Skirball Center Wedding : Amy + Will

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ill nodded politely when an older gentleman leaned over and said, It's a good thing your parents made you learn Cantonese, huh? Will's smile broadened and looked onto Amy and her family as they posed for family pictures. Yes, it was a good thing. But there were so many good things it might have been easy for him to lose count. The girl of his dreams smiled and waved from a shirt distance, and when it was time for Will to squeeze in for family pictures, he did it with an easy mix of English and Cantonese. Yes, it was one of many good things that day.

The rain that threatened the weekend forecast disappeared when the sun decided to behave and shine brightly on the Skirball Center for Amy and Will's wedding. They laughed together as they strolled through the pewter walkways and focused on the marriage, as much as they focused on the wedding. Throughout the day friends and family roasted and toasted the couple, but the common theme was perfection. The perfect meeting, the perfect date, the perfect proposal, the perfect union. Glasses and flutes were raised in honor of their love...and their perfect day.

Amy and Will...I woke up incredibly excited to join you for your wedding. The planning process has made you feel like friends and I can't thank you enough for the constant notes and gifts of thoughtfulness. You are the type of couple that makes me fall more in love with what I do and I'm incredibly thankful to have you as clients...and friends. Enjoy your two weeks in Tahiti and I hope you come back more in love! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The wedding day started at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica and when I saw the wedding rings and the Manolo Blahniks, I knew it was going to be a great day! :)

Hellllo fabulous wedding dress!

The floral arrangements and details were done by the ever fab Nisie of Enchanted Florist...I simply love working with her as she's positively the sweetest thing ever...

Amy looked radiant with a little extra help from Tanya Bures for makeup...

It never gets old to me...when a bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony, I get choked up. The moment is so poignant and powerful....and happy!

Why, yes. Yes, Amy looked gorge...

After the First Look at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, we headed to Skirball Center for wedding photos...

The slate color of the bridesmaids dresses and the gray colors at the Skirball Center made everything work so well together...and, of course, bows will make everything better...

The processional photo on a wedding day is one of my favs to capture every time...

After the wedding ceremony, we roamed the grounds of the Skirball Center for more pictures of the newlyweds...

With many, many thanks to Kerrie Underhill of Platinum Weddings by Kerrie for orchestrating a perfect wedding day...not a moment, detail, or thing was overlooked! Kerrie, Melissa, and Amy worked to ensure the day flowed smoothly and I'm so thankful for their help.

Again, Nisie did a wonderful job with decor, and Amy of Vanilla Bake Shop provided a stunning cake. And in case you're wondering...yes, the flowers on the cake were designed to match Amy's wedding dress...

The amazing Julie and Alex of Elysium Productions were on hand to film the wedding and I simply lovelovelove working with such great videographers...I especially like the lights they use because it makes my job easier to shoot during the reception! ;)

Here's to a perfect night...

To see more of Amy and Will's Skirball Center wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Sebastian Joel - The last picture really makes a statement. I like like how the light is bright and shinning down on the couple, almost symbolizing like a bright start to their future. Also enjoy that the entire frame of this image incorporates the entire essence of the reception. AWESOME PICTURE!!   03.15.11 - 3:17pm
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Lora Ayers - J*, Absolutely gorgeous wedding, and you are so right with how the venue, and decor, and dress all went together so perfectly. Stunning my dear. :) Lora  04.21.10 - 11:45am
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corey - J, great photographs and the gray looks cool! Was just in Santa Monica hate i missed you guys I love Cali.  04.19.10 - 1:43pm
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