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Fan Mail

Whoa. I got bags and bags of letters begging to see another picture of my ever amazing dog, Polo, since JD and I have returned from Australia and New Zealand. Apparently, you missed him JUST AS MUCH AS ME. Clearly. Each bag of correspondence weighed 89 pounds and I've bench pressed each bag a few times to work on my biceps. Then I had JD sit on the bag and I bench pressed him too. Because I got it like that.

And, really, nobody requested to see Polo on my blog...I just figured he was due a cameo on this fine Sunday morning.
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Dillon Driscoll - GOSH DARNIT' YOU ARE HILARIOUS.   07.10.14 - 2:35pm
arielle joy - AWW! <3 He is such a sweetheart!  01.28.10 - 3:19pm
C Lua - Love it how it even looks like he's smiling for the camera. (=  01.28.10 - 11:46am
Lydia - Polo is adorable! The end.  01.27.10 - 12:27am
stephenie Robinson - I love seeing Polo! I feel the same way about my Nory! :)  01.26.10 - 7:52pm
Bree - I love that Polo!!  01.26.10 - 5:05pm
kristine atienza - So after watching you on B school and Becker making comments about your "fat dog", i'd have to agree. he is definitely FLUFFIER! BUT ITS CUTE!! I have a FLUFFY DOG. So I aint hating! Just more to love! <3  01.26.10 - 9:51am
gladys jem - Polo is hands down the happiest and cutest dog in the planet. I love that he always smiles for you in photos. Makes me happy. P.S. Get ready to arm wrestle. Give me two weeks and I think I'll be ready to take you on. lol.  01.25.10 - 12:35pm
Shelby Hurst - Awesome dog! GREAT name haha. Only you would have a dog THIS photogenic haha  01.25.10 - 12:34pm
s h e r r y - Polo IS quite the adorable puppy :):)  01.25.10 - 12:17pm
Dorelies - Polo is so sweet and lovely, could kiss him.  01.25.10 - 11:00am
Stephanie Stewart - I always love seeing Polo's happy face on your blog! I bet he's been such a good pup since you've been home! Was he mad or pouting at all when you got back? Our cat gets mad when we leave, then she's happy and won't leave our side once we return, but she also pouts to show us she's mad we left her!   01.25.10 - 8:16am
Adrienne Byrd - You're so funny! It was me who sent all of the letters, by the way. ;-) I never tire of seeing Polo's happy little puppy face!   01.25.10 - 6:28am
Judy C - Well consider this an official request to go post hog wild with photos of Polo!!!!  01.25.10 - 6:25am
Jo-Anne Kyle - Actually, I was hoping for a video of you and Polo reuniting after your trip to NZ and Australia. That would have been a homecoming to see!  01.25.10 - 6:17am
Judi at Beauty & Bread - He's adorable. Thanks for sharing him with the world.  01.25.10 - 5:28am
Evonne & Darren Photography - Polo must be so excited to see you both back home! He is such a cutie!  01.25.10 - 1:21am
Alisa Greig - i love how he just sits so still and smiles for you--you've got him trained!!  01.25.10 - 12:48am
amanda thiessen - yay!!! love polo!!!  01.24.10 - 10:45pm
Katherine - I was actually falling for this story- until it got to the part where you bench pressed JD as well. Though I still believed in the fan mail- till it got to the part where you said there was no fan mail. ;) Thanks for sharing a pic of this incredibly cute dog.  01.24.10 - 10:40pm
Prosens - sweet  01.24.10 - 9:52pm
SIMPLY DASHY PHOTOGRAPHY - Polo is super adorable! I enjoy seeing pictures of him on your blog. How do you keep Polo so white all the time? Also, is he a Maltese?   01.24.10 - 7:22pm
Nicole - Polo is too stinkin' cute. Every time you share a photo of him it makes my day too. He's such a happy little boy. I can see why you missed him so.  01.24.10 - 7:14pm
inland Empire Wedding Photographer - Polo's legs are really short~  01.24.10 - 7:04pm
Ali - I love him!  01.24.10 - 6:54pm
Melanie - Such a cute dog and a perfect model!   01.24.10 - 6:53pm
Apple - hahahaha! no cute clothes on this time?  01.24.10 - 6:29pm
Juli L. - Awhhhh, so cute! :)  01.24.10 - 6:07pm
Mo - He's so cute he makes me feel happy just looking at him!  01.24.10 - 6:04pm
stephanie Castillo - He is so precious! I want one of his sisters!! Is he a full Maltese?  01.24.10 - 5:46pm
Leah G. - I ALWAYS look forward to pictures of Polo! He's just so adorable!  01.24.10 - 5:17pm
nelly Chung - He's PERFECT!  01.24.10 - 4:30pm
MelissaFoscardo - He really is such a cutie patootie. We love seeing pictures of him as much as you love showing them.  01.24.10 - 3:55pm
frannie - I want one!! :( He is soooooo adorable!  01.24.10 - 3:49pm
Sacha - Hilarious - you blog about Polo like I blog about my kids - I think you will morph into a portrait photographer when you two finally decide to make a family - you won't be able to resist! xx  01.24.10 - 3:18pm
Katelyn James - who doesn't love seeing polo?! and I really don't think he's getting fat... just rounding's a natural thing, totally healthy:)  01.24.10 - 2:17pm
Tira J - He's fluffy!  01.24.10 - 2:10pm
Narrelle - Oh gosh, you are too funny, and Polo is just too cute. Might have to benchpress a few bags of fanmail myself if it will give me bigger 'pectorals', lol.   01.24.10 - 1:39pm
Kia Gregory - You didn't get all my letter requests for more Polo on the blog? Hee hee. Enjoy the rest of your week, J*!  01.24.10 - 1:29pm
Jo Carr - Haha... you're too funny! Love it!! I don't think anyone gets sick of seeing Polo pics. I was actually just going to look to see if you had a Polo category as I know you've mentioned what you use to wipe his tear stains and wanted to see if you could get it here in NZ. Polo should have his own category as I'm sure there are lots of dog lovers that love reading all about him. Oh, love the Tweed comment too! :)  01.24.10 - 1:23pm
Tor-Ivar - :) funny (in a happy, positive way) post :) It made me smile :) Nice dog too  01.24.10 - 12:48pm
Sarah Mountford - Awww Polo is so gorgeous!! :) I'm sure many people missed seeing him :)  01.24.10 - 12:38pm
Sarah - I want a dog JUST LIKE HIM :D He's adoooooorable!!!  01.24.10 - 12:28pm
Melissa - Seeing Polo on your blog made my day! I think Polo and my yorkie Toby would get along, they both seem to have over-the-top happy personalities.  01.24.10 - 12:15pm
Whinny and Snap - I always love seeing Polo! He is just so cute!  01.24.10 - 12:07pm
Angela Hubbard - LOVE IT! Bring him up to Canada when you come :)  01.24.10 - 11:51am
Annie - I think it should just be assumed that we ALWAYS want to see Polo! He's the most adorable little fella :D  01.24.10 - 11:50am
Patrick Farrington - He's such a cute little guy. I think we need a group photo with Polo, Olive and Cash & Chloe.  01.24.10 - 11:29am
Linda Sherrill - Always love seeing photos of the famous Polo! He is always perfectly posed and smiling!  01.24.10 - 11:29am
claire - I have to admit that Polo is cute, but I think that Eloise (my dog) and Polo should duke it out for who's the cutest! And my 'duke' it out i mean by photo goodness of course!  01.24.10 - 11:28am
Anouschka - Love, love, love seeing Polo!!!  01.24.10 - 10:39am
Trent - You don't bench press to work the biceps. Bench presses work the triceps a bit, but the focus group for the bench press is the pectorals.   01.24.10 - 10:31am
Bhumi - I love Polo! What a precious little doggie :)  01.24.10 - 10:11am
George Rivera - Ah, so you've found the spot where Polo stashes his Tweed. He needs a less conspicuous place next time. :)  01.24.10 - 10:08am
chandra - I actually HAD missed him! A Polo pic always puts a smile on my face :)  01.24.10 - 10:04am
[ b ] - that dog is huge!!!!  01.24.10 - 9:52am
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs - literally every time a polo picture pops up, i turn my laptop to my husband and we say how cute he is. love this pic. :)  01.24.10 - 9:40am
Sue McFarland - I'll bet if anyone could bench press those bags....YOU could! LOL! Great to see sweet Polo again! He looks so happy to be in front of your camera. Have a great week.  01.24.10 - 9:38am
LEOLAK - What a cutie!!!!   01.24.10 - 9:29am
Fabuluxe Photos - Love your dog!! Can I have him for a weekend ?? :)  01.24.10 - 9:20am
Maryanne - I ALWAYS want to see polo!!! He's such a cutie! thank you!  01.24.10 - 9:07am
Ayesha - Giirl you kill me with your randoms love it  01.24.10 - 9:01am
Chris c. - Is he always so clean? : )  01.24.10 - 8:56am