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Lake Tekapo : New Zealand

esterday we drove through what could've been a slice of Heaven. No, really, everywhere I looked, there appeared to be a celestial element everywhere. Each bend of the road brought forth new beauty and, yes, even the sheep looked beautiful. Despite the jet-lag, JD and I are loving every minute of our time here in New Zealand thus far. We stayed the night at Lake Tekapo and I feel like my soul has found it's resting place. It's gorgeous I could cry. We're off for a hike right now, but here are a few snap shots of our day thus far....

Our awesome hotel...

Umm, yeah. There are just random farm houses that make smile...

I swear. I swear this was a toe-touch....JD just captured it at the wrong moment. Swear.

Hey, Mom, I'm excited!

We're off to Queenstown for the day and plan to spend New Year watching the sunrise together....I wish you all a very happy New Year and may 2010 bring nothing but happiness and joy!
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Dillon Driscoll - BEST TOE TOUCH EVER! HAHAHA!   07.10.14 - 3:09pm
Angela Haig-McAuliffe - Hi Jasmine, i have been reading your blogs for a while and now your in my part of the world. I'm holidaying in Wanaka, close to Tekapo and Queenstown. It's lovely to see people appreciating our beautiful country. Enjoy your time and if you have time, come visit a fan in Dunedin.   01.02.10 - 11:16pm
amanda thiessen - so jealous!! have a great time!  01.02.10 - 9:34am
Jonni Sergi - What a great way to start off 2010! Gorgeous images and hope you guys are having a blast. hugs, Jonni  01.01.10 - 9:54pm
Kia Gregory - You all are starting off 2010 in a big way! Hope you're still enjoying yourselves! Good on ya!  01.01.10 - 11:13am
Ashley Madsen - This is one place that is a must visit for me sometime. Every picture I've ever seen of it is just stunning. Have so much fun!!!  01.01.10 - 10:22am
Regina White - You just make me laugh...JD too. Happy to see your having a good time.   01.01.10 - 9:57am
AmandaD - Love your photos! Hubby and I will be in the South Island in 2 months & I'm so excited to go. Post lots of photos from your trip & Happy New Year!  01.01.10 - 5:35am
alistair - Happy sheep chasing!  12.31.09 - 10:02pm
Marissa Rodriguez - I totally believe you about the toe touch :)  12.31.09 - 7:55pm
Shannon - Love the jumping shots. Have fun over there.  12.31.09 - 6:50pm
Inland Empire Wedding Photographer - jasmine you can jump very high. happy new year. May god bless you even more so you can share even more. :)  12.31.09 - 4:37pm
Jen May - great jumping shots :D  12.31.09 - 3:16pm
Life with Kaishon - Your toe touch is SENSATIONAL! I can totally see that he missed the shot. Seriously! Have a wonderful vacation.  12.31.09 - 2:32pm
megmanionsilliker - happy new year jasmine. thank you so much for all the inspiration you give me. here's to a great, healthy and successful 2010 for us all. have a blast at your workshops! xo  12.31.09 - 1:26pm
ashleigh - totally jealous! NZ seems amazing!!! love the last 2 pics! enjoy your trip!!!  12.31.09 - 12:56pm
Miz Booshay - were a cheerleader. Super Great!  12.31.09 - 12:49pm
s h e r r y - Looks like you're having a blast in NZ! :) Happy New Year!  12.31.09 - 11:54am
Ricki Ford - I love that last shot!!Happy New Year!  12.31.09 - 11:53am
Trish - Awsome! I cant wait to see more images, it looks so lovely there.   12.31.09 - 11:11am
Deyla Huss Photography - Thats Awesome! have a Fabulous time, and many New Year Hugs your way! Cheers!  12.31.09 - 10:43am
Tina dela Rosa - Oh, I'm truly envious. Beautiful images! One day I'll hit NZ :)   12.31.09 - 10:05am
Dawn McCarthy - I believe you. You know...about the toe-touch. ;-)   12.31.09 - 9:49am
Erica Velasco - how fun!  12.31.09 - 9:22am
Leyla - So good to hear that you guys are safely there, and are loving every moment. Lovely shots so far, can't wait to see more! Happy New Year & May you always stay the way you are today! Totally awesome! xoxo  12.31.09 - 8:40am
Justin - Hello Jasmine! What an amazing place! I actually stayed at that same hotel in february of this year! The water in that lake is unbelievable. If you get a chance try to go see the glacier at the head of this lake. Also keep and eye out for the thousands of wild hare's that are running about. Have fun!  12.31.09 - 8:16am
Jakki - Doncha just love places that make you FEEL??? Love the shots here...they are perfect!  12.31.09 - 8:15am
Daniel Finger - Curte muito neste lugar pois vocĂȘ merece.  12.31.09 - 7:27am
anda - oh wow i want to go there!! i love these photos :) happy new year!  12.31.09 - 7:05am
marianne worlow - Happy New Year!! p.s. can you pretty please bring me back just one of the hotel buildings..i really dig them!! ;) xo marianne  12.31.09 - 5:59am
Thomas Beaman - Happy New Year Jasmine! I can't wait to see more photos from your trip......what an awesome to start the new year!  12.31.09 - 5:43am
Caroline Ghetes - OMG, you are hilarious! Weird a good way. I swear ; )   12.31.09 - 5:19am
Alexandra - hahahahaha I'm LOVING the last two images :)   12.31.09 - 3:32am
Elizabeth - Happy New Year!! Can't wait to see more pics, your pics make me feel like I am there. Have tons of fun!  12.31.09 - 2:50am
luminita - i'm Luminita, i'm from Romania. it is the first time i post here although i visited ur blog with regularity the latter half of 2009, whenever i felt the need of something good and invigorating. i want to thank you because although you don't know me and you didn't post for me in particular, with your work displayed here, you managed to offer joy to my soul. beyond the exceptional quality of the pictures and the marvelous ideas standing behind them, you manage the catch something immaterial in your pics - love, as amazing and precious as it was given to the human beeings. to do that, you have to have soul, and even a beautiful one. Happy New Year, dear Jasmine!  12.31.09 - 1:54am
Kim Spears - You're AWESOME :) Have a blast you super cool human !!  12.30.09 - 10:48pm
gladys jem - hahah oh jasmine. i laughed so hard when i saw the toe touch picture and the caption for it. seriously. you're a crack up. chris also just said "she's so thug" happy new year to you and jd!   12.30.09 - 8:58pm
Matt Ebenezer - Have an awesome time in NZ guys! Looking forward to catching up with you in Sydney!  12.30.09 - 8:36pm
feuza - New Zealand is on my list of places to visit in my lifetime, australia perhaps too just not happy about them being world snake capitol, I can not wait to see all the pixs and hear the stories, so love your almost matrix shots~  12.30.09 - 8:35pm
Erin Elizabeth - Oh my gosh, it's so pretty! Have a happy new year in NZ!  12.30.09 - 8:21pm
heidi at indy photography - man, people writing from the other side of the world TOTALLY confuse me. hope you have a fabulous time! happy new year, jasmine and jd!  12.30.09 - 7:42pm
Jessica Shae - You are so so adorb and these pictures make me smile so much :)  12.30.09 - 7:28pm
Sue McFarland - Looks like your New Year is going to start off great!!! Enjoy your self!  12.30.09 - 7:13pm
Luke Arms - Woo! Michelle and I stayed in Lake Tekapo on our honeymoon ... 5 years ago! *Such* a nice place :)  12.30.09 - 6:56pm
Tiffany de Grasse - What a cute hotel! wow you found an amazing way to ring in 2010! have a beautiful time watching the sun rise  12.30.09 - 6:54pm
Lydia - That last picture = priceless!  12.30.09 - 6:40pm
Melissa Jean - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all the wonderful help you've been in '09!  12.30.09 - 6:31pm
Bobbie Brown - I feel like I am one of the first to leave a comment a lot lately, maybe I am checking my google reader more often than the norm?! Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!   12.30.09 - 6:12pm
Marie-Edith Dugoujon - Love how you use vignetting EVEN on your holiday photos!! Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere and Happy New Year to you!! Kisses from Australia x  12.30.09 - 5:59pm
Mom - Thank you for the pictures Jasmine! Can't wait to see more.  12.30.09 - 5:49pm
Meg - I miss New Zealand. Try going to the Punakaki Pancake Rock formations. They're gorgeous. And don't forget Fox Glacier!  12.30.09 - 5:22pm
Kathy Chappell - Yaaaaay, you made it safely...great pictures! Thank you for sharing your amazing trip...can't wait for your next blog entry :)  12.30.09 - 5:17pm
Night owl - Lol you are crazy .. in a good way :)  12.30.09 - 5:14pm
Erin - I LOVE the hotel! I would live there if I could. Have fun, and have a great New Years!  12.30.09 - 5:13pm
Stacy - How awesome!! Jealous over here in freezing Ohio. Enjoy your time and Happy New Year to you two as well. :)  12.30.09 - 5:08pm
michelle sidles - These shots are CLASSIC!!! :) Have fun!!  12.30.09 - 4:48pm
Heather LaBone - I love the hotel! What a fabulous place! Have fun you two!  12.30.09 - 4:46pm
Linda Sherrill - Too funny! Have a great time! Looking forward to updates...  12.30.09 - 4:31pm
J.lee - I love that new places can truly feel like heaven. Can't wait for more photos  12.30.09 - 4:26pm
kris rupp - Happy New Year J* and JD!!   12.30.09 - 4:24pm
Mel - Jasmine you are so cute! Love the last pic! I feel like I am right there with you! So excited for you! ROCK IT OUT!   12.30.09 - 4:19pm
beka hope - You're in my country! So exciting to see it through your eyes :) hope you enjoy your time here!   12.30.09 - 4:12pm
andychin - you guys sure have fun there! Happy New Year, greeting from Malaysia!  12.30.09 - 3:45pm
Julie - Jasmine, Enjoy NZ. We went there for our honeymoon. Queenstown is amazing. Checkout the downhill races and of course all the Lord of the Rings sites!   12.30.09 - 3:44pm
Giovanna Matarazzo-MAndel - It's all about happiness! Happy New Year to the both of you. My mantra when traveling..."It's not right, it's not wrong, it's just different". Enjoy the differences:)  12.30.09 - 3:24pm
ajira - WOOOHOOOO!! Enjoy NZ... My friend has lived there for a coupla years and says it is gorgeous!   12.30.09 - 2:27pm
Cathy Crawley - You are absolutely adorable! I think I need to come over so we can nut out some last minute plans. *grin* BTW, that jacket you are wearing, you won't need that in Sydney it's going to be HOT!   12.30.09 - 2:26pm
Jan - If you're still staying in the Lake Tekapo area, go on a late night star gazing tour at Mt. John observatory (sign up in town). The town is kept fairly dark for the observatory, so it's just stunning how many stars you can see. Plus it's the southern hemisphere constellations which is unique for us. They also provide warm coats and hot chocolate. :) The best thing in Queenstown is skydiving with NZONE. The view is spectacular! And for food, I ate at the Vudu Cafe on Beech St. 3 times, yummy! I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!  12.30.09 - 2:26pm
ashley o - yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! have a blast and be sure to share your adventures!  12.30.09 - 2:26pm
marissa moss - that hotel looks amazing!!!! and clearly you are excited about it too! hehe.  12.30.09 - 2:16pm
michelle carrillo - Can't wait to see more. The scenery looks relaxing, to say the least. Have a happy new year!  12.30.09 - 2:11pm
fiona andersen - OMG you are so close!!! Tekapo is 1.5 hrs from moi!! enjoy, you are going to love your journey... see you in Christchurch  12.30.09 - 2:05pm
jem - That hotel is indeed fan. tas. tic. Hope you both have a creamy, blissful New Year in New Zealand! God bless you!  12.30.09 - 1:59pm
Jacqueline Elizabeth - Enjoy your trip!!!  12.30.09 - 1:58pm
Kare - Happy New Year, Jasmine and JD - I love that we get to go along to New Zealand and Australia with you! Enjoy!  12.30.09 - 1:58pm
Rachel Perry - Looks pretty sweet! Enjoy your time there!  12.30.09 - 1:50pm