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Kisses and Disses : Christmas Carols + Cards

o. Christmas music. JD and I butt heads regarding Christmas music. I think his mother traumatized him as a child or something because every time he hears a legit carol, he gets a nervous twitch in his left eye and he tilts his neck so that his right ear and right shoulder touch. Repeatedly. I adore Christmas music, but my husband will stand outside our house and picket my song choices.

Once, I let him choose Christmas music he liked and, I kid you not, he chose the strangest electric guitar, hip-hop, lounge music I've ever heard. I swear, he made Mrs. Clause cry. Somewhere in the North Pole, an elf died because of JD's music choice. It was THAT bad.

As of yesterday, we've made a deal. I get to listen to my music in the morning, and he gets to listen to his music in the afternoon. And every afternoon, I mourn the loss of a little elf in Santa's Village. And it's ALL JD'S FAULT. Oh, Internet, I have no doubt he'll be getting a lump of coal in his stocking this year.

And me? Well, I'll be getting what every good little girl wants: MY ENTIRE CHRISTMAS LIST. A pony included.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses + Disses...

This week's DISSES go to:
* JD's music choices and the mass disappearance of elves.
* People who steal your parking spot at the mall. I mean, really? Who still does that? Stealing spots is so Fried Green Tomatoes in the 80's!
* Food poisoning. Big--HUGE--diss to food poisoning. Or stomach viruses. Or whatever has left in invalid for the past four days.

This week's KISSES go to:
*Christmas cards. I don't know I love them so much, but I do. I have them lined up in my living room and they make me feel special seeing friends and family sending well wishes.
* The Blind Side. Strangely enough, we walked into the wrong theater for this movie...we were supposed to see the new George Clooney movie, but somehow ended up in The Blind Side theater. Best 'mistake' in a long time. The movie was so special and I cried. More than once.
* Bing Crosby for being the bestest carole singer ever.

Happy Tuesday!
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Joyce K - oh girl blind side was a tear jerker f'sho! I haven't been to a movie that has made me bawl like a little baby in so long.  12.19.09 - 6:02pm
Kristy - I'm going to make a Christmas music suggestion that may be a happy middle ground for both... Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas... some old favs and some new and unusual things, all wrapped in a package that I'm sure you both can appreciate!!!  12.19.09 - 12:14pm
Life with Kaishon - Oh, I want to see the Blind Side. I love Bing. Don't tell me JD does not like Bing. That is just pure craziness! : ) I hope you get your pony!  12.19.09 - 10:33am
Sarah - ditto on Bing!  12.17.09 - 12:46pm
Lisa - You always make me smile, girl! Don't know ya personally but you truly seem like a beautiful person inside and out. Have a Merry Christmas!  12.17.09 - 12:35pm
Anouschka - The Christmas music story almost made me pee my pants. You are too funny and I'm gonna say it again: you should SO write a book!  12.17.09 - 5:46am
Ashley - We just saw The Blind Side this afternoon and I was totally emotional! Such an awesome movie. Tell JD he needs to come over so we can school him about good Christmas music (: Save the elves JD!!   12.16.09 - 8:44pm
Kodi - Bing Crosby = perfection.  12.16.09 - 7:03pm
Chris Shepard - Yeah, I avoid malls this time of year because of the parking lots!   12.16.09 - 4:32pm
Sandy - I'm with you on the Christmas music. Every year, I seem to forget and ask my husband to find some music for Christmas dinner, the last little touch as I'm placing bowls of veggies on the table. At some point in the next few minutes I'm paralysed by some Def Leppard (circa 1987) craziness blasting from the speakers. Thanks so much for the reminder!!  12.16.09 - 12:22pm
Becky - I think it's so much fun that you get to spend so much time with your husband that you actually get to argue about music! And that you would be around so much you could actually take shifts with your music choices. My husband's in law school and it's like I've been living in the middle of the Paper Chase with how often I see him now.  12.16.09 - 9:32am
Doug LeMere - The Blind Side: we're kinda proud something great came from Memphis and Mississippi. Enjoy this video!   12.16.09 - 9:01am
Brandi - Well, I guess the people we love all have their issues.. I love Christmas music. I have to say.. Bing Crosby is awesome but my #1 Christmas crooner is Elvis :)   12.16.09 - 8:51am
Tania - I love you! You are so funny and you put a sparkle in my day. Thank you! Christmas is a great time of year and I too love seeing the Christmas cards as they come in. The Blind Side was a fantabulous movie... perfect for the season and a great feel good flick. Merry Christmas Jasmine!  12.16.09 - 8:29am
TERRI - Gotta agree on the kisses! ...and I guess the disses, as there is very little worse than awful pretend Christmas music!  12.16.09 - 7:48am
Jorge Rodriguez - I'm with JD, I HATE Christmas music. I'll pour some eggnog on the floor for all the missing elf hommies.  12.16.09 - 6:40am
Katelyn James - ohhh we lovvvveeeed that movie! I cried too...when he called her "momma" for the first time! :) oh so good!  12.16.09 - 6:29am
Erin Hernandez-Reisner - I got about half way through your post today, laughing so hard, I had to share it with my husband Marco. So, I started over reading aloud. We laughed so hard; what a way to start a day. Thanks Jasmine.   12.16.09 - 5:14am
MelissaF - To me, Christmas cards are the best part of Christmas. I think I might like them better than presents! I SO look forward to getting them. And the Christmas music, come on, it's just not Christmas unless Elvis is singing "Blue Christmas"! No funky guitars allowed. Sorry, JD!  12.16.09 - 3:21am
Anne - Wow, you are so funny. When I read the part about the elf dying I almost cried laughing. I mean the imagery is so cute and heartbreaking. You definitely know how to write things that people wanna read. And I know it's been said before, but if you ever write a book, I'm sooo gonna go and buy it. Thanks for brightening my day!!  12.16.09 - 2:51am
Ma'ele - I've been rockin' the xmas music since Black Friday!!! Isn't Christmas for me w/o the Carpenters!! Yep! and a little old skool! Totally LOVED the Blind Side. Such a feel good, wanna-do-good kinda movie!!  12.15.09 - 11:35pm
Eric Lovelin - "You may be younger and faster, but I'm older and I have more insurance!" - Fried Green Tomatoes (CLASSIC)  12.15.09 - 10:45pm
alex.kruk - I think my son killed already few Elfs because of what he is listening to !!!  12.15.09 - 9:55pm
Holli True - Jasmine- Happy to hear you're feeling better! :) The Blind Side was AMAZING! Jeff and I went to see it a few weeks ago and I just loved it! I'm kind of football freak, so I was stoked to see it! :)  12.15.09 - 9:38pm
s h e r r y - Loooove Bing Crosby! <3 <3   12.15.09 - 9:22pm
Dawn McCarthy - I have edited all day to Christmas funky guitars by the way. ;-) And I too have suffered from food poisoning and I can totally relate to your agony and wish you a speedy recovery!!!  12.15.09 - 8:32pm
amanda thiessen - christmas music makes my heart happy :)  12.15.09 - 8:19pm
Feuza - Too funny, I so want to see that movie, glad you are feeling better  12.15.09 - 8:15pm
Erin Elizabeth - Lol... I have the same problem with my sweetie and Christmas candles. He hates them, I love them. Go figure!  12.15.09 - 6:10pm
Bobbie Brown - Ohh, I want to see The Blind Side...I have heard it is awesome! And I too adore Christmas music!   12.15.09 - 6:00pm
Olivia - If there is one think I hate is it people who steal your spot in the parking lot! It always gets horrible this time of year too! Seriously.  12.15.09 - 5:00pm
Lydia - I'm the person who listens to Josh Groban's Noel cd far into the New Year...until my family loses the cd. I love Christmas music! Why does it only last for a month?  12.15.09 - 3:37pm
Eden - Taawwoooonnnddaaaaaaa! That is my favorite part.  12.15.09 - 3:12pm
Katie Whitcomb - I adore Bing Crosby's voice around Christmas time.   12.15.09 - 2:46pm
Maalaea w/ i and m photography - Yesterday I was informed that my best friend of 10 years passed away in her sleep. She was only 28. Why am I sharing this as a blog post some of you may be wondering, I just feel like I needed to share it with the world. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day act of life, especially during the holidays. Everyone please just take the the time to stop and appreciate those around you during this busy holiday season. Treasure every minute you have with those around and don't go to sleep with harsh feelings. Being a photographer brings me so much joy, because not only do I have fond memories roaming through my head I also have so many photos to help me relive every story and every memory the two of us shared together. My heart is heavy today but I wish you all the warmest and happiest holidays!  12.15.09 - 2:27pm
LEOLAK - TOO FUNNY! You are a hoot! That scene in Fried Green Tomatoes was awesome! Great mistake on the movie...I'm looking forward to seeing it myself soon! Thanks for the cheer to the day.  12.15.09 - 1:51pm
BriannaNichole - Bing and Danny have a special place in my heart for making the BEST Christmas movie ever...White Christmas.  12.15.09 - 1:02pm
kayleen t. - LOL! poor elves!   12.15.09 - 12:56pm
Andi Diamond - Too funny! I agree completely with the Christmas music! I HEART Christmas music! Listening to it now as I sit here editing....  12.15.09 - 12:50pm
My Socail Relevance - The Blind Side was a great movie. You might also like Invictus although its more heavy than Blind Side.  12.15.09 - 12:46pm
Tira J - I love Christmas music so much! And my favorite is Johnny Mathis! Growing up we had the "RECORD" and I think I wore it out if you can actually do that. Something about that album makes me fall in love with Christmas all over again.  12.15.09 - 12:35pm
Mark A Higgins - Bing, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin are my choice for carols.   12.15.09 - 12:26pm
Stephanie - You are seriously the best writer, I just love reading your posts, they crack me up!!!  12.15.09 - 12:05pm
tracy - my dad's idea of Christmas music includes the Chipmunks! Make that IS the Chipmunks.  12.15.09 - 12:05pm
Laura C - Agreed. Bing Crosby rocks. I watched White Christmas (my all time favorite movie) and Holiday Inn on Sunday! :)  12.15.09 - 12:03pm
Pol - I love Christmas carols! We are finally moving house, so I can't wait to get my tree up and the carols going. My husband thinks I am a walking cliché though I suspect! :D  12.15.09 - 12:00pm
Theresa - I think the George Clooney movie would have made you as sad as it did my daughter and I. Not the good sad that The Game Plan did... sad and depressing was the Clooney movie.... God steered you into the "right" movie!  12.15.09 - 11:48am
Jeanette LeBllanc - 1. you are so right, Bing Crosby IS the bestest carol singer ever. 2. Okay, I really must see that movie. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone. (even George Clooney) 3. Request - I want a Christmas playlist showdown. You post your playlist, JD posts his...and we all get to vote (I promise to listen to his quietly so no elves suffer) :) Whatcha think?  12.15.09 - 11:45am
Alexandra - You have such a strong voice when you write, it's incredible. Sorry to hear JD doesn't have the same appreciation for Christmas music as you do haha, but glad that you guys came to some sort of agreement :)   12.15.09 - 11:36am
Jeannine McCloskey - Oh, I have one of those husbands too, however he has finally gotten used to my Christmas music choices and lets me be. If it is playing on the radio, it is good enough for his ears. Yes, I love Bing Crosby the most. I have a music player on my blog, and listen to it while I work. I also love to watch his movies over and over again. Talk about nostalgic, and I am only 43. LOL. Merry Christmas to you. I love reading your blog, and what you give to everyone. I think that makes you a special ELF. I am sure Santa would agree.  12.15.09 - 11:26am
Gabriel - The Fried Green Tomatoes reference was best  12.15.09 - 10:59am
Harmony Loves - I saw the Blind Side this past weekend and I loved it! I cried within the first ten minutes... I love "overcoming all odds" types of movies, don't you?  12.15.09 - 10:53am
cindee bae - funny, me+my bf are the same way, he hates Christmas season just because he hates listening to the music everywhere he goes, I on the other hand, can't take enough of it! it just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. :)  12.15.09 - 10:46am
Marisa - so your fried green tomatoes comment made me laugh out loud - i love that movie (TAWANDA!) and the blind side is hands down the best movie i've seen in a very long time. i recommend invictus too, even if you're not a rugby fan.   12.15.09 - 10:45am
Katy G - I'm w/ you on the husband thing...I have the Time Life Treasury of Christmas songs CD that has the original artists singing the classics (White Christmas, etc) and I could not find it this year...I think he stole it and hid it somewhere BUM! Love love love your work...doing my first wedding this summer for my cousin (as a favor to her and my gift to her too) and am totally nervous. Your post on lighting gave great info though so I will definitely be using it!  12.15.09 - 10:38am
Katie - "Somewhere in the North Pole, an elf died because of JD's music choice." I have never laughed so hard while reading your blog, Jasmine. Hilarious!  12.15.09 - 10:30am
Mike P - +1 for Bing Crosby. It isn't Christmas without a little Bing.  12.15.09 - 10:28am
Stephanie Stewart - I've heard that is a really, really good movie...did you cry within the first few minutes? That is what I was told would happen. Hope you are feeling better!!!  12.15.09 - 10:27am
Peter G. - I have a feeling I'd probably like JD's choice in Christmas music. My wifey always complains about my choices in Christmas music. I think we can all agree on Bing. :-)   12.15.09 - 10:21am
Rachel - fried green tomatoes was filmed in the town of juliette, ga, not far from where i grew up :) the sweet tea's to DIE for at the whistle stop cafe!  12.15.09 - 10:17am
Connie - I line my Christmas cards up too... love them and look forward to seeing new pics from my friends. I just finally got mine ordered. I would love to learn how to make my own Christmas templates in PS. Enjoy the season Jasmine!  12.15.09 - 10:04am
Dawn Beirnes - my husband wants to get the new Bob Dylan Christmas CD? What? Really? Just wrong!  12.15.09 - 10:04am
Catie Ronquillo - While my hubby likes Christmas carols, he crumbled all of my dreams about Santa's Village by telling me that the North Pole is in...get this Alaska!?! I was like, nuh uh, the North Pole is supposed to be north, like polar opposites with Antarctica & the penguins. And then I had to Google it. Apparently there is a place in Alaska called North Pole, but I'm unconvinced that it's Santa's village there. Maybe that's where the elves get sent when JD plays his music. They don't die, they just get relocated to the fake North Pole. Yeah, that sounds right...And if you didn't know about the North Pole in Alaska, I'm sorry, I blame my husband, Centurion. It's his fault. I loved the Blind Side. Even before the movie came out I would get all blubbery during the preview commercial. The Preview?! Who does that? Apparently me. Merry Christmas to you, JD, and Polo!  12.15.09 - 9:34am
Emily Faulknor - I agree - Bing Crosby is the bestest carole singer ever and he makes my Christmas every year. My husband, like JD would beg to differ and as soon as he can, he will change the music as well. :) Glad to see I am not the only one. Merry Christmas Jasmine!   12.15.09 - 9:20am
Jennie - Oh ...I guess by the time I finished my whole serenade some 10 other people had commented, so I was not first, but at least I have now got myself known. Merry christmas from a snowy Sweden! /Jennie  12.15.09 - 9:19am
Jennie - Jasmine..I have been meaning to comment on your amazing work for some time, but I always seem to be the 70 th or so person to comment and I thought hey maybe you wont read it anyways by then (I know you do) and so I will never ever think that ever again. But this time I get to be THE FIRST to comment. Me too love christmas carols, they can be as cheezy as they want. I can acutally listen sometime in February too..Anyways Merry Christmas from your newest fan. You really seem to be one truly amazing person. I am glad I found your blog as I am hoping to score in photography also. Thank you for all your advice and all your great inspiring work. Cheers from a snowy Sweden. (Good thing I was first to comment or you really would not have finished this would you ;) ).  12.15.09 - 9:17am
Nelly Soares - I wish I had 1/2 your personality, you always make me laugh! I'm with you on song Bing Crosby!  12.15.09 - 9:11am
Syreena B - walking into the wrong movie!!! I have done that before but not really because i was kinda movie hoppin...and i already asked the Lord for forgiveness but it was oh-so-fun :)  12.15.09 - 9:08am
Heather - Mele Kalikimaka :)  12.15.09 - 9:07am
Megan Beth - I may, or may not have, shed a few tears on Saturday at the Blind Side, as well.  12.15.09 - 9:04am
RADELLE - OH MY GOSH I loved the blind side. what an amazing show!! I cried as well. but just a little. I loved when she said "so are we going to adopt him or you'll think about it?" and he said "is there a difference"? LOL!  12.15.09 - 9:02am
jane button - I'm with you, Jasmine...traditional carols sung by Bing, Dean, Nat, etc. are the best. Hope you are recovering quickly!  12.15.09 - 9:02am
Mar5195 - The car stealing happened in Fried Green Tomatos. Not Steel Magnolias. I have a degree in chick flicks. :) Blind Side was such a great movie!   12.15.09 - 9:00am
Shefali Shah - Jasmine, you should be so happy you didn't see the George Clooney movie, as it wasn't near as good as the Blind Side! Such an awesome movie. P.S. Laughed out loud about JD's music choices and elves dying. You have such a fun writing style!  12.15.09 - 8:51am