Silverado Engagement : Bianca + Matt

he sat on our couch in a funk. My sister didn't have to explain what was wrong, as the conversation from dinner lingered in the air. Over dinner I explained my past clients worked for eHarmony, and it sounded like something she should try...because, really, she wasn't going to meet a guy doing what she was doing. Bianca was the type of person who's constantly on a mission to save the world. Literally. She volunteered with youth at church, planned trips to Mexico to distribute toys at orphanages, and organized food drives. All in her spare time. And let's be real, Bianca wasn't going to meet a guy at the local canned food drive.

I gave her my credit card and she--reluctantly--created a profile. Over the next few weeks her calls were filled with, THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS...WHY DO YOU HATE ME...DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! And with an attitude like that, she didn't go on a single date. That is, however, until she was matched with Matt. Now, here's a crazy thing: Matt was busy trying to save the world, too! He was doing all the same things Bianca was doing at his church.

So. Matt invites Bianca to coffee. She accepts. Then Bianca cancels last minute (she cites he might be a crazed murderer posing as a cute church boy). Matt is dumfounded. Then he sends her an email along the lines of: Listen, I don't want to marry's just coffee. Bianca feels foolish. They plan to meet--again--for coffee.

Their coffee date was five hours long. And upon first meeting, they both realized they met the perfect person to help save the world. Together.

I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to find a random boat in someone's front yard! I was too nervous to ask if we could shoot in front of I made Matt go and do it! ;)

Bianca, if you weren't my twin sister, I'd say you looked beautiful. But since we look alike, that would be totally weird. So, instead, I'll say you have GREAT HAIR!

Since we were kids, I could always make my sister laugh. My parents don't get it. They don't think I'm funny, but Bianca thinks I'm kinda hilarious.

The picture on the left is a true, true picture of how Matt treats Bianca...he's always holding her up, so she can be the best version of herself...

Again...I'm funny.


Hey, Matt, I vote this be your new Facebook picture! ;)

Look at the textured still my heart....

Okay, and I'll end with a rawr shot...

To see more of Bianca and Matt's Silverado engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Tris - OMG! That is SOOOOOO CUTE! She looks JUST LIKE YOU! I guess that's the whole twin thing, right? HAHA! Their story is super-dooper cute! Love, Tris - :)   08.09.13 - 2:10pm
Diana Elizabeth - Jasmine, you are TOO funny, " Bianca, if you weren't my twin sister, I'd say you looked beautiful. But since we look alike, that would be totally weird. So, instead, I'll say you have GREAT HAIR!" You are precious. B, of course you look gorgeous! Inside and out!  12.21.10 - 6:15pm
Chris Johnston - "I was too nervous to ask if we could shoot in front of I made Matt go and do it! ;)" I can't believe the world-famous Jasmine Star is afraid to ask someone for permission to take a picture. In all seriousness this actually makes me feel better. I'm so afraid to approach total strangers to ask to take their pics and its why I've focused on wildlife, landscapes, and my own kids. It makes me realize that it is OK and even people are successful still have those fears. Difference is, they find a way to work around them or through them and don't quit.  11.04.10 - 10:14am
Andria of Andria Lewis Events - Beautiful couple! Before I read the story, I looked at the images. I'm thinking, "Who is this guy Jasmine is taking pictures with? Is this a test shoot?" :-}  08.26.10 - 11:45pm
Ashley Peavy - Love the photos  08.20.10 - 12:59pm
Carri Neu - Jasmine, LOVE the story!! That's the exact same way I met my Fiance Matt too! I was reluctant just like Bianca. She's so lucky to have such a supportive sister and awesome photographer!  08.13.10 - 12:47am
Lynda Kennedy - what a sweet story ... loved, loved reading it!  08.04.10 - 4:07pm
Heather Walker - So are all the shots on your site, your self portraits..or photos of your sister!?? That is funny... I bet that is a really strange but neat thing to have someone that looks just like you in the world... Do you two have photos together?  07.18.10 - 8:25pm
Ana - Gosh reading about Bianca's happy ending really gives me hope as someone who reacted the same way whenever someone suggested going through an internet service because I just don't have the time to meet anyone just right and seeing these fantastic photos of a happy pretty lady cements it! :D LOL I love the "great hair!" comment too! Fabulous photos as always and thanks so much for sharing this story for someone who still fears signing up and actually going through those services.  07.14.10 - 1:46am
Casi - I recently joined eHarmony because I feel like I am in the same situation that Bianca was in. Granted I only joined a few weeks ago, but this girl here has 1 Full Time job, 1 Part Time job and a photography business on the side - so I am always so busy that I never have the time to go out and meet people but it's refreshing to know that somewhere out there is someone for me, even if we have to meet online first before in person. Congratulations Bianca and Matt!  07.09.10 - 11:58am
Ashlee - I loved the story behind this post! Gorgeous pictures! Congrats to your sis!  07.06.10 - 1:12pm
Truc - How special that you and your sister are so close. I love her and Matt's story. The photos are simply beautiful!  07.02.10 - 4:56pm
IngaMae - i literally felt like crying out of pure happiness when i perused through this blog of your sister(whom I now follow on twitter thanks to u!)and her fiance that you did. 1st)if they were not manifested straight out of Heaven then I don't know Heaven....i know Heaven and this couple is straight up JESUS in the FLESH but TWO people meant to be together since the beginning of time!!!!! 2nd)i feel the same way about eharmony as your sister so maybe i should try it ha!!! 3rd)the way your sister thinks you are hilarious just made me so happy. I love your love for eachother!!!!!! 4th)pictures worth a trillion words.....great job sis dare i say older sis by a minute? you captured her and her man well!!!  07.02.10 - 1:05am
Denver Wedding Photographer, JasonG - So funny... thought this was you when I first started looking - forgot about your sister. Amazing - she's stunning! Great work!  07.01.10 - 12:57pm
Katie - Stunning. Simply STUNNING! :)  06.30.10 - 11:45am
erika - wow, that was hard to believe it wasn't you in front of the camera!! =)  06.29.10 - 9:21pm
Caitlin at Focus Photography Inc. - love the yellow shoes!! so adorable. amazing photos Jasmine!  06.29.10 - 4:18pm
Dina - Jasmine- In reading all your posts ans such, I don't think I've ever commented, but when I saw Bianca's gorgeous photos that you took, I decided I had to say something. Your family is so much like mine. Seriously! I have a special bond with my sisters, parents, and brother. They are always saying how we need our own reality show! Hehehehe. I appreciate your love of life and of your family. We are so lucky to have been blessed. May God continue to bless you and JD, and your Juarez familia! I look forward to more of your stories and amazing pictures! Take care, Dina  06.29.10 - 3:17pm
cassandra-m - Can I just "ditto" all the wonderful comments left before me? Definitely one of my most favorite of your shoots...ever!  06.29.10 - 2:21am
Ginger Gohier - I haven't heard that story and I had a long Awwwww wwwwwwwww wwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwww ... ok, I'm done.  06.29.10 - 2:18am
Jan - Great work!!!  06.29.10 - 1:01am
Vanessa - I saw Bianca on that show "when i was 17" I recognized her talking about Jenny Finch. Beautiful woman!  06.28.10 - 3:28pm
Anne - gosh your work is amazing jasmine!!!!   06.28.10 - 3:04pm
alece - jasmine, these pictures are stunning! and B -- you are a rock star! seriously.  06.28.10 - 2:39pm
sarah - can't wait for the wedding!!!! she's gorgeous. how WONDERFUL to be so close to your sister. and wonderful to have two amazing people changing the world. CONGRATULATIONS!  06.28.10 - 2:21pm
Valerie - Now that is one hot couple! Wonderful pictures! Good luck to them!  06.28.10 - 11:22am
Denise Saucedo - Yowzers!!!! I can totally say your sister is hot!! Sheesh! Matt isn't so bad either. ;) Great post! Love the location you chose. You worked it out girl!  06.27.10 - 7:17pm
Christine - I cant believe how much you two look alike. The pics are beautiful...when i saw the very first pic i thought it was you in it! You are trully amazing Jasmine  06.27.10 - 7:07pm
Leah - Love your photos...your sister is beautiful!   06.27.10 - 12:12pm
Neeva - Love the images! So exciting to photograph family! Cannot wait to see you on the roadshow :)  06.26.10 - 2:57pm
Beth Crocker - Wonderful! ...and speaking as an identical twin myself, you & I both know there are enough differences between twins to be able to say she looks do you !!!!! Rock on you beautiful women!  06.26.10 - 7:17am
Pamela Topping - Beautiful!!!  06.26.10 - 1:20am
Serendipity Photography - Wonderful work Jasmine! It's like Jasmine shooting Jasmine, so cool!!  06.25.10 - 8:25pm
Andi Diamond - I could not wait to see these- and of course they totally rock!!!  06.25.10 - 7:46pm
amanda thiessen - love it! and the boat is uber cool ;)  06.25.10 - 7:09pm
Allie Reid - Those are GREAT pictures! Before I saw that you two were twins I was thinking "Wow they look identical! Haha... Well you both look BEAUTIFUL!!!  06.25.10 - 2:14pm
Tina - Awww How cute are they? And I will say it, She is BEAUTIFUL just like you! And you both have great hair :)  06.25.10 - 12:36pm
Bobbie Brown - Seriously love their story and these pictures! Wow! And Bianca, you look amazing in that black dress by the way!   06.25.10 - 12:25pm
Molly Kate - Wow these are gorgeous! I love the road with the big trees above, just perfect.  06.25.10 - 10:57am
Carissa Miller - They are so cute together, gorgeous photos. The "I can make her laugh and my parents don't get it" thing reminds me of my mom and her twin sister. They think they are hilarious, and none of us get it either. :)  06.25.10 - 10:21am
anna - LOVE THIS! and Bianca, you are beautiful! Can't wait til September!!!! Xo  06.25.10 - 9:41am
Celia - Holy Moly.... that last shot looks like an add for a high end jewelry shop. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!  06.25.10 - 9:40am
Harmony Loves - holy smokes batman! these are all soooo gorgeous! And can I just say... Bianca's boobs look Ah MA ZZING!!  06.25.10 - 9:35am
brittani - awww yay!!! you rock, dear Jasmine. I <3 u both! They are gorgeous together!  06.25.10 - 9:32am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Woah, Jasmine the matchmaker! Bianca is blessed to have you for a sister. :)  06.25.10 - 9:17am
Stephanie Stewart - Gorgeous engagement session! Love their rawr shots! And the laughing ones! What a beautiful couple! So fun that you get to do this for your twin! Congratulations!!!  06.25.10 - 8:36am
Christine Pobke - I DIIIIIE! I DIIIIIE!!! she looks beautiful!!! (and since she looks like you: "daaayum jasmine! you are SO photogenic!!!") hehehehehe :) gorgeous photos, brilliant post. i KNEW she'd look amazing shot by you!!! (PS i adore their "how we met" story... swoooon.)  06.25.10 - 8:04am
ashley o - oh what a beautiful post! I love when God brings His people together, even if it's through the internet!! Cant wait to see their wedding, and I'm excited for what they can do for God's kingdom together as one :c) beautiful pics, by the way. And yes, you both are gorgeous!  06.25.10 - 7:57am
Nithya Sharma - LOVELY photos - amazing as always! I love the last photo - such a gorgeous couple! Thanks for sharing =D  06.25.10 - 5:38am
Ginger Murray - Bah haha-- "So, instead, I'll say you have GREAT HAIR!" Well, then we'll all say it-- you're BOTH beautiful. Great photos, Jasmine:)  06.25.10 - 1:35am
Pinky - These are fabulous! So beautiful and GREAT HAIR! =)   06.25.10 - 12:30am
Kia Gregory - OMG, Jasmine is stepping out on JD...WAIT THAT'S BIANCA! I love that you are your twin sister's wedding photographer! She is gorgeous and her and her beau look so happy!   06.25.10 - 12:13am
Wedding Napkin - I can't wait for their actual wedding! Beautiful pictures! <3  06.24.10 - 11:36pm
Holli True - GORGEOUS! :) Honestly, you are both total knockouts. Own it! How amazing for both of you to be able to share in this special time together. You did her proud, Jasmine. :) Congrats, Bianca & Matt!   06.24.10 - 11:12pm
frankglodek - I loved the shots. What fun you guys must have! I think my favorites were the one of Bianca and Matt sitting on the log in the yard (the setup seemed random, but is so visually interesting) and of course the last "rawr" shot. :) Thanks for sharing!  06.24.10 - 11:09pm
jacky - Jasmine, these pictures are beautiful!! The slideshow, I'm speechless. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I was watching it. I know, I feel like a dork. Loved it :)  06.24.10 - 10:49pm
erin. - So beautiful! Congratulations again to your sister & Matt! There photos are amazing- you captured them so perfectly! And I love the whole Eharmony story- didn't Bianca blog about this way back when? Can't wait to see photos from the big day!! :)  06.24.10 - 10:47pm
Brianna - I'm still pinching myself. Am I seriously looking at Bianca's engagement pictures??!! Gahhh! They are beautiful. And hellllooo hot mama in the black dress! Who showed you that pose?!  06.24.10 - 10:26pm
Kimberly Loya - SO glad you did this Jas! She is beautiful- they are beautiful.  06.24.10 - 10:11pm
Corinna Hoffman - LOL, I didn't know you had a twin sister.. so as I was scrolling down to look at the pictures (and no, I didn't read the post nor captions like I should first)..and immediately, I thought, "oh no, this guy doesn't look like JD..what's going on here?!" ;) Congrats to your sister :) Beautiful pix!  06.24.10 - 9:54pm
Terri - These are Beautiful!!  06.24.10 - 9:52pm
Papi - Jassy, I am in Burque, NM. You outdid yo'self on this shoot with these gorgeous models... I just hope Bb asked mum permission for all those bracelets. E-Harmony?!   06.24.10 - 9:24pm
Velia - I can't believe you would even hesitate to post these. They are beautiful and I don't think is weird to say your sister is beautiful. You may be a twin but you know you are GORGEOUS!!  06.24.10 - 8:49pm
Susan - The photos are amazing!!!!! And I can't believe how identical your sister is to you. hahaha I guess...that's why you're twins! Where's Silverado? I LOVE the location!!  06.24.10 - 8:43pm
Dennis Bullock - Fantastic!  06.24.10 - 8:21pm
Eileen - Absolutely wonderful.. Funny because yesterday I was at my hairdresser who is also a long time friend... She just met "the man of her dreams" on eHarmony. maybe i should give it a shot? LOL.. I don't know why you were hesitant to post these.. they are wonderful! and I am sure she loves them as much as she loves you!!!  06.24.10 - 8:05pm
Mom - Matt and you both! Incredibly beautiful pictures, I must say. The whole family loved them! Jasmine, you get a A++ and a "gold star " from me. Love, Mom   06.24.10 - 8:04pm
Erin Hernandez-Reisner - Love Love Love them. She is beautiful and are you, it's ok!   06.24.10 - 7:52pm
Romina - This blog almost made me cry, its so true every word you said about not meeting a perfect guy at a canned food drive, Im glad your siser found someone, you didn't have to write much to explain the love they have for eachother showing in the pictures, you have such a talent one day i hope to be like you, youre an idol. god bless and good luck to your sister and btw she is beautiful and so are you :)  06.24.10 - 7:38pm
Shannon - I love love love the second last photo. And she is beautiful! What a cute story - wishing them every happiness.   06.24.10 - 7:27pm
Linda Sherrill - Wonderful! I know your nerves didn't want to do your sister's shoot, but the love for her and her fiance sure shine through! They are beautiful...Bravo!  06.24.10 - 7:22pm
Lisa - Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple, and beautiful hearts for Jesus!!!  06.24.10 - 6:36pm
Kirsten - Amazing! I've been waiting for these ever since you said she was engaged. These are beautiful and you are two beautiful girls! Matt isn't so bad, either! :) P.S. My 5D MkII and 50mm 1.2 just came in the mail today (What's that? Oh, it's just the angels singing).  06.24.10 - 6:11pm
Steff - holy cow, talk about pressure! i love when the men look at their women like that. gives you that soft melting feeling.  06.24.10 - 6:04pm
Elisabeth Carol - Oh my word I love their story! I don't wanna marry's just coffee! Bahah love it! They are gorgeoussss! Props to you Jasmine for pretty much being the one to put them together. She owes you. ;)   06.24.10 - 5:49pm
Elizabeth - very nice Jasmine!!! love the pics with the boat what an awesome find. good luck to your sister and hubby to be!!!   06.24.10 - 5:30pm
Erich Chen Photography - This is my first comment on here ever, but I just wanted to say how beautiful this couple is.  06.24.10 - 5:25pm
Elizabeth Kaye - "Bianca, if you weren't my twin sister, I'd say you looked beautiful. But since we look alike, that would be totally weird. So, instead, I'll say you have GREAT HAIR!" This made me laugh out loud - seriously, it was so funny. I am a twin too and totally get that! good work jas. xo  06.24.10 - 5:05pm
Mikaela - Soooo much beauty in one post :) Gosh Jasmine, you rocked it, battling sickness and all. LOVE the yellow shoes, Bianca, and your great hair!  06.24.10 - 5:00pm
Alex Beadon - I think it's so cute that you shot your sisters engagement session :) so cute!  06.24.10 - 4:35pm
Rachel Peters Photography - Beautiful Work & Beautiful Sister! I might have to give eHarmony a try if this is the result! WOW!   06.24.10 - 4:28pm
Joe P. - Beautifully told; beautifully shot. PS: Found another reason we connect. Never knew you were until now, but I'm a twin, too.   06.24.10 - 4:19pm
kortnee kate and ted - Wow! I also come from a family full of beautiful sisters, and a couple of brothers who wouldn't hurt your eye, either. Love Bianca and Matt's meet-cute story!!!  06.24.10 - 4:08pm
Vanessa Paris - Imagine their babies!!!!! They loook so, so beautiful favourite is the very last one:) Vx  06.24.10 - 3:48pm
Erica Velasco - haha great hair!  06.24.10 - 3:32pm
Mandy Henry - Wow! You both are Knock-outs!!! What a beautiful gift you have given your sister.   06.24.10 - 3:27pm
Melissa - Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful couple. You must be so happy!!!! I can't wait to see the wedding shots. And it's nice to know that you get nervous over the little stuff :). I totally would have never asked and sent someone else to ask if I could shoot in their front yard LOL!!! This is the second time today that I am saying this, I too met my husband thru internet dating only we met on I didn't want to do it either and he was the only guy I went on a date with and it lasted 11 hours!!! We got married this past October.   06.24.10 - 2:49pm
Julie E - Of course I had to look at the photos before reading the text and was shocked to see "you" with another man! As always, the beauty and the awesome energy that you've captured in these images are inspirational. Bianca must be so happy with them! Thank you so much for sharing.  06.24.10 - 2:46pm
emily - congrats to them! and beautiful pics, too- love the boat!!! I've actually done that before, too- some one had the perfect tree in their yard for pictures, so we asked if we could use their yard for a bit- they were thrilled to let us use it!!  06.24.10 - 2:43pm
Life with Kaishon - Oh my heart. Saving the world together. I flipping love them! She is beautiful : ) Very, very beautiful.  06.24.10 - 2:42pm
Melissa Papaj Photography - As always, beautiful work! She is beautiful - JUST . LIKE . YOU.  06.24.10 - 2:25pm
Jennifer Brotchie - Wow, J*... your sis is VaVaVaVoom! I wish I had her cleavage!  06.24.10 - 2:17pm
Evie Perez - These are so great!!! I love how sharp everything is. I know that Bianca is forever grateful to have an awesome sister as yourself. I love the boat. Bianca and Matt are perfect for each other. I am so happy for them and can't wait to see their wedding pictures. Jasmine, did you use the 50 1.2 for this entire session?  06.24.10 - 2:11pm
Maria - Great pics!! They look great together and you did a wonderful job of capturing their love!  06.24.10 - 2:08pm
Rebeca - Wow! What an amazing session and story :) She is beautiful just like you. amazingamazing. Most people don't know that you CAN find your soulmate and true love on the internet, haha.  06.24.10 - 2:02pm
Derek - Excellent Photographs as always J* and omg what a hot Sis!  06.24.10 - 1:59pm
Victor San Martin Jr. - I guess beauty does run in the family huh! ;-) Your sister and Matt look great together. Congrats to them both on the engagement and to you for a job well done...  06.24.10 - 1:55pm
Brent Deitrich - You have great hair! LOL Love it!  06.24.10 - 1:45pm
LEOLAK - Ok...I clicked on the link to Heather and Gian's wedding post...and how ironic is it that you posted that 2 years ago - TODAY!!! And the eHarmony connection coming full circle for all...that's pretty cool - interesting on the timing of posts too!  06.24.10 - 1:44pm
Adam - That opening paragraph is some great storytelling - brought a little lump to my throat! Just beautiful photos every one showing a little different bit of personality. Awesomely awesome.  06.24.10 - 1:42pm
oneshotbeyond - she's so lucky to have you to do this for her! I bet it was a blast for you both...and I think they turned out classic + beautiful!  06.24.10 - 1:36pm
D - SO glad you did this!  06.24.10 - 1:35pm
JamieY - Wow, these are so amazing, that is so cute they met on E-harmony, this is a great testament that sites like that can work. They are both so gorgous, way to go capturing it so wonderfully.  06.24.10 - 1:33pm
Joe+Kathrina - You sisters have such GREAT HAIR ;) And you're so stinkin talented!  06.24.10 - 1:31pm
Chandani - WOW. Bianca and Matt are incredibly GORGEOUS together!! LOVELY couple and BEAUTIFUL photos. :)  06.24.10 - 1:29pm
Cindy A. - AHHHHHH! You did amazingly amazing! I love B and you capture her smile and personality like no other person ever could! Thanks for sharing Jasmin!  06.24.10 - 1:28pm
feuza - her hais is what perfection is all about! when she laughs it so reminds me of you, must be weird to be shooting some one that looks so much like you but can tell you all have a great time now had no idea they met online, WOW, eharmony huh, that is awesomeeeeee, your sister is so lucky to have you and vice versa  06.24.10 - 1:27pm
angel pope - oh yes, this couple. they are gorgeous. like they should be in the movies! and tell me again, why in the heck were you nervous to post these? you rocked it as much as they did! LUVS!  06.24.10 - 1:17pm
mary dougherty - you are such a good storyteller. I mean that with regards to writing and photography!  06.24.10 - 1:06pm
Jenni - Oh my golly - I thought that was you! Beautiful shots! I have always wished I was a twin for that bond.   06.24.10 - 1:03pm
Lydia - Since I'm missing my sisters at the moment, my heart melted reading this post. Sisters really are the best! I'm so excited for Bianca and Matt! You captured their love beautifully!  06.24.10 - 1:01pm
Jen G. - Beautiful photos - and I love the story. It is very real. That's great that you guys have each other! :)  06.24.10 - 1:00pm
Brittney - LOVE! I'm sure your sister is gawking :) You ladies are both amazing :)  06.24.10 - 12:56pm
Deb Peluso - Oh my gosh Jasmine, you did such a beautiful job on those images! I'm sure you sister loves, loves, loves them!  06.24.10 - 12:55pm
Erin Michelle - Love that second to the last one...gorgeous!  06.24.10 - 12:53pm
melissa - there are about a billion things I love about this post. Aside from your always stellar photos of course - 1) Eharmony! I love it! 2) That you admitted you were nervous to ask permission to shoot. I'm quite sure you're a fearless super woman so it was refreshing to know you're thrown off sometimes too! Thank you for sharing!!  06.24.10 - 12:52pm
Gladys jem - I'm at the airport going wow after wow after wow! WOW! Bianca and Matt are insanely beautiful together and you just outdid yourself, yet again! A boat?? So cool! Love every single image! Wish I could watch the slideshow through my phone! Xoxo  06.24.10 - 12:50pm
Lisa - OMG! Those boat shots are amazing! Love the photos and the story! Amazing job!  06.24.10 - 12:47pm
jo ann - These are simply beautiful, thanks for sharing. It must feel so amazing to be able to photograph your sister looking so beautiful and happy...and fulfilled.  06.24.10 - 12:47pm
Elaina - Gorgeous photos! I have no idea where you shot that but I love it -- wherever it is. :)  06.24.10 - 12:43pm
Romonia - I knew you would have me in awe!! These are gorgeous and great captures. I love how you can make her laugh because you two have the same infectious smile! :) That is a good thing too! Bianca and Matt are a beautiful couple and it shows. You captured them, their love and their fierceness! Love those yellow heels! Best wishes to Bianca & Matt. I wish you guys a wonderful future filled with love, prosperity, good health and so much more!   06.24.10 - 12:42pm
Mary - Congrats to your sister. You know it's funny the first time I saw her I couldn't tell you apart. But how scary is this... I actually see a very small difference to tell you apart. How cool is that? You both are still very beautiful! Good job with the pictures.  06.24.10 - 12:40pm
Coppelia - Wow wow wow!! You guys look GREAT together! Congrats!! Can't wait to see some gorgeous wedding pics!!  06.24.10 - 12:38pm
Fizzah - How amazing must it be to photograph such a special moment in your sister's life! My favs are the last two love love them!  06.24.10 - 12:37pm
kristin @ the treasured petal - i love these! they are a gorgeous couple! and hey, i'm a total e-harmony believer. worked for my sister, and about 5 of my other friends who are now happily married :)  06.24.10 - 12:37pm
terri z - so pretty and fun ....  06.24.10 - 12:36pm
Katrina Wheeler - Gorgeous session! Love the boat!  06.24.10 - 12:34pm
Kayla Cook - Ah-MAZING pictures Jas! :D You did a great job :) They look so happy!!! Congrats to the adorable couple <3  06.24.10 - 12:34pm
The Most Grateful Sister Evah - Saving my life. Beating me up. Having my back. Forcing me to do things I don't want to do. Sometimes the words I LOVE YOU just aren't enough. But they are the only words I have to tell you how much you mean to me. I LOVE YOU.  06.24.10 - 12:33pm
Nicole Benitez - Perfect!! What a gorgeous couple and you are amazing as always!! Congrats Matt and Bianca!  06.24.10 - 12:33pm
Alli Mc - Gorgeous sister, gorgeous couple, gorgeous images!  06.24.10 - 12:32pm
Heather - HOORAY!!! I am so happy for your sister and it's days like this that make me proud to work for eHarmony. Yet another reason why we were all destined to meet. Plus these pictures are hot! See you in August for Amber's wedding!  06.24.10 - 12:30pm
Laurie Bracewell - You're *both* beautiful, AND you *both* have great hair! Congrats, Bianca and Matt!  06.24.10 - 12:30pm
Jason - Great pictures!!! Love the textured walls shot toward the end. If that didn't capture B's sassy attitude (at least, the one those of us on her blog read) then I don't know what would!  06.24.10 - 12:29pm
Kim Spears - Bianca is sooo ridiculously pretty and so are you :) The Rawr shots are my faves. What a gorgeous couple!  06.24.10 - 12:27pm
ala - i adore these so much. not just because they're beautiful, but also because i know how special they are to you. =)  06.24.10 - 12:26pm
patricia - wow. amazing. you have such a way of capturing the moment with your camera just like your sister does with words!  06.24.10 - 12:26pm
Kendra - Absolutely gorgeous.   06.24.10 - 12:25pm
Kelly Langner Sauer - now THIS is an awesome set of photos. SO COOL! congratulations, Bianca! Jasmine, are you the older of the twins?  06.24.10 - 12:24pm
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