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Wizard of Ahhhhs

I don't know when it started exactly. But I love it.

When I first started shooting professionally, I'd return from a wedding completely wiped out. My legs ached and my feet pulsed from walking for eight to nine hours straight. My good friend Greg Bumatay granted me the awesome opportunity to second shoot with him consistently when I first started which was great for gaining experience, but totally did a number on my feet.

After every wedding, I'd go home and plop on the couch and, like clockwork, JD would squeeze lotion into his hands and massage my feet. Being so tired from shooting, the only thing I could manage to mutter was Ahhhhh. It was such a treat after a long day...and, yes, I realize I'm totally spoiled.

These past couple of weeks having been absolutely insane for the both of us and I've been shooting a ton...which means I've been getting a lot of massages, and I've had to also give a few in return too! ;)

JD will be out of town on a business trip until Thursday night, but he made sure things were taken care before he left...he stocked the fridge with everything I need so I can focus on editing and making sure my business is staying on track, cleaned every room (sans the bathroom...he doesn't "do toilets"), and he rubbed my feet last night while I indulged in reality tv (just kidding mom and dad...I totally just watch National Geographic and the History Channel!). To make things even better, our amazing dog Polo gets a little action too...the two of us will lay on our backs and get a massage simultaneously. I promise, I'm not the Dog Whisperer or anything, but I can hear Polo saying Ahhhhh.

So, yes, Dorothy had Toto and they made their way to visit the Wizard of Oz. And, well, I have Polo and we somehow managed to find our way to the Wizard of Ahhhhs too! :)

This is Polo hiding in our closet...whenever JD leaves, Polo becomes melancholy and will find solace by JD's ties...I think it's cute! :D

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Kay English - omg I soooo know what you mean! I'm so exhausted after photographing weddings it's like ridiculous. This weekend I have 2 in a row and I'm a bit nervous. Definitely need to stretch beforehand :)  07.28.09 - 7:00pm
Scarlett Lillian - I wish we lived closer so Polo and Rhett could have a play date!  08.13.07 - 9:17pm
david baxter - i'm partial to big dogs, but that little guy is too cute.  08.11.07 - 10:39pm
The Hensons - Great site!!!  08.10.07 - 9:56pm
The Hensons - What a cute little guy! We feel lucky to have such nice neighbors as you three, Jasmine! Sandra, Tom, Chloe and Bentley...  08.10.07 - 9:52pm
Tiffany - soooo cute!  08.06.07 - 5:00pm
Shannon - Hi Jasmine, I have two maltese, a male & a female, & I have to tell you, as much as I loved having one, having two is SO MUCH FUN!!!! They LOVE each other so much, & the entertainment for the rest of us is GREAT!!!!!! lol It really is true, that they get sad when we are not around....There is nothing like the love of a pet!!  08.06.07 - 9:54am
Michael Blanchard - PERHAPS THE CUTEST PHOTO I HAVE EVER SEEN!! You rock! Can't wait to meet you in Vegas next year :)  08.04.07 - 4:34pm
Melissa Jill :) - SO adorable!! I love puppies!  08.03.07 - 4:22pm
Kate Mefford - Aww! My Noopsy is a Maltese...they could be pen pals and one day share a taxi like us, huh?  08.02.07 - 6:31pm
gloria Mesa - POLITO!!!! Do not be sad, your Daddy will be back soon.  08.01.07 - 10:13pm
andie - that is the cutest dog. well, other than my dog. :)  08.01.07 - 12:06pm
Mary - ahhh I love it! such a cutie petutie! you & JD seem like such an awesome couple. I love how you take care of each other! M:)  08.01.07 - 11:25am
Paige Kearin - Jasmine- Thanks for the sweet anniversary note. Our real anniversary is this weekend so your're actually ahead of yourself. Would love to see you in SB if you are ever up here! LOVE IT  08.01.07 - 10:37am
Ricki Ford - I have deff got to get me wife toread this post....So after a wedding and I come home and fall out on the couch I can get that kinda treatment:)  08.01.07 - 7:07am
Nathan Holritz - You guys are so awesome! Love that image! Adorable!   08.01.07 - 5:21am
Crystal Goss - OH! So cute! And JD sounds so much like Jeremy. We're all going to have to hang out together...along with our malteses! haha! Wish we lived closer so that we could spend time together while our hubbies are gone. Jeremy's been working out of town quite a bit lately. Miss you much!  07.31.07 - 9:45pm
Jasmine C. - Awww... your dog is the cutest! Love the photo.   07.31.07 - 8:29pm
Jasmine* - Oh, Cathy, I can never refuse his adorable pleas to play! ;) Kate, I love my Antonio Melani black slip-ons. I tried finding another pair because they're on their last leg, but with no luck. Either way, invest in a solid pair of leather shoes because their movable yet professional.  07.31.07 - 6:30pm
cathy - oh my gosh, so cute! I'll bet you can never refuse that face!  07.31.07 - 6:25pm
Kate - What a cute little tid bit! And yes, what to do about the shoes???? Is an age old question for photographers!  07.31.07 - 4:48pm
Jasmine* - Hi StacyZ! are a toughie. I dream of wearing Uggs or Adidas running shoes, but I think it wouldn't bode well ;) I usually wear black shoes with a slight heel...I'm 5'5" on a good day, so I need just a little heel to help not make me feel like a munchin...and represent the Lollipop Kids :)  07.31.07 - 4:02pm
stacyZ - Jasmine - I use to have a maltese too...his name was Ty. Polo is so cute!!! Ty use to climb to my shoulders and sit up there like a parrot. So I should of asked you this during HH on Blu but what shoes do you wear to try and save your feet after running around all day?  07.31.07 - 3:22pm
Stacy Cross - Aw, I LOVE POLO!!!! I only wish Polo were a girl so that he could be my Buddy's girlfriend! :)  07.31.07 - 2:42pm
Jasmine* - Polo looks kinda scruffy in this picture, but he's actually a fluffy maltese...I just LOVE him!  07.31.07 - 2:34pm
Hannah - Oh my goodness, that is like the cutest thing I've ever seen.   07.31.07 - 2:33pm
carlie - how cute!!! what kind of dog is Polo?  07.31.07 - 2:29pm
C.J. Scott - Hahaha...awesome! Polo is crazy cute!  07.31.07 - 2:08pm
angela hubbard - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!! is polo on dogbook?!  07.31.07 - 1:17pm
kerri - ah yes... polo and my quincy have something in common! boy dogs sure do know when you need a little extra lovin' huh? ;o)  07.31.07 - 1:08pm
Shy - If you need company while JD's away I'll bring over a movie and ice cream!! :)  07.31.07 - 1:04pm
erin kate - ahhhh...we have something in husband also gives fantastic massages but refuses to clean the toilet! polo is darling...btw...  07.31.07 - 12:59pm
Amy Martin - awww :) Look at that little face!   07.31.07 - 12:58pm