San Juan Capistrano Engagement : Shannon + Jody

e laughed when he said it. Because he knew it'd rile her up. She waited for me outside of class...but didn't want to let me know she was waiting, so she pretended to talk on the phone! Shannon denies it. Says she was really enjoying the sunshine on the campus of Point Loma University and just needed to make a phone call. Then she stops. Okay, I waited outside of class for him! And Jody has a haircut to thank for Shannon's smooth moves.

Shannon and Jody first met their freshman year of college, and Jody was smitten. He'd see Shannon and occasionally chat with her, but--according to her--his hair was too long. He just wasn't her type. Sophomore year arrived and Shannon saw a cute boy in her class. She stared. And stared. Then realized it was Jody. With a haircut. Next thing they knew, they walked out of class together and chatted on the brief walk through campus every chance they could. When a test rolled later that semester, Shannon finished it earlier than Jody, but wanted to walk and chat with him. In order to put herself in his path, she pulled out her cell phone, sat in the sunshine, and waited for Jody to finish his test.

I don't know what they got on that test--or even the final grade for their class--but I do know they'd get an A+ in Love. I'm incredibly honored and excited to shoot their wedding this October...just seeing them together makes me incredibly happy and to know I get to document their first day as husband and wife makes me swoon! Here are a few favorites from their San Juan Capistrano engagement session...

One thing I love about taking pictures in San Juan Capistrano is the ability to see it a different way every time I shoot there...I love it...

Jody, oh you. Just stop being so handsome. I can't handle it.

Shannon is a part of the Anthropolgie team and it's no wonder...she's incredibly creative, well-dressed, and uber fab...

The day was grey and overcast, which allowed us to shoot anywhere because the light was so diffused and pretty...

To the Shannon and Jody in the right picture: RAWR.

A special thanks to Stacey Craven of Smoke and Mirrors for doing a fabulous job with Shannon's hair and makeup...I love working with her! :)

After a quick change, we decided to take a few more relaxed engagement pictures around San Juan Capistrano...

Shannon, I'm tagging this photo of you on Facebook...because, really, you're gorge.

It started to kinda, sorta started to rain, so we hurried to finish the session, but not before a little more fun...

...and a little more fab...

To see more of Shannon and Jody's San Juan Capistrano engagement session photos, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Friday!
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Tracy - Love these! Beautiful work, as always!  09.09.10 - 11:37am
Maria - Jasmine, you are my favorite photographer! I get insiration for classes from you. :) This couple is quite possibly the cutest ever :) Love the purple shirt she wore in the casual photos, it really adds nice color.  08.23.10 - 6:35am
Hong Nguyen - Hi jasmine... i cant stop looking at your like addicted. you've done an amazingg job & im totally hooked. May I ask what lens did you use?   07.13.10 - 10:34am
Lydia - Posing wise this is one of my favorite engagement sessions! It also doesn't hurt that the couple is gorgeous!  06.27.10 - 7:46pm
Arielle - She's like a more feminine-in-the-faced Celine Dion. :) LOVE that that green dress has pockets. And her eyes. Wow. Love this shoot especially, Jasmine!  06.22.10 - 5:22pm
feuza - I love the variety of the poses, I tend to feel stuck or do the same ones over and over, need more inspiration boards I guess great shoot, love her style  06.22.10 - 10:33am
Brian Fletcher - Awesome shots! I love shooting in SJC! :)  06.19.10 - 1:50am
Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG - Great work J* - as always. My favorite image - The two of them in the bench with her taking a slight peak at him. Very cool!  06.14.10 - 1:52pm
Diapers & Divas - I want her wardrobe! So awesome! I love the sandals! Too cute! They're a very handsome and well dressed couple!   06.10.10 - 11:18am
Chris - Beautiful set of portraits here. Great work!  06.10.10 - 10:54am
Amy Arrington - Wow, Jasmine, you are incredible! One of my favorite engagement sessions.  06.08.10 - 3:09pm
jeramy - great job as always!  06.08.10 - 11:45am
Waiman - Lovely couple and great shots. Really nice photography.  06.08.10 - 11:25am
Jakki - I love the photo of him up on the fence and her beside him...that little touch of her finger on his  06.08.10 - 10:31am
Bobbie Brown - I LOVE these pictures! AWESOMENESS!  06.07.10 - 9:48pm
Jackie Lovato - WHERE did she get those shoes?!  06.07.10 - 12:41pm
Tonya Peterson - That dress is to DIE for!  06.07.10 - 10:49am
Stephanie Stewart - Gooorgeous! I especially love that first one! What a fun, beautiful couple! Great work, as always!  06.07.10 - 7:26am
Mark - Why do I follow you; you inspire me to take better photos that are posed but dont look like it. Keep up your FAQ's  06.07.10 - 4:50am
Pamela Topping - Gorgeous couple and love her makeup!  06.07.10 - 12:47am
Amy - I am always in complete awe of your shots. They are creative, colorful, fabulous and it always looks as if your subjects are having such a wonderful time. Such a treat each time there is a new post.   06.06.10 - 10:13pm
s h e r r y - These are SO cute! <3 Love the last photo~   06.06.10 - 9:13pm
Bianca - I heart Shannon's watch.   06.06.10 - 8:51pm
laetitia - I love the kiss one, and the one in color on the bench. The bench one is great actually... Her expression is fantastic !  06.06.10 - 7:08pm
Nithya - Stunning photos as always! I love the green and the purple in her two outfits - really makes everything *pop*.  06.06.10 - 1:18pm
Jamie Kutter - oooooo, love them all! I love her clothes....what a beautiful couple!  06.06.10 - 11:10am
cori derksen - lovely images. :)  06.06.10 - 10:43am
Apple - they're such a cute couple! i love how you so know how to keep them in the frame even when they're moving!<3  06.06.10 - 8:59am
Janine - What a gorgeous couple! Looks like a fab fun shoot.  06.06.10 - 7:59am
Linda Sherrill - Love it that we got to see more of the area and how you used the scenery due to the clouds! Awesome pics as usual!  06.06.10 - 6:48am
Alexandra - Jasmine, your clients are always so beautiful :)   06.06.10 - 2:56am
Jan - Stunning images!  06.06.10 - 2:12am
Truc - Hot couple, fabulous photos! These are awesome, Jasmine!  06.06.10 - 2:05am
Juli L. - Love all of them! The one with him picking her up made me smile! :)  06.06.10 - 12:28am
Marissa Rodriguez - Absolutely stunning! They are such beautiful people!!!  06.06.10 - 12:20am
julie - love the one of them kissing among the trees (?). almost looks like fall. that's my favorite. julie  06.05.10 - 8:20pm
Cathy - Great session and what a cute couple! The very first shot is my fave. :)  06.05.10 - 6:52pm
Paul - Great post Jasmine I love the colour and the ring pose... as usual :-)  06.05.10 - 4:55pm
samantha - I notice that the bride usually has hair and makeup professionally done before the e session? Do they hire them to come along or have an appt with them first? How does that work?  06.05.10 - 9:12am
Natascha - One word: Amazing.  06.05.10 - 9:06am
Jacqueline fronters - This girl is gorgeous and he looks like Justin Timberlake, they look like a Hollywood couple. Great job.  06.05.10 - 7:53am
Rachel - Jasmine, you make me fall more and more in love with engagement/wedding photography every time I look at your work. It is FANTASTIC!   06.05.10 - 7:12am
Stephanie Rose - Beautiful like always!!!  06.04.10 - 11:49pm
Girish - Cool shots. It's amazing how you and other bunch of photographers come out with such different poses. It's really makes every post come out different. Very nice.  06.04.10 - 9:54pm
TeeBee - Holy cow!!! Your pics are AWESOME!!! I just got started in the photography biz.. and I feel so small after looking at your pics! Wow!  06.04.10 - 9:34pm
Vanessa Paris - Stunning images! Did you use your 50mm 1.2? The bokeh is beautiful:)  06.04.10 - 6:33pm
Erica Velasco - I love Anthropologie! it's the basis for my new brand. Cute styling for a cute couple.  06.04.10 - 5:47pm
Micaela @ The Stationery Boutique - I love John's comment! Your clients are so beautiful, which is perfectly captured by you! I love both her outfits!  06.04.10 - 3:44pm
Evie Perez - Fabuloso, Jasmine!!! What a gorgeous couple, and a fab location. This is a great place for pictures, from what I can see.  06.04.10 - 3:02pm
Nena - These photos are incredible and this couple is beautiful! =-)  06.04.10 - 1:48pm
Caitlin - I looove their second outfit - so cute :)   06.04.10 - 12:56pm
John Michaelson - Either only gorgeous couples hire you, or you're just that good. Awesome stuff...  06.04.10 - 12:46pm
angel pope - as fabulous as ever...  06.04.10 - 12:42pm
amanda thiessen - so beautiful! loooove the bench shots!  06.04.10 - 11:44am
Emily Heizer Photography - Very nice! You know, I can actually feel how much fun you guys had this time! I don'tthink I have ever said that before- but it really looks like you guys truly enjoyed yourselves while shooting and it totally shows--- good show! lol  06.04.10 - 11:25am
Lorena - I don't know what my day would be like if I don't get to see your work everyday. Awesome pictures as always J*! Not only are you an awesome photographer but you're such a great writer too! Love, love, love her green dress :)  06.04.10 - 11:09am
Amber - I love her outfits! I now want to go shopping- thanks alot (heavy on the sarcasim her). These are awesome. I love the random flower. I love adding pics like that for the story!  06.04.10 - 11:07am
Molly Kate - This couple is gorgeous! You did an amazing job as always and I see so many different views (than your other Capistrano shoots). I love that purple top too.  06.04.10 - 10:59am
Shannon - ahh you're the best. It was so fun working with if only it were october! Thanks again jasmine! xo - shan&jody  06.04.10 - 10:51am
Abigail - These are GORGEOUS photo's Jasmine!  06.04.10 - 10:49am
Doug - The bottom two on the benches - print them, large :-)  06.04.10 - 10:36am
Mikaela - What a stunning couple, and captured incredibly well of course! I love that one of them on the bench where she's looking at good.   06.04.10 - 10:27am
Damaris Mia - Simply gorgeous. What a HOT couple! Love it! Great job!  06.04.10 - 10:24am
Harmony Loves - oh my, that first image is to die for. I love the vibrancy of your images. great job Jasmine!  06.04.10 - 10:20am
Liz Maryann - GOSH DANG IT WOMAN! You're just too friggin' good. Jody kind of reminds me of Justin Timberlake...perhaps he's bringing sexyback? Haha. And I must agree with everyone else - Shannon has ah-may-zing eyes.  06.04.10 - 10:15am
Sarah Dudley - Jasmine, as usual, you stun us with your ability to capture not only beautiful images, but the heart and soul of the couples in them!! Gorgeous work. I love seeing these of Shannon and Jody!!  06.04.10 - 10:10am
Peter Hearl - Love the work, nice couple  06.04.10 - 10:10am
Sarah Kobunski - j*!!! You do an excellent job!!! I love the images!!! They are vibrant, crisp and full of life! Great job!!! I love your style!  06.04.10 - 10:01am
Suzanne - LOVE these pictures!! Jasmine you truly inspire me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her watch!!!   06.04.10 - 9:57am
jackie g. photog - what gorgeous creamy lighting you had that day! and a beautiful couple!  06.04.10 - 9:56am
Anda - I love all the new stuff you're trying out here, Jasmine. They are an incredibly fashionable and beautiful couple.  06.04.10 - 9:48am
Diandra - Ahhh!!! I love this session. I feel like I say that to every single one! You're awesome :)  06.04.10 - 9:48am
Cindy - Fabulous! I Love her dress and her style and he is soooo adorable !  06.04.10 - 9:47am
Rebecca Sehn - So pretty! Love her clothes.  06.04.10 - 9:46am
Candace Prokopets - Ok, this is definitely a fav engagement session. This couple is gorgeous! And your pictures are beautiful. I bet they are so stinkin' happy seeing these. Thanks for sharing!  06.04.10 - 9:45am
Lisa - Wow. What a model couple! You totally did have some great light! You are fab, as always!  06.04.10 - 9:44am
Leslie - LOVE this session so much! The location is perfection!  06.04.10 - 9:44am
Megan (Best of Fates) - Sometimes I'm astounded by how gorgeous each and every one of your couples is! Then I figure it's also because of your ability to showcase their love for each other in every photo.  06.04.10 - 9:42am
gladys jem - i love the last photo. she has the most beautiful eyes. gorgeous couple jasmine :)  06.04.10 - 9:34am
Robyn Regan - ...and this is why I love told the story beautifully!!!! I wanted to keep seeing more images...stunning!!!!!!!!  06.04.10 - 9:32am
Jessica - I love how the white wall in the background looks like it could be the sky, with some texture, it's really beautiful!  06.04.10 - 9:31am