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WPPI Roadshow : Seattle, Chicago + Washington DC

ere's a random fact: I'll likely ask for your opinion, then argue with you about it. But here's the kicker...I'm arguing because I WANT YOU TO CONVINCE ME. Most of the time, I'm feeling ehhh about a situation and I need help deciding what I should do. So I'll ask you. Then you'll give your input. Then I'll ask why. Give me reasons! Defend your stance! Persuade me! Fight...fight...fight!

My life is like a college football chant. With pedicures. And glitter.

In other news, I'm SO excited to join the 2010 WPPI ROADSHOW. I'll be speaking in three cities and I'm incredibly honored to join such an amazing team around the United States connect with photographers. Hollllllla! I'm speaking in Seattle, Chicago, and Washington DC, so if you'd like to join me on one of the tour stops, I'd be happy to meet you. And who knows, maybe we can exchange football chants. AND THEN I'LL ASK YOU WHY.

Seattle, Washington
Monday, August 30, 2010

Washington, DC
Monday, September 13, 2010

Chicago, Illinois
Thursday, September 16, 2010

To register for a seat, CLICK HERE for more information and details...

Happy Friday!
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Liz Maryann - it's official chica!! I'll be seeing you in DC (actually, Silver Spring MD haha)   07.27.10 - 6:16pm
erika - I love that they call it Washington, DC but it's really Silver Spring, MD....which is actually way closer to me! I'm totally registering!   06.29.10 - 9:31pm
Mariko - I signed up for the DC spot as soon as I saw you were on the list! I've been begging you to come out this way. ;o)  06.29.10 - 5:21am
Jenna D Williams - Okay, it's offical! I absolutly can't stand that I no longer live near Seattle! Wish I could join you, but I guess since I can't it is further incentive to work my tail off to get to WPPI next year!   06.26.10 - 9:05pm
Libby - Well, that just sealed the deal...I was debating on going...when I got home tonight and saw your email and information about you speaking in DC....Wouldn't miss it for the world! :)  06.24.10 - 9:54pm
Rhonda - I signed up for D.C. as soon as I saw you were coming!!! Wooooo Hooooo - can't wait!!!   06.24.10 - 8:57pm
laurel - Jasmine I will try to come to the one in Chicago. Your work, written and visual, is a gift. If I can make it to the one in Chicago I would love to thank you in person for the uplifting, insightful, and sometimes just plain random things you write that give me perspective on this industry. :) - Laurel  06.23.10 - 9:31am
Rebecca Kurber - My hubby and I are going to the Seattle one--yay for a conference sort of close to Alaska! :p  06.22.10 - 5:22pm
Laurie Bracewell - Yay! Can't wait to see you in DC! Loves!  06.21.10 - 3:53pm
Kimberly Witort - SOOOO excited you are coming to Seattle! I hope we will have good weather for you by then!  06.21.10 - 3:08pm
Emily Troutman - WOohoo....will meet you in DC :)  06.21.10 - 12:24pm
feuza - Yes EAST COAST!! woo hoo  06.20.10 - 6:08pm
Shuva Rahim - what the hell, I think I might get to meet you in Chicago... I hope...   06.20.10 - 2:33am
Irina - Oh my gosh, I COULD DIE! I can't believe I'm missing your presentation in Seattle!! I'll be in Europe for a month around that time! You're making me consider canceling my trip!!  06.19.10 - 9:33pm
Yanina - Just registered for the D.C roadshow. So excited to hear you speak!  06.19.10 - 5:46pm
Jessie Smith - See you in DC!!! So excited!! :0)   06.19.10 - 12:08pm
kat - rock n roll bride - Come to the UK already!  06.19.10 - 7:06am
angel - I guess that is the lawyer coming out in you! I hope to see you in Chicago!!!!  06.19.10 - 6:15am
Melissa Papaj Photography - That's the attorney coming out in you Jasmine :) I wish I could come to hear you speak on the road show ...  06.18.10 - 10:29pm
Sisa Pacarina - "My life is like a college football chant. With pedicures. And glitter. " Love it! Wish I could make it to your roadshow!  06.18.10 - 7:43pm
Ning - Would love to invite you and JD for dinner while you are in Seattle! :D Btw, link is not working for me either ...  06.18.10 - 7:16pm
Stephanie - I will be seeing you in Seattle! So flippin excited :) whoop!!  06.18.10 - 6:24pm
Kim - Ohhh you are so close to Sac and you're not coming here!! Bummer...but you picked some pretty rad cities to visit :)  06.18.10 - 5:52pm
Teri - link isn't working! EEK - SOOOO excited you're coming to DC!  06.18.10 - 4:08pm
Matthew Saville - That sounds a lot like me too. Unfortunately on the internet it is easy to misunderstand someone, so when you engage in a "discussion" online, people often get offensive pretty quickly... Bummer, but I guess people just need to learn to be a little more friendly online. I love hearing the other side of an argument, at least once...  06.18.10 - 3:56pm
Catie Ronquillo - I wish you were stopping in Dallas too! :) PS. You wrote happy Tuesday ;) Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and hope you feel better soon! xo  06.18.10 - 2:43pm
Kevin - ChiTown is where it's at! C u there!  06.18.10 - 1:52pm
Lloryn - YEAAAAAHHH!!!! I'm SO excited you're coming to Seattle!! I'm totally skipping work that day :)   06.18.10 - 1:38pm
Tessa - SEATTLE!!!!! I'm in :)  06.18.10 - 1:11pm
Raven Mathis - I am so hoping to attend. Is there a limit to the number of people??  06.18.10 - 1:10pm
Erika - What?! You're coming to Seattle? Wahoo!!! I'm saving my seat now. :)  06.18.10 - 1:03pm
Lauren Wakefield - I love it when everything falls on the same day. Most people wouldn't be able to handle it...but I'm gonna make it happen!  06.18.10 - 1:00pm
Valerie - Shut the front door! You're coming to DC?! YIPPPEEEEEEEEE! I'm saving the date now!  06.18.10 - 12:49pm
Anda - Blerg Fantastic. Chicago? Really? Like on the day I am leaving to shoot a wedding on the WEST COAST?! Dang it.  06.18.10 - 12:40pm
Nori - Waaa... No NYC?? I offically envy Seattle, DC, and Chicago.  06.18.10 - 12:34pm
Molly - Hoping to see you in seattle!  06.18.10 - 12:32pm
Jasmine* - @Robbie: Thanks for the head's up...I fixed the link! :)  06.18.10 - 12:30pm
robbie hickman - ummm....the "click here for more info" link isn't working. i could be techno challenged today (not totally ruling that out)...  06.18.10 - 12:26pm
John - Hope to catch you in Seattle. Thats my hometown and I look forward to meeting you.  06.18.10 - 12:20pm
michelle carrillo - I TOTALLY hear ya on the "arguing your point" thing. I'm the same way. I did it so often, that now I just turn to my husband and say... I need you to play "devil's advocate" for a minute or two... here are MY thoughts... what do you say...   06.18.10 - 12:18pm