erhaps to those who live outside major cities and metropolitan areas, Southern California seems like a daunting and cavernous place to live. The traffic, the smog, the millions of people in just a few square miles. But the truth of the matter is that even in big cities, like Los Angeles or Orange County, a taste of small town living exists. At least in feeling, anyway.

Last night I had the honor of speaking at SmartyOC to a group of amazing people. The group is usually comprised of just women, but last night meeting was open for all (you know I love me some men!). I spoke about branding businesses online and the importance of social media. To this group of entrepreneurs and outside thinkers, I was preaching to the choir...but at least we all same the same tune! The night was wonderful with many thanks to SmartyOC's leader, Cassie, and everyone who made me feel so welcomed. It felt like a Sweet Home Alabama. Just without the farms and cows.

The event was held at the Couture Beauty and Orange Door Studio in Newport Beach and I was in love...thanks Jeannie and Carlos! :)

Thanks again to those who came out, and thanks to JD for the photos...he also captured some video, so hopefully I can post a bit of here soon! :)
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Dee - OMG, I love your dress! You look so cute! :)  05.03.10 - 2:00pm
Tiffany Patton - Jasmine! Thanks was a wonderful night. You words ooze encouragement and your story is so inspiring! I had so much fun.   05.03.10 - 9:31am
Lori Davis - Jasmine, thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge of how online branding and the social media can really support the success of a business. I am definitely going to apply the principles to my build my brand. Thank you again for the invaluable information!!! Love and Kisses, Lori  05.03.10 - 9:19am
amanda thiessen - so wish i could have gone :(  04.30.10 - 9:36pm
christina - you were awesome...thanks for the healthy kick in the booty j*!  04.30.10 - 12:27pm
Bekah S -, how freakin cute are you?!?!?  04.30.10 - 9:07am
anda - jamsine! that is the most adorable outfit ever ... i love it! i want one! where is it from? and, of course, congrats on speaking again :)  04.30.10 - 8:23am
Lora Ayers - I confess, I didn't read a word, but scrolled straight down to look at pics ( I always do that, and then read the words later) And I LOVE your outfit!! Is it a dress or skirt? Totally CUTE!!  04.30.10 - 6:25am
Allison - Adorable DRESS!!!!  04.30.10 - 6:20am
Lisa - I just had to comment on this one and say that I LOVE your outfit. WAY too cute!  04.30.10 - 5:54am
Chris Moss - Thanks for taking the time to share your secrets with us! You rock!  04.29.10 - 10:19pm
life with Kaishon - It sounds like so much fun! : ) I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman  04.29.10 - 9:59pm
crista - Sounds so fun! Reason #465 we should move from CT to CA!!   04.29.10 - 8:57pm
Marissa Rodriguez - You are rocking it out! Seriously, you do so much! I love it!   04.29.10 - 7:21pm
Tonya Hart - I so would have loved to be there. If only you could come out to Ohio for an event...I'd be there in a heart beat!  04.29.10 - 7:04pm
Michelle - I learned so much about myself and how I want to approach my business! Thanks for all the great info last night :)  04.29.10 - 7:02pm
Elizabeth Henry-Hooker - Sounds like a great evening! Wish I lived in Cali so I could have seen your talk. Come to Colorado sometime!  04.29.10 - 5:50pm
Bianca - Cute dress :) Aye aye, Captain!  04.29.10 - 5:45pm
Michelle Parish - Are the photos on the board yours, or examples of what look for? I wish I could attend one of your workshops, but since I can't come to CA, I'll just keep beating the drum "Come to New Orleans" (please please please)  04.29.10 - 4:43pm
mella - am i the first? i'll comment, then. xoxo  04.29.10 - 3:44pm
Ange - So what I want to know is, how do you get such dang awesome arms? Seriously! I've been working on mine for months and they do NOT look as thin and toned as yours.  04.29.10 - 3:39pm
Alison (Red Velvet Occasions) - GUURRLL you were SO awesome! Thank you thank you so much for lending your sparkling personality with us last night. I left feeling so energized and ready to rock. I hope I see you again sometime in the near future! =)  04.29.10 - 3:38pm
Paul Alexander Photogrpahy - Awesome stuff, wish I could have been there :-)  04.29.10 - 3:36pm
Jane (Olive Hue Paper Goods) - Amazing talk last night! I walked away from it learning so much more and being inspired!  04.29.10 - 3:16pm
sarah - where is that dress from :-) Darling!  04.29.10 - 3:14pm
Caitlin Scott Photography - Bring one of those awesome speeches to NJ LOL - photos are awesome. And you're right, OC is gorgeous!  04.29.10 - 3:11pm
Jen Madigan Photography - That dress is SO cute! I must know where it's from.  04.29.10 - 2:35pm
Candace Prokopets - love the chalk board pic. wish i could have been there to listen. i'm sure everyone enjoyed it!  04.29.10 - 2:30pm
Marissa Nicole - man...I wish there were more things like this meeting in my area.   04.29.10 - 2:26pm
Adena - Last night's SMARTYOC event was my first and I was blown away! The event was very organized, the location was so cool and the guest speaker...Mrs. Jasmine Star...blew me out of the water. I loved EVERYTHING you had to say last night and i will tell you one definite thing, im gonna RUN with it! Thank you for "keepin it real," saying "truff" and your Love for God put a stamp on the whole night. Your story is truly inspiring and I wish you all the blessings and future success!   04.29.10 - 1:43pm
Cassie - We had such a great night with you. Laughing, learning and loving. Thank you!  04.29.10 - 1:36pm
Megan (Best of Fates) - Sounds like an awesome event - and I love your outfit!  04.29.10 - 1:31pm
JenP - cute, cute, cute dress! it's such a fresh, modern take of the nautical theme. (;  04.29.10 - 1:21pm