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Blue Vintage Glass

simply said it in passing. But something like that weighs more when the words are left lingering in the air. I told JD it didn't feel like home. Like home home. I love our place, but I haven't done a thing to make it our own. I blame work, my schedule, my commitment issues (choosing paint has been like choosing puppies), but the fact of the matter is simply I haven't done it. My walls were white, and my windows were naked.

When I came home from the Cayman Islands last week, I walked into a new living room. Pewter walls, white wood shutters, and weathered furniture. JD just didn't hear what I was saying, he listened. What's more, he remembered my fondness of blue glass. JD visited a vintage store in Orange and handpicked a few details...and made my heart melt. We still have a long way to go, but home has never felt so good.

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dalton - Mason jars rock!  10.04.15 - 12:26pm
Tracy - What a sweet thing to do, I love it!  09.06.10 - 11:03am
Brandy Frank - LOVE vintage blue glass. I totally hear you on "feeling like home" we've been neglecting our place forever, mostly because we've been so busy with work. We finally painted our walls and I'm planning an IKEA trip next week for some shelves and such. We love to pick up vintage cameras at antique stores. Now I want one of these blue ball jars. WOW. I'm in love.   07.12.10 - 12:24pm
rosealley - OMG!that is the sweetest thing ever:)  07.09.10 - 2:11am
Jenna D Williams - Oh my goodness - that is super sweet! I LOVE the blue ball jar - I've not seen one before but it takes me back to the days of canning and making jam with my Grandmother when I was a child!  06.25.10 - 7:59pm
Amanda Waltman - that is the sweetest thing ever! does jd want to make a trip to seattle and do my living room? :)  06.22.10 - 11:41pm
Jenny - I LOVE these!! I'm actually using these in my decorations for my wedding with lace tied around them and with candles in some and flowers in others. :)   06.21.10 - 12:15pm
feuza - how sweet! love it when men pay attention to little details and most importantly remember them :-)  06.20.10 - 6:19pm
Dana Fiorito - So, are we going to get to see pics of the pewter walls???? Way to go JD, another husband somewhere has to live up to your standard....hahaha!  06.20.10 - 3:00pm
Apple - this is love!:)  06.19.10 - 9:45am
life with kaishon - He is the best. Love, a girl with white walls herself! When we moved into our house they told us not to paint for 1 year because of nail pops. My husband thought they said 10. I am not even kidding. He wants to wait 10 years to paint... shoot me now!   06.18.10 - 10:59am
Kortnee Kate - Cute antique glass pieces used to catch abient light in the darker areas of a room add subtle and natural brightness to our home. Sure wish I had that blue mason jar!   06.17.10 - 9:33pm
brittani - darling, you are a very lucky woman. keep him close, and love him more!! <3  06.17.10 - 7:00pm
Michael - Beautifull pics, as always!  06.17.10 - 4:22pm
Paulina - That's awesome!!  06.17.10 - 4:00pm
valerie - that's awesome!  06.17.10 - 12:46pm
Shannon PD - Does JD have any brothers!! IF not, he should travel giving "how to make women happy" seminars while you do the photography seminars!!  06.17.10 - 7:20am
Alexandra - Those are so beautiful :) And JD sounds like the perfect husband!   06.17.10 - 6:51am
Truc - What a wonderful surprise! JD did an awesome job listening.  06.17.10 - 5:48am
Patrick Farrington - I saw in the comments that someone asked if JD had a brother, I'm wondering if he has a sister ;-) When you get more of the house finished I hope you share some photos with us. I love blue glass too but I prefer mine a little more cobalt.  06.16.10 - 9:14pm
Dee - Your JD is awesome! Wow. Love all the vintage glass! :)  06.16.10 - 7:52pm
s h e r r y - Omy, that's amazing <3 JD is so sweet!   06.16.10 - 5:33pm
Fizzah - LOL @ Kalli! I heard the same thought in my mind haha!  06.16.10 - 4:12pm
Kristie - wow, that's SO exciting! Totally reminds me of an episode of "Sooty" {the little dog puppets who share a bedroom... not even sure if you guys got it in America} where Sooty goes away and his little puppy room has been renovated by his buddies to sheer awesomeness. And im totally lovin the glass. :)  06.16.10 - 3:50pm
Drea - Since you love vintage bottles you may like this etsy shop I recently shopped at. I purchased a blue recycled spoon rest this lady made.. its so pretty!! She has the cutest stuff. Oh and really nice natural bug spray! :-) BTW I just read on the maternal lens you are a pastors kid ;-) was encouraged to see you tithe 2! My husbands a Pastor as well, so we're currently raising 3 PKS.  06.16.10 - 1:42pm
victoria - so sweet.  06.16.10 - 12:14pm
amanda thiessen - love it!  06.16.10 - 11:31am
heidi at indy photography - one picture? ONE PICTURE?! come on, jas...that's just not fair. when do we get to see THE WHOLE THING????? p.s. a very sweet hubby you have! you are so blessed!  06.16.10 - 11:19am
ernst - My wife ain't gonna read this blog!   06.16.10 - 11:14am
Kisa - Maybe JD could start "how to be the best husband ever" workshops??  06.16.10 - 11:14am
Katelyn James - ohhhhhhh girl!! You can take some of our blue vintage class home from 101010 .... there will be plenty to spare:)   06.16.10 - 10:26am
LEOLAK - AWWWW...Can we clone JD? PLEASE!!!?!? =)   06.16.10 - 8:16am
Tina - this makes me melt. incredible.  06.16.10 - 7:52am
Nicole Benitez - So sweet!! I love it.   06.16.10 - 12:19am
Lindsay - does he have a brother? ;)  06.15.10 - 10:51pm
Romonia - That is awesome! He is such a great husband! :) I wish you two the absolute best.  06.15.10 - 9:46pm
Lydia - That is the sweetest thing ever! JD and blue glass rock!  06.15.10 - 9:35pm
Melissa Papaj Photography - How sweet is that?! I would have to agree with Brittney. JD IS amazing...simply amazing!  06.15.10 - 8:28pm
Andrea Dozier - Haha... you sound like me! I loved the "choosing paint is like choosing puppies" line... so true! Sweet move JD :)  06.15.10 - 8:24pm
angel - Holy moly...those are great. But if you ever plan on having littles you might not want to invest to much in the glass. ;-) And JD moved a notch even higher in my book. Lol!  06.15.10 - 8:01pm
kay* - wow. that JD really is one of a kind! on another note, i have that same blue mason jar in clear glass - i'm developing a bad habit of collecting vintage glass...  06.15.10 - 7:56pm
Jennie Baer - That's the most romantic thing I've heard all day. *Sigh* If only my husband would be so inclined to pick up a paint brush and **gasp** go shopping and find me pretty antiques! You have a one of a kind there, don't ever let him go!  06.15.10 - 7:33pm
Megan (Best of Fates) - JD's love for you is beautiful.  06.15.10 - 7:17pm
Ning - Jasmine, you and JD are such a sweet and awesome couple! I would die of joy if my husband were to surprise me with a newly painted room!  06.15.10 - 6:47pm
gabriel.ryan. - i feel like i continually learn the art of being a good husband from jd. i am inspired and will do my best to "listen" just a bit better today :)  06.15.10 - 6:29pm
Cathy Crawley - I could just bottle up that JD! You definitely need to clone that one ;)  06.15.10 - 6:17pm
Rose - A girl (and guy) after my own heart! Sounds dreamy - I love vintage glass and blue bottles!  06.15.10 - 6:08pm
Kate Bentley - I love the HUSBANDS when they listen. JD sounds like a great husband.   06.15.10 - 5:57pm
kelsy mccartney - wow - that's love!! :) what a nice surprise! that jd, he's a keeper!  06.15.10 - 5:51pm
Anwar Torres - I wish I was that nice and thoughtful... maybe I can.   06.15.10 - 5:36pm
harrison - that's wonderful looking, i love vintage glass jars and bottles. one of my favorite artists (barry mcghee) paints on all kinds of glass bottles and it's made me love any kind of vintage glass container. i'm sure the blue glass is looking lovely at your home :)  06.15.10 - 5:35pm
Brittney - JD is amazing :) Simply put.  06.15.10 - 5:17pm
PREMA BUCK - What a guy! He's AWESOME! :-)  06.15.10 - 5:16pm
Diane Phillips - Check out My place to get Aqua Blue Vintage Ball Mason Jars! :) They are so awesome.   06.15.10 - 5:11pm
michelle carrillo - wow. just wow.   06.15.10 - 5:07pm
Micaela @ The Stationery Boutique - How sweet! Looooove the vintage details!!  06.15.10 - 5:05pm
Mel - Oh now I want blue glass! It is gorgeous! And we MUST see a photo at some point of this living room! What an amazingly blessed couple you are! God is so good!   06.15.10 - 4:59pm
Trude - Wow that's awesome! I think this calls for a song, sing it with me now (you know you want to): Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man... :)  06.15.10 - 4:48pm
michelle cunningham - SCORE! i love that JD took initiative and just went to town. where's the picture of the rest of the living room? i wanna see!  06.15.10 - 4:44pm
Cyndi - Okay, so seriously you have the most romantic marriage ever! Love it!  06.15.10 - 4:41pm
Cherisse - Lucky Lady! What a blessing you are to each other :)  06.15.10 - 4:40pm
Kristen Lopes - Wow, you are one lucky lady. When they listen it is the best gift they can ever give. I hope you enjoy your newly decorated home and cherish each and every moment with your amazing husband =)  06.15.10 - 4:39pm
Juli L. - That's so wonderful! I can't believe that he had enough thoughtfulness to do that, how nice! If I was closer I would love to help you pick paint colors and make your space more your own, but JD seems to have it :) I use to be a commercial Interior Designer so that's right up my alley. Enjoy your new digs!  06.15.10 - 4:32pm
Alicia Damron - I love blue glass also, in fact I have that same jar sitting in my kitchen, lid and all!  06.15.10 - 4:30pm
Ingrid - You are blessed. What a great guy.  06.15.10 - 4:22pm
Bianca Fiji Islands - Blue/sea green glass makes me all warm & fuzzy too :) creating a home is a never ending adventure - sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. get things that you will look at everyday & they will still...melt your heart.  06.15.10 - 4:21pm
Kirsten - Love this. I hope he did a good job! My place is still naked after eight months but I have some trust issues leaving it up to my husband.  06.15.10 - 4:17pm
Berean Girl - I love the honesty of this post... You and JD inspire me so much. You picked a keeper. =)  06.15.10 - 4:16pm
Linda Sherrill - I just love it when our guys have original thoughts! Looks great!  06.15.10 - 4:12pm
Tira J - Love it! And I love the sound of your new living room! We have white wood shutters throughout the house and they ROCK!! Worth every single penny!  06.15.10 - 4:08pm
tamsen donker - he really is the perfect hubby huh?! enjoy your "new" home :)  06.15.10 - 4:04pm
Kalli - Um... I think I'm in love with JD.   06.15.10 - 3:48pm
Krissy - you make me smile and this is so me and my hubby and our new house...  06.15.10 - 3:40pm
JenP - To me, I find that a man is successful if he is a good husband and father. JD is successful. What a blessed woman you are!   06.15.10 - 3:40pm
Bhumi - JD is the sweetest everrrr!  06.15.10 - 3:37pm
Hannie - There's nothing like old jars to make a house a home! :-)  06.15.10 - 3:23pm