The Knot TV : New York City

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couple months ago I had the distinct pleasure of being asked by The Knot TV to come and film a short segment about wedding photography tips. I was incredibly excited (okay...and totally nervous!), but somehow being in New York City was able to put me at ease long enough to get through the segment (or maybe it was the falafel I ate literally two minutes before filming) and I had a blast.

If you'd like to watch the five-minute Q+A, you can do so HERE!

And I also need to thank my clients for allowing me to document their love and share their photographs...I'm so blessed to do what I love!
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replica louboutin - Beautiful like it very much  06.29.10 - 2:28am
Jan - Awesome congrats!  06.03.10 - 5:50pm
feuza - you are fabulous  06.01.10 - 8:59pm
cassandra-m - awesome....I was laughing cause you talk so fast. I watched GREAT segment!  05.25.10 - 10:50am
Juli L. - Great job!! I would've been a nervous looked great! :)  05.24.10 - 10:45pm
Mireille - Looking real good! Great job on this Q & A you are a natural.  05.24.10 - 1:19pm
sharon snow - That was awesome Jasmine! Many congrats, you are a super STAR!!!  05.24.10 - 6:49am
Mary Marantz - Love it!!   05.24.10 - 5:18am
Apple - thanks jasmine! i love how you walk your talk!:)  05.24.10 - 5:04am
LEOLAK - "Own it, work it, love it" You are awesome! Congrats!  05.23.10 - 10:48pm
Erica Velasco - Awesome congrats!  05.23.10 - 6:29pm
Jose Roces Photography - AWESOME!!!  05.23.10 - 5:12pm
Danielle Aquiline - Great tips, Jasmine!  05.23.10 - 4:31pm
Vania - How awesome. Great wedding tips and amazing posture! :)  05.23.10 - 9:48am
Girish - Thanks. Will have the look at the video soon.  05.23.10 - 8:05am
nena - You sound like so much fun in person! We'd be friends in real life! =-)  05.23.10 - 7:05am
Kristin Nicole Photography - How exciting! Being recognized by the knot is a huge honor! Congrats,  05.23.10 - 5:01am
laetitia - Great great great.... being on the Knot is great, and you have this great ability to speak very nice (but very fast ;-) )... This is why I love engagement sessions... to create a relationship with your BAG (Bride And Groom)  05.23.10 - 4:48am