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Speaking : San Francisco

an Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. Every time I roam the bustling streets, I feel alive. With ideas, promise, energy. I'm sure there's no reason to mention the overabundance of delicious food (WHY AM I ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT FOOD?!), but--really--I plan my days according to where my favorite restaurants sit in the city. Pathetic, I know.

I'm stoked to be headed back to San Francisco to speak as part of the Showit Tour on Tuesday, June 15, 2010. The best part of the tour is that there's different speakers in most cities, so it'll be exciting to see how everything unfolds around the nation. I'll be speaking about my web presence and how I use Showit to build my online brand...with a ton of time for Q+A! I'm especially excited because in select cities, the night will end with a concert benefitting Thirst Relief as a way to show continued support to such an amazing organization. Love it! To get more info or lock in a seat, feel free to get more info HERE.

This iPhone photo was taken on our last San Fran trip. Oh, you know, the one where JD told me he wanted to be A BIKE COURIER. Just like that. He's one of the randomest guys I've ever encountered...I mean, he hasn't ridden a bike since he was ten...and it had training wheels! ;)
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CĂ©line - Don't worry, I do the same (to spot the nice places to eat) in each cities I visit. I think it's part of the visit! Besides, could you recommend me your favorite restaurants in San Francisco as I'm going to spend 2-3 days there in september?  06.13.10 - 6:58am
jakki - ummm i so love your bag...  06.02.10 - 9:26am
Brandy Frank - I'm always talking about food too. In fact, it's not surprising when I plan where we eat dinner based on the dessert menu. Yay food! ha ha!  06.01.10 - 5:38pm
amanda thiessen - luckyyyyy i heart san fran!  06.01.10 - 4:33pm
Stephanie - Lived in San Fran for 2 years... and was once HIT by a bike courier while crossing the street. Forgot about that day until I read your post... SF is the best city, miss it everyday. Can't say I miss the bike couriers though :)  06.01.10 - 10:39am
Karen - Want to come to MN??! Any time, we'd love to have you!  06.01.10 - 8:50am
Kimberly - Jealous that I don't get to see you speak in San Francisco, but I did get my tickets for the tour in Orange County. btw i LOVE your big purse   05.31.10 - 11:05am
anda - boooo...i wish you were speaking in chicago. i think the worst part of the tour is that there's different speakers in each city ;) i'm sure they're all amazing, but i kinda had my sites set on hearing a select few in particular :) :) :) have a great time in SF ... it's also one of my fave cities. and planning your day around food is kinda the best way.  05.31.10 - 9:01am
cassandra-m - ROTFL..I remember that tweet. Is San Fran the only city you will be speaking at on the tour?  05.30.10 - 10:51pm
Sally - I only ever hear rave reviews about San Francisco, if I ever make a trip over to the US think it will be my first choice.  05.30.10 - 3:40pm
s h e r r y - Really wish I could make it! But I'm graduating the next day back in Vancouver! :) Hope your talk is AWESOME.  05.30.10 - 12:56pm
Kayleen T. - Aww sad the Showit tour will be there the week before I will! :( Oh and the food is the best part of traveling! Yelp is my best friend when I'm out of town.  05.30.10 - 12:38pm
Jihan Cerda - Jennifer Brotchie and I will be there! Can't wait!! =)  05.30.10 - 11:47am
molly - If you havent tried burma star on clement and third, you must go! order the rainbow salad and tea leaf salad...AMAZING! best restaurant in SF!  05.30.10 - 11:18am
Pamela - SF + JStar... It doesn't get any better than that :) Wish I could go!  05.30.10 - 10:26am
Tammie - I have had the opportunity to listen to you at WPPI. I ventured down to Escalate, listen to you and chatted a bit in front of the Lido theater with you (thank you again!) and when I saw this open up I decided to sign up - you are a great speaker, so much useful knowledge I can take and use as my own...Looking forward to the 15th!!  05.30.10 - 9:59am
Jasmine* - @AngelPope: My purse? It's big. I know this. But what else can HOLD ALL MY IDEAS?!?! ;)  05.30.10 - 9:33am
angel pope - Now that I've met you two in a semi-personal fashion, your stories are funny! Yes, Jasmine, you ARE funny. ;-) PS-Does that bag you have over your shoulder also work as a BED??? That thing is huge. Luvs!  05.30.10 - 9:30am
Nancy Remling - I'm in the middle of designing my new Showit Site. I'm so excited. It's going to be gorgeous!! :):)   05.30.10 - 9:19am
gladys jem - SO excited. Already bought my ticket :)   05.30.10 - 9:11am
Lydia - Cute picture! I'm really hoping to attend the Freedom Tour SF! Just hoping the tickets don't run out before I can sign up!  05.30.10 - 8:47am
Diane Villanueva - I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know Showit. Looks like fun!  05.30.10 - 8:45am
kelly Trimble - J - will you be in Austin? If not - do you know who will be?   05.30.10 - 8:44am
Alexandra - You're making me want to go to San Francisco now :(  05.30.10 - 8:15am
Nerinna - Woohoo! I already have my ticket!  05.30.10 - 8:13am
steph bailey - you 2 are so adorable~i wish i could go see you, there~also, i have never been to san fran, but i want to go immensely one of these days ~ i love random people! you guys look like such a cool happy couple~~~ you rock, jasmine, i love food, too! :p  05.30.10 - 8:10am
Damaris Mia - hahahah "and it had training wheels." love it!  05.30.10 - 8:07am