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received her email on a sunny afternoon. It was brief, yet detailed, and described her perfect wedding at the Santa Monica Viceroy. Erma told me she was planning her wedding from Canada, followed my blog, and was quite certain I was the photographer for her. Well, then, let's get this party started! After a flurry of emails, the date, location, and details were locked in and I was excited to meet her in person.

Meeting a bride on her wedding day can be a mix of emotion from a photographer's standpoint, but the minute I walked into Erma's suite as she prepared with her sister and best friends, I knew the day was slated for wonderful things. After all, amazing people create amazing days. When JD and I left Erma and Maxim's wedding, our heart were so full of love and joy for such an perfect couple. I'm constantly blessed by the amazing people I meet and I walk away a better person being able to call them friends.

I'm incredibly honored to see their wedding published in Destination I Do Magazine, on newsstands now...

Happy Thursday!
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miCHELE - love! congrats on being featured!  11.26.14 - 12:03pm
emilie inc. - Congrats! Crazy to see my face on the cover of that magazine by Jules from my St John wedding last year! Love how small the photo community is.  08.20.10 - 1:10pm
Princess - i loved this wedding photog shoot!!!  03.25.10 - 8:07pm
Chris Baltazar - Congrats on being published on Destination I Do and beautiful photos!  03.17.10 - 7:15am
Andreia - I love your photos and your site! I'm from Portugal and my wedding is on 17 July 2010.   03.02.10 - 9:58am
cassandra m - bravo...congrats....awesome...woo-hoo! way to go! ex-cellent-tay!  02.24.10 - 5:07pm
Cathy Crawley - Awesomeness x100!  02.24.10 - 6:29am
Steve - Congratulations, J*!  02.22.10 - 11:47am
Natascha - Congrats Jasmine. Well done.  02.22.10 - 7:01am
Nellie Guerrero - Congrats :-) This is so lovely!  02.21.10 - 8:21pm
Mark Jordan - I am a great believer in “feedback” and just wanted to pass on my thoughts about this lovely blog Very interesting and informative and it had some lovely pictures which looked just great. I will be following this superb site from now on. Kindest regards Mark Jordan ASWPP LMPA A West Yorkshire based wedding photographer  02.21.10 - 1:38pm
Kia Gregory - Love it! Congrats on the feature!  02.21.10 - 12:45pm
Napa Valley Wedding Photographer Shannon Stellmach - Congratulations Jasmine! Gorgeous work and such a beautiful wedding.  02.21.10 - 8:00am
feuza - so cool I remember this wedding, gorgeous  02.20.10 - 6:20pm
amanda thiessen - congrats! this wedding was gorgeous!  02.19.10 - 6:56pm
Jan - Congratulations!  02.19.10 - 1:00pm
Oakstream Photography - Oh soooo exciting! BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!!!  02.19.10 - 11:40am
Erica Velasco - What an awesome video! Wow so talented!  02.19.10 - 11:30am
BEANTOWN BRIDE - As usual GORGEOUS Jasmine!  02.19.10 - 6:15am
megmanionsilliker - fantastique! the shot by the wall of plates if wonderful.!  02.19.10 - 5:31am
Whitney Gray - CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine!!!!!  02.19.10 - 4:22am
gladys jem - yeahhhhh! congrats jasmine! keep those magazine publications going!   02.18.10 - 9:06pm
Mom - Congratulations Jasmine!! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom  02.18.10 - 8:45pm
Damaris Mia - Congrats!! What an accomplishment!  02.18.10 - 8:31pm
Lisa H. Chang - Congrats! :)  02.18.10 - 8:10pm
chandra - Um, that photo in front of the plates is TO DIE FOR. I had my engagement shoot at the Viceroy and your shots just blew mine out of the water :)  02.18.10 - 8:02pm
Girish - Lovely shots. Congrats on getting it published.  02.18.10 - 7:18pm
Melanie - Congratulations! Amazing as always  02.18.10 - 5:26pm
Katie Whitcomb - YAY!! Congrats!  02.18.10 - 4:17pm
Elizabeth Luna - Congrats Jas!  02.18.10 - 3:00pm
Tiffany - Congrats! You're on a roll!  02.18.10 - 2:48pm
Arielle - God, is she gorgeous!  02.18.10 - 2:27pm
Mike Reed - WOW! You didn't meet her until her wedding day!?! You are the pro's pro. I remember the original post right around the time I started following your blog... EPIC pics. You rock!   02.18.10 - 2:08pm
Nicole Benitez - Fantastic!!! Congrats on another amazing accomplishment! oxox  02.18.10 - 2:00pm
Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG - Congrats - Beautiful images!  02.18.10 - 1:45pm
Giovanna Matarazzo-MAndel - Bellisima! Bravo! Beautiful work...lovely couple.  02.18.10 - 1:36pm
Angel Pope - always amazing!  02.18.10 - 1:31pm
Leyla - Congrats! I remember this wedding & her love story. Beautiful photos that certainly deserve a special feature! I hope one day you can shoot my wedding too! =)  02.18.10 - 1:19pm
Roxy - If I can do my wedding over Jasmine, I'd do anything to have you as my photographer!   02.18.10 - 1:18pm
Anouschka - Congrats!!!  02.18.10 - 12:57pm
Neha - Gorgeous! I keep saying it, and will continue saying it! Your work is breathtaking!  02.18.10 - 12:54pm
Lydia - Congratulations! Your pictures are always definitely magazine worthy!  02.18.10 - 12:36pm
Katelyn James - I love seeing images that didn't make the original blog post:) The bridal party shot is gorgeous!  02.18.10 - 12:23pm
Stephen Graham - Congrats.. Looks like you are one of the top 10 most influential photographers of the decade according to PDN Magazine.  02.18.10 - 12:19pm
Alicia Swedenborg - Oh, I remember this wedding! The Bride Erma was to beautiful and I looooved her styling! Yay, congrats Jasmine!!  02.18.10 - 11:38am
Stephanie Stewart - Congratulations!!!! I remember this beautiful wedding! You rock!!!  02.18.10 - 11:28am
Life with Kaishon - I love that she knew you were the photographer for her right away. The images in the magazine are extraordinary! I love your work!  02.18.10 - 11:19am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - That is fantastic! What a great feature Jasmine. Fab accomplishment!  02.18.10 - 10:42am
Betsy, La Vida - Loved this wedding!!! Such a compliment to know with confidence that you're the right fit from afar. Congrats on the feature too. That's so great!   02.18.10 - 10:13am
inland Empire Wedding Photographer - I bet going to all these weddings keep the spark in your guys relationship going strong too..  02.18.10 - 10:12am
Katy G - Awesome! I remember seeing the pics in your blog. Congrats :)  02.18.10 - 10:04am
Rima - congrats!!!  02.18.10 - 10:01am
anda - congratulations, jasmine!  02.18.10 - 10:00am
Carrie V. - I remember this wedding when you first blogged it. It was one of my favorites! Congrats!  02.18.10 - 9:55am
Samantha Pennini - Amazing brides, amazing pictures, amazing locations... Amazing is the word that comes to mind as I think of you! :)  02.18.10 - 9:48am
Deanna Rose - Fabulous! She had such a beautifully intimate wedding and you captured in perfectly. Congrats. :)  02.18.10 - 9:47am
Nori - Congrats Jasmine!! Great pictures as always! PS: You rock  02.18.10 - 9:46am
Erin Sullivan - Congrats! That was an awesome wedding! I remember LOVING the photos when you blogged them :)  02.18.10 - 9:33am
Amanda Petrucci - wow, I love blog!   02.18.10 - 9:30am
Marissa Rodriguez - Congratulations!!! I loved that wedding!  02.18.10 - 9:23am
Nelly Soares - Sweet, congrats!   02.18.10 - 9:21am
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie) - Congrats!!! I loved this wedding!!! Her necklace was so beautiful.  02.18.10 - 9:15am
Shawn Cartagena - Congratulations, I'm sure it's an honor for you and I think it's great to hear you share your great news. I get inspired every time I visit your blog. Thanks Shawn  02.18.10 - 9:14am
Paige - Ah, Congrats! I love these photos :)   02.18.10 - 9:14am
Gustavo Ortega - Congrats :-) Love it!  02.18.10 - 9:08am
Jennifer Eileen - Congratulations Jasmine! That plate wall is absolutely beautiful and the styling of the couple is brilliant for it. I love it. :)  02.18.10 - 8:54am