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Just a quick note letting you know I'll be out of the country until January 15, 2010. I'll be meeting amazing photographers in New Zealand and Australia while teaching workshops and I'm SO excited! I have limited internet access, so I'll like be responding to all email upon my return. I hope to blog my adventures, so I'd love to have you along for the crazy ride!
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Dorelies - It would be great, if you came to workshops to Europe - maby Austria?!!! Would love to see you and make a workshop with you. My great wish vor 2011: a workshop with you. But now I'm dreaming of it. And dreaming can be lovely too!   01.07.10 - 10:47am
Jadey - I'm in Australia! When will you be here? Where will you be? What workshops are you teaching? Where can I find out more?   01.03.10 - 1:57am
Vicki James - I'm with your mum wishing you the best seminars EVER. Can. Not.Wait !!!  12.31.09 - 11:17pm
My Socail Relevance - Have fun in Kiwi land. Check out the Lord of the Rings tour. haha  12.30.09 - 8:25am
MelissaF - Have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all the details when you get back.  12.30.09 - 6:21am
Judi Hussain - Wow 'em down under, Jasmine. Looking forward to hearing the stories upon your return.  12.30.09 - 6:17am
Alexandra - Have fun in New Zealand! Great photo :)   12.30.09 - 2:32am
Heather LaBone - Have a great time! Will miss your bloggin while your gone. Can't wait for the recap!  12.30.09 - 2:29am
Karen - Have a safe and fun trip!   12.30.09 - 2:03am
Lynne - Visit Brisbane as well!!! Enjoy all sites  12.30.09 - 12:40am
Brian Fletcher - Jealous! Have fun!!   12.29.09 - 9:34pm
Renata Janes - We'll all miss you!! Praying for your safe return.   12.29.09 - 8:35pm
Renee Delgado - What a blessing, have a blast and may God bless you,Praying for ......  12.29.09 - 8:06pm
Angel Canary - Best of luck! ;)  12.29.09 - 8:02pm
Karen Long - You'll definitely be missed! We 'Star-struck' stalkers hope to hear from you soon!!  12.29.09 - 7:53pm
debbie - Good Luck and Have fun! I am ready for the Crazy Ride keep us posted. Love your site! Have a great day You deserve it!  12.29.09 - 7:32pm
tami i. - I can't wait to hear about all your adventures "down under"!!! It sounds so fun and exciting!!!  12.29.09 - 7:32pm
Jonni Sergi - Hope you had a wonderful and safe trip. Can't wait to follow along. Jonni :)  12.29.09 - 7:19pm
deymanuel - best of luck and have a safe trip!!!  12.29.09 - 7:02pm
Brent Pilgrim - Have a safe and exciting time! The word "jealous" comes to mind.  12.29.09 - 6:59pm
Jodie Greck - I cant wait for the workshop yay xx  12.29.09 - 6:47pm
Nida - Hi Jasmine, Have a GREAT one.. look forward to your trip Blog..  12.29.09 - 6:38pm
Doug - Keep us posted on your trip! Happy Holidays. ^_^  12.29.09 - 6:38pm
diana - Safe travels J*! Can't wait to see your travel posts.  12.29.09 - 6:31pm
Jo-Anne Kyle - You'll love New Zealand and Australia, Jasmine. Have an amazing time and give Cathy Crawley a big hug from me.   12.29.09 - 6:06pm
Melanie - So excited to meet you at the Sydney Workshop. Have a safe flight!  12.29.09 - 6:02pm
Mindy - Have fun J* and JD!!! Enjoy the new year, new friends and new adventures!!! Can't wait to see the images!!!  12.29.09 - 5:59pm
Svetlana Yanova - Have a great time in Australia and NZ, Jasmine! Can't wait to read about your adventures! :)) You will for sure rock your workshops, my dream is to attend it someday!   12.29.09 - 5:58pm
Bobbie Brown - Have fun, be careful!  12.29.09 - 4:55pm
Josie Cole - God be with you and JD on your trip to New Zealand, be clear minded and focused wherever your destination be, you'll be a great teacher presenting your photo shop. Excited to see what you veiw there I'm sure it is a beautful place to visit. "Totally Awesom"  12.29.09 - 4:31pm
Mom - Praying for you both and wishing you the BEST SEMINAR YET!!   12.29.09 - 4:17pm
Kathy Chappell - Miss you already...BUT, you better come back to O.C.!!!!!!!!  12.29.09 - 4:09pm
Michelle Hires - Have a safe and productive trip! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!  12.29.09 - 4:08pm
Allie Love - Enjoy!!! My 4 months in Australia was the best time of my life, the people there are so wonderful and I am sure you will fall in love with everything.  12.29.09 - 4:07pm
Mo - Have a fantastic trip. Be sure and take lots of pictures. :)  12.29.09 - 4:01pm
Roxanne - Have a safe trip Jasmine and enjoy yourself!!  12.29.09 - 4:00pm
Leo - Looking forward to it!  12.29.09 - 3:43pm
Gladys Jem - Have a great time Jasmine! I can't wait to read all bout your adventures :) Tell JD hi for me!   12.29.09 - 3:24pm
lisa.k - Hope you enjoy our wonderful land of Oz! So bummed you are coming to my side of the world but not far enough south for me to absorb your knowledge and sparkle! Next time maybe....oh and don't forget your sunscreen! ; )  12.29.09 - 3:23pm
Christina Alessandrini - Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!  12.29.09 - 2:50pm
Greer Rivera - WOW I'm SO jealous! Of you for getting to go to Australia & New Zealand and your workshop attendees for learning from you! I just want you to soak in how very lucky you are! Come see me in the Caribbean next!! :)  12.29.09 - 2:32pm
Anthony Luna - Have a blast and I can't wait to see the beast that you capture. The animals of course. =)  12.29.09 - 2:22pm
Jennifer Brotchie - Have a safe journey you two! Can't wait to read about your adventures... Happy New Year!  12.29.09 - 2:16pm
Tana - Can't wait!! Have fun :)   12.29.09 - 1:41pm
Janel Erikson - How exciting!! You are such an inspiration, hope your new year is great!  12.29.09 - 1:36pm
Heather Ham - HAVE FUN DOWN UNDA'...  12.29.09 - 1:29pm
inland Empire Wedding Photographer - now we are all hooked, we will be checking in to see what your latest adventures are.  12.29.09 - 1:23pm
Melissa @ Whooo's That Girl - How exciting!! Have fun!  12.29.09 - 1:21pm
Tarah - Can't wait to read (and see!) all about it! It's one of my dream destinations:) Have fun!!  12.29.09 - 1:14pm
Nicole Benitez - Have a safe trip and rock it out in NZ and Australia!  12.29.09 - 1:01pm
Hayley - You are going to fall in love with our beautiful country, Australia. Don't forget to pack your thongs (for your feet), stubbie cooler, sun lotion and aeroguard. Hope you have an amazing time and we look forward to following your adventures. Best Wishes, Hayley  12.29.09 - 12:59pm
Dennis Urbiztondo - Have a fun and safe adventure : )  12.29.09 - 12:50pm
Ivona - Have a blast! Safe travels!!!!  12.29.09 - 12:47pm
Emily Hayes - Okay, I officially want to be you! It is my dream to go to New Zealand! I can't wait to hear about your experience and see your pictures!  12.29.09 - 12:47pm
cassandra m - God Bless you & JD...keep you safe. Know we are all sending lots of LOVE your way and waiting eagerly for some blog pics. Have fun!!! Enjoy & HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!!  12.29.09 - 12:30pm
Ashley - Wishing you safe travels and a great time!!!!   12.29.09 - 12:19pm
Rachel Perry - I'm jealous. I've always wanted to go to Australia! Have so much fun!  12.29.09 - 12:11pm
Lydia - Have fun!  12.29.09 - 12:09pm
Leyla - Have a safe & happy trip! Can't wait to hear all the stories =) Happy New Year!  12.29.09 - 12:08pm
marissa moss - you are going to have so much fun! cannot wait to see your pictures from the trip!!   12.29.09 - 12:01pm
LEOLAK - Safe travels Jasmine!!! Australia is one of my dream destinations I wish to visit some day (and I will). Have a great time, and I'm sure many are looking forward to meeting you too!   12.29.09 - 12:00pm