Pelican Hill Wedding : Michele + Emin

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he bridal suite at Pelican Hill was covered with wedding details and pink accoutrements, like bags, boxes, and frilly lace. Michele was, after years of dating her dream date, marrying the man of her dreams. Her bridesmaids floated from room to room always making sure a glass of champagne was ready to be hoisted for any moment's toast to the good life. With the iPod perfectly set to Lady Gaga, the entire room raised and clinked crystal glasses in honor of a perfect wedding day. After moving a few pink boxes out of the way and finishing her champagne, Michele exited the bridal suite and collected her to see her future groom, Emin.

Standing on the terracotta tile, Michele took a deep breath, then the tears fell like honey. Slowly, methodically. As much as she tried, she couldn't hold back her emotions. Little did she know, the flower girls watched from the suite, then immediately ran out to comfort her and dry up the tears. As soon as they hugged her, Michele was ready to see Emin. And their embrace was everything it should be on a wedding day. Tender, raw, complete. The rest of their wedding flowed like honey, only this time, it was slow and sweet.

Michele and Emin, thank you for simply being you. Wonderfully and perfectly you. I couldn't think of a better way to start Spring than spending the afternoon in Newport Beach with you and your amazing friends and family. You're perfect for each other and I hope you're enjoying Turks& jealous you didn't take me with you! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

I fell in love with Michele's Jenny Lee wedding dress she found at the Jenny Lee couture store in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach...

...and who doesn't love a little Stuart Weitzman on a wedding day?!

Wholly and completely gorgeous...special thanks to Makeup by Berit for a lovely job...

Here's a snapshot of the flower girls who helped keep Michele in the best of spirits...

I know I always say it, but--really--I LOVE when a bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony. It's totally poignant, raw, and beautiful, and it makes me all emotional! ;)

The best part about a bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony is there's plenty of time to roam the Pelican Hill property for wedding pictures!

I love working with JD...unbeknownst to me, we were both getting the same shot at the same time of the bride and groom...his is on the right...

JD captured Michele doing what she does best: smiling.

Is it just me or is Michele RADIATING in this picture? Love her...and her bridal headband. For brides interested, she purchased it at the Jenny Lee couture boutique in Newport Beach...

JD is wonderful at capturing candid moments...

Okay, JD is also great at just capturing details and people too...

I wanted to give a little blog love to Michele's bridal party...they were more than fabulous!

The day was simply perfect for a wedding at Pelican Hill and JD captured the essence of the glorious weather in this photo...

A HUGE shout out must go to Stephanie Lairson for planning such a perfect day and ensuring e very detail in place. I adored working with her and it's always an honor when our paths cross...

All the amazing florals were provided by Karla at Elegant by Design in Newport Beach and she's absolutely lovely to work with...

A special, special THANK YOU must go to Erin (the Catering Manager) and Michelle (the Wedding Butler) at Pelican Hill for making the day so wonderfully smooth and enjoyable...I'm so thankful work with such an amazing team!

The Grand Entrance...

Emin's groomsmen were hilarious. Never before have I experienced heckling during a First Dance, but they made quite an interesting experience and put the pressure on Emin to really bust out his smooth moves... :)

One thing was for sure, Michele and Emin knew how to party...and the dancefloor was packed the entire night...

To see more of Michele and Emin's Pelican Hill Newport Beach wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Jay - Jasmine- Beautiful colors in some of these photos! GOOD WORK. :)  07.15.10 - 7:02pm
Stephanie Ortega - These are such beautiful photos!!! So timeless.  04.16.10 - 6:05pm
bailie - this is an amazingly beautiful set. so elegant and so classy. My favourite is the bridesmaids shot.   04.16.10 - 4:18am
Matthew Kent - JD's shots are fantastic! So are yours of course : )  04.14.10 - 12:00pm
Sharon Curran - Absolutely fantastic pictures - it looks like a geat day. You've really captured the atmosphere and the fun.  04.10.10 - 3:26am
Michael Fletcher - I love the image of Michele and her two flower girls. You captured the bride's joy wonderfully!  04.08.10 - 4:07am
Melissa Dunstan Photography - Gorgeous! I felt like I was in the room as I looked at the images. Stunning work!  04.07.10 - 10:40am
Hadar - Great images Jasmine! It was nice seeing you in WPPI, here's to a great 2010!  04.05.10 - 2:40pm
Apple - Oh, Jasmine! you make me fall in love with weddings with your posts.. <3 i'm a photography student still deciding which path in photography to take, cruise ship, weddings, photojourn or weddings.. but when i read your blog, i become convinced i must do weddings! you're fabulous!!!:)  04.05.10 - 8:38am
Martin Allum - Wow what a collection of fantastic images  04.03.10 - 3:22am
cassandra-m - simply put...G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S couple...GORGEOUS PHOTOS. love love them all.  04.01.10 - 1:22am
Catherine Schroeder - Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple celebrating a beautiful time in life!   03.31.10 - 1:07pm
Laura Holmes - Honestly....AH-mazing!...the photos are almost as beautiful as you, Michele. xoxo  03.30.10 - 8:00pm
laetitia - My favorite is the one when you say the bride is Radiating... This one is for me perfect ;-)  03.30.10 - 5:57pm
Sarah - These are soooo Gorgeous!!!  03.30.10 - 3:46pm
zoe - last shot is my fav! beautiful job!  03.30.10 - 12:43pm
shannon h. - wow. stunning! you found the best light!! the couple is gorgeous and the photos are incredible!!  03.30.10 - 12:11pm
Shannon K. - It looks like it was a fun wedding! Love the first dance shot. Cute!  03.30.10 - 9:08am
Serendipity Photography - Beautiful beautiful as always!! :)  03.29.10 - 10:33pm
mike Larson - love this post, the simplicity and everything, and the fact that JD shoots with you, I love it when my Rachie shoots with me! :)  03.29.10 - 10:18pm
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Erica Velasco - Loving the details of this!  03.29.10 - 3:00pm
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The Bing - J* you never dissapoint! Great job!  03.29.10 - 6:43am
katelyn james - 3rd one down, LOVE!  03.28.10 - 8:56pm
FELIX WU - The decorations and details at the reception are amazing!  03.28.10 - 6:49pm
Kathleen Porter - What an elegant wedding! Captured beautifully Jasmine :)  03.28.10 - 3:14pm
BEANTOWN BRIDE - This wedding is gorgeous Jasmine! I especially love how you have captured the event, the couple looks so HAPPY! :-)   03.28.10 - 10:09am
Bridecow - Stunning pictures!!! If only my wedding weren't in Indonesia, I'd sooooo be begging you to do my wedding as well!!!!  03.28.10 - 8:19am
Holli True - Absolutely beautiful! You and JD are such a fabulous team- I just love it!! I am in awe over Michele's "Radiating" picture- absolutely breathtaking! :) LOVE!  03.27.10 - 10:09pm
Girish - Beautiful shots. Like the first 2-3 ones of the bride, and bride and small girls...superb light there... Otherwise photographs are wonderful as well. Keep it up. As always nice details.  03.27.10 - 9:49pm
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Alan & Karen Woo - Stunning! They look like that had a great time.  03.27.10 - 4:16pm
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Life with Kaishon - Flowed like honey. I love how you write : )  03.27.10 - 12:27pm
Sharon Snow - Stunning!!! The light, the emotion, the gorgeous bride, you got it all Jasmine! Just love the dual angle that yourself and JD caught of Michele and Emin. WOW!  03.27.10 - 12:27pm
Tab McCausland - They look awesome! Great job J*  03.27.10 - 12:26pm
Michelle - Wow! The one of Emin kissing Michele's shoulder is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen from you Jasmine! It totally brought me to tears. She is stunning and her dress was equally fabulous.  03.27.10 - 11:11am
kim james - your photgraphy just keep getting stronger and stronger. Really a beautiful clean one and the one JD caught pulses.   03.27.10 - 10:29am
Will Pateman Photography - Great light..great images and great looking people  03.27.10 - 9:38am
Kat Forsyth - Michele is one of THE most beautiful brides I've ever seen. She's naturally stunning, but her radiant happiness just pushes her into another category! I want to show this post to ever one of my brides, and tell them to look this happy.  03.27.10 - 9:23am
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Karen (Mikols) Bonar - I am SO all about her headband! LOVING IT! :)   03.27.10 - 7:28am
Evonne Wong - I have always wanted to do a wedding at Pelican Hill (or the Montage). What a beautiful wedding!  03.27.10 - 4:30am
Karen - Aww, you and JD are so in sync. Beautiful shots, as always!   03.27.10 - 2:33am
Brian Fletcher - Beautiful work, Jasmine and JD!  03.27.10 - 12:11am
Tor-Ivar - Wow... simply amazing photos :)  03.26.10 - 11:33pm
ari - Lovely photos. I'm dig'n the new site. Fresssh.   03.26.10 - 10:46pm
Ni Nguyen-Edalat - What a beautiful wedding!!! I love your work, Jasmine, and, of course, JD's too! :-)  03.26.10 - 10:08pm
feuza - What a lovely wedding, loved the shots that you and JD were doing at the same time!!! loved her veil and head piece too and that bridal shot of the ladies oh so fabulous posing  03.26.10 - 9:39pm
Amber Fox - Your bride is STUNNING! Gorgeous photos Jasmine! You have done it again!  03.26.10 - 9:16pm
Pol - The dress and shoes are gorgeous! Beautiful images of the day :)  03.26.10 - 8:07pm
kelly marie - Beautiful pictures to go along with a beautiful bride! She looks like a mix between Scarlett Johannson and Christina Applegate...but prettier!   03.26.10 - 6:34pm
Mayra - GORGEOUS!!! BTW I was showing my hubby your supper awesome site...he thought you were beautiful ;-) Also i emailed you about prices for a portrait sesh! let me know :-) Thanks! xx  03.26.10 - 6:32pm
Lydia - Michele was a gorgeous radiant bride! Love how you and JD perfectly work together!  03.26.10 - 6:30pm
Thea - Gorgeous wedding! Gorgeous photographs. I especially love the heckling you captured. Made me chuckle.  03.26.10 - 6:21pm
Brittani - =) great photos of a great couple. Good stuff. My absolute fav is, of course, the shots u and JD took at the same time. Nice. =) You are inspiring.  03.26.10 - 6:17pm
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Collette - Curious what is that great song on the it!  03.26.10 - 2:54pm
Collette Mruk - How fabulous are you and these pictures! You sometimes make me wish I wasnt already married so i can re-do all my =) j/k  03.26.10 - 2:51pm
Carolyn Clement - *Tears fell like honey* ~ Wow, what a beautiful description...drying mine right now ;)  03.26.10 - 2:49pm
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Leyla - Truly.. what a stunning couple! They both look like models... The bride is absolutely beautiful... Love the photos... Beautiful light and energy in all of them... =)  03.26.10 - 2:09pm
Leyla - Truly.. what a stunning couple! They both look like models... The bride is absolutely beautiful... Love the photos... Beautiful light and energy in all of them... =)  03.26.10 - 2:09pm
gladys jem - they are such a beautiful couple. she has a great smile and you captured it perfect. stunning. thats all :)  03.26.10 - 1:59pm
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kelsy mccartney - what a fun + gorgeous wedding!! love the shot of the bride and all her ladies... and love their dresses! i happen to have the same dress, from white house black market :) i just love your work, j* ... and jd's too!!  03.26.10 - 1:05pm
jean smith - STUNNING couple!!! your images are so very pretty to look at. bright and fresh and whimsical and beautiful...  03.26.10 - 1:03pm
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Ted Johns - Beautiful work you two, as always. Yes, I agree re: the pic of the groom kissing her on her shoulder with his eyes closed. She just radiates! Love it. I really love all the natural flow to every shot you've got up here.  03.26.10 - 12:44pm
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Jasmine* - @Brent: Thanks! I fixed the link! :)  03.26.10 - 12:29pm
Brent Pilgrim - Gorgeous! I wanted to see more but the link for the slideshow is broken. Am I doing something wrong?  03.26.10 - 12:27pm
fffabulous - These pictures are exquisite!!  03.26.10 - 12:25pm
Lisa - How lucky are you to be capturing such beautiful people on SUCH a beautiful day! You work is amazing... as always.  03.26.10 - 12:24pm
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