Laguna Beach Engagement : Mike + Monique

t's been said that women possess certain characteristics that can make a man stop in his tracks and notice--quite possibly--she sparkles. Not literally, but in this invisible way that draws him into her gravitational pull and circle her with delight and intrigue. Monique is one of those girls. Just ask Mike.

They were introduced by friends out one night while in Arizona. Monique chatted with Mike and with every syllable, she called into a different part of Mike's soul. Yes, this girl sparkled. When she asked if he'd like to join her the following day for a sporting event, he casually agreed. You like sports, don't you, she queried. He simply responded yes and then coyly smiled because she had no idea he was a professional baseball player. Monique and Mike hung out the following day. And the following day. And followed the same pattern until they found themselves on a private tour of the Vatican months later when Mike dropped to his knee and proposed to Monique. Totally befitting, he gave the girl who sparkled a very sparkly ring.

Mike and Monique are marrying this July at the St. Regis Monarch Beach and I'm incredibly excited to work with them and Michelle of Details Details for a splendid day ringing in Independence Day. Yes, they're marrying on the 4th of July and we expect a lot of sparks to fly! I had a blast shooting their Laguna Beach engagement session and I can't wait to hang out again soon...

I wish the Good Lord would've blessed me with legs like Monique's. F'real.

Only these two could make a utility shack in Laguna Beach look good...


That's riiiight...Mike can bring his a-game to working it for photos as well as on the baseball field...

Then things got a little steamy...

Mike, you've never looked better than with Monique in your life! ;)

To see more of their Laguna Beach engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Laguna Beach Photographer - Good looking couple and fab job on the photos! I thought she was your sister at first glance!  03.14.11 - 1:37pm
Krissy - i love the white dress! where did she get it???  06.04.10 - 1:17pm
Marco Markovich - So cool, so your style!  05.18.10 - 2:09am
Thomas Lester - Steamy for sure.... whew!   05.01.10 - 8:30am
Chanelle Segerius-Bruce - love the golden beachy ones with the hat - very fashion  04.30.10 - 2:24pm
Alex Rubin - Super sexy shot 3rd from the bottom.   04.27.10 - 9:27pm
Stephanie Bachle - This is such a fun shoot! Your style rocks, J!  04.26.10 - 6:59pm
Karen - Super gorgeous couple. =]  04.25.10 - 8:58pm
Katelyn James - Beautiful as always.:) Can't WAIT for the details of their big day!   04.25.10 - 8:44pm
brandi w - Awesome awesome awesome shoot!!   04.25.10 - 5:47pm
Brian Fletcher - Beautiful shots!  04.25.10 - 2:58pm
feuza - sexy! especially that last one, love her second outfit and warmness of shots  04.24.10 - 9:48pm
Jeannie - Great photos as always..SO funny that Brooksville where he is from is about an hour from where we live...such a small world./  04.24.10 - 5:49pm
Terrah - At first I thought it was you in these photos! haha! Absolutely stunning couple.  04.24.10 - 12:38pm
Suki - Love the pictures on the beach. They are really hot :) You did a great job.  04.24.10 - 3:07am
Alicia Swedenborg - So many great poses! They feel posed but yet relaxed, love it!  04.24.10 - 2:25am
knico - Very nice!  04.23.10 - 10:51pm
Nicole Benitez - These are absolutely gorgeous!!   04.23.10 - 8:32pm
Erica Velasco - Super cute! She totally looks like you.  04.23.10 - 7:52pm
Caitlin - These are gorgeous as usual!!! amazing job! Love them all.  04.23.10 - 6:30pm
Willa Kveta Photography - Gorgeous shots with so much class! You captured their love so well, yet these shots feel like fashion combined with a couple in love! I bet they love them!  04.23.10 - 2:26pm
Vanessa J. Del Pino - Love the last photo! Very sexy yet beautiful...Awesome photos!  04.23.10 - 12:45pm
Alison - Wow! They are both gorgeous, and yeah, I hear you on the legs... Look forward to seeing their wedding shots!   04.23.10 - 11:42am
Mikkel - You do look very much like sisters! I LOVE her white dress! Any idea where it's from?  04.23.10 - 11:12am
Anne Adams - She looks a lot like you in the first photo! Super cute, love the colors!  04.23.10 - 10:55am
Leilani Tucker - Seriously steamy!! Love 'em  04.23.10 - 10:44am
amanda thiessen - love the passion in these!!  04.23.10 - 9:45am
Leandra - The glowy photo of her with the hat: perfection. I LOVE it!  04.23.10 - 8:59am
Molly - I love these engagements! There is something different about them. I think it's that they have some sex appeal. I love it!  04.23.10 - 8:55am
Celesa - Wow.... these are AMAZING! She is beautiful and he is handsome. I'm sure you had a blast with this couple. Great pictures! Love them.  04.23.10 - 8:41am
nena - Such a gorgeous couple and amazing photos of them! One day you'll be my wedding photographer too! =-)  04.23.10 - 8:36am
Megan (Best of Fates) - Gorgeous! (the photography and the couple)  04.23.10 - 8:32am
Kaysha - Work it girl!! I'd kill for legs like that!! ;)  04.23.10 - 7:33am
Jen Madigan Photography - Wow, I wish I had legs like that too! What a gorgeous couple - and fantastic photos as always.  04.23.10 - 7:28am
mag - these are so hot!   04.23.10 - 6:45am
nikki - You guys could seriously be twins or sisters at least. So beautiful.  04.23.10 - 5:57am
Lisa - Wow J*! These photos are fabulous! I love the one where her hat is covering one of her eyes. Beautiful. Great job as always!  04.23.10 - 5:54am
Fabrice Lambert - So gorgeous!!! Really amazing couple... a "big block" with a model! Beautiful - and hard to control - light!!!  04.23.10 - 4:57am
Kim Cavanagh - Amazing! She is stunning, what a sexy session.  04.23.10 - 4:47am
Jess - oh. my. goodness. what a beautiful couple, and gorgeous pictures! ps... you and monique totally could be sisters!  04.23.10 - 4:08am
Bethany - Holy Moly, these are gorgeous.  04.23.10 - 3:26am
Heather LaBone - I agree with Megan...Holly legs!! Love the hat photo. Hot!! Incredible as always. Still wish I could get my photos that sharp! Not sure what I am doing wrong.   04.23.10 - 2:36am
Stella - These are just gorgeous!!!! Love them all!  04.23.10 - 12:35am
Rae Threnoworth - What a hot couple - beautiful photos Jasmine! U capture the light so beautifully!  04.22.10 - 11:34pm
Girish - Beautiful photographs. Wonderful shots really. I love the light and sharpness.  04.22.10 - 10:49pm
Rory Mole - Hey there Jasmine, Wow, what a beautiful couple. Why is it..... that you always seem to land clients who are just fantastic looking... or better still, your photography makes them look that way.  04.22.10 - 10:10pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Hot, hot, hot!  04.22.10 - 8:44pm
Megan Beth - Holy legs batman. I adore this session, way to rock it!  04.22.10 - 7:48pm
Dawn Spinella - HOT HOT HOT!!! What a fun couple to shoot!  04.22.10 - 7:42pm
AbiQ - Dang! What a smoking couple! Pictures are pretty steller too!   04.22.10 - 7:33pm
MelissaFoscardo - Wow, these are smokin' hot! Beautiful couple and I love the way you wrote their story...beautiful as well.  04.22.10 - 7:21pm
Jenny Sun - i loooooooove the one of her with the hat!! its so editorial and gorgeous! This whole set makes me smile :D  04.22.10 - 7:03pm
Christine - Ok. So it must be said. She looks like you. Or you look like her. Whatevs. You're both beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Hot session, J!!! :) xoxox  04.22.10 - 6:52pm
Jenger - She's pretty! She looks like she could be your sister or cousin or something.   04.22.10 - 6:08pm
gladys jem - wow! they're gorge, and i love her hat. btw. is her second dress from bcbg? because if it is, then your brides do shop at the same stores ;)  04.22.10 - 5:44pm
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs - love it. :) i met mike when he was pitching for the braves, super nice guy!  04.22.10 - 5:14pm
Tony Harrison - Some really inspiring shots here Jasmine, thanks for sharing with us. Love your posing techniques. Attending Jerry G's workshop in June, can't wait - he speaks really highly of you.  04.22.10 - 5:05pm
Jacob Bergmeier - Lovely outing. The beautiful light and awesome exposures accentuate their striking smiles. You really caught their essence and you definitely hit a home run with this session.  04.22.10 - 4:37pm
Angel Canary - Wooooowww! Steamy, hawt and fun!!!  04.22.10 - 4:09pm
Alexandra - flawless photos as usual :)   04.22.10 - 4:07pm
Sanna Ek - You're pictures are so amazing - YOU are amazing! :) such an inspiration.   04.22.10 - 3:43pm
Michelle - I loved them Jasmine! The second hat one took my breath away, beautiful!  04.22.10 - 3:27pm
Mikaela - Love, love, LOVE!!!  04.22.10 - 3:25pm
Courtney Beck - Oh I love all of these but I absolutely love the second hat one!!!!   04.22.10 - 3:10pm
Marissa Nicole - These are some of these best pictures I have ever seen. AH-MA-Z-ING! Holy Crap! Definitely gained some inspiration for some pictures. Girl you rock!  04.22.10 - 3:07pm
Chris Myers - I love these! I didn't even realize he was in the second photo till I looked at it again! WOW, great work  04.22.10 - 2:29pm
Cherisse - WOW! What a gorgeous couple & J* you rocked this session! GURL!   04.22.10 - 2:29pm
Krissy - Fantastic Jasmine...  04.22.10 - 2:28pm
Sara M - I'm so jealous...You got to meet Mike Hampton! I absolutely adored him the 1st time he pitched for the Astros and now he's there again. They are a beautiful couple and the pictures...Well they speak for themselves. AMAZING!!!  04.22.10 - 2:14pm
LEOLAK - SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS......that's the sizzle of heat coming off these photos! Awesome! Gorgeous pics and gorgeous couple!   04.22.10 - 2:13pm
Brittani - WOW you nailed it when you said she sparkles. These are great photos. Pretty daring and fun at the end there! Gave a little piece of them to us! Great photos  04.22.10 - 2:08pm
Mona - Wow, really hot couple! Your pics are amazing, they are always amazing :-) Greetings from Austria/Europe! Mona  04.22.10 - 2:02pm
Dennis Bullock - so great Jasmine!  04.22.10 - 1:58pm
Karen Taggart - Wow! Sexy without crossing "that line". Nicely done!!!  04.22.10 - 1:58pm
Julie Hartman - Amazing!! I can't wait to shoot this good. It might take me a while but I'm gonna get there one day :) You inspire me Jasmine!  04.22.10 - 1:56pm
Edmund I. - Hey! Is that Mike Hampton the pitcher!? COOOOOOL!  04.22.10 - 1:53pm
angela Cardenas - AWESOME!!!! i love these photos!!! =D  04.22.10 - 1:52pm
CarleeMerissa - Breath taking pictures Jasmine!! So gorgeous.   04.22.10 - 1:49pm
Melissa - OOOH how great are these pics!!! Am making Laguan Beach a must see while visiting Ca. this summer!  04.22.10 - 1:46pm
s h e r r y - Holy goodness. These are SMOKIN'. Monique has AMAZING legs... Wowee. The lighting on the beach is fabulous too... Oh man!  04.22.10 - 1:43pm
anda - wow. these are amazing, jasmine!  04.22.10 - 1:43pm
Melissa Papaj Photography - I do have to agree! What gorgeous legs! Nice work and beautiful couple!  04.22.10 - 1:42pm
Natasha C - WOW!! HOT STUFF!!!  04.22.10 - 1:42pm
Leyla - Rawr is RIGHT!! What a good looking couple! These photos are incredible!! I love the one with her in the hat and him holding her... Absolutely STUNNING!!! I love beach shoots!!  04.22.10 - 1:35pm
Erika Jackson - Absolutely delightful. Awesome, Jasmine!  04.22.10 - 1:31pm
Brianna - The pics are awesome! I love them!   04.22.10 - 1:30pm
Larry Reeves - Killer shots, Jasmine! It's also nice to note that my friend, Jeremy Reed, also started his MLB Career with the Mariners. Cool stuff!  04.22.10 - 1:30pm
melanie janse - awesome work once again !  04.22.10 - 1:26pm
Ben Godkin - Woah! Steamy session! Great photos!  04.22.10 - 1:23pm
margaret - crazy HOT!!  04.22.10 - 1:20pm
Amanda Nicole Photography - WOW WOW WOW   04.22.10 - 1:20pm
Ciara - Jasmine, these are gorgeous. I could look at them all day. You have such talent.  04.22.10 - 1:18pm
Stacey - Wowza! What a stunning couple! They really do make their surroundings shine and look like they have a ton of fun together. Great job, Jasmine! :)  04.22.10 - 1:16pm
Jessica W. - Gorgeous photos and such a beautiful couple!! I love the shot of him through her legs!!!   04.22.10 - 1:15pm
Diandra - I love her shoes! And she kind of looks like she could be related to you!  04.22.10 - 1:14pm
Brie - Um... WOW. Soooo gorgeous. I love the one with just her in the hat. And yes, her legs are niiiice. (And I'm not creepy at all.)  04.22.10 - 1:14pm
Liz Ramirez - Wow, such beautiful pics!  04.22.10 - 1:13pm
Judie - Gorgeous!! Absolutely Gorgeous!  04.22.10 - 1:13pm
Kelsey - These are fabulous! Love the utility shack with the chipping paint LOVE!!! Also love that his first team to play with was the Mariners. Seattle girl here :)   04.22.10 - 1:11pm
Devan - Beautiful!!! She looks like.... YOU!!!  04.22.10 - 1:10pm
Christie - Yea, I wish I would have been gifted with legs like that, too. And the hair. And the waist. And the smile. ...ahh, man. I need to go to the gym and make a hair appointment now. hahahaha Fabulous images!  04.22.10 - 1:09pm
Marilyn Sanchez - Gurl,.... You rocked it. These two look spectacular! Great Job!  04.22.10 - 1:09pm
September Roberts - Love these...stunning photos!!!  04.22.10 - 1:08pm
Spring - I LOVE that last one!!!! What a cool shot.  04.22.10 - 1:06pm
Michelle - Hot, hot ,hot!!! These are beautiful, sexy, classy and fun all at the same time. Love them all! Great job and can't wait to see what you do at their wedding!!  04.22.10 - 1:05pm
tracy - she's got killer legs! They are a gorgeous couple!   04.22.10 - 1:03pm
Beria Charles - Beautiful!!!! Jazzzz you are awesome!   04.22.10 - 1:02pm
alex.kruk - Beautiful Jasmine! Beautiful! Love every single one!  04.22.10 - 1:01pm
Harmony Loves - oh-so-gorgeous! and sexy and steamy! way to go Jas!  04.22.10 - 1:01pm
Samantha Stortecky - OH MY GOSHHH. I'm completely in love with the photographs of Monique with the straw hat, on the beach! Talk about gorgeous! Great job Jasmine.  04.22.10 - 1:00pm
Susannah - wow! what a gorgeous couple...she really does shine! I love the picture of her in the hat with him hugging from behind! so lovely!  04.22.10 - 12:59pm
Laura Lawson - Well done J*! As always, the photos are made even better (hard to believe) with your storytelling abilities! Love this post girl  04.22.10 - 12:58pm
Kira - OMG! Monique is drop dead gorgeous! Yes, God didn't bless me with legs like that either... apparently we need to have a talk. Beautiful as always, Jasmine!! =)  04.22.10 - 12:58pm
Simone Anne - Oh my gosh! She's GORGEOUS! :D love the images! :D  04.22.10 - 12:54pm