05.19.10 Photography

Digital Trekker Interview + Podcast

woke up this morning and craved a juiced vegetable drink. Yes, I wanted 16 ounces of juiced broccoli, spinach, beets, carrots, kale, and an apple for good measure. After two full days of conference food (i.e. pizza, tacos, and a midday milkshake), my heart stopped beating amidst the hidden MSG. Oh, what was that? Too much information about my eating habits? You should be thankful I didn't bring up the brown sugar I snuck on my morning oatmeal. For shame!

To save you all from the glories of detox living (but, really, juiced garlic is way hot), I thought I'd share a recent interview I was stoked to do with Matt Brandon of The Digital Trekker. He interviews photographers from around the world and shares his kind insight with many people, so I was honored to spend an hour chatting with him. If you'd like to listen to the interview, you're more than welcome to do so here.

Happy Wednesday!
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Tracy - Loved it, thanks for sharing!  09.12.10 - 6:00pm
Ariane Hunter - I listened to this podcast as I sat at my desk at my day job. Jasmine you were so inspiring to say the least! At the very end you said something that hit home, "life is too short to have a job, you have to have a passion". I couldn't agree more. Everyday I try to muster up the strength to quit my job and pursue what I love. One day...Thanks again for that extra inspiring nudge.   05.21.10 - 12:04pm
cassandra-m - I've listened to every possible interview I knew you were doing. This was awesome. I laughed and smiled as you once again shared so much of yourself & your business. xoxo.  05.21.10 - 11:10am
amanda thiessen - yay!! can't wait to hear!  05.20.10 - 11:59am
Alejandra - Jasmine, thanks SO much for posting the link to your interview. I heard you say that you make use of concrete to reflect the light. Can you tell us how? Thanks!!   05.20.10 - 9:30am
denise - will certainly check this out! I sat in on your skype in KC last night and it was awesome - so much energy in the room! I do graphic design - and you gave PERFECT advice to photogs looking to begin the branding process. I have a photog friend who rants and raves abotu how cool you are - now I know why! thanks for being REAL!  05.20.10 - 7:36am
Rory Mole - Hi Jasmine, Just a quick suggestion... try some Xylitol on your oats. Here in Cape Town, you can buy it in small sachets which can be kept in your hand bag when eating at a hotel for breakfast. I'm sure you can buy them the same waw in the US. Not sure if you've heard of Xylitol. Fantastic sugar alternative, but not like any other artificial sweetner. It is natural and good for you......  05.19.10 - 10:47pm
Erika - Jasmine you seriously made me cry so hard when you were talking about your mom and her battle with brain cancer and how even though it was a hard time for you, it was also an inspirational time. I am an Oncology Nurse and I see my patients and their families experience their ups and downs. It is just as hard for us as it is for them. I think I became so emotional during your interview also because I am at the fork in the road where in the back of my mind I contemplate changing my career path. Just like you said, "I don't want a job, I want a passion." Even though I am passionate and enjoy what I do, I have never been able to say I love my job. You are such an inspiration to me and I want to say Thank You :0)  05.19.10 - 9:04pm
I'm Kristen - Ah! Schweeet. Listenin' now ;)  05.19.10 - 9:01pm
angel pope - I loved it!!!  05.19.10 - 4:10pm
Brittani - Buhh. Kale. Somehow, I never manage to blend it well enough for there not to be chunks of it!! lol =) thanks for the link!! Listening in... b<3p  05.19.10 - 3:13pm
Alicia Damron - Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I listened to the interview while I was burning discs today and I loved it. I always welcome any opportunity to get inside another photographer's head and this was a great glimpse inside yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  05.19.10 - 2:29pm
lauren - fantastic interview--great energy between both of you! Thanks (and maybe this will inspire me to do a bit more w/my photography)  05.19.10 - 1:06pm
Megan (Best of Fates) - I've never heard of his site before, it sounds awesome - off now to check it out!  05.19.10 - 12:14pm
Nancy - I am listening right now while I am blogging and working. ;) Juicing rocks, my guy and I bought a juicer a few months ago, so fun and yummy. I just posted a post on it. ;)  05.19.10 - 11:30am
Bianca - I mish juuh! Peesh call meeee.  05.19.10 - 11:20am
Karla - That photo definitely kept me in a "veggie state of mind" with the vibrant green & red background. Intentional or Coincidence?  05.19.10 - 11:06am
gladys jem - listening to it now :) your laugh is the best!   05.19.10 - 10:51am