Top 5 Business Mistakes I've Made

t's definitely ridiculous, but it's my favorite question. What's your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it? I ask it all the time. Which makes me either consistent or unoriginal. I prefer the former, thankyouverymuch. But here's the crazy thing...I never asked myself that question. Part of why I ask this question is because I learn more from what you did wrong, than what you're doing right. Don't ask me why, that's just how I roll.

So, if you're anything like me, I thought I'd put together a Top Five List of Things I've Done Wrong in My Business in case you can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them...
5. I didn't ask questions.
When I first started, I was afraid to let peers know I didn't know what I was doing. When I'd go to workshops and the instructor would say something I didn't understand, I just sat there and nodded my head. If I was second shooting and the lead photographer asked for something I didn't know how to do, I tried to make it work in spite of my unknowingness. This is tragic. I could've learned so much more, grown faster, and softened my learning curve had I just had the cajones to admit I didn't know. If I could do everything again, I'd ask every question I could...even if it made me feel stupid.

4. I waited too long to get a website.
I know this goes without saying--probably because I say it all the time--but I can't stress it enough. When I got a website, it legitimized my business and allowed me to further define my web presence. Clients took me seriously, coordinators/planners sent clients my way in light of a complete and focused online portfolio, and it became easier to warrant a new level of professionalism, which, in turn, allowed me to garnish a new type of client.

3. I let others dictate how I felt about my work.
Needless to say, this happens a lot in the industry. Sometimes business owners will talk so certainly about WHAT they have, WHERE they're going, WHO they're with, HOW many weddings they booked...and so forth. And though it might be unintentional, they made me feel less worthy to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer, and my work. They had that camera, so clearly they take better photos than me. They're off to that industry mixer with people who air kiss, so clearly they're cooler than I am and will get jobs as a byproduct of it. They just booked their 764th wedding for the year...and updated their Facebook status to let the world know.
I walked around in a constant state of I Suckiness, and it wasn't until I tuned out the noise that I was able to define who I was...just plain old Jasmine Star. Once this happened, I was able to embrace my current situation: While I may not have the best camera, or party with the cool kids, or book weddings like a boss...I'm moving forward. And moving is always better than sitting still.

2. I didn't make long-term equipment purchases.
I'll never forget it. JD and I stood at the sales counter and we debated the pros and cons of each flash. I wanted to buy the Canon 430EX, but JD insisted I buy the 550EX. Through gritted teeth I reminded him we didn't have money for it, but he understood the value of spending a little more for a distinct performance difference. I didn't listen to him and bought the 430. A few months later, I went back and bought the 550EX because the 430EX just wasn't cutting it for me.
Moral of the story: You get what you pay for. And JD is always right.

1. I didn't take more risks.
When I think back to when I first started, I can't help but feel sorry for that girl. The girl who didn't trust herself enough to take bigger risks. Who didn't dream big enough. Who limited herself by her own experience and other people's estimations of what was possible.
If I could go back and tell the Jasmine Star of 2007 something, I'd whisper in her ear: Believe in what you know you can do. Trust your gut. Ignore the naysayers. Dream big, but hope for more. However, knowing myself back then, I would ignore the then I'd grab me by the shoulders, give me a good shake, then holler straight in my face, SPRINT TOWARD WHAT YOU WANT AND DON'T EVER LOOK BACK. Ever.

Happy Monday!
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Adriean - Wow. #1 really hit home for me. I need to print this and tape it somewhere. This is SO where I am at right now. I dream about what I want, and I think about it day in and day out, but I am so incredibly TERRIFIED of failure! Like heart palpitations terrified. But, I guess they do say that if your dreams dont scare you, then they aren't big enough! Thanks Jasmine this was inspirational :)  03.30.15 - 9:00pm
Jon Tinkler - I know I'm late to the party on this one, but thanks heaps Jasmine for the post - this business is great, but it can really shake your confidence when things aren't going right. Always a little comforting to know that even you have had those moments you talked about above, rings so many bells. Thanks again and you really are a superstar :-)   03.03.15 - 1:43pm
Tatyana - I love how vulnerable you are with your posts - thank you so much for sharing and letting us learn from your experience!  02.16.15 - 3:10pm
Charlotte Grace - Awesome tips thanks Jasmine! Your ability to inspire confidence in us all is amazing :)  02.08.15 - 8:29pm
Jessica Rogers - I wish I had found this blog a year ago! I've made so many of these mistakes already. :( I've been browsing through all of your blog posts and each one I read inspires me a little bit more to keep going. This one is particularly great because I'm about to take a huge risk in my business. Thank you so much for this!  01.29.15 - 12:07pm
Mel - When I read your blog I get butterflies of inspiration in my tummy!!! Thank you for sharing ;)   06.29.14 - 1:19pm
Jose - New to your blog! And I have to say ill be coming back!   05.20.14 - 3:33pm
Brittany Morgan - You. Inspire. Me. I will never begin to describe the incredible influence you have invested in me - A perfect stranger. I am young, and I am green, but you continue to make me feel like I can achieve all that I aspire to become. Thank you. Thank you for not being haughty with your talent but unbelievably helpful through your knowledge!  03.21.13 - 7:49pm
bimal nair - You always amaze me! It was almost God-thought to have your last name as Star...coz you are! :) Thanks a billion for everything you are and do! And for sharing yourself so honestly with the rest of world! Thankyou! Bimal.  02.27.13 - 2:26am
Paula - Jasmine....thank you for this. <3  02.24.13 - 11:37am
Mike - So true, tuning out the little I suck and will never make it voice is by and far my most difficult challenge. Thanks for sharing.  02.18.13 - 9:07am
Ed Devereaux - That "State of I suckiness" should be my tagline right now. Thanks for letting people know that you felt that way at one time.   02.18.13 - 7:35am
Holly - Wow, this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear!!!   12.31.12 - 3:20pm
Veronica Salazar - To #'s 1 and 3: AMEN! Preach it, sista!!!! :)  06.06.12 - 1:53am
Natasha - Ahhhh, I LOVE you're honesty!!! And your sense of humor ;) Thank you for putting it all out there, and I am SO purchasing Exposed, I can't wait to read it, that must have been a ton of work!   06.05.12 - 6:12pm
Tayo - You're such an inspiration! Love your work, your words and your spirit. God bless you.  06.04.12 - 11:42am
Rocio - Thank you for these tips!!! I am a new photographer trying to start my own business and these tips will definitely help! You're awesome!  04.27.12 - 9:25pm
Ashley - This post made me cry........ In a good way. A very good way. Thank You Jasmine. xx  02.01.12 - 6:42am
Joy - Long time fan/reader, first time poster. This post made me teary eye. Your site is a spirit-lifter and you're truly an inspiration to me :D  12.06.11 - 1:39pm
Autumn Moore - WOW! LOVE that post....way too true! Jasmine you rock!!!  07.31.11 - 9:57am
cassandra-m - I was overwhelmed reading all the comments, now I don't feel so alone. Getting discouraged must be something everyone experiences, I never would have thought you did. Thanks for sharing "how" you dealt with it! Thanks for sharing yet another piece of yourself!!! Still think u are the most awesome-est business person! Xooxoxo   07.26.11 - 10:52pm
Vail Fucci - Love the like a boss reference!  07.26.11 - 7:28pm
Tina - Jasime, I just adore everything about you!! I started my business in 2007 also, but the past year I have felt like giving up what I love. The area I live in is being taken over by amateur photographers so it has made it very difficult to stay focused and in business. A friend of mine from Indy told me about you and I can't stop looking at your site, you are a true inspiration. I am going to change my website and spend more time marketing myself so I can continue to do what I love. Photography is my heart and soul, so thank you for sharing your stories you are a true inspiration.  07.26.11 - 3:52pm
Belinda - This is actually the SECOND time I've read this post! Ever since I sat glued to my computer watching your creative live workshop earlier this year you have been such a HUGE inspiration to me. Anytime I'm feeling overwhelmed or frustrated I come check out your blog and I always leave with a little more determination. Thanks for sharing Jasmine. You're awesome!  07.26.11 - 12:48pm
Rachel - Jasmine, I love you! Not in a weird way, but I love you for being so positive, helpful, funny, thoughtful and real. You are so gifted and personable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and yourself with us! Have an awesome day! God's love to you, Rachel   07.26.11 - 5:32am
Amy Rizzuto - Jasmine you are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing so much of your life.   07.25.11 - 10:55pm
Lloyed Valenzuela Photography - So True!!! I can relate, but im still starting though and im still stucked on some if not all of the mentioned in this blog, but now, you gave me more determination to conquer it all. We all started in the same footing...thanks JS!!!  07.25.11 - 4:10pm
Susanna - Number 1 really resonates. Tears welled up in my eyes when I read it. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself.   07.25.11 - 9:13am
Jan - Green Tree Photography - this is such a fabulous post! I love the "people who air kiss" part. haha!  07.24.11 - 3:52pm
Julie O'Dell - This blog post is very timely for me personally. The last two weeks I've been praying about clear direction to take my Photography/ Photography Business to the next level. This is part of the big picture! Thank you!   07.24.11 - 1:06pm
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Thank you! Great advice!  07.23.11 - 3:21pm
Brittani - <3 Thank you.  07.23.11 - 8:32am
Dawney - once again, you inspire me. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you and your willingness to encourage and share. Thank you!!  07.23.11 - 2:58am
Jessica K. Sullivan - "JD is always right!" Lol! I love this post Jasmine. Such good advice.   07.22.11 - 5:08pm
Donald O - Great post. Thank you for the encouraging words.   07.22.11 - 11:48am
SaraJane - Please pass the tissue box! Thank you Jasmine. I stopped shooting weddings two years ago and found and followed your blog since. Everything you say confirms that I *was* doing the right thing. Thank you, you have been my little "photographer devotion" every week. Thank you for dreaming big you have touched so many lives!  07.22.11 - 9:15am
A Wedding Photographer - ....and now what a wonderful website you have!! Great post!  07.22.11 - 8:47am
Sally Williams - Hi Jasmine, Thank you for this fantastic blog entry. I have just given up my job to start freelancing full time and even though I know I can do it - there is always a bit of self doubt that lingers around in the background. Looking at what you have achieved and the lessons you have learn't gives me hope and confidence. I will be printing this out and putting it in my inspriations book! Thank you for sharing x  07.22.11 - 7:55am
Amanda - Oh I needed this post tonight. People ask "how long have you been doing this" and I am almost embarrassed to admit.....since the 7th grade yet I am not really any further along than those just starting out, Yes, I have the photographic skill but my business skills suck and between friends telling me I am too expensive and my husband complaining about the cost of the new website (not up yet...) and my kids keeping me from getting to have one complete thought without being interrupted........ sometimes I feel it will always be a struggle and I will always be the stay at home mom on the verge of having to get a "real" spite of the dream I've had more than 1/2 my life. Wow, I am spilling the beans huh? Been one of those days. Lets start again. I am Amanda and I am a awesome photographer and I will do this. :)   07.22.11 - 12:41am
Rory Mole - Hi there Jasmine, Thank you, thank you , thank you....  07.22.11 - 12:37am
Jessica - I can't thank you enough for always putting yourself out there with pure honesty! This was such a helpful post for me to read right now...thank you!  07.21.11 - 9:22pm
Kim Tucker - Tuning out the noise...I am going to remember this. Posting on my desk.....  07.21.11 - 8:04pm
Michelle - You have just highlighted the 5 mistakes I'm doing right now! Time to 'unmistake' my mistakes. Thanks Jasmine :)  07.21.11 - 6:45pm
Alicia Henry - The Lord knows I needed this! My name is written all over it!!!!! Appreciate it!  07.21.11 - 6:40pm
Rachael Shepherd - Thank you so much for sharing, Jasmine. #1 and #3 have been on my mind a lot lately. I definitely needed to read this.  07.21.11 - 4:46pm
Ashley Perez - "Moving is always better than sitting still" - love it, Jasmine!  07.21.11 - 4:20pm
Kare - Thank you - I needed this.  07.21.11 - 2:48pm
Alyssa Wagner - I needed this today. Like you wouldn't even know. I'm teary now! haha. Thank you!!! Always!  07.21.11 - 2:20pm
Amber Ellen - Thank you so much for this post!! Just what I needed to hear :)  07.21.11 - 11:50am
Sheri - Very, very good advice!  07.21.11 - 10:35am
Sea Bass - :')  07.21.11 - 9:54am
leslie - Thanks for the post Jasmine! It's sooo important to be be aware of these (especially 1, 3, and 5), whether you're just starting out or have been at it a while. Thanks for the reminder!  07.21.11 - 8:39am
Ashley Goodwin - I am tearing up at 9:30am this GLORIOUS thursday morning girlfriend. Me? Are you talking to ME? I think you are. First off, you aren't just "plain ol Jasmine Star", we all know that. I am seriously so thankful for YOU, sharing your experience and for encouraging me. The most encouraging words anyone have ever said came from you "Run. Fast. Don't ever look back. You got this." And you're right, I do! So even though I may be in a mini slump, it's okay. Because I've got this. :) & JD is totally always right. xo  07.21.11 - 7:59am
Edy - THANK YOU! Its like we're one in the same.. Been there, done all that, n now you've just shook me n screamed in my face lol. Looking forward to catching up to my future. Your an Awesome person to share so much with us Jasmine. Just wanted to let you know You make a Difference :) xo   07.21.11 - 7:45am
Brianna - This is so inspiring, Jasmine. Thanks for writing this. I'm pretty new at all this, and I'm so very guilty of #3. Thanks for reminding me that "moving is always better than sitting still."  07.21.11 - 6:43am
Jasmin Ferris - You are such an inspiration to all us photographers who are just starting out and trying to make it in this business. It feels like you have written this to me, i have been struggling with all of the above and you have just given me the confidence to get out there and take some risks, not worry about how good other people are And the kind of equipment they have. I need to stop second guessing myself and just do what I do ........... ROCK it with my lil canon 1000d and 50mm 1.8 until I can afford to upgrade. Thank you!!!!   07.21.11 - 5:21am
Wedding Snapper - Well done Jasmine - I bet loads of people need to hear this encouragement. You're right about trying to tune the noise out and focus on your own thing. If you're watching and worrying what Mr X is doing, you're not focussing on your own business, style and goals. Good luck everybody - the hard work and persistence DOES pay off eventually!  07.21.11 - 5:20am
Pirihira - I love that you are so raw with all the information you give out. You are my teacher..... xxxx  07.21.11 - 3:15am
Jolanta Manka - Jasmin, great tips - as usual ;) I think that mistake no 3 is very common, hope I will not repeat it!   07.21.11 - 3:03am
Sharls - Everything you just said is everything i needed to hear right at this moment! Race towards what you want with child like abandon! I love that, all to often what everyone else says or thinks of me, is what I allow to define me... Not any more x  07.21.11 - 2:26am
Adriana Morett - I don't know how many times I have commented on your blog just to thank you, but really: THANK YOU. I NEED to get off my I Suckiness. I need to stop defining my photographic self-esteem on how many people comment on my blog posts. Just keep walking my way. THANKS for reminding me this. Love you!  07.21.11 - 1:43am
Minerva - Hi Jasmine, first of all, I just adore female photographers as I'm used to male ones taking my photos when I was little. :) And second, what you've just mentioned above are all things that are done by many business owners and photographers. What I would emphasize is the asking of questions, I think that's the most essential thing to be done when you want to learn something or when you want to know about something which you do not understand. :)  07.21.11 - 12:48am
Michelle Hebert - I love how RAW this post is! It's refreshing to hear how someone as successful as you, struggled with the same issues as me. My biggest struggle is the whole comparsion issue and I am slowly letting go of it. Your words about taking risks is exactly what I need to hear, so thank you!  07.20.11 - 11:30pm
Tamytha Cameron Smith - Thank you Jasmine... this is JUST what I needed to hear tonight... I am going to print it out and read it when I am feeling unsure of my dream and my abilities. It's midnight here in Texas and I feel like shouting BRAVO!  07.20.11 - 11:15pm
Krista Sidhu - Happy Monday? LOL I didn't realize London went backwards in time. :P   07.20.11 - 10:57pm
Amy Richmond - This is so great! Thanks for sharing!  07.20.11 - 9:27pm
Jessica Becklenberg - You always inspire me. You make me realize that I am better than I think I am. Thank you.  07.20.11 - 9:18pm
feuza - I simple adore this jacker blazer you are wearing, I must have it please tell me where you got it and GREAT TIPS!  07.20.11 - 9:05pm
Anel - Jasmine, THANK you for making us feel human! I have tears in my eye, knowing that with time we become stronger & wiser & people like you that we can learn from! Even if I've made several of these mistakes, there is hope that I can still live out my passion with of without making errors! Thank you!  07.20.11 - 8:39pm
Roberto Farren Photography | Boston/London - really well said and i'm finding out some of those things myself at this very time! some good info for all to learn from. Regards, Roberto  07.20.11 - 8:37pm
Cathy Brunson - I'm not sure you can ever understand how much I appreciate this blog post. Thank you Jasmine. Thank you.  07.20.11 - 7:20pm
Shane Bradley - Great post Jasmine!! Inspired to hustle... "like a boss" :)  07.20.11 - 6:59pm
Apryl - I'm making all these mistakes right now. Thank you for posting this and for giving me a big kick in the butt!  07.20.11 - 6:54pm
Jodie Cox - Are you sure you are not speaking directly to me!?!?!? haha! This really resonates with me today - thank you, thank you, thank you. Just what I needed x  07.20.11 - 6:51pm
Natasha - I can't tell you how helpful your posts are! The way in which you honestly share your knowledge and experiences is so helpful to a newbie like me. Thank you!  07.20.11 - 5:11pm
Maxine - Ok I gotta admit, this post (esp the last couple lines) brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for speaking to my heart exactly what I needed to hear to keep trusting in myself and the Lord.  07.20.11 - 3:57pm
Iain King - Jasmine, Another excellent article. Point number 1 on risks is one in which I have been guilty off in the past. I think once you really start to believe in yourself and start to dream big your business grows much faster. Thanks again for your insights.  07.20.11 - 3:41pm
Tony Rizzo - Jasmine, I'm loving this post! Thanks for sharing a few honest tips and things you have learned along the way. Taking more risks and asking others when you don't know what in the world your doing. So simple but so hard to do sometimes. Keep it coming!  07.20.11 - 2:30pm
Divina James - This is good. And timely. I'm shooting my first wedding in less than a month and shooting my first engagement shoot on Sunday. I'm anxious -excited or nervous, not quite sure which one out-weighs the other! But I'm gonna try to keep it together. Oh and somewhere in the Bible it actually says that a fool makes a mistake and doesnt learn, a smart person learns from their mistakes and a wise person learns from other people's mistakes. Preach, girl!   07.20.11 - 2:21pm
Malinda Warder - Two words typed through my tears. THANK YOU!  07.20.11 - 2:06pm
stephanie - Thank you for these words of wisdom. Its rare to come across successful people who would gladly share their secrets :)   07.20.11 - 2:02pm
jenn {bow tie & bustle} - jasmine thank you so much for this post. you always seem to say the most amazing things on the days when i most need it. i want you to know that a lot of my business confidence comes directly from watching women like you be themselves and follow their hearts and dreams. thanks for being you and for inspiring me to be me. you are so darn amazing girl!  07.20.11 - 1:10pm
Kaylee Sizemore - 2 letters... xo  07.20.11 - 1:06pm
Kristin Nicole - Such amazing advice! So glad that I have not made some of these mistakes just from reading your blog when I started. Thanks girl.   07.20.11 - 12:59pm
Lydia - I'm not sure exactly when you wrote this, but I can't remember ever reading it before. It's just what I needed to hear right now though! I need to keep my eyes on my own goal and press on!  07.20.11 - 11:36am
Kasey Loftin - Thanks for sharing. It's so reassuring to hear brilliant photographers admit they aren't perfect and that they have gone through the same doubts/fears/hiccups that I have. #3 really spoke to me. I think reassurance helps you get through those days when you second-guess yourself. Sometimes you need that validation that you aren't chasing an unattainable dream. Although, I just try to remind myself that I believe in my own ability and have to trust it more.   07.20.11 - 11:32am
Leslie Star - Jasmine, I cannot thank you enough for posting this. It feels as though you were speaking directly to me. Thank you for the advice, it is priceless information for a newbie like me, also a fellow "Star" (for real!) -Leslie Star  07.20.11 - 10:05am
Rose DeVore - Jasmine... I have to say THANK YOU. Last week I felt a turn and i woke up and started reading your blogs. I read them every morning and sometimes twice. What you have posted this week were questions that I needed answers for. You are amazing.  07.20.11 - 10:03am
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - Thanks for sharing! Dawn & I need that "take me by the shoulders and shake" once in a while, and the encouragement to go forward. We are thankful that you and JD are around to understand that! Thanks to you both!  07.20.11 - 9:30am
Carla Barnett - Thank you for posting this! I too learn more from what people did wrong than what they did right. The biggest thing that resonates with me is to take bigger risks and not let others dictate how I feel about my own work. Thanks for being so open and honest on your blog!   07.20.11 - 9:19am
Abby Grace Photography - Thank the Lord for husbands who can see sense better than we do at times. My husband has done the same thing with me- I want to buy a less expensive lens, he asks "will you need to upgrade in the future?" i answer yes, he insists we buy the better one to start out with. I love this post.  07.20.11 - 9:09am
Libby - I think as creative people we tend to be plagued with insecurity. I know I am! Thank you for this blog. I can't tell you how much it helps with my confidence!  07.20.11 - 9:09am
jessica vidmar photography - It's amazing how many negative thoughts can go on in your brain without you even realizing it's what is holding you back. the second I learned to discredit any of the BS those negative voices were trying to convince me of I really started to grow and know I can do this and have a gift. thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who has struggled. the sky is the limit!  07.20.11 - 9:01am
canon bey reed - great post, love reading the dynamics of your relationship with your husband... hoping one day my [high school basketball coach] husband will pick up a camera!!  07.20.11 - 8:43am
Christiana - Hi Jasmine, i should be editing a wedding that is due on monday, i should be tucked up in bed for the bright start wedding i have tomorrow, but i'm reading your blog, just like i have been for the past two weeks and like a book i love i can't stop. i know i'm reading backwards and that i'm about to get to the middle (i already finished the first one), and i know that you posted this nearly a year ago, but i wanted to say thanks. i have been walking around in a state of i suckiness all day (honestly all week) and i feel ok about it now. its ok to feel like that because even though i feel like that, i'm still not gonna stop trying and that is all that matters. thanks for being my mentor-even though you don't even know it xx C  03.18.11 - 5:45am
Danica Clark - Jasmine, I don't know if you'll ever see this comment because this post is so old. But I just wanted to let you know how deeply this post has touched me, and HOPE that some day you'll see this... When I saw this post as I scrolled down looking for a specific post of yours, I had a small nagging feeling that I should stop and read the entire thing. So I did. I am crying. This post felt like it was truly written to me. I'm just starting out my Wedding Photography business and am struggling so much. I've spent the last 2 weeks, working hard to try and figure out how to get my business going and why I haven't been successful, or why I can't seem to find a clear direction of where I want to go or who I want to be. As I read you admit what you struggle with (and I can't imagine it was that easy to admit your mistakes to the whole world) I see my own self in these. You couldn't have written a letter to me any more clearly than this. I struggle so much with all of these. Website, being willing to ask, making the "budget cuts" to cheaper equipment, listening to everyone else and what they say about my work or finding problems with my own work because the "successful photographers are so much better than me", and especially... ESPECIALLY not taking more risks. This has touched me so much, first thing tomorrow I'm going to focus on making a clear distinction of what I need to do. I feel that this is helping me figure out the issues as to WHY I haven't been able to write out a business plan the last 2 weeks. I've been afraid. Afraid of spending the money, afraid of what other people will say about my work, afraid other people wouldn't find my work worth the money, and afraid to take the risks. Tomorrow I'm going to be brave, step out away from all this fear (now that I have truly identified it) and hopefully never ever get back to this again!!!! Thank you so much for helping me see, for once, my own fears. I think I'm truly beginning to understand it now. A lot of it is beginning to make sense. Again, I don't know if you'll ever see this. But I just wanted to say... Thank you. *hugs* I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you stood out and admitted your fear so that others of us could too. You're one amazing girl. Thank you.  03.14.11 - 12:31am
William Bay - #2 is the one that has gotten me, even though I've been photographing for 20 years. I always try to get by with what's at hand. But I really should try to invest in quality glass. Thanks for the post.  02.27.11 - 11:52pm
Spicytee - I think I'm just gonna use your word gracias... You are the best thing that happened to my photography world lately. Thanks to Goggle for finding you.  02.19.11 - 1:19am
Paul Chen - Hey Jasmine, thanks so much for this post. I totally needed it. You're awesome!  02.16.11 - 7:43pm
Laura Rhoades - I'm a little late to this post party, but I'd say these are my top 5 mistake so far as well, ESPECIALLY the not asking questions or taking risks. I tried to learn completely by trial and error and reading online. Could have moved myself forward a year or two faster by just asking people!  02.04.11 - 4:36am
Heidi - I am printing this and immediately posting to my fridge! Thank you for the inspiring words (:  02.01.11 - 7:51pm
Andrew - Great post, very informative!  02.01.11 - 11:37am
Carlos Thomas - Didn't take more risks, That's the theme of 2011 for me and a group of photogs I've organized a group for. Getting outside of your comfort zone is the number one hurdle in this business. Get OUT there! Right?  02.01.11 - 10:34am
Jessica Noelle Rozof - Just what I needed thanks you! ps. I swear I will meet you someday!  01.05.11 - 9:58pm
Camille Neighbors - #1 made me cry... Like.A.Baby. Thank you Jasmine. I think I'll go say that right now to the "2011 Me"... Really. She needs to hear it!  01.05.11 - 5:14pm
Jin - At the end of the day Jasmine the big risks which are always the toughest pave the road for change and ultimately reward. Don't forget you took the biggest one of all dropping out of school and pursuing a dream you felt right in your gut! It's great how reflective you are which helps so much in really learning from our mistakes. What up JD! Happy New Year guys...from a new reader ;)  01.05.11 - 1:45pm
London People Photographer - This post was rated one of the best of 2010. I just read it for the second time and I love it. Love you too Jasmine.  12.22.10 - 3:14pm
Alicia Jones - Thank you so much for posting this. I have felt all 5 of those things. I always feel like I'm taking two steps forward and one step back, everytime I think I'm really improving I find one other way I'm just not good enough and this has really inspired me to just take chances and just keep going!  08.27.10 - 11:16am
A Person Who Needed to Hear this - I am in the middle of mirroring a wedding photographer. I am learning so much it isn't even funny. But the person is very technically skilled. I think even though I am learning so much, I keep thinking that "I am not good enough, I am constantly doubting myself. I am not ready yet" I have had people at weddings ask me how much I would charge to do their weddings. I response with "Oh I can't" Why?! Why can't I?! Just because I don't have fifty million pieces of equipment and a degree in photography doesn't mean I can't produce something great for someone. Why can this person see my value and I can't?! Because I feel less than in this industry at times. While photography is HUGELY about the final product at the end of the wedding - it is also the experience the couple is having with you. I refuse to walk around in a constant state of I Suckiness anymore. It might be the toughest year of my life - diving in deep. But you have very much inspired me! Nothing like a little pressure to make you GROW, GROW, GROW! I refuse to allow #3 on your list to hold ME back anymore. Thank you!!!!!  07.14.10 - 12:36am
Bobbie Brown - Jasmine, I love this post and I love you! Seriously, this one hit home with me, several things you said in here... Thank you!  06.22.10 - 12:18pm
tiffany zajas - Oooh, I was really convicted by #4. I really struggle with that a lot too. I don't know why it's so hard to NOT compare myself to others...with the world of blogs, Twitter, and Facebook it's so easy to get caught up with how awesome everyone else is and what they're up to rather than focusing on just being me. Thanks for the encouragement! :)  06.22.10 - 8:26am
chris at undfind - I agree with every single one of these and I think I made the exact same ones! (plus a million other ones, but we all live and learn right?) Again, thanks for sharing  06.21.10 - 5:21pm
karen massey - How very true, Im seeing myself staring back in your comments.  06.21.10 - 1:39pm
feuza - thanks for sharing, you made it so quickly and inspire so many~ thanks J*  06.20.10 - 6:17pm
Nova Scotia Photographer - I'm in a funk right now and this post hit home on so many levels - just what I needed. You're a pretty cool chick.  06.20.10 - 5:40pm
Apple - thanks jasmine! i'll keep all this in mind! you're the best!!!<3  06.19.10 - 9:59am
Apple - thanks jasmine! i'll keep all this in mind! you're the best!!!<3  06.19.10 - 9:59am
Yasha - Jasmine, I love you! You are so real and down to earth. Thank you for shareing these 5 points. I relate to EVERY single one of them. I kept re-reading lines saying to myself - did she just say that - wait did I write this - or did she? Your so cool. Maybe someday I will meet you. I've been putting in my blackberry every Friday before a wedding "READ JASMINE STAR BLOG." It helps me get in the groove of being myself for Saturday. Do you read these blogs yourself or do you have personal secrataries..? Oh well maybe no one reads them? I mean 244 comments.. pleazzzz. (:  06.18.10 - 9:14pm
Sarah Ciccone - Thanks soooo much Jasmine for another Awesome post!! You always say the right things at the right time it seems :) Thanks for the encouragement!!  06.18.10 - 6:44pm
fiona andersen - Amen sister!! xx  06.18.10 - 2:58am
Cara Justus - Thank you so much for this- especially the last one. I have been walking around in the same "I suckiness" state for a while now! You never cease to amaze me or encourage me! :)  06.17.10 - 7:22pm
brittani - :/ i'm bookmarking this post. you rock. thanks, because i bet you anything no one realizes these are their own mistakes until they see them. Like me. Now. =)  06.17.10 - 6:59pm
Michael - My biggest regret is also waiting so long to get a web presence, now I have to work twice as hard to keep up.  06.17.10 - 4:24pm
Karen Stott - SO inspiring...i've totally been that girl that lets other people's accomplishments get me down. Thanks for helping me learn to look inward.  06.17.10 - 3:49pm
Kelly Langner Sauer - Thanks for giving me the courage to ask that question of myself. I needed it. My answer is here: Just thought you might appreciate it. I rarely comment here, but I love your work and your heart. You're so cool!  06.17.10 - 10:20am
Truc - Jasmine, I love asking this question too. Loved reading your answers. Thank you for sharing.  06.17.10 - 5:47am
Anna Arzamastseva - Jasmine! You are the BEST! Thank you very much for your words and your sincerity! I love you!  06.17.10 - 1:33am
Lyndsay London - Jasmine, thank you for helping me to make a little more sense of this crazy photography world and well, life. Your posts help me get over any moments "I suckiness" right quick. Such a gift you have :).   06.16.10 - 8:50pm
Erin Hernandez-Reisner - Ok Jasmine, That is pretty Cool!  06.16.10 - 4:50pm
Otto Rascon - I love how you named that funk-state I find myself in every now and then: "state of I Suckiness." I am glad there is an official name for it now. You rock!  06.16.10 - 3:27pm
Kari Dawson - Ugh! You just totally made me cry! So many of us, myself included, struggle with the value of our work and wait for others in the industry to let us know 'when we've arrived'. I just shot a fabulous wedding in South Carolina and I got to a point this past weekend where I realized I've grown A LOT and I'm uber proud of the product I'll be delivering in two weeks and I no longer need anyone elses approval! You're such an inspiration J*! p.s. my hubs was my assistant, he didn't shoot, but it totally rocked not having to carry all my own crap and I could tell him I need this on this and grab it 30 seconds later and not miss a thing. So rocked!  06.16.10 - 12:35pm
Eddie M. - Thank you very. It's almost as if this message was personally to me.  06.16.10 - 11:51am
amanda thiessen - these are my favorite posts. so unveiled and helpful!!  06.16.10 - 11:30am
candi leonard - thank you for this...especially number 3! I think we all get stuck in that trap!   06.16.10 - 10:07am
Jen - Thanks Jasmine. As are amazing and this is one of my all time favorite posts. Thank you for being you. :)  06.16.10 - 7:01am
dorelies - Always love your little storys - they make me feel stronger as I think, well I can get it too - just try! Thank's  06.16.10 - 1:25am
dorelies - Always love your little storys - they make me feel stronger as I think, well I can get it too - just try! Thank's  06.16.10 - 1:25am
Jan - Thanks for sharing Jasmine!!!  06.15.10 - 11:10pm
Brit - Great words of advice. It's great to see other vendors sharing their learning experiences - it really helps the industry to grow, and I appreciate you for sharing!  06.15.10 - 9:34pm
sharon snow - WoW! Thank you, SO much. This post speaks volumes to me and louder than any of your previous posts. Ever. I hear what you are saying, and I know that girl so well. She may not be able to jump all over the advice like she wants to right now, but believe me 'I' hear you loud and clear...and I'm REALLY listening now. I needed this and am printing it and taping it next to my bed. Truly your best post ever for me. Thank You Jasmine.  06.15.10 - 5:40pm
harrison - great post!! thanks for sharing!  06.15.10 - 5:35pm
John B. - Yep, you can't be afraid. Fail forward again and again and one day you'll find yourself at your goal.  06.15.10 - 5:12pm
Juli L. - Great post! You could possibly be reading my mind...these are all the things I walk around thinking, saying and feeling...thank you for sharing that you felt this way in the beginning. I need to print this post and read it every day!! :)  06.15.10 - 4:22pm
Lloryn - This was an Awesome post. VERY VERY helpful for me  06.15.10 - 3:41pm
Amy Paulson - Thank you just doesn't seem like enough...  06.15.10 - 3:18pm
Waiman - Awesome Jasmine, great post and as I read it I could identify with many of your points and I think you hit the nail on the head for many people!  06.15.10 - 3:17pm
Nicole Glenn - Ugh, so guilty of all of these. I think I struggle the most with #3 and #1. Thanks for always keeping it real. :)  06.15.10 - 3:03pm
Hannah - Inspiring to say the least!! Thank you for sharing :) Moving forward, rawr! :D  06.15.10 - 2:41pm
Lindsay P - Thank you thank you for being so open and posting this!! I'm still struggling with with a few of these and I really appreciate knowing it happened to you too! Thanks for sharing.  06.15.10 - 1:42pm
Harmony Loves - Jasmine, I sat at your workshop a little over a year ago and I didn't ask questions. I had only been shooting for a little over a month and I was too scared and nervous to say anything or ask anything. I wish I had and I want to take your workshop again just so I can have a do over and ask questions. This is my biggest regret.  06.15.10 - 1:19pm
Ria Mishaal - Great advice but also love the openness you promote. Thank you Jasmine!  06.15.10 - 1:17pm
Carrie Owens - THANK you for this. #1 especially struck a chord with me, thank you.  06.15.10 - 1:06pm
Mark - Amen, Amen, thanks for speaking to me.....  06.15.10 - 12:47pm
Schantel - Thank you Jasmine! So glad to know you also experienced these things. You inspire me!  06.15.10 - 12:22pm
Denver Wedding Photographer, JasonG - Great post Jasmine... I love item number 4. You definitely get what you pay for. (and I'm taking item 5 to heart!)  06.15.10 - 12:13pm
Regina - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  06.15.10 - 10:49am
gladys jem - thanks for posting this jasmine! we all appreciate it! all i know is that i need to shake me real hard right now. thank you for not holding back! xo  06.15.10 - 10:36am
Sean Low - This is amazing Jasmine. Incredibly valuable advice. My favorite is the first one mostly because I am on the other side. I love talking about business. I literally dream about it almost every night. It makes me so sad (and frustrated) to hear that someone was too (you fill in the blank) to ask me a question. Thank you for all that you are doing. I am a huge fan.  06.15.10 - 8:58am
life with kaishon - Thank you so much for this. I learned a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot.  06.15.10 - 8:43am
Jen - Thanks so much for this post!! I read it and almost thought you got into my brain!  06.15.10 - 8:43am
Alison - I so appreciate your honesty and willingness to put yourself out there for others to learn from. #3 has been a big one for me, like many. I started a group for area photographers where we can not compete, where we can enjoy each other, ask questions, put a voice to these things and have some fun. It has helped me feel more solid in who I am as a photographer because we may "do" the same thing but we are all so different! Number 2 just cracks me up because that is me and my hubby right now in the same rolls as I build my business with cash. Consider that advice taken!  06.15.10 - 7:22am
Helen Walsh - I've been stalling on buliding my website and "making do" with a really poor blog! My focus has now changed, I'm off to start building my site! Thanks for all your sharing.  06.15.10 - 6:08am
Darlene - FABULOUS post Jasmine. I can see in my second year of wedding photography that I too made and am still making some of those same mistakes. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one AND it points me more toward the right direction too. ;)  06.15.10 - 5:50am
Jennifer O. - This post is inspiring and not only for those in the photography business. ;)  06.15.10 - 5:07am
Jason - I kinda wanna print this out and tape it to my wall... fer realz! Crazy inspirational!  06.15.10 - 4:53am
Jenny Photography - Helpful. I'll be sure to learn from your mistakes. You're a star Jasmine!  06.15.10 - 2:51am
Maria Noble - Thanks for sharing this. Not a lot of successful photographers like to share or admit they didn't know everything when they started.  06.15.10 - 2:50am
Annette - Will you believe it? This post brings tears to my eyes. I don't know why. Maybe it's the raw honesty? Maybe it's because this is what my husband and I who are about to take a big leap as well and this speaks to our hearts. No matter the reason, I thank you, Jasmine. Thank you, very, very much.   06.15.10 - 2:18am
maureen cassidy - awesome post! as always awesome of you to speak about your faults and your learning curve. I was recently thinking that I should do a brief log of every photo session and wedding and write down what I did right or wrong, what worked...what was the total package... sometime life becomes a blur, but it is so good to sit down and write about what you have learned. You have grown leaps and bounds im sure in a few years!!! congrats!  06.15.10 - 1:55am
James - Hi Jasmine... I try and read your blog as much as I can, very inspirational. I'm sooo glad I managed to catch this one as I feel that I'm that person you talk about in this post! Thankyou for posting this   06.15.10 - 1:01am
guen - thank you for this....i concur with the previous 189 posts! this is why we read your blog. the honest, practical, genuine advice u give. so i won't go further. thanks for this gift this mon.  06.15.10 - 12:24am
Denise Conrad - I have just recently made the decision to shut out the noise... and trust my gut. So far, the best business decision I've made :)  06.14.10 - 11:54pm
Christine - reason number 2,349,594 why i heart you. i'm the same: a "learn from your mistakes" kinda gal... and i loved reading about yours. especially the one about JD always being right: clinton is always right in my eyes too! :) zing! xoxo  06.14.10 - 11:40pm
Erica rose - Aannnnd...this is why you're such a rockstar in this business, you say what others won't and you're refreshingly transparent :)  06.14.10 - 11:28pm
Laura - Thank you for writing this post!   06.14.10 - 10:23pm
Julie Pham - I have been a fan of yours (and JD and Polo!) for so long and I wanted to thank you for being so inspirational! I've hesitated to leave a comment in the past since it would get lost in the sea of gazillion comments, but I felt especially moved about your post on "I Suckiness" syndrome. It made me laugh out loud that you put a name to that feeling of self-doubt and insecurity, but your words of understanding and encouragement were truly empowering and for that, I thank you. Your work is absolutely AMAZING and I wish you continued success =)  06.14.10 - 9:53pm
Min - Hi Jasmine...first of all I love your blog very very much, 2nd...cried while reading this especially #3! You are my greatest inspiration!  06.14.10 - 9:44pm
allan z. - LOVE THIS!!!!!  06.14.10 - 9:44pm
Kylie Bone - Thank you Jasmine. You are honest, beautiful and a true inspiration to anyone in the industry. I'm new to photography so reading your fears was like finally admiting mine, especially the "Oh I don't have that camera, or I didn't book 3 newborns this week facebook updates" This made me question my dreams so much that I rarely put my website address up for fear I might get some form of response from those who are just good at saying and not so good at doing (wow that's a big thing for me to say - I feel like I just lifted a massive weight off me) So thank you, thank you for being amazing at what you do, for being so open and friendly, for sharing your skills and talent and for being an inspiration in not just your photography but also in the way you live your life. Thankyou  06.14.10 - 9:29pm
Ashley Rath - I must say I've only recently discovered your blog, but I find it to be very inspirational to me as I start my event planning business. Thanks for sharing your soul on the web! It's appreciated!  06.14.10 - 8:48pm
Amber - Posts like these are incredibly helpful! Thank you for letting us in.  06.14.10 - 8:36pm
Karen Taggart - I'm choking up. Thanks for the great message! I suffer from "I suckiness" all the time! :) I've wanted to start a photo biz for about 10 years but always had a reason why I couldn't. But now I'm pushing forward and at least trying. Otherwise I'll always wonder "what if" when instead I'll hopefully wonder "why did I wait so long"!  06.14.10 - 8:31pm
Heather White - Aloha Jasmine! You so totally ROCK and I love your incredible style and sense of humor! 1. My dumb question is...what does Jasmine use to put her photographs on this blog page with her watermark/name at the bottom? Is it a certain program? Thankyouverymuch! 2. Not until I launched my site last fall did I feel like I could call myself a photographer! Totally agree! 3. I live in Kauai in a bit of a bubble so I try not to let #3 affect me. I am just plain old, quirky Heather White! 4. Just bought my 2nd 550ex where my husband said, "But you already have one?" I am very happy with my very professional equipment! 5. I just shot my first wedding two weeks ago! Who-hoo! Thank you so much Jasmine for sharing!  06.14.10 - 8:25pm
Karina Bravo - Can I get a hallelujah! Thanks for being so real and selfless. Thats why you are my "mentor"!   06.14.10 - 8:25pm
laetitia - 173 comments in one day... I am very impressed by the number of people who might read your blog (I am one of them of course) and leave a message! Is there is other french readers? (hahaha) The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915) Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. Franklin P. Jones A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950) Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)  06.14.10 - 8:18pm
Kate Whitmore - This may be more inspiring than you will ever know. Thanks.  06.14.10 - 8:10pm
Simply Natural Photography - Wow thanks bunches for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  06.14.10 - 8:09pm
Jami - Ummmm, I pretty much love you. The End. :)  06.14.10 - 7:45pm
Joy Barker - Great post! I particularly like #3 cause I am pretty sure I am living it now. I constantly get anxiety over comparing my work and business to other photographers. I hesitate and wonder how bad I really want to do photography. Maybe I don't really want to do it, or maybe it is just the fear of failure that makes me not fully dive in. I love hearing about your journey though. Your always inspirational and I love the positive influence you are in the industry :)  06.14.10 - 7:44pm
Jami - Ummmm, I pretty much just love you. The End. :)  06.14.10 - 7:42pm
Kristin - Thank you for giving me hope.   06.14.10 - 7:15pm
Therese Dozier - *Tear* this speaks to my soul, thanks for sharing Jasmine.  06.14.10 - 7:14pm
Vanessa - The truth in this post got me all teary eyed. So brilliant and to the point. Having your own website is a HUGE one! I have an Etsy site at the moment but we are currently working on our own .com right now. I know it will help take our business to the next level. Being a part of Etsy has been a big blessing. Etsy is where I started selling my design work. It’s not often you can start a business with on 20 cents. My design abilities have grown so much in the past few years with education and lots experience. I can relate so much to #5. It may be polite to smile and nod, but it’s not beneficial for growth. Thanks so much for this honest look into your beginnings. I just love your blog! ~Vanessa :)   06.14.10 - 7:14pm
Tamara - You never cease to amaze me. Your advice is what always keeps me going when I'm feeling down about my business.   06.14.10 - 7:12pm
Tisha - I am just beginning my dream of photography. Wondering aimlessly. Thank you for your words of advise, it is amazing how many facets of life we can all apply what you've said. Just one quick question, why is your hand bag in the pics different?  06.14.10 - 6:16pm
Josephine - .....oh crap, i'm cryin' again.... being soooo new I am printing this blog out and posting infront of the mirror to keep me reminded, how's that? I THANK YOU forever and again, Jasmine! xxx  06.14.10 - 5:45pm
Christina - This was what I needed...Thank you Loveyaalot's  06.14.10 - 5:27pm
charlie - oh Jasmine you've hit a raw nerve here..this is ssssoooooo me at the moment..especially number 3..thankyou for putting things into perspective ((hugs))  06.14.10 - 5:11pm
mariel - your blog is one of my favorites because you are so generous with your experiences. it's so refreshing to find someone that is so inspiring, talented and down to earth. thanks for doing what you do. -Mariel  06.14.10 - 5:08pm
Connie - Thank you so much for always giving yourself to others and exposing the insecurities that I think we have all had or have. Learning from others is huge and I appreciate your guidance. I am definitely taking more risks than I ever had in my life and I am finding out I can do this!  06.14.10 - 4:49pm
Melissa Papaj Photography - Jasmine - Thank you for always putting that little piece of you out there! I love it!  06.14.10 - 4:41pm
Naomi Figueroa - Ah, Jasmine! You've done it again. THANK YOU for baring all and pouring into others to inspire. This post will be marked as a favorite, and I'm going to read it a few more times to get it through my head. Wonderful, inspiring, hopeful. Thank you.  06.14.10 - 4:41pm
s h e r r y - Thanks so much, Jas! This is why everyone <3's you. You're so honest and awesome!  06.14.10 - 4:34pm
Eileen - And I just bought the 430..LOL.. I will eventually get the upgrade! Great advice!!!!   06.14.10 - 4:24pm
Linda Sherrill - Great blog today! Good reminders of what to avoid...thanks for all you do to keep us on the straight and narrow!  06.14.10 - 4:10pm
Kare - I needed this. Thank you.  06.14.10 - 4:08pm
Kay* - As someone who is very slowly starting a small business & constantly doubting myself - thank you for sharing this-particularly #1 but all of them really. And, can I add, this is just as useful for people starting non-photography related businesses - like me.  06.14.10 - 4:00pm
Kristin - There is literally a tear running down my cheek. Thank you so much for the inspiration. As a new photographer it is always nice to hear that you can make your dream happen. Thanks for being an inspiration.   06.14.10 - 3:59pm
Pol - Thank you! I am just starting out, nervous like crazy and doing my first wedding soon. Some days it feels like I am just learning too slow!  06.14.10 - 3:58pm
Lydia - I get stuck on #3 way too often! One thing I try not to do is to look at other photography sites for a few days after a wedding. It's encouraging to know I'm not the only one who deals with this!  06.14.10 - 3:49pm
LEOLAK - Wow...this could not have come at a better time! Thank you so much for "shaking" me and reminding me I just need to jump in and go for it!!! Mistakes only makes us stronger and better - when we learn the lesson! You ROCK!!!  06.14.10 - 3:15pm
Alex Palma - Thanks so much for being so honest with us Jasmine, I always look forward to reading your comments...they definitely inspire and keep me going forward.  06.14.10 - 3:10pm
Kalli - THANK YOU. I have been photographing for almost two years, but feel like I am just starting out trying to really make something of myself. With soo many photographers out there, it is easy to think that I can't do it. I even have people around me who remind me often to be more realistic. That sometimes my goals get too big when I am constantly reading other photographer's blogs. But I can do it. I will do it. And reading other photographers blogs helps me find the motivation!   06.14.10 - 3:06pm
The Bing - It's like you read my mind. (again)  06.14.10 - 3:04pm
Amy - i love your honesty :-) just what I needed to hear. You rock!   06.14.10 - 2:54pm
Mikaela - Gotta add my sincere thank you here, too, for this very much needed thank you!  06.14.10 - 2:42pm
Jess Hodge - Thank you. Just... Thank you.  06.14.10 - 2:42pm
Jessica - Thank you for sharing and always being so open and honest with us Jasmine ... can't tell you how many times a week I am inspired by you (at least not without sounding stalker-ish!).  06.14.10 - 2:38pm
Glen Mitchell - Thank you for sharing and the honesty! For someone just starting out like me, posts like this are GOLD! (also Stuart Cooper I aspire to have a business like yours, so I guess its a chain )  06.14.10 - 2:38pm
Dana F. - Fantastic post Jasmine. I wholly respect your wanting and willingness to share so much of your self, your successes and your mistakes. Your openness is a huge breath of fresh air. And that's just what you are J. Star... fresh! So screw the naysayers and keep doing your thang, your way! No one rocks it like you do. <3  06.14.10 - 2:37pm
Rina - Candid and honest... I can soooo nod at many of the points... U go girl :o  06.14.10 - 2:34pm
Kelly Lane Lusk - hahahahaha you said..."like a boss" LOVE IT!  06.14.10 - 2:33pm
Jackie - i can definitely relate to number 1! taking risks is hard but so necessary  06.14.10 - 2:32pm
Derrick - Thanks for sharing Jasmine! Great tips! =]  06.14.10 - 2:32pm
gill maheu - every word true - a wake up call - thank you !  06.14.10 - 2:29pm
Yanina - Thank you for this inspirational post Jasmine! It comes at a perfect time and from time to time I can totally relate to as you put it, the feeling of "I Suckiness". Your willingness to be honest and share your experiences is always so helpful!  06.14.10 - 2:28pm
cara - Gah, I love your openness + honesty! This is one of just a handful of posts that I've starred + filed under "inspiration," it's just fantastic -- I'm not in the photography field, but I agree so much with the underlying lessons, which can apply in any field -- Thank you so much for sharing! (will probably link/quote you later, if you don't mind!)  06.14.10 - 2:27pm
Brenda Givens - I really appreciate the honesty of this post, it's refreshing and encourages me to learn from my rookie mistakes rather than flog myself for them. Thanks Jasmine!  06.14.10 - 2:25pm
anjuli paschall - YES! i loved this. i am still suffering from my 430 flash and wishing i spent just a little more for the 550. sad. i should buy it today ;).. i might just do that!  06.14.10 - 2:25pm
Stuart Cooper - Such a great post! Coming from someone who's business I aspire to be like, it's a real comfort to know that you've made the same misatkes as the rest of us (I mean that humbly) and I love the comment about the air kissers - genius!  06.14.10 - 2:22pm
kendra - Jasmine thank you so much for posting this!!   06.14.10 - 2:22pm
Damaris Mia - Just another reason why you rock. Thank for this. <3  06.14.10 - 2:21pm
kelsy mccartney - oh jasmine, your blog posts always inspire me!! they motivate my husband too, i'm pretty sure he just pointed out the last line of biggest mistake you've made #2 with a huge cheesy smile on his face... you know, the part where you wrote "and JD is always right." :) thanks for sharing with us, always!  06.14.10 - 2:21pm
Meredith - This came at just the right time! There is a period after your last wedding when you tell yourself what a great job you did, how much you've improved and the client tells you how thrilled they are with the images you've presented them ... and then after a few weeks when all the weddings have finished for the season and you forget to pick up your camera for a while the quiet nagging starts - you see someone elses work and you think why can't I be as good as them, why is my work so lack-lustre and then you remember who you are and why you are you, and that is what makes your photography special. Thank you Jasmine for reminding me! And sharing your mistakes so we can all learn :-)  06.14.10 - 2:20pm
Cai Graham - This is JUST what I needed to hear - and the timing was to perfection. Thank you !  06.14.10 - 2:16pm
Christy Pepper Dawson - Wow, thanks for your honestly. You are so rad!  06.14.10 - 2:12pm
Ashley - Troof!!! Yeah that's totally spelled wrong cuz I can't write in gangsta (: #3 is my favorite. And it really hit home for me. Thanks for being so honest Jasmine!   06.14.10 - 2:11pm
Sissel Byington - Gosh gosh gosh. I just love your messages and how timely they are for me. Sometimes its as if you are reading my's kind of amazing. It knocks me over. I wish I could give you a big hug  06.14.10 - 2:10pm
Kelsey Anderson - Thank you for this! Great words to remember!  06.14.10 - 2:04pm
Nikita Gross - Thank You!! That was just what I needed today!  06.14.10 - 2:01pm
Rita Quinn - As always, you touch my heart... (and make my eyes tear up). Your words could not have come at a better time for me and my current growing pains. Thank you for the very important reminders that the "I suckyness" shouldn't rule my path. <3 you!   06.14.10 - 1:59pm
Catie Ronquillo - Amen sista! Thank you for always keeping it real and sharing yourself openly and without hesitation :) Your statements resound with me and it helps to know that you go through these feelings too. Hugs!  06.14.10 - 1:58pm
ray - this post made my day...staying true to yourself and following your dream is unparalleled  06.14.10 - 1:50pm
Amanda - It just amazes me every time I read your honestly - so out there for everyone to see and yet it is what makes me like you all that more. You're not afraid of who you are. Thanks for all the advice! Those of us who are still struggling to be as confident in our work - in who we are as photographers - really appreciate it.  06.14.10 - 1:47pm
Rephix Photography - true on all 5 point  06.14.10 - 1:46pm
kelly marie - You are amazing, thank you!  06.14.10 - 1:45pm
Kirsten - As soon as I saw your Tweet on this post, I jumped right over because this couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I recently have been defining my own self-worth by what I accomplish compared to you and other greats, who accomplished it in half the time. I'm still working on it. I also just nagged my web designer on the status of my site. :) Thank you, Jasmine*  06.14.10 - 1:44pm
Jeff Almquist - Your absolutely right Jasmine. I can relate to this 100% and it's sometimes just so frustrating, you want to give up. Then you realize who you are and why you are doing this....and you MOVE ON. I am designing my Showit as we speak and took down my old site. I just have my blog, and it feels weird. But, I love the ability to create and have the control. It's very exciting! Thank you for your insightful blog posts Jasmine and what your doing for this industry. An inspiration! =)  06.14.10 - 1:41pm
Danielle Nielsen - thank you. I wish I had read # 1 months ago. Right before I was so consumed with self-doubt I turned down a wedding. Only to find out later that the MAIN reason the bride was so excited about hiring me was because I HADN'T shot a wedding yet. She wanted me for the very reason I said no. Self-doubt will kill me every time. I'm screaming it now and can only imagine what I'll have wished I could scream in a few years. :)  06.14.10 - 1:40pm
Melissa Murphy - So inspiring!!! I am at that point right now where you were in 2007. I need that push, shove, hip check, whatever you want to call it, but I need it and this helps A LOT!!!!   06.14.10 - 1:39pm
barbara smith - needed to hear this. right now. THANK YOU.  06.14.10 - 1:36pm
Stephanie Stewart - This is exactly what I needed to hear/read this Monday!!! I am and have been guilty on all counts of your top 5 list...and I'm working on changing that! Thank you so much for this very much!   06.14.10 - 1:35pm
Kara Wieler - Thanks for this post! So good to hear even the best make mistakes!   06.14.10 - 1:32pm
Ashley Madsen - Even though I loved reading all of these... #3 is the kicker for me. Man I need to get over this hump.  06.14.10 - 1:31pm
Tira J - Thanks Jasmine!  06.14.10 - 1:28pm
Nicole H. - Jasmine thank you so much for posting this!!! I've struggled with several of the points, and it makes me feel great to know I'm not the only one!   06.14.10 - 1:25pm
mike Larson - Great advice, love to see you being bold about this on your blog.   06.14.10 - 1:25pm
Elsie - Great post! I'm guilty of #3...I need to shake myself like you described in #1! lol Thank you! =)   06.14.10 - 1:24pm
Jeanette Sanchez - Such a helpful post to us all, thanks Jasmine!  06.14.10 - 1:22pm
Mireille - When I look at all the competition out there trying to get favored by a client I sometimes get really down. What should I do? How will they choose me? Then I read your post and you say: take more risks, dream bigger, believe in what you can do, trust your instinct. And then I think, you know what this girl is so right! Thank you Jasmine. Thank you.  06.14.10 - 1:20pm
Kelli Taylor - #3 is hard for me! Esp with FB and blogs, hard not to compare yourself and either get down about how you're not as good or get too confident and cocky about how you're better! Gotta keep myself in check! :)  06.14.10 - 1:19pm
Sarah Maizland - Thank you SO much for posting this. I teared up reading it becuase I feel like I am that "Jasmine of 2007". So encouraging and helpful. So thank you!   06.14.10 - 1:19pm
Ashley Daniell - Awesome post. Thank you so much for always being so open and honest! I learn so much from you!  06.14.10 - 1:19pm
Bernadette - Great list. I have a lot to learn in this industry as well. I hope to work and learn from you. Thanks for posting.  06.14.10 - 1:19pm
Ana Telma - OMG, you always make me cry... Your posts are always so inspiring... We always hava a LOT to learn from you. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I believe I CAN too, but I always bump into all of these things you said. Other people letting us know how good they are (and we are not), wrong purchases, fear of letting others know i'm just a begginner... It's like reading myself posting from the future... lol (I HOPE SO!!) Love you and your job today and ALWAYS!! OH! And the comments... we learn a lot from them too!!   06.14.10 - 1:17pm
terri z - #5 they always say no question is silly- then how come it is so hard to ask them ...... ;)   06.14.10 - 1:17pm
Sharon Beadnell - I didn't realize you have taken a seat inside my brain and have been taking notes. This weekend, I decided that I should put my cameras down and start scrapbooking for only my daughter to see. I was profoundly unhappy with my work. I know that I am sooooo very far away from being a professional and I'm ok with that. I don't mind working and learning, but I get so intimidated after talking with professionals in the industry. Thanks for pulling my covers. I think I'll get the camera back out tonight and see what else I can learn.  06.14.10 - 1:14pm
dawn beirnes - God Bless you for this post! I am having such a hard time with being confident to make mistakes so I can learn (and be ok with it), feeling not good enough, and feeling like my dream of photography will never happen...and then this post! Wow. Did I just feel a kick in my butt???? I think I just did!!!   06.14.10 - 1:12pm
Melissa - Thank you for this Jasmine - it's nice to be reminded that we will make mistakes in our businesses, but we need to keep on keeping on!  06.14.10 - 1:11pm
Melissa Blue - ...sigh...awesome.  06.14.10 - 1:09pm
Vanessa Del Pino - Thank you for your tips, they always help ;)  06.14.10 - 1:06pm
Suzzanne Dockendorf - Thank you for sharing this.   06.14.10 - 1:06pm
Brandy Frank - Jasmine, thanks so much for this post. You remind me every day that I'm not alone in feeling the way I do sometimes. You are an amazing blessing to this industry. xoxo Brandy  06.14.10 - 1:04pm
Tom Li - Great post! Very helpful for us beginners!  06.14.10 - 1:04pm
Kim - Ok, I have never commented on a blog. Ever. Because I never feel like I have anything cool to say, but that post, at this point in my life and career was so neccessary! Thank you SO MUCH for the uplift!  06.14.10 - 1:02pm
Angel Canary - Okay, you know I'm not an emotional teary eyed girl but dang it this made me tear up. I was talking to Steven about this yesterday about how much I've learned and grew, and how much I hit the ground face first, and have had to get back up. Thank you for letting, me, and everyone know we aren't alone ;) oxoox  06.14.10 - 12:59pm
Bernadette U - Have I mentioned that I dig you? Because I do. :) Truly, thank you. I am ever-so-guilty of #3 and 1, and definitely hope to turn some of that around. The "I Suckiness" seriously cracked me up! GUILTY!  06.14.10 - 12:54pm
Angie - Amen! I just took myself by the shoulders and gave myself a good shake. You are 100% awesome, thank you for keeping it real.  06.14.10 - 12:51pm
Meg White - love it. thank you.  06.14.10 - 12:49pm
Christa - What a great post...I've already been telling myself some of these things to force myself to move forward! Thanks for the reminder :)  06.14.10 - 12:44pm
Elisabeth Carol - This blog post is why you are just so awesome Jasmine!   06.14.10 - 12:44pm
vinita - Thank you for this post!  06.14.10 - 12:44pm
Suzaidee - Thanks Jasmine for sharing this with us....Simple, yet very informative :)  06.14.10 - 12:43pm
Stacy Cross - Great thoughts, Jasmine. Although I think my list would be a mile long. :)  06.14.10 - 12:42pm
Joy - You are an amazing spirit! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I will sprint toward what I want and won't ever look back -- EVER!   06.14.10 - 12:42pm
whitney elizabeth - LOVE this post Jasmine! :)  06.14.10 - 12:41pm
Jen - Thanks. I needed that....and I'll probably keep coming back to remind myself. :)  06.14.10 - 12:41pm
Danielle Vennard - Thank you for being so honest with your fans and yourself. It is refreshing to hear about the mistakes and appreciated by all when others are able to learn from them. "plain old Jasmine Star" -pfft!, hardly. You are a role model for all the hard working women in this industry! Thank you always for your time.  06.14.10 - 12:40pm
Matthew R Photo - Yep, I've made all of these mistakes. Still making a couple of them actually : )... It's inspiring to know that even the top photographers have had the same problems.   06.14.10 - 12:39pm
Patrice - Thanks Jasmine. This really helped me. Almost everything you have here I either thought or did or am doing. Thank you so much.   06.14.10 - 12:37pm
Mindy Melendez - THANK YOU for this.. I am going through exactly what you listed and it is so refreshing to see that I am not the only one who has been there! =)  06.14.10 - 12:36pm
K - Thank you ever so much.  06.14.10 - 12:36pm
oksana j - check, check , and check...i am that girl right now.  06.14.10 - 12:33pm
Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride - this is fabulous advice!! it's sad when you are the only thing holding yourself back from greatness. What are we so scared of?!?  06.14.10 - 12:33pm
Rebecca lozer - Thank you so much for all your insight and honesty! I thoroughly enjoy and learn from your blog all the time! This particular one could not have come at a better time and I thank you for it! Your a constant inspiration!  06.14.10 - 12:30pm
Judie - Thank you so much for this Jasmine!!   06.14.10 - 12:30pm
Laurie Bracewell - Thank you for the reminders, Jasmine. You are always an inspiration!  06.14.10 - 12:29pm
Margot - Fabulous, not to mention extremely relevant post. I think self awareness and acknowledging your negative actions alongside your positive ones only makes you a better and more knowledgeable vendor. Thank you for sharing!  06.14.10 - 12:29pm
Steff - Ha! I was taking today off! Off of everything I had a few minutes so I thought I just bounce over here. It is getting really overwhelming. I have an oppurtunity to attend a workshop that is so far out of my league and I really feel like saying, I am not ready. That is just me not taking a risk and letting fear take over.  06.14.10 - 12:28pm
courtney - thanks so much for sharing this! i so needed this at this point and time in my life. =)  06.14.10 - 12:27pm
Emily Troutman - this is why you're my favorite :) I needed to hear all of that today!  06.14.10 - 12:26pm
Valerie - Thank you Jasmine! I went through that same funk and look back and think the same things. Cheers to us for growing in our businesses!  06.14.10 - 12:25pm
Eva Lempert - This post was inspiring, thank you for your honesty! I'm a loyal blog reader and have never posted a comment, but this post was just awesome, I had to. :)   06.14.10 - 12:25pm
Paula - Tears. That's just about all I can say. Everyone one of these could be said directly to me. Thank you.  06.14.10 - 12:25pm
AndreaK - This is such a great post! Thank you so much for sharing, I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you, thank you!!  06.14.10 - 12:25pm
Leeann Marie - I love the tip on tuning out the people who bring you down. So important.  06.14.10 - 12:24pm
Mitchi - I have always admired your work! Reading this blog, made me realize thatI was not alone with the 5 Business Mistakes! Today I live each day, to tune out the naysayers and to believe in myself, to always continue learning, and to take risks. I am dreaming bigger and hoping for more! It's a lot of work, and I am making it work because I want to be a successful Mitchi! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration.  06.14.10 - 12:23pm
Sabrina - Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been trying to be better about asking questions and luckily the photographers I've second shot for have been great at asking me if I had any questions! I'm also about to purchase a second camera, to become my primary. Yikes. It's a little scary. And ShowIt is the bomb. Love them. I was so pumped when I got a website... especially when I now hear people call and say, "I saw your work on your website and love it!"  06.14.10 - 12:23pm
Alexandra - You're wonderful, Jasmine. Thanks for this.   06.14.10 - 12:21pm
Pam - Thank you Jasmine! These posts always help when I am feeling down in the dumps and want to quit. Don't Quit! Even the successful photographers have been in the dumps before.   06.14.10 - 12:21pm
Lauren Wakefield - Awesome post! As a photographer in the baby stages of starting her own business...advice like this is golden. I hope I can come hear you speak one of these days. Come to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!  06.14.10 - 12:20pm
Samantha - J~ it always amazes me how open you are to sharing yourself and your experiences. Thank you again. I can especially relate to #3 and #1. I really wish I had a noise reduction filter in my brain sometimes. I am drowning in the 'constant state of Suckiness' anytime I hear , look, and read what industry leaders are up to. Uh..and btw you do seem to party with the cool kids! ie. Jnnie Finch :)   06.14.10 - 12:20pm
Alison Z. - Thank you Jasmine! These are really very encouraging to read. Thank you for being honest and for sharing :)  06.14.10 - 12:20pm
Rachel Nickel - Freakin fantastic. Number 3,2,1 all resonate so much with me right now.... well, they all did. I think sometimes photographers, no matter what their skill level like to act all high and mighty because they think that having a job taking pictures is really awesome and therefore they are allowed to have huge ego's. I feel the opposite. I do what I do because I love people, and I love art. I feel less intimidated by hearing that you haven't always been the Jasmine Star who people swoon over and who is teaching workshops in Australia, and making it to the top ten list... It makes me realize you are just another girl chasing her dream, even though you've been insecure at times.  06.14.10 - 12:20pm
Matthew Saville - GOLD! Asking what people did *WRONG* has got to be one of the best ways to get someone to talk about the ONE thing that made the difference between failure and success. For some reason, when you ask people "what is the biggest tip you have" or "what is the most important thing if I'm starting out as a photographer", just sound like you're fishing for the easy success path. But when you turn it around and ask people what their biggest failure was, or if they could have done one thing sooner what would it have been, THAT is when you sound sophisticated, and therefore you'll get a much more intelligent response. :-) =Matt=  06.14.10 - 12:19pm
Michelle M - Love this!!!! Thanks for sharing:)  06.14.10 - 12:19pm
Trent - This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. Thanks Jasmine!  06.14.10 - 12:18pm
Regina - This is just what I needed to hear! You are awesome and such a great inspiration!!! Happy Monday :)   06.14.10 - 12:17pm
Chantz Hough - Jasmine this is why you are so amazing. You're photos are amazing but what really makes you over the top is you heart to help newbies like me. Thank you so much and again one day we will be teaching together a conferences. ;)  06.14.10 - 12:17pm
Tasha Prescott - Oddly, my friend and I were just discussing this last night. #3 is my biggest pitfall right now, but he reassured me I was not alone as well as this post. Thanks!   06.14.10 - 12:17pm
Steffie van den Akker - Thank you so much for this article! I am just getting started in the photography business, and the most important thing I need to learn is to have faith in what I can do. You make me feel I am not the only one, that everyone makes mistakes and that it is good sometimes. You are a great inspiration to me!  06.14.10 - 12:17pm
Lisa - Thank you for this. I just started out and although I don't consider myself a professional, I consider myself a photographer. Before every shoot I get knots in my stomach and am afraid my clients are soon going to find out that I have no clue what I'm doing. But then I get home with the images and am happy. I shouldn't second guess myself. It's a bad thing to do but now that I know you went through it too, I feel better. I'm going to try and stop doing that from now on so it doesn't stop me from being the best ME I can be! Thanks J*!  06.14.10 - 12:16pm
donna good - thanks so much for sharing yourself...  06.14.10 - 12:16pm
Kelli Boling - Jasmine - I just shot my 2nd wedding this weekend and I'm still on an emotional high. You have no idea how much I needed to hear/read this today! Thank you!!  06.14.10 - 12:16pm
Julie Mitchell - Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement Jasmine!  06.14.10 - 12:15pm
Mary Ashford - Hola Jasmine, Hope you are well. We're dreaming big, hoping for more, whilst taking on life's learnings along the way - we're off & out of the blocks, running hard for what may become a marathon, going for what we hope & oh so want to achieve - we won't look back & thank you for passing on your lessons, which always help & inspire us here in the UK. Hugs, Mary x  06.14.10 - 12:15pm
Sarah - thank you for this reminder! I am just starting out and some days feel so discouraged, but I love to take pictures and create beautiful images so I'm going to keep doing that! (Still working on my website! LOL)  06.14.10 - 12:15pm
George Lagonikas - If we get to where we can look back and say -or even write...- i did this right and this was wrong and this also wrong, we're doing ok. :)   06.14.10 - 12:15pm
MelissaFoscardo - I adore this post!! Thank you so much for sharing your mistakes. Truly, I know I learn quicker from what doesn't work than from what does work esp. from someone else who has been there, done that.  06.14.10 - 12:14pm
lacy - I see motivational speaker in your future...  06.14.10 - 12:14pm
Spring - Thank you for sharing... I'm totally the same way. I feel like I learn so much more from mistakes rather then trying to follow other peoples success routes. :)  06.14.10 - 12:14pm
Michael Newman - Great post as always! Thanks for sharing this great info! And I love the fact that you said, "had I just had the cajones" AWESOME!   06.14.10 - 12:13pm
Jacqueline Midkiff - You are so right about it all and thank you for sharing! Jacqueline XO  06.14.10 - 12:13pm
Keri Doolittle Photography - LOVE this post, thanks for sharing!!  06.14.10 - 12:12pm
mika - super encouraging...thanks jasmine!  06.14.10 - 12:12pm
Janette Smith - Love it, thanks for the advice!!!  06.14.10 - 12:12pm
bethany schiedel - thanks for the reminder Jasmine. so good for a monday morning :)   06.14.10 - 12:12pm
Juan Alonso - Jasmine, that is me in a nutshell, but I keep trudging along becasue I'm stubborn.  06.14.10 - 12:12pm
Adam Baruh - Thanks for sharing!  06.14.10 - 12:12pm
Kimberly - This is exactly what I needed to read after having a small breakdown over the weekend about starting my own business. Thanks for another great post.  06.14.10 - 12:11pm
Riz Crescini - I really like what you had to say about list #3: keep moving forward and don't sit still. Thanks for this reminder, Jasmine. I needed to hear that today.  06.14.10 - 12:11pm
Jolyn @ Nuance Occasions - Thank you for sharing Jasmine, I think it's important for all of us to examine our mistakes and grow from them, and keep moving forward. Thank you!  06.14.10 - 12:11pm
kristen holly - Love it! Rock on, girl! :)  06.14.10 - 12:11pm
Julie Hartman Photography - Thank you, thank you!!  06.14.10 - 12:09pm
Chelsea Patricia - It takes alot of both confidence and humility to not only admit mistakes, but all learn from them and help others learn. I appreciate that, Jas. I think that it is important to note that, even if you (anyone out there) have already made some of these mistakes, you are not lost. You can still pick it up an move forward and count it as a learning experience, challenging yourself to persevere harded and approach things differently.  06.14.10 - 12:09pm
Jenny Sun - what a fabulously honest post :) It's reasons like this that make us love you, and are inspired by you :) xox  06.14.10 - 12:09pm
Miranda Marrs - Fantastic post. Very inspiring... and I love lists!!  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
lauren Mitchell - THANK YOU ! I needed this. I am constantly getting caught up in own i suckness and I hate it. I compare equipment, number of weddings i book a year etc. And i always fall short. i am just starting out and i need to stop comparing and just worry about myself. This post gets a great big WORD !!!! ps saw you at wppi and you rocked it .  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Lauren Bauer - #3 is perfection. Feeling that way right now. Please add "I've maxed out at 60 twitter friends, so I must not be cool" ;) Thanks LOL  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
picture the love - thanks for being honest and open Jasmine! some great thoughts here :)  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Kate - WOW! I think I'm the first to comment. You rock! Thank you so much for this wonderful insight! I will see you at Skip's Summer School chica!  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Cherisse - Well said Jasmine! I am really struggling today with 2nd guessing myself, so this was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you :)  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Akil Bennett - this is a great post jasmine and I'm sure a lot of people needed to hear this. hope you're doing great homie!  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Heidi Walter - Thank you for ALL your posts regarding the business side of being a photographer...they have been SO SO helpful!  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Stefanie Ponting - Thank you so much for this!! I am just starting out and NEEDED this, it couldn't have come at a better time! thank you!!  06.14.10 - 12:08pm
Jacilyn G - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I was/am the photographer that did/does all of these things. Just finished Fast Track Photographer and realized where I was/am holding myself back and this helps even more! But I will say that as soon as I started letting go of these "wrong" things my work is 10x better!  06.14.10 - 12:07pm
Joe Anna - Thank you. Your honesty is everything I needed to read this morning :) I'm trying to so hard to listen to my instincts, make smart purchases and move forward. This was so nice to read. Thanks for sharing.  06.14.10 - 12:06pm
Lisa Tilley-Newman - Thanks for always sharing. I admire you as a photographer and especially as a business person!   06.14.10 - 12:06pm
Kristen Swanson - Thanks for the insight. Last three are me and it's a constant battle!   06.14.10 - 12:05pm
Anna-Rina - This post was really timely Jasmine. It comes at a time when there's so much 'exterior noises' and I just started questioning my own capabilities as a wedding photographer or in your words, a case of "I Suckiness". Thanks so much for sharing, its nice to be reminded that at the end of the day, we are doing something we're head over heels in love with :)   06.14.10 - 12:05pm
Diandra - I love this! I made (and still make) some of those same mistakes. Great help! Thank you!  06.14.10 - 12:05pm
Michelle Guzman - Love reading these. I love it when you tell stories of when you were first starting out. So inspiring.  06.14.10 - 12:04pm