LA Central Library Engagement : Amber+Matt

Pentecost. It was written on a post-it note in large letters and placed insider her binder. There were other notes as well, but Matt noticed only the one with the block letters. Afterall, it was his last name. And why on earth did that cute girl have his name on a post-it note? Amber sat uncomfortably at his table and wondered why that other teacher was staring at her binder. Yes, she had a long-distance crush him, but his gaze made her uncomfortable. Amber hoped he'd get back to focusing on their school faculty meeting, but at the break, he stopped her and asked about the post-it. It's a play I'm working on, Amber replied and explained she had no idea it was also his surname.

That was the day Pentecost changed things.

Amber and Matt chatted that day and he discovered her affinity for chocolate, and she discovered his calloused hands from his athletic training as a shot put thrower. The next day--at yet another faculty meeting--Matt brought her homemade cookies and Amber brought him an exfoliating scrub. And they've been together ever since. Eating chocolate, exfoliating, and teaching high school. Together. And they will make Forever official this August. They planned an engagement session at Los Angeles Central Library and we spent the afternoon enjoying the sun, the books, and, of course, the love.

We started the engagement session just outside LA Central Library because the light was great and we could make some noise...

One of the biggest compliments I could ever receive is shooting a sibling wedding. Ever. I photographed Heather and Gian's wedding two years ago, so when Amber (Heather's sister) got engaged, I was lucky enough to get a phone call. Love it! :)

Special thanks to Eunice (for Bobbi Brown) and Haleh from Chess and Burman Salon for making Amber look particularly rawr.

Then we ventured inside Los Angeles Central Library for more engagement photos...

...and Amber was totally okay working it for the camera surrounded by books. Love it!

Amber's thesis was based on author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, so this photo is quite appropriate...

To see more of Amber and Matt's LA Central Library engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Friday!
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Alicia Swedenborg - hihi, love the "shyyyy"-photo...  08.24.10 - 3:24pm
The Hens Nest - Doesn't Amber have amazing eyes! What genuine smiles :) Emma - The Hens Nest  07.21.10 - 2:55am
Chanel - the purple dress is H-O-T!!!! Love the library pics too, very unique. You're going to be a beautiful bride! :)   07.12.10 - 8:42pm
Dad & Mom Setrakian - Jasmine-You've done perfect twice! We can't wait for Amber and Matt's wedding and seeing both of you again!  07.07.10 - 12:54am
Andrea Koo - Jasmine-I love the indoor photos from this session! Very cute and creative!  07.06.10 - 11:06pm
Hugo Tepe - "COACH ROBO!!!" You got "J*" as your Photographer! How cool is that! I love the photos, they're super perfect for you guys. I'm really happy for you both. May you be extremely blessed from this "chapter" on out!   07.06.10 - 5:19am
Ginger Murray - Super cute session, Jasmine. Love the colors. The "Shhh" library shot is definitely my fave. Made me smile:)  07.05.10 - 10:08pm
Denver Wedding Photographers, JasonG - Totally dig these - great energy between the couple (and you!!).   07.05.10 - 2:26pm
Nicole Benitez - Absolutely beautiful!   07.05.10 - 11:36am
kortnee kate and ted - What a lively couple!! You can already see how fun their wedding pics will be!!! :)  07.05.10 - 10:39am
Jacob Bergmeier - Beautiful... their happiness shines through in your images.   07.05.10 - 10:36am
Diane Medina - Beautiful! What a darling couple! I can't wait for "the day". Love you Matt,  07.05.10 - 9:34am
Girish - Very nice. She is pretty :) Nice location.  07.05.10 - 7:03am
Molly Kate - Wow! I love the photos but I really love how they decided to take pictures at the library. It's so original and fun.  07.04.10 - 11:58pm
Kerry Jackson - I love a good story and your anecdote of the first flirtation IN the library and the photo session AT the library was a plot device that worked so well! Your work made obvious what I already know about Amber and Matt - that they are two of the "beautiful people" - inside and out! Can't wait to see the shots from the wedding.....Kudos!   07.03.10 - 9:41pm
Andy Macpherson - Man these are amazing... keep it up. I follow you for inspiration.  07.03.10 - 7:51pm
Mom - Love this beautiful couple. Love the location. Can you guess why Jasmine? Mom  07.03.10 - 3:25pm
brittani - =) <3 <3 <3  07.03.10 - 1:47pm
David Behboudi - Unbelievable!!! These pictures are so great!!!  07.03.10 - 12:07pm
s h e r r y - Cuute! Love the ones on the escalator!  07.03.10 - 11:40am
Alex Beadon - Beautiful, beautiful photos!  07.03.10 - 9:10am
Kristin Nicole Photography - gorgeous photos as usual. You never cease to amaze.  07.03.10 - 7:12am
amanda thiessen - beautiful!!!!  07.03.10 - 12:29am
Pamela Topping - Brilliant location, love these shots!  07.02.10 - 11:21pm
kelli taylor - LOVE LOVE LOVE the "shhh" shoot!  07.02.10 - 10:30pm
Annah Winfield - These are FANTASTIC! You two are so adorable! I can't wait for the big day.  07.02.10 - 8:37pm
Pamela - i love love LOVE the shot thru the bookcase and the shot with the book on the floor! they make my heart sing. excellent work, as always, Jasmine!  07.02.10 - 6:44pm
Truc - Great photos, Jasmine! I especially love the ones by the bookshelves!  07.02.10 - 4:35pm
Evie Perez - Jasmine, these are so good!!! I love everything about this session. Gosh, I love the sharpness!!!  07.02.10 - 3:50pm
LLS - You have made the library extra fun!  07.02.10 - 3:21pm
LEOLAK - What an adorable story! These are awesome pics...cute couple! She's rocking that purple dress fiercely! Love that color of purple!  07.02.10 - 2:41pm
Lydia - Oh, I just love the picture through the shelf of books with Matt telling Amber to be quiet!  07.02.10 - 2:28pm
Carina - I love it! So gorgeous and natural. Great job Jasmine! =)  07.02.10 - 2:28pm
Matthew R Photo - Somehow you just continue to get better and more creative with every shoot.. great shots, again, haha  07.02.10 - 2:09pm
Emily Heizer Photography - super cute! and totally random that Pentecost is both his last name and the name of her play, I certainly haven't heard of anything remotely close to that except maybe a pentecostal church!! lol  07.02.10 - 1:59pm
Holly - I'm loving his dimples :)   07.02.10 - 1:55pm
Sarah Danaher - Awww, their story is so precious!!   07.02.10 - 1:39pm
Kevin Wrenn Photography - Very nice set Jasmine! I especially love the opener! Love the B/W portrait as well!  07.02.10 - 1:37pm
JamieY - You are such an inspiration to me, LOVE the photos. Who knew a library could have such great lighting.   07.02.10 - 1:29pm
emily ebeling - fabulous set of photographs- love the book theme, especially like the poetry-art shots. and the bookshelves. and everything else. Beautiful, once again! ~Em  07.02.10 - 1:11pm
Gian - Hooray...the photos (and Amber and Matt) look amazing. Looking forward to seeing you at their wedding in August.  07.02.10 - 1:02pm
Mindy - Love, love, love this creative and fun engagement shoot!!! Who knew a library could be such a blast for a photo shoot!!!   07.02.10 - 12:48pm
Becca Cloud - very creative! loved it!  07.02.10 - 12:45pm
Nayeem Vohra - Awesome!   07.02.10 - 12:27pm
Stephanie Stewart - Love that "shhh!" shot! My favorite! All of these are just stunning! Great light, fun beautiful couple! Congratulations!  07.02.10 - 11:51am
ingamae - All i thought before looking at these pics was: Pentecost-->the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ. ahhhhh!!! then i dove in and saw a couple just radiating with MAGICAL BEAUTY and CONFIDENCE in eachother. LOVE them. Great capture lady!  07.02.10 - 11:30am
Megan Cable - Wow, what a cool, unique session!  07.02.10 - 11:29am
Arielle - Sure, I love ALL your sessions but this one is ranking up there. Something about the library... *inner geek* :D  07.02.10 - 11:24am
Mom and Dad - To see them is to love them all the more. To see them together is to glimpse the future. Their total is definitely greater than the sum of their parts. Together, they are on their way to become something so unbelievably far from where they are now that it almost seems ridiculous to contemplate. The eyes tell it all; they are focused on the road ahead.  07.02.10 - 11:18am
nena - You have such a way of making girl look so beautiful and happy. It's so amazing! =-)  07.02.10 - 10:52am
Life with Kaishon - Very pretty pictures. Happy Fourth of July.  07.02.10 - 10:45am
Emily - Love the shot of him "shushing" her. Creative, fun! You are just awesome!! If you only knew everything you were doing for people everywhere! Big loves for you!  07.02.10 - 10:16am
Lana - I love these! My favorite one is between the books... such a beautiful couple!  07.02.10 - 10:15am
Andi Diamond - Absolutely adorable! LOVE love it!  07.02.10 - 9:40am
Zarah - LoveloveLOVE these! The library shots are faaaaab! I especially adore the one between the shelves, the one where they sneak a kiss behind a book and the one where you can only see their legs & a book. Awesome!!  07.02.10 - 9:39am
Lora Ayers - I love the first shot, they totally stand out up against the background! And the library shots are so fun!  07.02.10 - 9:36am
Krysta - So cute! I love it! <3  07.02.10 - 9:31am
Kare - What a unique session - love it!  07.02.10 - 9:29am
Heather - I love them! They look so great and the location is just awesome. I can't wait to see you in August!  07.02.10 - 9:25am
Anda - I LOVE IT!! My thesis was also based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I want to be friends with Amber now.  07.02.10 - 9:24am
Natalie - Love how you always bring their stories to life for us, and I love that this shoot was done in the library! Definitely unique and so gorgeous.  07.02.10 - 9:23am
Otto Rascon - That purple dress is rockin!  07.02.10 - 9:22am
bobbi - did you whisper? :) Fantastic images Miss Jasmine :)   07.02.10 - 9:21am
Cherisse Reyes - You are amazing Jasmine and these people are gorgeous!!   07.02.10 - 9:19am
Krissy - perfect as always...  07.02.10 - 9:16am
Avery Davis - I ADORE the shot of them peeking through the book shelves. What perfect perspective.   07.02.10 - 9:15am
Tracy Moore - Jasmine, you are such a gifted writer and photographer! And so many other things too! God has blessed you girl... keep being amazing. :)  07.02.10 - 9:12am
Ariane - What a cute engagement session! I especially loved the shot with the two of them hiding behind the book while sharing a kiss. Way to spice up the library and make it a fun place to be! Great work as always, Jasmine!  07.02.10 - 9:11am
Ashley Gain - AWE!! I love hte picture of them in the library!!! SO cute! Her little laugh is adorable! :)  07.02.10 - 9:07am