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On the Road in March

ne thing I'm particularly excited for 2010 is the amazing opportunity to connect and share with other photographers. Nothing is better than learning from many people at once and this March is going to be epic. EPIC. I said it louder in case my dad didn't hear me the first time. In March I will be meeting and connecting with many new photographers and I'm incredibly excited to meet many of you!!

For my Canadian friends, I'll be speaking in British Columbia for the ImageQuest 2010 Photography Convention on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. I'd lovelovelove to meet my Canadian friends there and I have no doubt the conference will be an awesome culmination of great ideas, tips, and knowledge! For more information CLICK HERE to visit the site and find registration information.

Also in March I'm headed to Phoenix, Arizona for the PROPhotogs Convention and I'll be speaking on Thursday, March 11, 2010. Cher Salo and her team take a lot of time and energy planning these conventions and I have no doubt we'll have a blast!

Lastly, I'll be speaking at WPPI, but there's been a change in the schedule. My new and official presentation time is Monday, March 8 @ 6:30pm. Holllllla! I'm terribly excited and nervous for this opportunity and though I suspect I'll be hiding in a bathroom stall begging for divine deliverance just minutes before I have to speak, I'm sure we're gonna have fun! As most of you know, WPPI is the biggest photography convention/conference/tradeshow in the world and it's definitely a great place to be to grow and learn.

In light of this, WPPI is having a CONTEST! Woohoo! If you'd like to be hooked up with FREE VIP Registration, a FREE room at the MGM during WPPI, and national exposure for you via Rangefinder, WPPIOnline, and Aftercapture, this is for YOU!!! All you have to do is create a two-minute video uploaded to YouTube explaining what you love most about WPPI. That's it! For more information regard the video contest, Click HERE for more information!

By the way, if you win, I let you buy me a Pellegrino and we can toast to your awesomeness!
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Diana - Hi Jasmine, any chance I can just buy a ticket to see you speak at the Phoenix convention?  01.27.10 - 9:49am
Karina Bravo - (THUMP) thats me ...hitting the floor because you are coming to Phx! yeah to the yeah!! See you then!  01.26.10 - 7:59pm
Nellie Guerrero - Dude it is SOOO ON IN VEGAS! :-)  01.26.10 - 7:57pm
Melissa Knowles - Can't wait to see you in BC Jasmine!   01.26.10 - 2:48pm
Melissa Pearce - Yay! So excited to see you thrive-- I am glad that the photo world is requesting your presence at events like WPPI, because you rock photography and are an inspiration to us all. I think if more photogs went about pursuing their dreams with all they have like you did, the photography world would be a better place! I wish I could be there!   01.26.10 - 7:13am
Tacey - Guess who just bought tickets to your event in BC???? EEEEEEE!! Ya, that'd be, super geek, uber excited to meet you..Don't worry, I'll try not to be embarassing! lol! You made my day!!!  01.25.10 - 6:14pm
Kechi - Yep, I will totally get you your drink when i win, lol.  01.25.10 - 3:04pm
s h e r r y - Pretty sure I'll have to go see you when you're in Vancouver!  01.25.10 - 12:26pm
Darlene - Awe...when I heard you were coming to Canada, I was soooo hoping it was going to be the Toronto area. :(  01.24.10 - 7:03pm
Brielle - Can't wait for the day you say you're coming to Portland or nearby in the Pacific Northwest!  01.24.10 - 11:27am
Anouschka - Sounds very exciting!! Now how about a trip to Holland? I'm just saying ;)  01.24.10 - 10:40am
Colorado Wedding Photographer - WPPI will be an amazing adventure! JasonG  01.24.10 - 6:34am
LisaB - Canada eh? Now, if only you would come east! Pretty please....  01.24.10 - 3:53am
Sara Kelley - I wish I could go to WPPI! I was just thinking a few minutes ago that I wish I could find a contest to wint a free trip to WPPI...maybe I'll enter this one! Good luck giving your presentations - you'll be fabulous as always!   01.23.10 - 8:13pm
Lydia - I'll be there at Vegas! Wild horses couldn't keep me away from your presentation!!  01.23.10 - 7:31pm
Denise Saucedo - OMG!!! I am soooo excited to hear you are coming to Phoenix!!! I really wanted to try and make it to WPPI but am not sure if I can do so at the moment. Then I saw that you were coming to my home town and I couldn't pass on the opportunity so I signed up for the convention! Can't wait to meet you!  01.23.10 - 7:27pm
Heather Maynard - I cannot wait to hear you speak at WPPI! I would submit a video, but I've already registered and, more importantly, I have a nasty cold right now and wouldn't subject anyone to this nasally voice I'm rocking. :)   01.23.10 - 4:55pm
Katelyn - SO EXCITED to see you at WPPI! :):) yayyyy!!!  01.23.10 - 3:44pm
Laura - I`d love if you could do a workshop here in Vancouver!!  01.22.10 - 9:14pm
Ryan Parent - Ottawa Photographer - Awesome blog!!! I wish I could be at the WPPI have an awesome time!!!!  01.22.10 - 7:50pm
feuza - I was just thinking, what if I can go to WPPI for free and then I saw your post, I will send that video and at least try right! I can not wait to meet you~  01.22.10 - 7:30pm
Kristy Klaassen - I'm down on my knees begging you to do a workshop here in Vancouver, BC! (white knuckled hands clenched in supplication!!) :)  01.22.10 - 7:26pm
Brent Pilgrim - Epic has to be one of the best words in the english dictionary! Can't make it to BC from here, but I'll sure be in Vegas!!!  01.22.10 - 6:24pm
Nori - You're awesome. Please come to NYC. I need you. We need you. Pleeeeeease. One day, soon?  01.22.10 - 5:18pm
inland Empire Wedding Photographer - youre a busy girl ;)  01.22.10 - 5:11pm
Jennifer Ballard - Are you going to teach a workshop in Vancouver when you are there? Better yet, come to Toronto for one! Please!!!!  01.22.10 - 2:27pm
Eileen - When are you headed to San Francisco??? :-)  01.22.10 - 2:26pm
Cher - J! I'm so excited to see you at our convention in March! I can't wait!! Thanks girl! Cher  01.22.10 - 1:20pm
amanda thiessen - congrats on all the success!!!! :D  01.22.10 - 12:43pm
Michael Newman - From what I've seen and heard from you, you'll crush it at WPPI. Wish I could be there, you are an inspiration!  01.22.10 - 12:06pm
gina Kramp - I am so excited you are coming to Canada! I hope hope hope I can make it to BC!!  01.22.10 - 12:05pm
anda - so, i'm totally going to be in phoenix/tuscon on that same thursday (and friday)! but not for that conference. but STILL!! if i don't get to see you at wppi, i think i'll stalk you in AZ instead!  01.22.10 - 11:43am
Jorge - This will be the chance of a lifetime. I've been working on mine and I hope it wins.  01.22.10 - 11:35am
michelle - I am soooooo looking forward to your class at WPPI. I know I sound like a weird uber-fan at the moment, but meeting you the other night (for a brief moment) at the Utterly Engaged Party was the one of the highlights of my evening. So I'm looking forward to all the info you can pass along at WPPI. Bring it on!  01.22.10 - 11:18am
Tiffany - Way to go Jas! March sounds like it'll be fabulous for you! That's amazing you get to speak and share your passion and mad photo skillz=)  01.22.10 - 11:13am
Paige Butcher - Maybe you can grace us east-coasters with your presence sometime ;)  01.22.10 - 11:05am
Mikaela - SO excited to hear you're coming to BC! I'm going to do my best to be there for sure :)  01.22.10 - 10:45am
Kayla :) - AWESOME! I'm going to be BC the same time!!!! :)  01.22.10 - 10:28am