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Laughter : 2009

© Jasmine Star. This post cannot be republished without permission. Stealing makes me sad.
love laughter. I love the way it looks, I love the way it sounds, the way it makes the soul shine. Laughter betrays the happiest part of a person and I'm attracted to it like a magnet. As a photographer, when I'm able to document laughter, I feel like the luckiest person alive. Based on the following selection of photos, 2009 has proven to be my lucky year.

With many thanks to my clients, I've captured a piece of their soul. And I'm incredibly thankful.

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liam smith - still awesome six years later  07.22.15 - 10:03am
Meik - Happy people and great pics. What else could anyone ask for.  01.11.11 - 11:41am
Mike Tinholt - Great post... its the best midecine  02.16.10 - 5:46pm
Stacey Malleck - How is it that I feel like I can almost HEAR them laughing. Way to be ready!  02.03.10 - 5:33pm
Tim Hind - Great collection of images!  01.22.10 - 7:07am
Erica W - These pictures are great!!You're amazing every time.  01.20.10 - 9:39pm
jenny - awesome! wish i could've been a part  01.20.10 - 7:02am
ashley pizzuti - Great work!  01.15.10 - 8:41pm
Mike Garrard - Laughter has to be the hardest thing to nail consistently... such a great year you've had... .  01.14.10 - 12:20pm
Rosemary Ragusa - I love laughing photos, they're always my favorite!  01.13.10 - 4:38pm
dee - This is incredible. The energy in the photos made my morning!  01.08.10 - 5:36am
Joe Federer - So funny - I didn't read the copy of this blog post and just started going through the images... and I was thinking to myself: "Self, this jasmine must be super fun to work with... everyone has such a real smile/laugh" ... then I scrolled up and saw that was the point of the post. Well done. ;)  01.07.10 - 3:20pm
jezza323 - Some truely amazing photos in this series. Good luck capturing as many laughs in 2010  01.07.10 - 3:38am
Adam Hudson - It takes real talent to catch shots of quick burt of emotion and have the images turn out tack sharp. You are phenomenal with both!  01.06.10 - 1:53pm
The Commander - OMG! These are SO much fun! I cracked-up at THEM cracking up! Gina--seriously--MR. ED!  01.05.10 - 6:23pm
Otto Rascon - Thank you for this post. It is amazing how joyful people are at weddings (for the most part). It is cool how seeing people smile makes me smile. So thanks for sharing the warmth that smiles bring. I am smiling whilst I type... ROCK!  01.05.10 - 10:06am
Jonathan Brown - Love the Laugh shots. Great idea for a post.   01.05.10 - 5:34am
Louisa Coulthurst - Brilliant - thanks for sharing!  01.02.10 - 10:47am
Christina - LOVE.THIS.POST!  01.01.10 - 4:19pm
ajja - i clearly remember last years laugh recap, it stuck with me and it has been what has made me stick around this blog. you laugh well that must be the foundation of capturing a great one!  12.31.09 - 9:39am
Daniel Finger - the best smiles in 2009. very good.  12.31.09 - 7:31am
????????? - I love the third pic!!!! Talk about HILARIOUS!!! Great Work...have fun on yer trip  12.30.09 - 8:03am
Jason Thon - What a great post! I love all the images; however, the 5th image is absolutely priceless. What a great moment!   12.29.09 - 8:29pm
Robin McQuay Anderson - What a beautiful recap of your year! We are all truly blessed to have much laughter in our lives.  12.29.09 - 6:43pm
Nida - Hi Jasmine, luv the loughter post.. how do you create a couple to a big lough. We found it sometime difficult to make a shy cupole to lough a big one especially when only both of them with us.  12.29.09 - 6:36pm
Sarah - You made me smile today :) Amazing shots Jasmine...absolutely gorgeous!  12.29.09 - 11:51am
Tina dela Rosa - Great set, Jasmine!  12.29.09 - 8:48am
imthiaz houseman - is it weird that i laughed my way through this post? laughter is so contagious...great post  12.29.09 - 8:21am
Zarah - Just looking at these images of couples laughing makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!  12.29.09 - 6:23am
Emily Hayes - I juts love these! Laughter if my favorite emotion to capture!  12.29.09 - 5:32am
Alexandra - LOVE this post! You're amazing at what you do Jasmine!  12.29.09 - 3:05am
mark - Great post & fabulous set of images (as always!!).  12.29.09 - 12:45am
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Chavvon Smith - Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in 20009!!  12.28.09 - 7:48pm
Holli True - I'm so not surprised how much you love to hear and document laughter, you also love to laugh! :) You absolutely sparkle and I think a huge attribute is how much you laugh. It's absolutely awesome!   12.28.09 - 2:32pm
michelle carrillo - this post is AWESOME! My favorite pictures I've captured seem to all be the most random of moments...when the REAL stuff happens and you can SEE the spark of the person. awesome! thanks!!  12.28.09 - 12:07pm
Marcus - It is so easy to laugh when you and J Dizzle are shooting! You guys seriously were so much fun! There was no way that we could have gone through our wedding day without laughing at you, with you, and you:) Your the best, such a fun post.  12.28.09 - 12:02pm
john pascale - What a great idea for a post! The perfect theme! Laughter!   12.28.09 - 10:00am
Marla - You can't NOT smile when you view this post. Thanks for making me smile today!  12.28.09 - 7:16am
Brandon M Sweet - Prettttyyyy.... PRETTY AWESOME. -BamBrandon  12.28.09 - 6:47am
Dawn McCarthy - Happy post. Stunning images!!! Congratulations on an incredible 2009!  12.28.09 - 6:32am
Amy - Laughter + your photog skills = total gorgeousness!!!  12.28.09 - 6:18am
Becka @Studio222 Photography - That made me smile ;)  12.28.09 - 5:50am
Renee Descoutures - What a wonderful post! You can't help but smile while looking at these!  12.28.09 - 5:25am
Holly - L O V E this post, jasmine! you capture people real & relaxed so well.... kudos!!!! and happy new year!!!!  12.28.09 - 4:59am
Jess - This is such a beautiful post. Your images are amazing!  12.28.09 - 4:32am
sarah - laughing photos are the best! wonderful choices, j*!  12.28.09 - 12:34am
angela hubbard - These images are as fabulous as you are! outstanding J*  12.27.09 - 10:15pm
Gina Meola - Yous is amaze-za-zing!! Love you.  12.27.09 - 8:58pm
Angel Canary - I love it - smiles are wonderful, but laughter is the BEST!  12.27.09 - 8:36pm
Lisa H. Chang - LOVE these laughs! :)  12.27.09 - 8:03pm
s h e r r y - So many laughs, Jasmine! This is incredible <3 <3   12.27.09 - 7:11pm
Kristin - I love this!!!! Just makes you wantto smile!  12.27.09 - 6:55pm
Tiffaney - Laughter is the best medicine. LOVE IT!  12.27.09 - 6:39pm
Crystal Le Mamoulelis - You're right! It's the best! And so contagious!   12.27.09 - 6:35pm
Laurel - GREAT pics! I captured a couple of fun LAUGHTER moments this Christmas. What JOY! I LOVE your photography. God has BLESSED your work. (Oh ... love your sis, too. That's how I found your blog. She and I have become Bloggy Buddies.) mama of many  12.27.09 - 5:35pm
Nicole Benitez - Its contagious!! These made me smile brightly.. just beautiful!  12.27.09 - 5:10pm
nena - So wonderfully lovely. They made me happy! =-)  12.27.09 - 4:37pm
feuza - Laughter is the best and I do not even mind laughing at myself, it helps! have a great time in New Zealand and Australia.  12.27.09 - 4:35pm
Michelle Guzman - I love these. Everyone looks so happy!!  12.27.09 - 4:00pm
Rachael - I love it how you capture such genuine moments... laughing is the best!  12.27.09 - 3:05pm
trish - I adore your laughter posts, I think last year's one is still fresh in my memory. Keep doing what you're doing and keep making the world smile and laugh with you. All the best for 2010!!  12.27.09 - 2:59pm
gabriel reilly - fantastic images Jasmine. i love your work!  12.27.09 - 2:56pm
Pol - Such natural, relaxed photos! You really captured the joy  12.27.09 - 2:48pm
Lydia - These pictures radiate joy and happiness! Laughter+love=beautiful pictures!  12.27.09 - 2:37pm
Amber Fox - These make me smile. Good work Jasmine. You truly do a great job capturing the real.   12.27.09 - 2:35pm
Connie - I so agree... I LOVE capturing laughter! We don't see ourselves like that very often so to capture that is amazing to do for someone. The smile is forever remembered that way.  12.27.09 - 2:25pm
jules - I LOVE how you see the world! Laughter is beautiful ... my favorite is hearing the laughter of my son! :)  12.27.09 - 2:23pm
Cathy Crawley - This post made me smile from ear to ear. I love honest emotion in any of it's forms :)   12.27.09 - 2:14pm
Jayme - Oh I love them all Jasmine, no surprise. LOL I love laughing shots... always try to make my clients laugh so I can get at least 1 shot. :)  12.27.09 - 1:49pm
inland Empire Wedding Photographer - you sure did capture a piece of their soul. for some reason this post made me choke up a little bit even though everyone is laughing. something about all these photos put together.  12.27.09 - 1:29pm
Sarah Esther - Love this! reminds me of a pride and prejudice quote '...I dearly love to laugh'!!  12.27.09 - 1:07pm
Magan of Magan's Lens - Oh, Jasmine! These photos are *perfect*. I love that you did this post and I can't even begin to choose a favorite photo. They just captured such pure moments. Awesome work!  12.27.09 - 12:31pm
Rebekah Tillotson - I always tell my dad that a smile is a laugh waiting to happen :)  12.27.09 - 12:16pm
Jessica Shae - O how I love this post . . . Laughing is the best! :)  12.27.09 - 12:11pm
Lindsay - LOVE This J* Beautiful!  12.27.09 - 11:57am
Brent Pilgrim - Laughter is infectious, but a good type of infection! Smiling is the great by-product ;)  12.27.09 - 11:35am