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Merry Christmas

esterday my family gathered for a Christmas Eve Eve dinner at my parents' home. When JD, Polo, and I arrived, the house was warm and the air thick with the scents of plantains, rice, beans, and a plethora of other Puerto Rican entrees. My youngest sister, Zoe Belle, invited the family for a home cooked meal to celebrate the year coming to a close. And to also remember my grandmother's legacy. Though no one mentioned it, we celebrated her life and relived her memories with every spoonful of food. And, believe me, there was food. Tons of it.

The sounds of latin music danced through the air and we all laughed, yelled, and as we spoke over each other, there was love. Lots and lots of love. It's a night I never want to forget because life is short and in a blink everything can change. In that moment--ice clinking in glasses, the black beans resting happily on the white rice, and my father's reluctance at wearing a shirt to the dinner table (Iss ah free kuntree...why muss I wear a shirt?!)--I was happy. So incredibly happy.

Merry Christmas, Internet. JD and I wish you happiness, love, and joy during this holiday season!

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Erica W - Jasmine-- I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. You are an amazing photographer, and truly an inspiring one. As a high school student, following your blog has encourage me to find a passion and stick with it. I hope to one day have the honor of attending a workshop or yours or having you photograph me! You'd definitley be my first choice.  01.20.10 - 9:27pm
Dajuan - JD, Nice vest. You two are the greatest. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010! Have fun during your travels and return safely.  01.04.10 - 12:38pm
Chris - Happy Holidays!! What a beautiful looking couple.  12.30.09 - 4:14pm
Naomi Figueroa - What a sweet description! Yet another way I feel a connection to you...though I have only married into a Puerto Rican family, I love the time with family--the music, the food, the love. Nothing like rice and beans with my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, though I must admit I'm usually the one to bring the mashed potatoes so I can have some of the soul food I grew up with! Merry Christmas, God bless!  12.30.09 - 1:25pm
Markus Riese - wish you all the are a very nice couple...greets from germany...markus ;-)  12.30.09 - 12:06pm
Christina LeMarr - Love it!   12.30.09 - 5:41am
Sarah Lee - Aw you guys are cute!! Happy Holidays!  12.29.09 - 3:42pm
Emily Hayes - Adorable pic! I love how open you are to share you life with your readers. It has really inspired me to do the same. P.S.- your also the person who inspired me to get into weddings and I already have 5 booked for yext year (2nd year in business)! Thanks for being so awesome!  12.29.09 - 5:43am
ohana photographers - hope your christmas was full of blessings and love.  12.28.09 - 9:16pm
Angelo - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jasmine and Hubby. I read all your blogs. I don't know how you do it, but you fill our hearts with happiness and hope. God Bless you. Angelo.  12.28.09 - 6:49pm
Holli True - Too precious, Jasmine & JD! :)  12.28.09 - 2:30pm
Braedon - Look at you two! Good looking couple. Hope you had a merry Christmas!!  12.28.09 - 2:18pm
Rose - You two a just beautiful together. What a wonderful family you have too. Many continued blessing in 2010.  12.27.09 - 7:03pm
Andi Grant - reading your blog and watching your success is so inspirational. You are a testament to the truth that God wants to bless those who love and honor Him. you are an inspiration and I wish you much much much happiness in 2010!!   12.27.09 - 3:52pm
MM - You two are so cute! I just want to squeeze you! And squeeze you I will the next time I see you! xoxo  12.27.09 - 6:47am
Christine Pobke - Merry Christmas beautiful girl! :) Not long now til AUSTRALIA!!! :) Looking forward to finally meeting you two and giving you great big hugs!!! :) xoxo Happy new years!!!  12.26.09 - 11:52pm
Karl Bratby - And a Merry Christmas to you Jasmine and JD  12.26.09 - 11:50pm
Kare - Merry Christmas, Jasmine, to both you and JD.  12.26.09 - 8:11pm
Elsie - Feliz Navidad my fellow Boricua! =) That's what the holidays are all about, family and remembering and keep the traditions alive and well. God Bless and I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a great holiday season! =)   12.26.09 - 5:49pm
Barb Cameron - Happy New Year! Here's to a year full of health and prosperity and of course, LOVE!  12.26.09 - 2:26pm
Lindsay - Love this post!!! JD and you look like a cowboy and cowgirl! Soo Cute!!!! Merry Christmas!  12.26.09 - 2:08pm
Heather Cole - Merry Christmas Jasmine!! Miss you!!!  12.26.09 - 12:23pm
LEOLAK - Merry Christmas Jasmine to you and your family! Thanks for all your inspiration and knowledge you share! Very cute photo! All the best to you guys in the new year!   12.26.09 - 10:35am
Becka @Studio222 Photography - CUTE  12.26.09 - 9:46am
Jaclyn Marie - Super cute photo! Your family sounds amazing. Merry Christmas Jasmine!!!  12.26.09 - 7:08am
kay english - When are you guys making babies! lol you would make such cute ones!  12.26.09 - 5:40am
Corneli - Merry Christmas to you guys!  12.26.09 - 2:39am
Noelia - ¡Feliz Navidad para ti y toda tu familia!  12.25.09 - 11:31pm
Brian Fletcher - Merry Christmas, guys! Great photo :)  12.25.09 - 11:25pm
Nellie Guerrero - Merry Christmas to you too Jas! I am so blessed to have virtually met you :)   12.25.09 - 11:07pm
Daniel Finger - Jasmine! resolvi escrever em Porttuguês para te desejar um feliz Natal direto do Brasil e que esse pais precisa de presente de natal um curso seeu de fotografia. Preciso dizer que cada vez que leio seus comentarios fico emocionado de como você não é desse mundo. Paraaaabéns e Merry Christmas.  12.25.09 - 2:43pm
Tiffany - Merry Christmas to you both! You are both beautiful people inside and the photo of you two.  12.25.09 - 12:21pm
sarah - i also have moments like that- when i sit back and think, "remember this." enjoy the rest of your holiday! ps. totally jealous about the plantains. i wish our christmas dinner included them. maybe next year it will!  12.25.09 - 10:27am
Kathy Chappell - Thank you so much for sharing your gift and talent with us so freely....I personally truly appreciate you, J.D. and Polo....Merry Christmas to you and your family!  12.25.09 - 9:49am
Tira J - Merry Christmas to you and your entire family Jasmine! Much love, Tira J & David  12.25.09 - 9:22am
gabriel.ryan. - we love you guys A LOT!! just thought you should know ;)  12.25.09 - 7:46am
Sandra Yu Photography - You're indeed blessed. Merry Christmas!  12.25.09 - 7:22am
Katie Whitcomb - Merry Christmas Jasmine!  12.25.09 - 6:49am
Evelyn - Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! Sound like you all had a blast. Reading this makes me hungry. Feliz Navidad!!!  12.25.09 - 4:42am
Anouschka - A very merry christmas to you, JD, Polo and your family!!  12.25.09 - 3:53am
uLi - Merry X'mas =)  12.25.09 - 3:40am
Pol - All the blessing of the Christmas season to you and your family  12.25.09 - 2:29am
Elizabeth - From my family to yours Merry Christmas!  12.25.09 - 1:46am
Rory Mole - Hi there Jasmine, Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes and for sharing. May you and your family experience continued blessing, prosperity, love and everything that Jesus is all about, not only over Christmas, but throughout the rest of your lives. Blessings, Rory  12.24.09 - 10:37pm
Jo-Anne Kyle - Wishing you and JD a magical Christmas and a New Year filled with many joys, large and small.  12.24.09 - 9:38pm
Tacey - Jasmine...'Meeting' you was one of the best gifts I received all year. God bless you and your family...  12.24.09 - 8:50pm
TERRI - There is nothing more important than family. It's where we begin and end. Merry Christmas to you and JD. Blessings.  12.24.09 - 8:38pm
cassandra m - MERRY CHRISTMAS my beautiful friends. I hope your day is FULL of LOVE and LAUGHTER and HAPPINESS! Kisses to Polo! this pic!  12.24.09 - 8:05pm
Alexandra - Merry Christmas!!!!!   12.24.09 - 5:18pm
Lydia - Love this picture of the two of you! Merry Christmas!  12.24.09 - 4:37pm
s h e r r y - Merry Christmas to you, JD, and Polo! :)   12.24.09 - 3:39pm
Cathy Crawley - Merry Christmas to you, Jd and your families. I hope you have a lovely day together xxx  12.24.09 - 3:23pm
Emily Abril - Merry Christmas Jasmine!   12.24.09 - 3:16pm
angela hubbard - such an awesome photo Jasmine and JD. Merry Merry Christmas to you guys and Polo. love angela & whiskey  12.24.09 - 2:48pm
Vanessa Tuau - What a beautiful image and lovely story:) Merry Christmas xx  12.24.09 - 2:25pm
kay* - i think this is one of my favourite photos you've posted of you and JD. actually - it is. merry christmas to both of you and your family. your blog (& you) are such an incredible source of inspiration not only when it comes to photography...but just how to be a decent human being and be thankful in general. more than anything that's why i enjoy your blog. you rock!  12.24.09 - 2:10pm
Judi Hussain - A joyous and blessed Christmas and holiday season to you, JD and your entire family.  12.24.09 - 1:47pm
Mindy - Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!!  12.24.09 - 1:33pm
Connie - Merry Christmas Jasmine! Hope you have a magical time!  12.24.09 - 1:32pm
Linda Sherrill - Merry Christmas JD and Jasmine...Thanks for sharing all you do with us..  12.24.09 - 1:00pm
Brandis Allison - Merry Christmas!  12.24.09 - 12:52pm
Yuka photo art - Merry Christmas to you and your family!  12.24.09 - 12:47pm
paula leme - merry christmas!!! :)  12.24.09 - 12:46pm
Eileen - Wishing you much joy and happiness in the new year and look forward to viewing more of your beautiful work.   12.24.09 - 12:40pm
Kira Lauren Photography - AWWW! An adorable picture of you and JD. Simple, and in love. Merry Christmas to you both, and wishes for a fabulous 2010! =D  12.24.09 - 12:31pm
Curtis Moore - Merry Christmas to you two and your family!!  12.24.09 - 12:25pm
Jennifer Brotchie - Merry Christmas jasmine and jd! The Lord overflows his cup with love and joy and we are lucky to get a sip.... xo  12.24.09 - 12:25pm
Mandy Sroka - Merry Christmas to you all as well!  12.24.09 - 12:14pm
Bobbie Brown - Oh... I love this picture of you guys! Your family sounds amazing. Merry Christmas to you and yours!  12.24.09 - 12:06pm
Deanna Rose - And the merriest days to the both of you. Have a wonderful Christmas. ((Hugs))  12.24.09 - 11:56am