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Kisses and Disses : LOST + Wheat Thins

o I have this thing. An issue of sorts. You see, if I see something on sale or clearance--something I might need in the next 87 years or so--I must buy it. No, really, I can't walk away from the sale item without putting it in my basket or suffering from an anxiety attack. After endless begging one night while in Target for a fireplace broom on triple clearance (I love me some red stickers!), JD turned to me and said, We don't even have a fireplace, why would we need a fireplace broom?!

Ummm, because one day we'll own a fireplace and HOW WILL I CLEAN IT?!

Speaking of cleaning, I was scrubbing our bathroom last week and looked under the sink to find the following:

With my yellow cleaning gloves on, I marched up to JD and asked why he hid the...thing...the green swan...the planter...the thing I bought from Anthropologie. I paid good money for it and it was on sale and we should display it. Jas, I hid it there four months ago...and really? What is it? Oh, just something I BOUGHT ON SALE. From Anthropologie. Should I repeat that last part again because that store? It's where cool people shop.

We went back and forth debating whether he could find the same thing at a swap meet in Mexico, and I dramatically flung my yellow hands in the air with angst. We later decided it was on sale for a reason. And, yes, I bought it because it was on sale. JD breathed a sigh of relief and asked if he could throw it away. No, silly, I said, I'm going to put it in the pile with the fireplace broom for that garage sale I want to have one day!

This leads me to another installment of Kisses+Disses...

This week's DISSES go to:
*Red sale stickers. Those little buggers are going to be the end of me!
*The rain. Internet, I live in California for a reason. It's called The Sun.
*LOST. Dear producers at ABC, please make the show work again...because it's not. Working, that is. Locke has too much face time and you can't just go and add a lighthouse and mirrors when you want to. Really, let's get it together.

This week's KISSES go to:
*The B School Party in Las Vegas. The first year I went to WPPI, I heard of this infamous party, but it was invite only and exclusive to the cool kids (clearly I wasn't invited). Well, the party has gotten so big throughout the years, it's now open to everyone, so go get a ticket as it'll be one heck of a shindig!
*Citizen of Humanity for creating a virtually amazing skinny pant. Ladies, you'll thank me after you put on these's like black stretch pants/jeans/comfiness all rolled into one. You can wear them with heels or boots, dressed up or down. Perfection!
*A bonus kiss goes to Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. Where would I be without them? No lie, I have three boxes in my pantry. BECAUSE THEY WERE ON SALE.
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Tracy - Haha, I suffer from the same problem...if it is on clearance it calls my name! :)  03.03.11 - 8:55am
eva slipper - good style   04.21.10 - 10:55pm
Erin Hernandez-Reisner - I so needed a good laugh. Thank you  03.12.10 - 10:30am
Erin Hernandez-Reisner - I so needed a good laugh. Thank you  03.12.10 - 10:30am
Helen K - Ha! So he just hid it to see if you realised? I like it! I might try that just for fun!  03.07.10 - 12:47pm
Nellie Guerrero - I am so lost with LOST. I just could not get into it. I hope we can still be friends....  03.01.10 - 7:53pm
Violet Jackowski - For a GREAT and healthy snack, I love to have Reduced Fat Wheat Thins with Laughing Cow LITE French Onion or Creamy Swiss cheese.... TO DIE FOR.  03.01.10 - 8:53am
amanda thiessen - Sales are my bestfriend..and my husband's worst nightmare! haha :p  02.28.10 - 7:01pm
Christina Juleson - Jas...I. couldn't agree with you in regards to lost  02.27.10 - 3:01pm
Debbie - LOST... That's one amazing island. Things like lighthouses just appear out of nowhere! And the body snaching thing??? Come on. It's like someone told them, "Hey, it's your last season so come up with an ending!"  02.27.10 - 12:09pm
feuza - Love the sale post, all women are like that, we just got have it because it might never be on sale again, come on! and those skinny pants, um would need to loose 12 pounds from my legs before I could wear that appropriately, lol see you at WPPI  02.26.10 - 7:39pm
RebeccaM - What's with introducing a lighthouse only to smash up the mirrors 2 minutes later?? I've been in a love/hate relationship with Lost since the beginning... thank goodness for hulu so I can catch up again when I'm back into it. I've decided to commit to this final season. Have you tried watching V? Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) is in it-- love her!   02.26.10 - 5:39pm
valerie Robinson - I burst out laughing when I saw the green swan! Jasmine, you are a trip girl!  02.26.10 - 4:31pm
Laura Lawson - You spoke my heart on this one. All the way from loving the red stickers to LOST to your love for Anthro. You inspire me and make me smile. Blessings  02.26.10 - 1:54pm
Joyce D.Z. - Your fans will hate me for saying this but I don't get Anthropologie. It's so overpriced and they seem to have some kind of fascination with rooster, hens and ducks... :D  02.26.10 - 1:08pm
Nicole Benitez - I am dying at your red sticker obsession! I do love random sale items too, even if they are not functional. :-)  02.26.10 - 1:04pm
Katelyn James - loveee reduced fat wheat thins... you can't taste the difference!  02.26.10 - 12:50pm
Ashley - Anthro is totally where all the cool people shop!!! Ha ha. I love it. And hate it. Maybe I need to shop there so I feel cool too (:  02.26.10 - 12:29pm
dont smile now - I don't no where to start- I can't admit this to my husband but LOST might be lost...I'll still watch it till the END, and Anthropologie; Jasmine, you did the right thing- when something's at sale there, you HAVE to buy it, when you have that garage sale, be sure to mention where you got it- someone will buy it.   02.26.10 - 11:34am
dee - I do the same thing at clearance racks! My boyfriend will grab my arm and steer me away from them because I will buy things that we really don't need or wont use just because they're a good deal.  02.26.10 - 3:29am
Jihan Cerda - After reading this post, I wish you could hear the sound of my husband's voice when he makes fun of me about saying "it was on sale!" Lol.....I feel you girl, I feel you!   02.26.10 - 3:15am
kristen holly - I laughed out loud reading this, Jamie and I have the SAME conversations about things on clearance. I'm a sucker for those red stickers too, it's terrible! Actually, I'm headed to Target tonight for a few things.... I'm sure some extras will make their way into my little red basket ;)  02.26.10 - 2:54am
Syreena B - thank God for husbands who keep our houses from looking like a make-shift consignment shop! I've just learned to turn the other cheek to all things dotted in rouge. Well except for the gift bags I just bought yesterday that I am still trying to find out what to use them for.... but they were only $0.48.... sO I' still working on it :/  02.26.10 - 1:43am
ernst - Ahh. My better half collects "cheap" things too. I have hauled many things from sale bins, garage sales, even the side of the road including old benches, fences we don't need, house siding, as well as old chairs and tables that require stripping, sanding and re-staining. J.D., consider yourself lucky; let Jasmine keep her broom and duck thing (whatever it is). Cheers Ernst  02.26.10 - 1:41am
christina M. - soooo agree with you on the rain! i hate it. like you said, we live in Cali for a reason  02.26.10 - 12:58am
Regina White - Gir I am so cracking up over here at my desk, coffee about to (spitout) be on the screen. You know you paid more for shipping for that green swan than the swan just becuz it's from the cool place people shop at "Anthropologie". HOLLA! I love it. Oh! and I am a red tag fanatic tambien. It's all good gotta get excited about something when you go to the tienda.   02.26.10 - 12:28am
Stacey Malleck - Yes! Huge diss to Lost! What happened to the comic relief? Now they want every moment to be intense. Doesn't work. Nope. Nope.   02.25.10 - 11:45pm
Michelle Hebert - OMG! I am a clearance queen shopper too!! And I totally stock up on random things too because there may be day that we might need it. I always shop for clothes off season, because heaven forbid I pay full price! I have scored so many deals on clothes, it's so fun to shop in my own closet once the season comes around. We would have so much fun shopping together...we should set up date :)  02.25.10 - 10:51pm
{15:51} photography - Oh J.J. Abrahms...I loathe you and your ever perplexing story plots!! That being said, I can't tear myself away either!!!  02.25.10 - 10:03pm
MelissaFoscardo - I agree with you about "Lost". Every week they also say "the time for questions is over". Please! We haven't gotten 1 definitive answer yet! Oops, little ranting going on here. Anyway, can't wait for the last episode...maybe then we'll get some answers :-)  02.25.10 - 9:47pm
Jewelielyn - i read an article somewhere that said, "when considering buying an item that is on sale, ask yourself 'would i buy it at full price?' and if the answer is no, then you shouldn't buy it." and i thought, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? that's the craziest thing i've ever heard! the clearance rack is where you buy the stuff you would NEVER pay full price for! duh!! and if it is HALF-OFF the clearance price, i don't even hardly have to look at what it is. i just fill up my cart and head to the cash register . . .  02.25.10 - 8:28pm
Sarasota Wedding Photographer - I enjoy reading your blogs. My favorite blogger. Have a great day. Natascha  02.25.10 - 7:17pm
katy coffey - I TOTALLY have the same problem with little red stickers.....only my husband has the same problem! we started cleaning our garage wondering how it got so cluttered, only to realize that EVERYTHING HAD RED STICKERS ON THEM!!!  02.25.10 - 7:13pm
Marilyn Sanchez - I love me some skinny pants and almost hooker shoes. ;) Long Live the little Red Stickers!  02.25.10 - 6:31pm
Jeanette LeBlanc - Oh, ditto on Lost. I was just telling my girlfriend last night that I don't think I can watch it anymore. And this after being a uber-fan since the beginning. I just spend the show rolling my eyes now thinking...really? really? Claire is a psycho axe murder? Locke is still Locke but not Locke? Jack has a son in his alternate reality that was born BEFORE the oceanic flight? Oy vey. It's just too much!  02.25.10 - 6:17pm
Allison Howell - I LOVE having yard sales (I almost said "throwing" as if it was a party). Last year, I had the Coolest Yard Sale Ever and made $2000. I'd love to help if you're really ever going to have one. It sounds like you've got some good stuff... :)  02.25.10 - 6:15pm
Wendy - Ok don't laugh! But over here in the south, people actually eat cheese out of squirt can! Not me! Let me just go on the record saying that squirt can cheese makes me want to hurl! But my kids are addicted to the Wheat Thins with squirt can cheese! LOL! EEEwwwwww!  02.25.10 - 6:00pm
louise - mate u are sooo funny, u just crack me up! Thank you for your beautiful photography of beautiful and ugly things in this case! hmmm and about lost we in Nz have just started the last season of Lost, ... yes Im am still lost! But I do find myself watching it every week trying to be unlost. Have a great week xx  02.25.10 - 5:50pm
Amy Martin - HAHAHAHA... I have that planter! LOL but I do have it on the back porch with a dead plant in it. My sis in law bought it for me... I think it is cute, but a little wierd for a plant to be growing out of the back of a swan... I searched for a plant that might look like fur... LOL  02.25.10 - 5:28pm
Jill - Jasmine, I want to be you when I grow up. Nevermind that I'm at least 10 years older than you. And forget what David Jay says, when someone has a blog as entertaining as you, it should go on forever. Your blog rocks! P.S. I love DJ too...I just don't want your blog to go away...  02.25.10 - 5:21pm
Cami - I love reading your make my husband & I laugh so much. Hopefully, I'll get to meet you at wppi.  02.25.10 - 5:18pm
joe dimattia - Jasmine, I SO have to disagree with your diss on LOST! I think this season has been fantastic! patience. answers are coming. the 2 timelines will converge back into one. just wait. love your work by the way. you rock!  02.25.10 - 4:36pm
michelle - hahaha... I'm a sucker for a sale, too. Even worse are the FREE things. I'm a sucker for a goodie bag. I don't care what it's attached to or what call-list I get myself on. If it's free, I've GOTTA have it!   02.25.10 - 3:42pm
Jasmine* - @Michele (and Brooke): I'll be there, so you better say HI! You'll likely find me in the corner by the fried finger foods, so come hang out so I don't eat all of Becker's appetizers! ;)  02.25.10 - 3:38pm
Jeanelle Caraway - I totally and completely purchase things on clearance for the exact same reason. One day, I will need the lacy, gold lame toilet seat cover that Crate & Barrel put on clearance.   02.25.10 - 3:36pm
kymberli q. - Jasmine, I love you, but you really can't be complaining about the rain! It hardly EVER rains!! Embrace the rain!! :)  02.25.10 - 3:30pm
Brent Pilgrim - We've got our tickets for the B School Party! And I have to say, I would hide that green thing too. Sorry, gotta stick with the guys.  02.25.10 - 3:24pm
Michele Dyson - So, I have to admit I'm sitting here chewing my nails, and I'm NOT a nail biter! My good friend Brooke Bowland and I will be at Becker's party in Vegas, and if you're going to be there we'll be thrilled! My hubby said to me one evening...."Who is this Jasmine girl, anyways..... it's like she's your Michael Jordan?!" PRECISELY! I was thinking more along the lines of Madonna, but he got the idea! We're hoping you'll be in attendance and will make sure to say "hello" ( in a very non blog-stalker way, of course)! You have been a huge inspiration to us both, and even took the time to reply to an email a few years back when we were just starting out. Much appreciated:) Looking forward to meeting you!  02.25.10 - 3:23pm
Damaris Mia - I totally feel you on the whole Target/red stickers issue. I recently bought a king comforter set that was on sale from $79.99 to $19.99. Get this, I don't even own a king-size bed. Shoot, I sleep on a futon because, well, we're in the process of purchasing our own place. LOL... well, you just gotta love those red stickers! and Target!! :]  02.25.10 - 2:48pm
Jacie - ugh. LOST. if they introduce another character i think i'm gonna throw myself down a hatch! so disappointing. I spent way too much time at the following site after i thought i was too stupid to "get it" I'm thinking more and more that it's not me. it's the others.  02.25.10 - 2:18pm
Meredith - I'm pretty sure I live on Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. They are my staple and sustaining force in the world. Love those things! And thanks for tip on the skinny's (though I'm sure my husband and wallet won't thank you). I'm looking for a pair.  02.25.10 - 1:51pm
Karen C, Florida - I laughed out loud at "dramatically flung my yellow hands in the air..." Quite the visual! Now, as to LOST... perhaps I'm on a "flash-sideways" from you, because I am LOVING this season! The lighthouse, the mirrors showing Jack's house at 23 degrees... Claire is the new Rousseau? Jack has a son? WHAT??? The answers are starting to come in, but so much left to unfold. The writers are brilliant... at least in my flash-sideways version. ;-) LOVE IT!!!   02.25.10 - 1:36pm
daryn - I completely love ~ like head over heels ~ your Kisses & Disses. They can always make me smile ... even on my pissy days like today. Just wanted to offer one little suggestion: Try reading Entertainment Weekly's LOST recaps ( -- they are the only thing getting me thru this last season. Apparently there's tons of symbolism that my little brain doesn't grab watching the show on my own -- who knew!?! :)  02.25.10 - 1:34pm
Tammy Stark - Hey Sue McFarland - I have football thighs too. I'm actually 5'8', but I'm shaped like a boy football player. When the pants fit me in the thighs they are 2 sizes to big for my butt. Ugh! I just can't do the skinny jean thing. They're cute and all, just not doable for me. I wish though. Great post Jas! I'm totally with you on Lost! My husband is soooo into it though. Oh! Yer waaayyy cooler than you think. Wish I could go to WPPI to say hi to you and all the other magnificent photographers. Maybe next year! Cheers!   02.25.10 - 1:26pm
Jadine Rodriguez - Is it weird that I feel that I know you so well and picture myself in your cool group of so cal friends?! A.) i go to target often on a simple whim just to find those hidden treasures at the end of the aisles with those red stickers. B.) Thank God reduced fat Wheat Thins taste just as good as the regular Wheat Thins and C.) Kisses to you and your blog for being fab and for giving us readers the reassurance that even cool peeps like you buy random items on clearance. (: Love on and God bless. -Jadine   02.25.10 - 1:16pm
Megan Beth - I just saved a black Michael Kors bag from it's lonely days on clearance at Nord Rack. Whew, that was close! That's right, I SAVED IT.  02.25.10 - 1:08pm
Paola - Pleeeease, let us know before hand, when you'll have this garage sale. I could use a fireplace broom & a green swan planter thingy.  02.25.10 - 12:42pm
Katie - FOR REAL on the Diss to LOST. I mean I went along with the flashbacks. And then the flash forwards. And THEN the time travel. I did. But now they want me to follow the characters on the island AND the characters in their what-could-have been lives. Dislike.   02.25.10 - 12:41pm
Kristina - lol..... you crack me up.....Becasue they were on sale... I am the same way! Come on JD! :)  02.25.10 - 12:34pm
tina - hahaha. This makes me laugh! I probably waste more money on things on sale than if I just bought the nice expensive thing I REALLY wanted. And totally...garage sale it too. haha. U crack me up! So true.  02.25.10 - 12:28pm
Anda - Bahahahahha! You totally crack me up. So, I have no one to go to the [b] school party with :( I'm going to Airhorns and Lasers on Sunday night though :)  02.25.10 - 12:16pm
Christy - O Photography - Jasmin, you crack me up x10000000!!! Thanks you for always making me smile :)  02.25.10 - 12:09pm
Cristina G Photography - I couldn't agree more, Jasmine! Anthropologie is where cool people shop! Most definitely! So much so that I did an entire photo shoot the other day with Anthro clothes! Because they inspire me! Because I buy everything they have on sale!!!! I would be honored if you checked out the pics, for the sake of our mutual love of everything Anthro if nothing else! :-) Here is a link:  02.25.10 - 12:01pm
Brian Fletcher - HECK YES on the reduced fat wheat of my favorite things in the world! And the reduced fat ones taste just as good as the original ones! :)  02.25.10 - 12:00pm
Lydia - I have to admit, I was clicking around the sale area on the Anthropologie website today. Besides red tags, free shipping gets to me. It's like, I just have to get something because when will I ever get free shipping again?!  02.25.10 - 12:00pm
Alexsandra - Hi Jasmine, I love your blog, it's so inspirational, I've been reading for so long but never commented. However after reading this post, I just can't leave and not say anything. If there was a Clearance Shopaholic Anomymous kind of thing, I would definetly join it. Yes, I am that bad. Thank God there is always Jasmine photos to look at and forget bad habits. Maybe we should just take pictures of items on sale, what do you think?  02.25.10 - 11:56am
Nicole Chubb - Amen. I don't know why I keep watching Lost - I don't even really like it, but I can't stop!  02.25.10 - 11:56am
cassandra m - Thanks for the big dose of LAUGHTER. I needed that. xoxo.  02.25.10 - 11:47am
scott neumyer - ohhhhh you had me until you threw LOST into the Disses section! Be patient... you'll get the answers you seek and savor these last few episodes :)  02.25.10 - 11:40am
Nicole - OMG! I love wheat thins. But I beat your three boxes with my FOUR boxes in our pantry. Why, my husband asked, did I buy four boxes? Umm hello, they were on sale!!!!! Great minds think a like j*!!  02.25.10 - 11:34am
jen mcken - It will be my first time at WPPI and I'm sooo nervous. I'm gathering up the guts to go to the Big Bad B School Party...I will know NO ONE!!! :) PS: I'll *fist bump-EXPLOSION* the Reduced fat wheat thins!! LOL  02.25.10 - 11:28am
Sue McFarland - HA,HA,HA!! That is me laughing out loud at your post about buying things with stickers. I can SOOOO relate. And I just had the yard sale of the century this last fall...and I still have enough, I mean, stuff bought on sale to fill another one or maybe two!! JD might be right, come to think of it, to try to keep you from! Did I really just say that out loud? I LOVE LOVE Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, too. They are my favorite indulgence. I wish wish wish that i could fit into a skinny legged pant like the one in the link. I have what my family refers to as football thighs and I am only 5 ft. tall. Skinny pants, just not in the cards for me :( But I know you will be rocking then with great style! Have a great day!   02.25.10 - 11:24am
Karen - Lol, Jasmine, your blogs are always so fun to read.   02.25.10 - 11:23am
Marissa Rodriguez - Yes the new Showit website is pretty amazing! Oh and you're gonna have some good stuff at your little garage sale! Haha!   02.25.10 - 11:14am
amy t schubert - multi-grain wheat thins are my *favorite*  02.25.10 - 11:12am
T - I laughed out loud at this post. I'm the same way with sale items, but then add a coupon and its a done deal. My husband asked yesterday why we have 8 cans of reduced fat Pringles in the pantry. I said very excited "because they were on sale and I had TWO coupons... two!" Needless to say he didn't share in my joy .  02.25.10 - 11:01am
Diana Lupu - How funny!!! I JUST blogged about sale items this morning....what's that sayin about great minds....? And I'm SO with you about LOST...all the way.   02.25.10 - 11:01am
Leyla - Oh Jasmine, I love you! You always manage to put a smile on my face. And that is one heck of a gift to have. Thank you for being YOU! xoxo   02.25.10 - 10:53am
joan.solitario - LOL on the wheat thins! :o) I'd stock up too if they were on sale!  02.25.10 - 10:43am
Evie - YES! Anthropologie sucks me in all the time! Just last week I bought an apron on sale there b/c well, just b/c it's on sale. Ask me if it's cute. Not really. But it's Anthropologie and it was cheap:)  02.25.10 - 10:41am