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Erica : Boudoir

very so often I get the pleasure of documenting my clients in a deeper and more intimate capacity. During these times, I'm extraordinarily thankful to be invited into their private worlds to capture more of who they are. A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining my client, Erica, for her boudoir session at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

I shoot boudoir photos for my clients only and it's such a special gift a bride gives to her future husband...the best part is being able to document the groom's reaction as he opens his album. The look on his face is always priceless. Lucky for me, the ever talented Tanya Bures was onsite for makeup, and Tommy Cyr for hair...they're such a dynamic duo in Los Angeles!

Here are just a couple teasers posted with permission...
Erica's fiance plays water polo for the US Olympic team, so we had a little fun in some of his clothing...

Then she changed into something a little saucier...

Erica, thank you for feeling seriously shine out loud.


Happy Tuesday!
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Macarena Yanez - I love how photography is a way to express a perspective that nobody else sees until you post it. Thank you.  08.22.11 - 9:14pm
Jason Rob Tivey - Jasmine, I was wondering! Where do go to get these indoor shots? Do you rent a room at a resort for the day? LOL! Just curious! The places you shoot at are elegant! Jasonrobtivey  07.19.10 - 5:02pm
Truc - Gorgeous hot photos, beautiful bride!  06.06.10 - 11:05pm
Jan - love them!  06.03.10 - 5:46pm
cassandra-m - oh la la. siiiiiizzzzzle sizzle. awesome pics...very classy!  05.29.10 - 12:52pm
Evie Perez - JASMINE!!!!! I love these pictures, the are so darn good :) Much love to the bride for being so open to have her pictures posted on the internet.  05.28.10 - 5:13pm
Natascha - I didn't know you do boudoir :-) I like the first shot.   05.28.10 - 8:43am
life with kaishon - She is stunning. I know her fiance is going to l.o.v.e! them!  05.28.10 - 6:25am
Stephanie Rose - I didn't know you did boudoir. These are very classy and beautiful. : )  05.27.10 - 9:52pm
The Memory Journalists - Beautiful shoot! What a fantastic team!  05.27.10 - 5:53pm
corey - very well presented J.  05.27.10 - 1:08pm
TERRI - I have really hesitated to get into this arena... but what a great idea to do it exclusively for your wedding clients if they request it. Definitely something to consider!  05.27.10 - 8:15am
angel pope - Loved seeing a different spin on Jasmine Star Photography ;-) Luvs!   05.27.10 - 7:37am
angel pope - Loved seeing a different spin on Jasmine Star Photography ;-) Luvs!   05.27.10 - 7:22am
Alison - Love the first shot. She is beautiful and her confidence is part of what makes these so sexy. Beautifully done Jasmine!  05.27.10 - 7:05am
Lorraine Daley - You have a gift at using natural light so beautifully. Well done, Jasmine!  05.27.10 - 6:32am
Rima - Great shots, very classy  05.27.10 - 1:39am
Tammy - Beautifully done! I think the uniform shot is my fave :)  05.26.10 - 9:34pm
Amber - I love love love the bed shot of her heels! I love them all. You captured the sexy! :)  05.26.10 - 9:12pm
Katelyn james - girl you could make anything classy! love them!  05.26.10 - 5:48pm
NO LIMITS PHOTOGRAPHY NZ - Usually when I see the word Boudoir... I think Oh No.. are these going to be just glamour shots... and I start holding my breath as I click on the first image.... BUT.... nicely done (but of course). Love the shoes and his uniform shots. Very tasteful, but then I wouldn't expect anything different. Thank you....   05.26.10 - 5:09pm
Juli L. - Beautiful and very tastefully done!!  05.26.10 - 4:26pm
Carrie McCluskey - Hotsay Totsay!!!  05.26.10 - 2:57pm
Nithya Sharma - Lovely!! sexy yet classy at the same time - I always admire your work so much!  05.26.10 - 2:24pm
Christina Sloan - some of the most tasteful boudoir I have seen in a while.   05.26.10 - 2:18pm
Derik - I love the composition and the subject's expression, just thought I'd point out it's Wednesday, not Tuesday...hope you didn't miss any appointments ;)  05.26.10 - 2:05pm
Padraic Deasy - Amazing images! And a beautifull bride to be!   05.26.10 - 2:00pm
Padraic Deasy - Amazing images! And a beautifull bride to be!   05.26.10 - 2:00pm
Cherisse - Beautiful & Classy! I couldn't expect more from you J*! What a gorgeous bride to be! Her fiance will treasure these forever!  05.26.10 - 1:41pm
Brandy Frank - I love boudoir, however I became overwhelmed when my boudoir side took me away from my precious time with our wedding clients. I like the idea that you offer boudoir to your clients only and I think that's the way I will offer boudoir in the future. Gorgeous pictures as always! xoxo Brandy  05.26.10 - 1:40pm
Trisha - Beautiful! Love her shoes too!   05.26.10 - 1:39pm
Kelsey - These are gorgeous!  05.26.10 - 1:38pm
Keri Doolittle - Beautiful girl and awesome images J*!  05.26.10 - 1:38pm
Crystal Le Mamoulelis - saw your tweet and had to rush over the the blog! seriously saucy and sweet! yes, and i agree, something about her reminds me of jen aniston. gorgeous!  05.26.10 - 1:36pm
Danielle - Oh Jasmine you are rocking it at usual. Her husband to be is going to love them!  05.26.10 - 1:26pm
Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG - Nice... totally classy and sweet!  05.26.10 - 12:37pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Loooooooove these! So beautiful!  05.26.10 - 12:24pm
jakki - gawgeous!  05.26.10 - 12:24pm
carlie - hello gorgeous. fabulous photos j.   05.26.10 - 11:45am
caitlin Scott Photography - Gorgeous - totally saucy is right! I love them!  05.26.10 - 11:34am
Lindsay - I'm kinda surprised that you shoot budoir sessions. She is beautiful!  05.26.10 - 11:34am
Cindy A. - Now THIS is fierce!  05.26.10 - 11:31am
laetitia - my favorite? the one with the hands...  05.26.10 - 11:25am
Amber Paterson - What an awesome present for her husband to be! I'm sure he's going to love them!!!  05.26.10 - 11:17am
Melissa Papaj Photography - Wow! Very beautiful! As always, nice work Jasmine! I wish I had more clients who would like boudoir sessions...  05.26.10 - 10:59am
Megan (Best of Fates) - Love it - she's gorgeous! Especially like the one w/her feet on the bed.  05.26.10 - 10:52am
Kathrina - Saucy!! And oh, isn't it Wednesday? ;)  05.26.10 - 10:09am
GingerM - Goorrgeous.   05.26.10 - 10:04am
angela young - so pretty! and classy!   05.26.10 - 9:59am
gladys jem - she's beautiful. reminds me of jen aniston.  05.26.10 - 9:40am