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FAQ : Reader Questions XI

woke up yesterday morning determined to finish my Christmas shopping. I woke up this morning with a new pair of shoes, a new dress, and a complete list of gifts to be bought for others. Yeah, will power? I DON'T HAVE IT. In hopes of making me feel better about being totally selfish and not being in the Christmas spirit, I'm blogging a FAQ post in hopes of getting out of holiday purgatory. Like usual, I don't think I'm a photo genius or hope is that this post helps one person. If more comes from it, I'll be stoked...

Brandon asked:
My question is, do you have any tips on how to improve your manual exposure abilities? Do you have exercises that have helped you get certain lighting conditions down? Have you memorize certain settings for certain lighting conditions? Do you tend to use one metering mode, or do you switch off? Just any tips to improve my saavy (and speed) in manual exposure would be great!

As I mentioned in this post, when I bought my camera, it was set to evaluative metering and I haven't changed it since. In all actuality, I use the LCD screen to gauge my exposure...I've done it from the beginning and it's worked like a charm ever since! :)
However, when I first started, I was on the beach shooting and I was challenged to shoot manually. Having no idea where to begin, I asked for help. The setting I was given for shooting midday in full sun with my 70-200IS 2.8 lens was the following: f/2.8, 2500, 100 iso. All of a sudden, I felt like someone had given me a lump of gold. I finally found a place to start! I used that setting as the benchmark for all my shooting. I'd always start there and then change my settings accordingly when I was trying to learn how to shoot. For instance, if there was less light in a different situation, I'd first find the right iso, then change the shutter speed to find the right exposure. I know this must sound stupid to many people, but this was my setting...this was an eye-opening key to truly understanding my camera and challenging myself to become a professional photographer.

Christina asked:
I've been wanting to get more experience in the field of wedding photography ... I am willing to be an assistant shooter, however, how do I contact photographers that are in need to second shooters?
Also, in starting a photography business, do you recommend that I take classes for that? or will internet research be sufficient (that's what i've been doing so far...).

I addressed the subject of procuring a role as a second shooter on this post, so I hope that helps in a small way...
It's hard recommending something not from my personal experience. Of course, I could imagine how things would be had I gone to photography school or taken classes, but that'd be like grasping at straw in a tornado. What I can talk about is my path...although I'll be the first to admit it wasn't easy or perfect!
I didn't take classes, or classes in the formal sense anyway. JD bought me a camera in 2006 and I just started practicing. A lot. I forced myself to shoot everyday. I photographed at least one thing everyday manually, so I could better understand my camera. I surfed the Internet for advice and tutorials, but nothing really hit me because I'm a visual learner...I needed to see people in action. During my first two years of business, I attended over ten workshops and seminars. Maybe more! Going to workshops was how I learned best and it exponentially propelled my growth. The people I met, the things I learned, the miles I traveled, all made up my ad hoc photo education. And I'm proud of it.

Denise asked:
My question is, understanding that the quality of equipment makes a difference in your photography, do I need to wait until I purchase professional lenses before I can charge for my work?

To be honest, I don't think you're asking the right question. In my opinion, you should ask if people are willing to pay you now, regardless of your equipment! :) I don't think equipment makes the photography...the photographer makes the photography. Honestly. Having said that, however, procuring professional lenses is always beneficial and allows you to achieve the type of images you're proud to share, and also attracts clients who appreciate your aesthetic and professional appeal.

Lisa asked:
When I checked out your wedding pictures I was trying to figure out what lens you use the most? Would love & appreciate any advice.

I use the 50mm, 1.2 and the 85mm, 1.2 the absolute most! I can't live without those lenses and they've become a cornerstone in how I shoot. However, I would venture to say I use the the 50mm the most out of all my lenses.

Other frequently asked questions...
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Lighting: HERE (using natural reflectors) and HERE (using off camera flash)
Photoshop: SOOC Comparisons, HERE and HERE for Photoshop actions I use and examples.

And because posts are always better with a's a sneak peek of what's in store in the next few days....

Happy Sunday!
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Zabrina - Hey Jasime, I love this useful tips post. You are such an inspiration. Your sharings is very beneficial to new photographers like us. Thank you!!!! I can't wail til coming to your class at WPPI in March! Happy New year to you! btw, I am Scott Robert's student :)  12.31.09 - 10:56am
Naomi Figueroa - I love these posts! Please keep them coming whenever you have time. Thank you so much for sharing all that you've learned. I am truly learning to appreciate that about you and other photographers that are willing to give back--it sets you apart in a great way from others, and it's something I aspire to do as well--to give back, not just expect to receive.   12.30.09 - 1:31pm
Samantha Morris - You are so awesome... Thank you so much for being so open and willing to help. Your blog keeps me focused and inspired to do better at what I do. If you are ever up for a trip to Montana, It would be great to have you up to do a workshop!:-)  12.28.09 - 8:04pm
Lisa Fischer - I am one. You help me daily.  12.27.09 - 5:10pm
Allison - Jasmine, thanks for sharing so much knowledge with us! I've learned so much from you and am constantly inspired by your work!  12.26.09 - 3:38pm
Jan - Thanks for sharing, Jasmine!  12.24.09 - 7:20pm
Autumn Nguyen - You are a true inspiration! I love your posts and learn so much from them. Happy Christmas.  12.24.09 - 9:01am
Angel Pope - Thanks. I read some of your comments in Professional Photographer awhile back and was so excited that your favorite lens was also mine! Not only because you rock but because it gives me hope. :-)  12.23.09 - 7:12pm
Nadia Meli - Thank you for sharing such precious advice! So helpful! love, nadia : )   12.23.09 - 12:04am
Kenny Stoudt - Love all of it!!!  12.22.09 - 4:29pm
cassandra m - always a good read. love these posts.  12.22.09 - 11:13am
Vicki - Very encouraging post. Thank you so very much.  12.22.09 - 9:16am
jeramy - great shot. love it. merry christmas!  12.22.09 - 7:16am
Leyla - I love your FAQ posts! Even though I'm not a professional photographer, I find the info very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing! You rock! =)  12.21.09 - 11:47pm
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Becca Jewel - So what does the 85mm do for your photo. how does it enhance your photo?  12.21.09 - 4:57pm
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corey - Your tips are always helpful.. Jas, im currently in tampico, mexico have been shooting massively!!!! I love your country one of my best friend has a home here and its beautiful !!! Merry Christmas to you and jd and of course POLO..  12.21.09 - 1:02pm
Tracy Miller - Great Post Jasmine! I always enjoy reading the answers to your FAQs... Keep it up!  12.21.09 - 12:38pm
Shang - I love all your FAQ posts. I loved this one in particular because I found out that we both love a 50mm and 85mm! Except yours open much wider than mine =)  12.21.09 - 12:34pm
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Diandra - I always look forward to your FAQ posts. And I cant wait to see that shoot!!!  12.21.09 - 8:15am
ajira - Thanks for this FAQ! It came at just the right time too as just yesterday I was struggling to expose correctly for my subject and the great sky in the middle of the day. It was super sunny, we were on a pier... beautiful, but hard to meter for! I'm still not able to always judge from the LCD if I've nailed the exposure or not. It's just iffy. I did try the setting you recommended above though so I'm going to look at my images now and see how it all worked out! I appreciate how much you share. Thank you!  12.21.09 - 7:00am
kristin partin - you are an angel.   12.21.09 - 6:39am
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Suki ZoĆ« - Thank you so much for sharing so much! I'm looking @ lighting equipment at the moment - I read your blog on off camera lighting, with the LiteDome - what is the light inside the dome? Suki x  12.20.09 - 11:17pm
Lydia - Jasmine, you're such a blessing to so many people! I've learned so much from you over the years. I can't thank you enough for your willingness to share!  12.20.09 - 9:13pm
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Sarah Ciccone - I love your FAQ's Jasmine! I'm always looking forward to reading them! Your sharing of knowledge and how you handle certain situations is always very much appreciated. Thank you also for showing that it is still possible to be a fabulous photographer without going to school. Gives me more hope since I can't go to school for it anytime soon. Been studying online info. and practicing like crazy :) Thanks again for the inspiration and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!  12.20.09 - 8:28pm
jacqueline fronters - Thank you so much for this knowledge and sharing. It's always appreciated.  12.20.09 - 8:13pm
Lisa H. Chang - Thanks for the tips on shooting manually. It's something I'm trying but struggling w/ a little ~ especially when taking pictures for people. I find it easier to switch to Aperture Priority when there's a lot going on. But I agree that manual is the way to go to understand exposure more!  12.20.09 - 7:49pm
Kristin Hartness - Thanks, Jasmine, for being so willing to share your knowledge. These FAQ posts are so helpful!  12.20.09 - 7:27pm
Emily Heizer Photography - THERE IT IS!!! It was hidden away in the 2nd "focus" post. :)  12.20.09 - 6:45pm
Emily Heizer Photography - Hey Jasmine! That post you link to doesn't say what CAMERA you shoot with, just the lenses! False Advertiser! If I sweet talk Polo can he make Mommy spill the beans????  12.20.09 - 6:42pm
anda - you are definitely out of holiday purgatory after this post! i especially appreciate your answer to the first question. i just learned so much from you. AGAIN!!  12.20.09 - 6:41pm
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Ali - Thank you so much for this awesome post! I love how you share so freely, you are such an inspiration in so many ways. Also, I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who can't resist shopping for myself as well as everyone else!  12.20.09 - 3:38pm
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feuza - oh thank you, this was so helpful~ love it  12.20.09 - 11:13am
Connie - I am just like that Jasmine... I go Christmas shopping and end up with a bunch of bags for myself and a longer list for others! What is wrong with us - hee, hee! Thanks for sharing all your camera info... love that you share!  12.20.09 - 11:00am
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Dawn McCarthy - LOVE your FAQ posts!!! As always, I appreciate your candidness. I know it must get repetitive but are an inspiration. And btw...I did finish all of my Christmas shopping yesterday and I was so proud! It felt good to wake up with that behind me today. But now...the wrapping! : )  12.20.09 - 10:19am
Amber Fox - Jasmine, you are rad! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I thank you for your humility and your unbelievable willingness to share your secrets. I have learned so much from reading your site and being inspired by your images. God bless you & JD this Christmas!  12.20.09 - 10:02am
Paula - yeah~~ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these posts!! Food for my photography soul! :) Thanks!!!  12.20.09 - 9:50am
Kare - Love your FAQs. Some day I'll ask something so I get to have my name up in lights! I need to work on manual exposures so I'll take your advice and experiment.  12.20.09 - 9:49am
Reyna Alailima - I am SO excited to finally see you shoot a wedding where I actually know and love the people you're shooting!! I know you'll tell the story of thier love better than anyone else possibly could! XOXO  12.20.09 - 9:48am
Raquel - thanks! It is quite refreshing to come across someone who is willing to share their knowledge and who is not intimidated by bettering other photographers. It's nice to know that you see that clients all over the country will benefit from better photographers and you are on a mission to see that come to fruition. Thanks for all you do!  12.20.09 - 9:32am