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That's My Dawg

et's get one thing straight: JD bought Polo for me. As in my husband gifted the dog to me back in 2006. Somewhere along the line, however, Polo became his dog. I mean, Polo is our dog, but if push came to shove, Polo is his dog. And I'd be lying if I didn't get a little jealous here and there. Or alot jealous.

To Polo's credit, he does know how to make my heart melt everyday and I've been known to tawk ah whiddle puhppie tawk with him since I know he loves it so much. And when he wants to cuddle? Totally my dog.

On Friday I had an upset stomach, but by Friday night I was curled in a fetal position in the back of the car wishing for deliverance from what I realized was food poisoning. When JD and I got home, I climbed the stairs and went straight to bed, ignoring Polo and our ritual Squeal/Hug Fest upon every arrival.

For the next couple days, I remained in bed, nibbling on crackers. Oh, and DYING. I don't wish food poisoning on my worst enemy, but if it did happen, I'd hope they have Polo by their side. A funny thing happened these past few days in bed: Polo never left my side. Even when JD bribed him with walks and treats, his ears perked, but he remained curled up on my belly. For two and half days, Polo only left when JD forced him to go on his walks.

Last night--the first night I was able to get out of bed and walk on my own--Polo ran downstairs and ran laps around our living room. Little doggie wind sprints. His tail wagged and he grabbed his toy and then did more laps. JD and I just stood there in bewilderment. It was like Polo's version of Palm Sunday. I turned to JD and was all, Dude, why didn't YOU do that for me too?!

So, this is just a cyber thank you to the world's best dog, Polo. I'm still not in the best shape, so I'm blogging from bed and whadda ya know? Polo still curled up on my belly.

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Jadey - Oh I e Polo so much he is jjsy so damn cute and obviously knows exactly how to make a girl feel special. He's also the only SWF I've seen without hose horrid tearstains. Kudos to you.  12.20.09 - 8:19pm
Carol @ Carol Lundeen Photography, Boston - How nice to have a companion who loves you and wants to please you - I've got one napping nearby, too.   12.20.09 - 1:57pm
jenC - Awww! so Cute! I have a dog named Sasha! really looks like Polo :)  12.17.09 - 9:58am
Jason Grubb - Cute pup... you'd love our beagle, Riley!  12.16.09 - 8:21pm
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs - aw, little polo knows when mommy needs him. he is so precious!  12.16.09 - 6:41pm
cassandra m - Aren't our dogs the best at giving unconditional love and support. Polo rocks!  12.16.09 - 5:30pm
Megan - I'm so glad to hear he helped you get better! I've been following your blog for about a year [but never commented yet] and always enjoy your posts about Polo. I'm a big-time dog lover and have 2 of my own [one of which is a Maltese and looks similar to yours, but Polo's much, MUCH, cleaner than my Rocky :)] Thanks for always being an inspiration, btw!  12.16.09 - 1:16pm
michelle - awwww.... that is just so precious. i have a little nipper of my own, so i know just how you feel. my DOG seems to respond to my moods more than my husband, sometimes. ; )   12.15.09 - 11:09am
Betsy, La Vida - Awwwww, Polo! Good boy! Nothing makes me smile like the unconditional love from our pup too. Dogs are truly man's (er, woman's!) best friend!!! Glad you're on the mend!  12.15.09 - 10:54am
Kia Gregory - Polo is cute. And you have awesome nurses to help get you back to life.   12.15.09 - 8:57am
Zoltan Nagy - Hope you will get better soon! Praying for you!  12.15.09 - 8:27am
syreena B - It's amazing how you always find a way to blog something great out of seemingly nothing...well not really nothing, but you know what i mean.....ill learn this craft one of these days :) Feel better!!!  12.15.09 - 8:26am
Tasha Prescott - Get better soon!  12.15.09 - 8:18am
oneshotbeyond - Polo is lucky to have you both! His white fluffy fur just makes me melt! I'm surprised you ever leave cuddling with him for shoots and outings. ;-)  12.15.09 - 7:57am
inland Empire Wedding Photographer - awwe polo knew you were sick and needed him  12.15.09 - 12:27am
Fiona andersen - P.S note to self.... I need a dog  12.15.09 - 12:21am
fiona andersen - awww I didn't have food poisoning but a very bad case of tummy flu brought home from day care!! And although I don't have a Polo to sit quietly and cuddle with, I have 3 wonderful girls who like to jump up and down on my bed whilst I groan in agony... gee thanks gals!!! Feel better soon.... was it the organic food????? xxxxx  12.15.09 - 12:20am
sherry boles - A year and a half ago, I wouldn't have fully understood the meaning of this post (being a 'cat person'). However, I now own a sweetheart of a dog...and I'm just crazy over him! :) I'm still a cat person...but my dog is my real fur-baby! :) :)  12.14.09 - 11:02pm
jenny - i remember this, then we had kids.  12.14.09 - 10:08pm
Mindy - Hope you're feeling better...:)  12.14.09 - 8:59pm
Doug LeMere - Pets can sense how we feel better than our human loved ones do sometimes.   12.14.09 - 7:55pm
Ashley - Awwww! Love it. Not the food poisoning part, but the part about Polo. On your belly (: Animals are seriously the best.   12.14.09 - 6:40pm
Kayla Renckly - what a sweet puppy!  12.14.09 - 6:39pm
Daisy Moffatt - I'm glad you're feeling better! Your story especially warms my heart b/c I too am stuck in bed with my laptop and my pup, Nala, while fighting a nasty cold tonight. She has refused to venture far and I love hearing about the loyalty and love of our pooches. Get well soon!   12.14.09 - 6:34pm
Krysta - Cute! Polo was so happy when you got better!  12.14.09 - 5:47pm
Linda Sherrill - How sweet! Polo is adorable! My sisters Australian Shepherd never left her alone when she was going through Chemo (twice). I know they know when we really need our furry children!  12.14.09 - 5:35pm
Jamie Lapeyrolerie - Aww! The fuzzy :)   12.14.09 - 5:26pm
Cindy - PS- Feel better soon!  12.14.09 - 4:57pm
Cindy - Awww Your story totally melted my heart!! Talk about unconditional love! Aren't dogs the best?!   12.14.09 - 4:56pm
Lisa H. Chang - Aw ~ so sweet! And I hear you about food poisoning - it's terrible. Hope you feel back to 100% soon!  12.14.09 - 4:21pm
Life with Kaishon - What a sweetie : ) He is precious as can be! Hope you feel better soon!  12.14.09 - 4:17pm
Katie Whitcomb - Good dog!!! Get some rest and feel better, Jasmine.  12.14.09 - 4:14pm
ashleigh - this is so cute & sweet! my cats do the same thing when im sick-- they watch over me and make sure ia m ok! animals RULE! eeks sooo excited to meet you at the workshop in feb!  12.14.09 - 3:57pm
Peyton Cooke - Being sick just plain SUCKS! I was sick end of last week, but fortunately today I feel a lot better. That said, I hope you feel better soon! :) I would like to direct a comment toward the image of Polo. It looks like he has 5 legs. No joke, 3 in front, 2 in back. You see it? Maybe it's his sweater, but hey. :)  12.14.09 - 3:24pm
Trude - That's why pets are the best to have around when you're sick! Okay, maybe second best to whoever gets to bring you drinks and tucks you in, but still. Love my little personal space heater too. :) Hooray for Polo!  12.14.09 - 3:19pm
amanda thiessen - so cuddley! :)  12.14.09 - 2:52pm
Robin - Bummer about the food poisoning. I hope you're feeling back to normal soon!   12.14.09 - 2:24pm
Cecile - AAWW.. (how many aaws have you gotten so far?) I love POLO and how he's helping you feel better. Thanks for sharing and making us feel all warm and fuzzy.   12.14.09 - 2:17pm
Misty Dawn - Awwwww! I have 3 little dogs who are the same way and it's the best. :) I just had my wisdom teeth out and it got a little crowded in the recliner with all the love! Small dogs rock! xoxo to you and Polo  12.14.09 - 1:46pm
Nat - Sorry to hear about the food poisoning! Best thing for that is Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of warm water, tastes nasty and will make you puke but it gets the poisoning out of your stomach and makes you feel a whole lot better sooner  12.14.09 - 1:46pm
Tamara Kenyon - It's funny how dogs just "know". When I'm sad or not feeling well, they do a great job at making me feel better.  12.14.09 - 1:44pm
Evonne & Darren Photography - It's amazing how animals (both dogs and cats) know when you are not feeling well. Food poisoning is the worst! Hope you are feeling better! Big hugs to you!  12.14.09 - 1:34pm
Jackie Lamas - oh our doggies are the best aren't they? they always know when something is the matter. Polo is just the cutest!  12.14.09 - 1:09pm
Heather James - That's what lap dogs are for! A little cuddle lovin' from my Rusty and some chicken soup and I'm back in no time! Feel better soon!  12.14.09 - 1:03pm
Cindy - Polo is so awesome! I love stories like this one - the one that tells of how animals have souls and empathy like we do...and sometimes more! :) Glad to know that you're feeling better!   12.14.09 - 12:56pm
Feuza - That is so amazing how he knew something was wrong with you, wow, so impressed, maybe I need a dog  12.14.09 - 12:43pm
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - did the free range veggies get you with food poisoning??? OH NO! ;) Ok, seriously, I agree, I would never wish food poisoning on my worst enemy either .... it's the most awful thing on the planet.  12.14.09 - 12:35pm
Narrelle - Awww - that put a huge big smile on my face. Perfect way to get the day started. Hope you're back to feeling normal soon. x  12.14.09 - 12:27pm
Tiffany - I want a Polo!! Feel better...I hate getting food poisoning!   12.14.09 - 12:19pm
Amanda Key - Glad you are feeling better. I love reading your blog. It always has a way of tickling my heart.  12.14.09 - 12:12pm
paola - you manage to brighten our days and make us smile wholeheartedly even while having health issues! you're great! God bless you!  12.14.09 - 12:07pm
Regina White - For reals he is the cutest dawg ever and just think he's all yours. That's awesome. Feel better soon. I know what you mean I have experienced food poisoning. Barbacoa. Never again.   12.14.09 - 11:24am
ajira - So sorry you've been unwell. Food poisoning sucks. Feel better soon. Yay for Polo and his wellness mojo!!   12.14.09 - 11:20am
Diane - - The love from your pet is like nothing else! I'm so glad he was there to comfort and keep you warm...what a little cutie!  12.14.09 - 11:16am
Alexandra - Awww you have the sweetest dog in the world :) So cute :)   12.14.09 - 11:16am
Bobbie Brown - Oh no! You have been SICK it sounds like! I am so sorry, but glad you are on the road to feeling better!   12.14.09 - 11:00am
andie - I know all too well how special dogs can be in our lives. Especially right now. I hope you get to feeling better and that you will always have little Polo by your side.   12.14.09 - 11:00am
Pol - Aw, he is really a cute little one! Glad you are starting to feel better.  12.14.09 - 10:43am
Stephanie Stewart - So glad Polo stayed by your side, what a sweetheart! Plus, he probably knew that if JD was curled up on your belly, it may not work out so well! Hope you feel better soon!   12.14.09 - 10:41am
Evie Perez - Awe that stinks!! I hate the feeling of being sick. Don't forget to speak the WORD over you!!!  12.14.09 - 10:33am
Kay* - oh gosh that's so cute. my little howard is absolutely just like polo...always by my side. makes me totally get the saying "man's best friend." and his little sprints?! the best. totally hysterical. get well soon!  12.14.09 - 10:32am
s h e r r y - That is probably the cutest thing I've heard in a while! <3 I wuv you, Polo! Hope you get better Jasmine!  12.14.09 - 10:18am
Andrea Worley - Oh gosh, I had food poisoning once it was the worst! But I didn't have a cute pup like this at the time! Lucky! Hope you're feeling better!  12.14.09 - 10:15am
Raquel Guerra - See? you so son't need children...your kids would have been asking for food, playtime and more but Polo...well he understood that it was not about him at the moment but rather about his mommy! Hope you feel way better soon and give Polo props for being the best dog!!!  12.14.09 - 10:14am
Lydia - Aww, I hope you feel better soon! Polo's a sweetheart!  12.14.09 - 10:06am
Moe - I guess Organic didn't work out as well as you hoped?! I hope you continue to feel better and that little Polo is one slick little dude. Cute too. :)  12.14.09 - 10:05am
DeAnna - So sweet!! Sorry you aren't feeling well, glad you have Polo to take care of you, and keep you company.  12.14.09 - 10:03am
Diandra - That is pretty darn cute. Dogs have a 6th sense... they know when something is wrong. Interesting that he was laying on your stomach when that is what was hurting...  12.14.09 - 10:01am
Rachel Perry - So sorry you are feeling bad! Here's to quick recovery! I love animals and their nature. My old cat Oliver knew when I was sad and wouldn't leave me alone when I was little. Such a treasure!  12.14.09 - 9:49am
Angel Canary - Aawww, that's so sweet. That sucks Jasmine, I've been through that and it's horrible. Hope you feel better soon. =)  12.14.09 - 9:43am
Alli - Aww, Polo is so sweet...glad you are feeling better!  12.14.09 - 9:40am
Carolyn Egerszegi - j* I'm SOOOOO sorry you've had food poisoning. I had it almost 20 years ago and still remember how awful it was. Some advice from someone who has had long term gut-health problems that started with food poisoning... avoid dairy completely for the next while and start taking probiotics like crazy! Feel better soon... you're very lucky to have a dog like Polo.  12.14.09 - 9:31am
Del - It is true, a Dog is a Man's (Womans) best friend!  12.14.09 - 9:30am
Anouschka - Puppylovin' there's nothing like it!! Hope you're feeling better soon Jasmine!  12.14.09 - 9:26am
Angel Pope - Nothing better than our furry little friends. I heard on the radio once a man say "put your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car and lock them in there for 4 hours. See whose happy to see you when you finally let them out!" HOW TRUE IS THAT??? Glad you're feeling a little better...  12.14.09 - 9:21am
michelle sidles - Dogs are the BEST. So why do I have three cats? ;)  12.14.09 - 9:09am
Jessica - Aw! My husband and I have a precious Maltese named Parker. He is my pride and joy and just the most wonderful companion. I can totally relate to your post! Polo is adorable!  12.14.09 - 9:09am
Morgan - Going to hug my dog right now b/c of this post :) Hope you are feeling better!!!!  12.14.09 - 8:57am
Theresa Santoro - When I was pregnant with my 1st child 20 years ago, my Lhasa Josie...would stand guard at my belly, as I was so sick, I could not move... Maybe Polo is standing guard over a future sibling! Just sayin....   12.14.09 - 8:53am
Marissa Rodriguez - I love Polo :) Glad you're feeling better!   12.14.09 - 8:53am
MM - ugh! Feel better my friend! Food poisoning is the WORST! Remember when Justin got it when we were supposed to hang out with you & DJ in Santa Barbara? That was like the first 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan right there! :) Love you! Eat saltine crackers!  12.14.09 - 8:43am
Julie Massie - Yay for puppy-therapy!   12.14.09 - 8:27am
Jill Fleming - Doggies make the best sick companions! I wouldn't wish food poisoning on my worst enemy either - been there! Hope you feel better soon!  12.14.09 - 8:27am
evie winter - I can relate, we had a cat who sadly died a month ago, which my brother and I got together. Berry however was completely devoted to my brother (probably because he gave him more biscuits and I just took him to the vet), I am glad Polo showed you love and care when you most needed it!  12.14.09 - 8:17am
Sharron Foster - I totally know what you are feeling about your dog. Back in '02 I was in the process of having a miscarriage and didn't know it. During that whole week, our cocker spaniel never left my side.....and she is normally her own "person". She was attentive to me especially the night before I knew what was happening. Dogs are very perceptive.  12.14.09 - 8:17am
Leyla - Awww... that is so cute!! I'm so sorry to hear about your food poisoning! It really is the worst feeling ever... But really glad to know that you had two loving and caring souls with you to make it all better. My late cat used to do the same. Whenever I'd be sick or sad, he would always stay with me... I miss him... =( Cherish Polo while he is in your life... He is so adorable!  12.14.09 - 8:09am
Candice {The Beautiful Mess} - feel better soon! :)  12.14.09 - 8:07am
Rita Quinn - First, I'm so sorry to hear you weren't feeling good. YUCK!! Second, you CRACK me up! I love my doggies too and could totally envision what you were talking about, down to the doggie sprints of joy! Glad you're feeling better... :)  12.14.09 - 8:07am
Megan Beth - Oh no, hope you're feeling better! And has polo been working out?! He looks like he's lost a few pounds since his last photo shoot.  12.14.09 - 8:03am
jess@studio3z - that is so incredibly precious, and that is my most favorite photo of Polo yet. ;) glad you're feeling better.  12.14.09 - 8:03am
Tammy Stark - Tea and Toast! My grandma always made me Tea and Toast when I wasn't feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. Cute pooch!  12.14.09 - 8:02am
Drew - What a good dog. Glad to hear you're better from you deadly illness. Maybe Polo didn't feel well knowing you were ill?  12.14.09 - 8:02am
Andrea - Food poisoning sounds awful, but that is really sweet! What is Polo? I have a maltipoo & he looks like her. She is the same way with me, makes me feel special :]  12.14.09 - 8:00am
Christina Gressianu - Gotta love doggie love! Mine always knows when I need her there for me too. Glad you're feeling better!  12.14.09 - 7:59am
Becka @Studio222 Photography - I tell Nate all the time that I want a dog for that same reason, they just love so whole-heartedly.   12.14.09 - 7:58am
gladys jem - oh this story makes me so happy. polo is the sweetest and cutest dog everrr. i hope you feel 100% percent soon jasmine! xoxo  12.14.09 - 7:45am
Dawn Beirnes - Dogs are the best! I hope you feel better soon....glad Polo has taken such good care of you! (and props to JD. I'm sure he helped too!)  12.14.09 - 7:24am
B - Aawwwww! I wub my widdle nephew...  12.14.09 - 7:22am
Diana Lupu - How cute! Dogs are the best...and your Polo is quite the dog. As for Palm Sunday in your home...hilarious! Oh, and feel poisoning SUCKS big dog bones =(   12.14.09 - 7:20am
deB perry - My doggies are just like this too!!!...they're like our very own personal Florence Nightingales.  12.14.09 - 7:12am
Sheila Hallmark - fooey! Hope your feeling better real soon! (I hear you on the dog being your hubby's, our last dog of 18 years was HIS dog, unless of course my Hubby wasn't around!)  12.14.09 - 7:09am
Erin Elizabeth - aww... dogs have a way of knowing when their people don't feel good. You obviously made the cut and are one of his people! Feel better! :)  12.14.09 - 7:08am
Laura - I`m glad you`re feeling bewtter! Dogs are the best when you need comforting!  12.14.09 - 7:07am