Hotel Del Coronado Wedding : Sarah+Chris

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he room was warm, the balcony suite door closed from the Pacific breeze, and Sarah sat in socks and covered in a blanket. As she had her hair and makeup done, Sarah explained she wasn't feeling well and the morning started off with a few bumps, but she called her acupuncturist in LA and she came down to help Sarah get back to where she needed to be. Hence the soothing sounds of crashing waves and tropical rain forest birds coming from the radio.

Sarah dressed with the help of her amazing friends and family, and looked radiant. But her smile was just a wee bit incomplete. And everyone knew why. Sarah needed Chris. It was just that simple. The minute she walked down the aisle and into his arms, the soothing sounds of his laughter and the San Diego ocean relaxed her soul. They, together, were the perfect display of love, respect, and dependance.

The rest of the wedding day at Hotel Del Coronado was spent together--Chris holding her dress, Sarah clasping his hand, sharing moments that belonged only to them--and the world was back to where it needed to be. They need each other and last Sunday they made the commitment to ensure it lasts forever.

Sarah and Chris, I adore you both. I think you're perfect for each other and I had a blast getting to know you, especially on one of the most important days of your lives. Thank you for being so amazing and I can't wait to see where life takes you...preferably on your honeymoon once Chris finishes his law school finals! Enjoy the journey and I'm thrilled to call you friends. Much love and appreciation... j*

The day was spectacular...but so was Sarah's Vera Wang wedding dress...

Timeout...Valentino's on the left...and an Adorations bouquet on the right?! Awwww, yeah, that's how I starting a wedding in San Diego...perfection...

The light as Sarah prepared at the Hotel Del Coronado was just amazing...

Sarah looked extra fabulous with help from Tracey Taylor for makeup and Sheila Stone for hair...what a dynamic duo...

A little garter action...

Sarah's bridesmaids were my fav...

Wedding details can breathe new life into a perfect day and Lavonne with Adorations knows how to do this perfectly with her floral creations...I love working with her!

Sarah, you're st-st-stunning. You made me stutter.

And Chris cleaned up nice himself. As a sidenote, I really like this guy. Like, really. One of the coolest grooms ever and a total gentleman...Sarah totally scored with Chris and she found a great husband. Trust me...I know what a good husband looks like! :)

The wedding was centered around a Summer Romance, so whimsical elements and pastel flowers were used to create a distinctly feminine appeal...

A special thanks to Kelly of Mint Weddings for working so tirelessly on creating a flawlessly wedding day. She and her team are some of the best coordinators in San Diego!

The wedding was filled with lots of hugs, love and laughter...

&phonalytiAfter the extraordinarily hot ceremony ( was 90 degrees...ON THE BEACH!), we used the gorgeous backdrop of the Hotel Del Coronado for wedding pictures...

My angle...

JD's angle...along with a special photo for Sarah. JD snuck away to capture photos of literally tons of dandelions Sarah cultivated for her wedding...she wanted to make sure her guests could all make a wish on her wedding day...

What else would a couple who's getting married on 7/11 provide to cool down their guests...Slurpees of course!

In spite of the heat, Sarah and Chris decided they wanted beach photos, so we made the best of it and played along the San Diego shoreline for more wedding pictures...

...and I'm so glad we did because we got this photo...

A few more wedding reception details in the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Del Coronado...with many thanks to Lavonne at Adorations for her ever fabulous work...

The First Dance...

That's right, Sarah...go on and be gorgeous during your your thang....

I wasn't able to get the rings before the ceremony (which is what I prefer), but JD and I used off-camera light for the following wedding ring photo we took at night...

I think I took a million photos of this was unreal...there were SO many details and it was an absolutely incredible creation. The girls at CAKE deserve all their accolades...

The toasts were particularly funny...and Sarah's sister may or may not have quoted the entire Golden Girls theme song. Awesome.

"If you like it then you betta put a ring on it..."

This post will end with two photos of Chris and Sarah reveling in their perfect wedding day...

To see more of Chris and Sarah's Hotel Del Coronado wedding photos, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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South Coast NSW accommodation - Wow! What a lovely place. This is perfect for wedding. The first photo is breath-taking. I really think that this is a perfect wedding venue. Everyone will LOVE it mostly wedding couple always looking for this type of place. It’s best to takes creative shots. It’s so romantic place. It’s very natural. Thanks for sharing.   01.10.11 - 3:38am
Vencanice beograd - The shoes... flovers... cake... the DRESS!!! Everythig is fabolous! great shoot!  12.07.10 - 2:32am
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Web redesign - fabulous photograhy... Awesome pics...  08.06.10 - 4:25am
Apple - hahahaha! i love the slurpies!!! and the dandelions too!!!:) I looovvveee the second beach wedding photo! and the ring shot.. hope it was a little sharper though.. :) I could just taste the cake!!<3 fabulous wedding jas!:) "&phonalytiAfter"?:P  08.06.10 - 2:30am
Vanessa - Everything you do is simply beautiful. I can't even put into words how wonderful your work is. I hope one day I will be able to capture those moments, special details, the way light falls and create memories for couples and families as you do. What a beautiful gift to be able to share with so many.   08.03.10 - 12:58pm
Truc - Could this wedding be any more beautiful? Jasmine, the photos are out of this world!  08.03.10 - 8:07am
Emma @ The Hens Nest - Love LOVE x a billion x billion! Detail shots are to die for, bride and groom = delicous! Photography, AMAZING! Emma THN  08.02.10 - 5:56am
James Reyes Photography - Great work as always Jasmine. That hotel looks so much like the Grand Florian Hotel at Disney. For a minute I thought I was about to see Mickey photos somewhere. Love the ring shot here too. Almost looks like the moon in the background.   07.28.10 - 8:18pm
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cindy habel photography - Dear Jasmine * Thank you, thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your photography and skills with us. I have been admiring your work for a few months but have been too shy to comment until now. All your work is stunning, but this wedding's photography is beautiful, so pure and honest. Congratulations on your fabulous success, but more importantly on your wonderful marriage and simple faith. I have learnt so much (and my photography has improved) from what you have shared....thanks heaps again. Cindy PS so sorry I missed you in Australia, I only found your blog in Feb!  07.26.10 - 2:16am
Andrea - Muy bello todo!! Las mariposas, las caras de los novios, los detalles, las mariposas, el vestidos, el pelo y los ojos de la novia... DEMASIADO BELLO!! Y todo quedó hermosamente plasmado en estas fotos... I'm your costarican fan, Jasmine!!! :D  07.22.10 - 12:08pm
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