Los Angeles Observatory Engagement : Meg + Tim

ith many thanks to UPS, they're getting married. It all started with tickets that got lost in transit. While she insists she wasn't a groupie, Tim proffers an askance look to betray insider information. Meg was in college and became smitten with Big City Rock, a band in Los Angeles. She and a friend bought tickets and when they didn't arrive on time for the show that night, Meg emailed the band's web master. In a short email response, she was informed her name was placed on The List (because, really, cool kids are always on The List) and to enjoy the show. The email was signed from Tim. Later that night at the concert, Meg looked for Tim to thank him in person. When she asked where she could find him, she was pointed to the bassist on the stage.

The oh-so-very cute bassist. Yes, the web master and the bassist were one, and his name was Tim. And he was oh-so-very cute. Meg approached him after the show to thank him for his help and in a single brief movement, Meg lost her heart. In the crowded venue, Tim placed his hand on the small of her back and pulled her in close to hear her words. Only the words didn't matter. Tickets. Web master. Bassist? Thanks.

Seven years later, Tim and Meg have grown together and fallen in love. They're getting married this November and they have UPS to thank for their chance meeting. But as fate knows, the tickets were never supposed to arrive. I was honored to shoot their 7th dating anniversary/engagement session in Silverlake last week and here are a few of my favorite photos...

Meg is the type of girl who loves to plan. She's getting married this November, but organized the engagement shoot to coincide with her and Tim's 7th dating anniversary. She decorated for the event and I got to take a Crumbs cupcake home at the end of the shoot! ;)

The ever fab, Meg...

This girl? She's a party animal.

Remember oh-so-cute Tim? Well, here he is!


We walked around their old neighborhood of Silverlake for more engagement photos and had a little fun in the streets...

Within a two-block radius, there was a ton of spaces to shoot...that's the thing I love about Los Angeles...the ever presence of urban appeal!

I love me some pretty light....

On our way back to the house, Meg took of her shoes because, well, fashion sometimes kills your feet. This was spray-painted on the sidewalk and it was quite appropriate...

After a quick change, we made our way to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles...

A special thanks goes to Jaimi Brooks of Fiore Beauty for a lovely job on Meg's hair and makeup!

The cool thing about shooting engagement photos at the Griffith Observatory is that there are just beautiful pockets of light and nooks of prettiness everywhere...Meg just happens to make things even more delightful...

I'll end with this photo because, Meg, you look diviiiiine. F'real.

To see more of their Los Angeles engagement photos at the Griffith Observatory and Silverlake, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Brian - what an awesome session! Meg is particularly beautiful.  12.21.10 - 11:38am
Courtney Davidson - I was so encouraged looking at your work! I am relatively new in the NYC wedding scene and have been feeling pressured to change my style because it seems like the only people who get noticed are super trendy photographers. Seeing your work focus on your CLIENTS and how beautiful they are encourages me to hold on to my shooting philosophy... thanks!  04.23.10 - 1:03pm
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs - lovelovelove - you and miss meg are a perfect combination!  03.12.10 - 6:42pm
Kimothy Pikor - Wow! These engagement photos are stunning. Beautiful use of light and interesting compositions. Love your work, Jasmine!  03.08.10 - 6:17pm
Serendipity Photography - What a cute session!   02.26.10 - 11:42am
jamie delaine - that last outfit of hers i LOVE. i want it! all of it! :)  02.24.10 - 5:14pm
amanda thiessen - i love this!!! such an awesome session!  02.19.10 - 6:57pm
Lydia - Love the story! Adore the pictures and Meg's style!!  02.19.10 - 11:02am
Emily - I love Meg. She is the bomb dot com. Really nice work on her photos!  02.18.10 - 2:09pm
Betsy, La Vida - Oh.My.Goodness. That story made my heart skip a beat!! And I absolutely adore the decorations and fun for the dating anniversary. What a great thing to document for the e-shoot!  02.18.10 - 10:24am
Nathan Ciurzynski - I love this site for a shoot.  02.18.10 - 9:01am
feuza - loved the theme, wedding looks like it will be a blast! loved the outfits and so loved that squared colored wall  02.17.10 - 10:00pm
Kasi - Love love love all the shots...   02.17.10 - 11:50am
Velia - These are beautiful, love the last shot.  02.17.10 - 5:26am
Rhiona - I need to know where she got her pieces for that 1st outfit! So gorgeous!   02.16.10 - 7:40pm
Marissa - Jasmine, you truely take some of the most amazing and beautiful photos I have seen. The shots and colors are so clean and crisp. Defginateky inspiring.   02.16.10 - 7:08pm
Katelyn James - Love how different this session is from your others! beautiful girl!  02.16.10 - 6:03pm
Mike Tinholt - These are fun... the party is so cute.   02.16.10 - 5:45pm
Melanie - Love love the last shot! What an awesome story they have  02.16.10 - 2:55pm
Flaviana - Fantastic! I love your pictures! Great couple. I'm in love with this images! :) Flaviana Fernandes  02.16.10 - 2:05pm
Abby Leigh - Oh my word... these are stunning. I love how you captured the L.A feel! Oh and your clients always have the most adorable outfits. Love it.   02.16.10 - 11:27am
john pascale - These are great, the last one and the hands shot are my favorite. Love these.   02.16.10 - 9:54am
Tiffany - le sigh** I love a could love/fate story <3 gorgeous engagement the ones of them inside  02.16.10 - 9:52am
Tracey Emmett - Your narration of how this couple met gave me BUTTERFLIES!! It reminded me of how it feels when you find true love and that fire in your heart starts to burn. VERY sexy and sweet at the same time. Congrats to Meg & Tim.  02.16.10 - 9:01am
Stephanie Stewart - So fun and stylish! Great work!!  02.16.10 - 8:59am
Erica Velasco - Uber cute!  02.16.10 - 6:25am
Katie Whitcomb - You have kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see these pictures. They look great!! Meg, I can't wait to see you wedding images.  02.16.10 - 4:16am
MelissaFoscardo - Love the story of how these two came to be a twosome. You can't fight destiny :-) Beautiful photos as always.  02.16.10 - 4:00am
Nicole Haley - Awesome story, I love it! And I love their sense of fun. Beautiful!   02.16.10 - 3:17am
Mark Leonard - Cool color palette. Reminds me of the palette used in 500 Days of Summer. I wonder how intentional that was.  02.15.10 - 10:46pm
Lara Parent - Fantastic images! Love the sparkle, color, joy and moments....!  02.15.10 - 9:22pm
Jihan Cerda - Wow! I am blown away by how AWESOME this shoot was. You are blessed! xo  02.15.10 - 9:13pm
ames - what a cute story and amazing photos as always!   02.15.10 - 8:21pm
Kia Gregory - Gah! The part where Tim pulled Meg closer to hear what she was saying at the concert....KILLING ME, J*! I love those little moments that your clients share with you!  02.15.10 - 8:16pm
Nakeia - Lovely. Just...lovely!  02.15.10 - 8:03pm
Jewelielyn - this is my new favorite shoot! we don't see indoor engagement shots on your blog very often, but i love these! and meg's style is just my taste--her outfits rock! beautiful, wonderful images!!!  02.15.10 - 7:48pm
jenberry - MEG you both look amazing. These are so full of personality and unique. love em. congrats!!!  02.15.10 - 7:26pm
Tim Gibbons - How DO you get that light?! :-)  02.15.10 - 5:36pm
carl Reid - Great favourite is the couple in front of the green door!!! Regards, Carl from T.O.  02.15.10 - 5:34pm
Leora Shiff - Beautiful story, and even more beautiful pictures!!  02.15.10 - 4:02pm
joyful weddings and events - yay! I love Meg & adore these photos. So stinkin cute! I loved hearing more of their story too.   02.15.10 - 2:30pm
Jacqueline fronters - LalalaLOVE it!  02.15.10 - 1:52pm
Trude - What an awesome story! It's a fan's dream come true. :) Loooove the light the whole way through this sesh.  02.15.10 - 1:22pm
Cathy Crawley - I just love that story about how they met! Beautiful!  02.15.10 - 1:12pm
Matthew Kent - What a great story, and awesome pictures! You've done it again!  02.15.10 - 12:56pm
Sarah M - Beautiful images and what a great story!! :)   02.15.10 - 12:23pm
Elisabeth Carol - Love these!! So precious! Please please do an faq about how you get your yummy black & whites!!   02.15.10 - 12:22pm
Emil M. - i would like to know which lens did u use, to take those brilliant, perfectly sharp and lovely pics. i realy enjoy to watch your blog   02.15.10 - 12:07pm
Jan - Love all the decorations!!  02.15.10 - 12:04pm
Leyla - What an adorable couple and their love story is right out of a movie! Beautiful photos, as always! =)  02.15.10 - 11:19am
jenny - the last photo is so gorgeous!!  02.15.10 - 11:10am
Michael Aaron - Wow, you posted a ton of your pics! This is my first time to your blog, and I love your work! You did a great job of capturing this couple. I look forward to seeing more. P.S. I gotta find that observatory!  02.15.10 - 10:42am
sarah - i want those cupcakes. YUM.  02.15.10 - 10:36am
Cyndi - You are the cup of joe to my creativity, Jasmine! Not only do your words tell a story, but your images are love stories in an of themselves. Love it!  02.15.10 - 10:26am
Venetia Norrington - I was in LA just before Christmas and spent many a happy morning 'shooting' panoramics at The Observatory with my lovely friend, Nick. I raved every time we were there (which was 5 out of the 7 mornings!) about what a wonderful venue it would be for a pre-wedding / wedding shoot. Thanks for bringing back great memories of a lovely location! xx  02.15.10 - 10:24am
Ashley - These are gorgeous!!! I'm a little partial bc I love Meg so much, but that doesn't matter (: My favorite are the ones at the observatory. Meg- you're too fabulous for words!  02.15.10 - 10:16am
Doug LeMere - If you need some Mardi Gras beads, just let me know.....  02.15.10 - 9:55am
Paige Elizabeth - Oh my! What a perfect love story!! Sooo, romantic! Beautiful pictures!!  02.15.10 - 9:49am
Inland Empire Wedding Photographer - Jasmine these are magnificent. I love the lighting the poses, and she is beautiful~ so fun~  02.15.10 - 9:28am
Hanssie Trainor - Meg looks amazing and their story is the cutest ever!  02.15.10 - 9:28am
Evie Perez - These are some fantastic pictures, as always you rocked it out!!! You have the coolest clients!!!  02.15.10 - 9:25am
Christina Dely - Truly beautiful locations! Surprised to see my two worlds colliding! A special shout out to the extremely talented Jaimi, Brooks, my ol' high school alumni :)  02.15.10 - 9:21am
stacey - wow - so beautiful and looks like a fun time too!  02.15.10 - 9:13am
Marissa Rodriguez - Totally smiled the whole time looking through their photos! And such an awesome story! And the slide show!? Amazing!   02.15.10 - 8:56am
Donna Boucher - What wonderful locations you find, J*! The light in the last photo is my fave.  02.15.10 - 8:51am
Molly W. - Ooo, this might be one of my favorite sessions yet! Gorgeous and very creative! I moved away from LA 2 years ago (out of necessity) after living there for 12 years and these photos make me miss it even more.   02.15.10 - 8:51am
Lisa - Not only do you have amazing looking clients, but you seem to always manage to have clients with the best stories. Wonderful shoot as always!!  02.15.10 - 8:44am
Anda - Could this be any more fabulous?!?!? I am typeless.  02.15.10 - 8:43am
Angel Pope - They are ultra-fab!!! Love it.  02.15.10 - 8:17am
Oakstream Photography - Girl these are FABU! Love your lighting & LOVE the engage party stuff. HOW FUN!!!!  02.15.10 - 8:15am
gladys jem - o m g. meg looks beautiful and tim is so cute. they're great and these photos are fabulous! i loveeeeeeee it!  02.15.10 - 8:01am
Mindy Bean - Love it. I love the color and creativity.   02.15.10 - 7:59am
Jayme - Those are fabulous jasmine... what a great story and yes... they are both oh so cute. :)  02.15.10 - 7:49am
megmanionsilliker - gorgeousness. boston needs some of that lovely light.!  02.15.10 - 7:45am
Bobbie Brown - Awesome! Love all the decorations!!  02.15.10 - 7:37am
Marie - You both look absolutely amazing Meg. :) Beautiful photos that capture the love you share and more. Can't wait for the wedding!  02.15.10 - 7:21am
Naomi - Gorgeous!! They are so diverse...from ONE session. I love getting so many ideas and inspiration from photogs like you. :) And that last one IS gorgeous. ps...wishing I was living in a place not freezzziinngg cold half the year! okay, maybe it's only a quarter of the year. the weather looks gorgeous over there!  02.15.10 - 7:19am
Ala - MEG! You're stunning! Love the styling of the whole session! And now I want cupcakes!  02.15.10 - 7:00am
Virginie - Jasmine, YOU are such a precious gem. You capture the right moment, the right expression. Do you know how much is that represent for people ? BTW, springs are gorgeous in France you should come over for a session.....;-)  02.15.10 - 6:58am
Jennifer Bacchiocchi - Wow, Jasmine! Love that last one, and the one of them kissing in the hallway. Great session.  02.15.10 - 6:55am
Katy G - Gorgeous...and Crumb cupcakes are the best!!  02.15.10 - 6:52am
Lisa H. Chang - That last picture IS divine! Love the photos ~ especially the home ones. There's something so real and intimate about photos taken at home. :)  02.15.10 - 6:50am
Christine - These are gorgeous Jasmine! My favorites are definitely the ones at the observatory. I love the light :)  02.15.10 - 6:49am
Brent Deitrich - The Griffith Observatory is amazing - Anna and I were there last year and took some sweet photos, too. Nice job.   02.15.10 - 6:39am
Arielle - That is suuuch a sweet story. :)   02.15.10 - 6:16am
ashley folkema - Rawr is right! Gorgeous! The lighting in the last one makes my heart melt. :)  02.15.10 - 6:12am
Christina Graves - WOW!!!...outstanding:) Loveyaalot's  02.15.10 - 6:02am
MegRuth Photography - Loving these so much! Just lovely  02.15.10 - 5:59am
Devon - you take the most beautiful, amazing pictures i have ever, ever seen! somehow, someway, someday - im going to fly out to los angeles to get my own taken!!! YOU-TRULY-ROCK :)  02.15.10 - 5:51am
Gai - BEAUTIFUL session Jasmine! I adore Meg's style! Griffith Park Observatory was my favorite spot in LA when I visited (for the first time!) last fall. Sigh... Wishing I could join you in being a Cali girl ;) Gail   02.15.10 - 4:56am
The Bing - As always Jazz, you rocked it!  02.15.10 - 4:45am