02.24.10 Personal

It Was On Clearance for a Reason

Another storm is about to pound Southern California tonight and it's chilly. About to take Polo on a walk, but something tells me he's just not feeling my styling this afternoon. Sometimes he can be so temperamental.

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Hilary Cam - SOOO adorable!  01.22.12 - 10:47pm
Stefanie - omg... this made my gloomy day a whole lot brighter.... my dog is going to kill me when I get home, she needs to where her argyle sweater that I bought her ages ago, I dont care that is like 90 out right now.. hehe  06.01.11 - 12:16pm
Bella Taylor - Sooooooooo cute!   03.15.10 - 2:48pm
Krzysztof Serafinski - Photographer - Sweet dog   03.05.10 - 12:10am
Ginnye is - OMG! He is just too cute!! For some reason I can see his "pain" LOL..cute little thing! Great pic :D  03.02.10 - 9:29pm
Brittani - lol I love this photo. I love your dog!! Very cute!!  03.02.10 - 6:16am
sarah - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  02.28.10 - 10:42am
Wedding Photographer - I have a German, he would not put up with the outfit... Awesome pic.  02.27.10 - 5:59pm
gladys jem - OMG. He looks pissed, but it is the cutest pissed dog I have ever seen. You just made my week because I've been missin Polo posts on your blog.  02.26.10 - 11:55pm
Beck - Oh yea Jaz.... he is totally pi$$ed at you! Be careful. Did this once to my dog and he wouldn't kiss me hello for months! lol Hope he has forgiven you by now.  02.26.10 - 8:12pm
Velia - This has to be my fav photo of Polo. OMG LMBO  02.26.10 - 7:49pm
Serendipity Photography - haha, how adorable!!  02.26.10 - 11:43am
dont smile now - you just turned him into a french poodle  02.26.10 - 11:31am
Shirley - OMG!!!! That is so adorable!!! :-)   02.26.10 - 2:47am
Joyce D.Z. - You should put a disclaimer that says "No dog was harmed in the making of this photo".... :D You are hilarious! :)  02.26.10 - 2:30am
Natascha - omg, I love the picture!!!!  02.25.10 - 7:06pm
Wendy - Oh Polo is adorable! And guess what? I bought that SAME exact hat and scarf set on clearance at PetSmart last year. My poor baby never even got to wear that hat because there was no way to keep it on her head!  02.25.10 - 5:55pm
Little d - L-O-freaking-L. Angry Polo is so cute!!!  02.25.10 - 5:49pm
Diandra - Oh Jas that made me laugh right out loud! Poor Polo! Poor JD!!! Did he have to walk around with you proudly displaying your clearance purchase? :) ha!  02.25.10 - 2:49pm
SqueakDog Pet Photography - Seriously? I can't stop laughing. Who says dogs need to talk to speak volumes?!!   02.25.10 - 2:49pm
stephanie - I LOVE when you post pics of your little Polo. I nearly knocked myself off the chair laughing. You are the best Jasmine I ever knew. Thanks for making my days brighter.  02.25.10 - 12:56pm
Christopher Soule - Great capture of a solemn moment, Jasmine.   02.25.10 - 12:05pm
katie zaboy - I also literally laughed out loud! Thanks for making this Thursday that much better!   02.25.10 - 9:53am
Stephanie Stewart - Polo, you are still adorable, even if you're not feelin' your hat and scarf! Sooo cute!  02.25.10 - 9:48am
Gail - What a little stinker! So cute!  02.25.10 - 9:29am
Ashley Rose - awwwww. i love it. coming from someone who has the fat "kid" (pup) on the block and doesnt fit into clothes anymore I am utterly jealous.... bubs can maybe wear a headband on a good day :) polo looks soooooo happy about his hat!   02.25.10 - 9:07am
Diane - - LOVE IT but he doesn't look too keen on your clothing funny how his personality is really showing through. He is NOT happy with you!  02.25.10 - 8:56am
Rebekah Towers - Awwwww! He totally doesn't look like he's enjoying himself. But seriously that is the cutest thing ever. He looks like he's got quite the personality. :)  02.25.10 - 8:47am
amanda thiessen - o..m..g i lurvvvve polo!!  02.25.10 - 8:35am
Edward - Polo aka YoungFreshToDeath!  02.25.10 - 7:55am
Melanie - That is so funny!  02.25.10 - 7:41am
E. Shaina - Your little dog is SO cute!!  02.25.10 - 7:38am
Craig Mahaffey - Made me laugh out loud... needed that today!  02.25.10 - 7:36am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Bless his heart :)  02.25.10 - 7:30am
Valerie - LOL! He really looks mad! This is adorable!  02.25.10 - 7:28am
Elizabeth Luna - Tooooooooooo CUTE!  02.25.10 - 7:23am
Carrie K - We Iowans feel the SAME WAY about our snow fall! Too cute for words!  02.25.10 - 7:20am
jenc - OMG! he is so cute!!!  02.25.10 - 7:09am
frances - I think his thought bubble reads "ok, how am I going to explain this to the guys"! Cute!  02.25.10 - 6:48am
debK - hahahaha! poor polo ; )  02.25.10 - 6:20am
Marguerite - Oh my! You're totally not helping me with my small dog vs. big dog argument me and the bf are having!  02.25.10 - 5:54am
Jill Swank - ARACELI is so right, he looks like a chic St. Pattys day dog. Polo is lucky he has a very stylish momma. Makes me wanna torment, I mean dress up my puppies.  02.25.10 - 5:49am
Evie - Absolutely adorable!   02.25.10 - 5:23am
Candice {The Beautiful Mess} - hahaha! sweet polo!  02.25.10 - 4:44am
RENEE S - Ohemgeee! I just pulled this up while I was driving and nearly ran off the road from laughing so hard. Poor fella. He so does not look thrilled with his mama! Thanks for posting -- I'm going to share it with my FB peeps!  02.25.10 - 3:55am
MelissaFoscardo - Hysterical!!  02.25.10 - 3:26am
Pamella - It's so cute!!! :P  02.25.10 - 3:02am
Emma - Adorable moments - Aww, hihi! He's so A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! I had a sentence all done in my head, but it's in swedish ;-) Let me just say "SÖTBOLL!!" (can be used as cutiepie)  02.25.10 - 1:30am
deymanuel - hahahaha!!!! that's just cute!  02.25.10 - 12:03am
Jan - Too cute!  02.24.10 - 11:20pm
Patti Mustain - You made me smile :)  02.24.10 - 10:14pm
Christine - Ok, that is the most AWESOME dog hat & scarf EVER. Love it! (Poor Polo!)  02.24.10 - 9:50pm
Emma -Adorable moments - Aww, hihihi!! He's so C.U.T.E!! I had a good sentence all done in my head, but in Swedish ;-) let me just say SÖTBOLL!! (has the same meaning as cutiepie) ;-)   02.24.10 - 9:25pm
Emma -Adorable moments - Aww, hihihi!! He's so C.U.T.E!! I had a good sentence all done in my head, but in Swedish ;-) let me just say SÖTBOLL!! (has the same meaning as cutiepie) ;-)   02.24.10 - 9:25pm
Marisol Izaguirre - He's cute :)  02.24.10 - 8:38pm
Nellie Guerrero - Oh. Dang.   02.24.10 - 8:05pm
michelle - hahahahah! I waived my husband over to see this picture, and he took one look and bolted. He HATES it when I dress up my dog. ; )  02.24.10 - 7:56pm
Pol - Oh Oh oh HOW CUTE IS THAT!! He is so adorable!! Now I want a doggie like that! LOVE your styling. He just doesn't know it is great ;)  02.24.10 - 7:42pm
Vania - SimplyBloom Photography, LLC - oh my goshhhh, this may be the cutest one of polo yet!!! sooooo snuggly!  02.24.10 - 7:40pm
Jo-Anne Kyle - That is tooo funny. Tell Polo we are laughing with him, not at him. Although, he doesn't look like he's finding it too amusing.   02.24.10 - 7:36pm
Emily Dobson Photography - This is just plain old-fashioned hilarious!  02.24.10 - 7:11pm
kelly g - OMG! That is awesome! Love it!!!!  02.24.10 - 7:01pm
Emily S - I just laughed out loud! This made my night. Thank you, thank you for posting!  02.24.10 - 6:58pm
samantha - too cute for words, it made me smile.  02.24.10 - 6:51pm
Andrea - I LOVE this picture...awesome expression!  02.24.10 - 6:39pm
Judi - He looks decidedly uncomfortable and a little unhappy.  02.24.10 - 6:37pm
Damaris Mia - omg Jasmine. He is so stinkin cute.   02.24.10 - 6:25pm
Evie Perez - Yeah the blog is back in action. Polo is so fashionable as always, like his momma!!!!  02.24.10 - 6:20pm
Mishelle - He looks so pissed!! I love it!  02.24.10 - 6:19pm
rbraden - "10,9,8,7,6...doggone, my therapist said if I would cont backwards from 10, my anger would go away...not working!" Love this, wayyy too cute  02.24.10 - 6:12pm
jewelielyn - dogs are so funny--they "allow" us to treat them like children, but you can just imagine the adult conversation going on in their heads as they tolerate our behavior. at least he isn't trying to eat it!  02.24.10 - 6:04pm
Alice Hu - There could be a smile under there...  02.24.10 - 5:53pm
Janna - Awww Polo....I think he is secretly loving it!!!!  02.24.10 - 5:53pm
Brittney - hahaha too cute - looks like he's giving you the dirty look through his "brows"  02.24.10 - 5:41pm
LEOLAK - OMG....AWESOME!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!! Too cute!!!!   02.24.10 - 5:26pm
daria bishop - omg!! i am going to look at this if i'm ever feeling grumpus. sorry polo! xox  02.24.10 - 5:25pm
brianne - You crack me up! I can only imagine you are going to be the most hilarious and fun mom ever one day! (well, to actual children that is). You remind me of myself...on crack :) That's a compliment btw.  02.24.10 - 5:23pm
Laura Lawson - Seriously, sooo cute. I'm an art student and always looking for more material to paint/draw... hope you don't mind if I perhaps use this as inspiration? All credit cited of course?  02.24.10 - 5:21pm
Kathleen Porter - My husband and I are cracking up over this photo. We live in Vermont and just received over 2 feet of snow in less than 24 hours. Polo would disappear!  02.24.10 - 5:14pm
Eric - Random question I bet you've never been asked, what kind of dog food do you feed Polo?  02.24.10 - 5:14pm
Mai - OH MY GOSH that is too cute! i squealed.   02.24.10 - 5:11pm
Jennifer Johnston-Clark - Hehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehhehehe!!! Manic Laughter ensues!  02.24.10 - 5:10pm
Teresa Sweet Photography - OMGsh..that seriously is the cutest thing ever. LOVE the "look" he seems to be giving you. HAHA  02.24.10 - 5:07pm
angela young - Omgosh!!! he loves it!! I can tell! :) How adorable!!!!!! :) made me smile!  02.24.10 - 5:06pm
Wing - This is hilarious!! Cute doggie.  02.24.10 - 4:58pm
brooke bowland - oh my. polo...its can rock that hat and scarf! work it out.  02.24.10 - 4:51pm
Linda Sherrill - He is the most adorable dog ever! I love his photos. They're all so wonderful and happy! (Well, maybe he's not so happy in this one!)  02.24.10 - 4:30pm
Jenne - Oh boy Jas... he looks super grumpy! You're gonna owe him for this one!  02.24.10 - 4:26pm
Veronica Hinojosa - This solidifies my need for a doggie!!  02.24.10 - 4:20pm
Lacy Dagerath - Ohhh Polo and my five need to have a play date! hahaha Poor thing can't see! haha  02.24.10 - 4:17pm
Angel Pope - Oh, so glad you (and Polo) are back!!! I need my daily J* fix. :)  02.24.10 - 4:14pm
Geoff - That's hilarious, adorable and cruel and unusual punishment all wrapped into one!  02.24.10 - 4:11pm
Katelyn James - yesssss.... teal! perfect color for polo:)  02.24.10 - 4:10pm
cassandra m - Mocha would be so jealous...BUT I gotta say it...MY FAVORITE POSTS are those with Polo. A-freakin-dorable!!!!! LOVE it. Been MIA..catching up on u blog tonight. XOXOxoxooxOXOXO.  02.24.10 - 4:06pm
Lydia - LOL! Too funny for words!  02.24.10 - 4:05pm
Dee - oh, he's just THE cutest!  02.24.10 - 4:05pm
Michelle Guzman - Oh my goodness! Polo looks so cute!!!!  02.24.10 - 4:03pm
Jonni - Jasmine, That may be the cutest picture ever! My goodness, Polo is adorable and you know that dogs are the step right before kids right?   02.24.10 - 4:02pm
Jennifer Ballard - Oh dear! Too cute! I love Polo fashion updates!  02.24.10 - 4:01pm
lucy - I am laughing so hard right now  02.24.10 - 4:01pm
Stacey - Oh no! hahaha! He looks like he was bad and now has on a dunce hat and has to sit in the corner. Poor Polo! Stay safe! :)  02.24.10 - 4:00pm
feuza - oh boy oh boy, love it  02.24.10 - 3:57pm
Rachel Clare - This is HILARIOUS!  02.24.10 - 3:56pm
Brent Pilgrim - That is the best thing I've seen all winter! I can't believe he won't rock that outfit with full force. That's definitely a face that says "no way".  02.24.10 - 3:55pm
Amy Clifton - Cant.Stop.Laughing. Don't be surprised if he pees in your closet tonight. Just sayin'... :-)  02.24.10 - 3:54pm
Cathy Crawley - That is so adorable! Perhaps he thinks he's about to join the 7 dwarfs and this is the reason for his unhappy expression :)  02.24.10 - 3:51pm
Eileen - OMG.. too freaken cute!  02.24.10 - 3:51pm
Leyla - Aww, what a little cutie... He's definitely not enjoying the process, you can just tell   02.24.10 - 3:50pm
Morgan - This makes me want a small dog that I can play dress up with :)  02.24.10 - 3:50pm
Lexi - Oh my gosh, this is the cutest picture!! Polo is way too cute :)  02.24.10 - 3:48pm
Rebecca David - THAT is HILARIOUS :0)  02.24.10 - 3:48pm
Ashley - Oh my gosh, I want a scarf for my dogs! I live in Ohio and I could put that to good use!   02.24.10 - 3:46pm
Marissa Rodriguez - I love your styling! :) He looks ADORABLE!!!  02.24.10 - 3:43pm
Mindy M - HOLY CUTENESS BATMAN!!  02.24.10 - 3:42pm
George - I just saw that Polo posted "FML" on his Twitter  02.24.10 - 3:42pm
Lisa Gilbert - we,, you did forget the matching booties. A dog's gotta keep his cred, you know.  02.24.10 - 3:41pm
Amna Hakim - I love it! He's fabulously chic! ;)  02.24.10 - 3:41pm
leslie - that is the best thing i hsve seen in a long long time :)  02.24.10 - 3:40pm
Katie Whitcomb - That is too funny.  02.24.10 - 3:40pm
Blair Van Bussel - This is seriously amazing Jasmine! I think Polo secretly loves it though! ;)  02.24.10 - 3:39pm
Trude - LMAO! At least he hasn't gone "dogatonic" yet and laid on the floor until you take it off, like a certain pup I know.... ;)  02.24.10 - 3:38pm
Rebecca - Too cute!  02.24.10 - 3:38pm
Kristen - omg cute explosion!  02.24.10 - 3:37pm
Diana Elizabeth - Does Polo freeze and fall over (like goes into a coma) when you put clothes on him? My yorkie Paris does that. He refuses to move and he just stares at me like, "I hate you."  02.24.10 - 3:37pm
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie) - HAHAHA! Super cute!!!!   02.24.10 - 3:37pm
Jackie Wonders - hhhaaaahhaaa!!! omygosh, Jas! haha  02.24.10 - 3:37pm
Whitney Gray - hahahahaha you might enjoy seeing my dog's recent attire- friend "Petey Gray" on facebook. ;) Yes, my dog has his own facebook page... Polo and Pete could be friends! (the things we do to these poor little dogs!)  02.24.10 - 3:37pm
Araceli - Not only does he look ready for chill weather but for St. Patricks Day as well. You rock Polo!  02.24.10 - 3:34pm