.09.09 - 8:12am
Lorrie Prothero - What a TERRIFIC evening! Thanks again!  12.09.09 - 8:11am
Lerissa - awwww....I think JD will make a wonderful Dad...they look so cute!  12.09.09 - 8:10am
Paula - it is so great to give back especially during the holidays! Sounds like it was a great get together!! Merry Christmas!!!  12.09.09 - 8:09am
Lerissa - awwww...I think JD will make a wonderful Dad!!! they look so cute!!  12.09.09 - 8:08am
Michael - @katelynjames would be proud I am commenting. Just saying this is awesome and I really like the baby pic. Something to look forward to  12.09.09 - 8:08am
Rustin - I had a great time last night. So glad you grabbed a picture of the box of Neutrogena products I brought. My wife works there and gets goodie bags like every other month. We constantly have our bathrooms overflowing with product. We offer it to friends and make donations to shelters or charity events as often as we can. It's funny, this year when people ask me what I want for Christmas, I have two answers. I would love to book some weddings so I can provide for my family. The other answers is to go through all our stuff and see how we can use it to help others by either donating or putting it up on Freecycle. I mean how much stuff do we really need. God is still working on me and I probably won't want to give up some things that will still be sitting in the same place unused next year. It's a process.  12.09.09 - 8:08am
jessica claire - is that Lincoln? he did that when I held him too, so I gave him right back to dad :)  12.09.09 - 7:59am
Renee Francis - Such an awesome thing ya'll did!  12.09.09 - 7:56am
Tira J - Yay! That's me and Jen on trying not to be "clicky" here on your blog! ha ha! Thanks again Jasmine for organizing such a fun night. I would have emptied my entire pantry for such a great cause. You are fabulous and I am thankful for you!   12.09.09 - 7:55am
ohana photographers - love the tree, sad i missed it :( hope you got lots of cans!  12.09.09 - 7:48am