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Leather Craftsmen Albums

he first time I saw these albums, my heart skipped a beat. I loved them. Nay, I lurrrved them. Leather Craftsmen offers beautiful leather albums and I'm honored to offer them to my clients. I use their flushmount albums both for wedding and engagement albums and I couldn't be happier. Here's a small sampling of their handiwork...

Just look at the custom and branded boxes they make...

I especially love how they subtly incorporate my logo in each album...

I love the embossed photo and engraving...

The last page and back cover...

I especially love how flat the album lies when opened...

I lovelovelove the engagement albums...

Each page opens beautifully...

If you're a photographer and you'd like more info regarding the Leather Craftsmen Albums, feel free to email Ira ( I'm sure he'll answer you WAY faster than I could! :)
If you're new to Leather Craftsmen, you can receive a 50% Discount for your first print&bind sample album if you use the Jasmine50StudioSample. Also, if you're a new client, you can also receive a 15% Discount for your first print&bind client album if you use Jasmine15Discount.
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Alejandro Martín - Hola, he conocido tu trabajo hace poco, me parece un referente a seguir. Por casualidad he llegado a este post. Gracias por compartir. Un abrazo. ~ Hello, I have met recently your work, I look like a reference to follow. By chance I came to this post. Thank you for sharing. A hug.  09.28.14 - 2:51am
Dillon Driscoll - Do you still use this company?  07.10.14 - 8:35pm
Donald Hopkins - Absolutely love...  08.23.11 - 11:50pm
Deschamps Photography - Okay, I'm totally sold on these now. Thank you for posting photos of the Leathercraftsmen books. I'm switching.  06.20.11 - 9:50am
Hilary - I was wondering if you ever use Leather Craftsmen's Matted albums or the 8500? and if so, do you have Albumesque design them? any photos? Thanks!  04.14.11 - 3:01pm
Jackie S - You logo (signature J*) is amazing cute and clever! Your work speaks to me and everyone else knows it and could hear it! What a genius! I love your work and these books are truly awesome! God Bless you Forever!  04.09.11 - 8:57pm
wendy k yalom photography - which leather craftsmen book is this? I love the sleekness of it.  03.17.11 - 11:24pm
Fotograf ślubny - Thats owesome!   03.14.11 - 4:49am
Christina Sloan - I have read this post before, but I am renewed in my faith that fewer images = better... it is nice to see others practicing that as well.   01.11.11 - 7:17pm
Brittani - You rock. Thank you!! :D How many pages do you typically have in each book?  05.19.10 - 5:15pm
Yasmin Tajik - How lovely are these! And who does your album design, beautifully designed.  03.27.10 - 2:59pm
Wedding Photographer Temecula - I took a tour of the Leather Craftsmen production facility last week. I was SO impressed with their quality control and work ethic!  02.06.10 - 8:59pm
Sean - Hi Jasmine... Im wondering if you use the 3500 series albums. BTW you are awesome...Thanks  01.13.10 - 11:47am