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He Calls Me Fathead.

couple weeks ago, JD and I attended In The Heights, a Broadway musical, in Hollywood. To say I loved it would be an understatement. From the opening number, I was smitten and it only got better. I now listen to the soundtrack and belt out showtunes at the start of every peaceful morning. Polo loves it.

I was so moved by the musical, I surprised my parents with tickets for last Saturday's performance. My father texted me at intermission and said my mother cried through the entire first half. Her tears were memories from her childhood in Puerto Rico and New York. They were tears because she saw pieces of my grandmother on stage. Her tears were happy, but also longed for a life she tries to remember.

As a way to say thank you, my parents bought me a gift.

They found glasses I could use to read at night in bed. Kind of like the pair my dad bought me from a thrift store when I was a kid. But not as cool.
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Tracy - That is awesome! Such a dad gift! :)  08.26.10 - 12:39pm
Tina - Okay I must know where he got those! My husband is an avid reader/nerd :) and he needs those! I love your Dad.  08.05.10 - 12:04am
Truc - The nickname is hilarious. We have lots of odd ones in our family too.  08.03.10 - 8:16am
juls - i love this post because it reminds me of how close my husband and i are to our two girls. oh, and by the way we call our oldest fathead too! love your blog!  07.29.10 - 10:53pm
Brandy Frank - my dad's nickname for me is mouser. because I was the baby of his 3 kids and the smallest. like a mouse. yeah. I just admitted mouser to the world. wow.  07.29.10 - 12:22pm
Kim - I recommend seeing Next to Normal when it comes out to LA in November. If you want to see a touching musical go see it. I have seen it on Broadway 20 times. :)   07.28.10 - 6:35pm
Apple - my mom says you can ground your judgments on people on whether or not they have a good family. and I sooo looove your family!!!:)  07.28.10 - 5:28am
Apple - my mom says you can ground your judgments on people on whether or not they have a good family. and I sooo looove your family!!!:)  07.28.10 - 5:28am
Erica Velasco - hahah that's what I call my sister!  07.27.10 - 6:45pm
Alice - LOL! Love nicknames :)   07.27.10 - 6:40pm
Kirsty Cawdell - I couldn't help but have a good giggle at this post as fathead is what my husband and I call our 2 year old! Many people look at us strangely for this but it has been our affectionate nickname for her since birth as well she had a big head and it was quite painful! and she has answered to it ever since! Glad to see that we aren't the only ones that use it and it is not mentally scarring!  07.27.10 - 4:41pm
Jove Yambot - My wife & I saw In The Heights in NYC this past winter and he really enjoyed it. By the way, we love your's truly an inspiration for us up and coming photographers. =D  07.27.10 - 3:15pm
Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms - LOL - I love those!!!   07.27.10 - 1:10pm
sarah - what a wonderful relationship you have. and can't wait to see the musical!  07.27.10 - 12:40pm
Jamie - This is so sweet, especially after meeting your mom at The Workshop. And everyone is right, you do look cute in otherwise dorky glasses!  07.27.10 - 12:22pm
Regina White - I also just saw that 'In the Heights" will be in Grand Rapids in January. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the link.   07.27.10 - 8:34am
Regina White - Ha! It's better then chuky head! Gotta love parents.   07.27.10 - 8:27am
Irina - ok, so they're dorky, but you somehow pull them off! Looking great! PS. Kinda jealous of your cool glasses! I mean who doesn't want to read in the dark?!   07.27.10 - 7:45am
Lissette Q - I saw it 3 months ago when they were in Miami and LOVED it!!!!  07.27.10 - 5:28am
Christine - Oh! Add me to the loooooong list of people that wants to know where to get a pair?!? Those are not only perfect for late night reading, but they would be awesome for late night knitting too!  07.26.10 - 11:38pm
Katie Mauer - I'm going to see In the Heights in San Diego on Friday! I've been listening to the soundtrack for dayyyys now. CAN'T! WAIT!  07.26.10 - 8:41pm
amanda thiessen - hahah! so funny :)  07.26.10 - 7:19pm
LEOLAK - Too awesome!!! Your parents rock! And this pic really is fitting b/c the lights look like "stars" and you being J* - ahh....well, that's just even more awesome!! Rock those "star" glass J*!!  07.26.10 - 7:13pm
diane ( - Great sunglasses!  07.26.10 - 6:45pm
LisaK - So hot right now! ; )  07.26.10 - 5:43pm
Chantel - You are freaking hilarious!! Parents are the best! F'real! I love who you choose to be on a daily basis...It's fantastic! :) Happy Monday to you and JD!  07.26.10 - 5:36pm
Crista - In The Heights is hands down my favorite show EVER. So glad to hear so many more people loved it.   07.26.10 - 5:11pm
Sarah Danaher - That is soooooooo sweet!!  07.26.10 - 4:42pm
cassandra-m - ONLY YOU could make those look so COOL!   07.26.10 - 4:21pm
carina - hahahah too cute! Those are awesome! You look fabulousss! =)  07.26.10 - 4:21pm
Michael Ririe - I totally want a pair of those glasses!  07.26.10 - 4:14pm
Amanda West - It must be a parental term filled with love, it's what we call our children. ;)  07.26.10 - 3:54pm
Kimberly - I absolutely couldn't get enough of In the Heights. My boyfriend and I were at last Saturday's performance and we were blown away. The last time a show got to me like that was RENT.   07.26.10 - 3:53pm
anne - those are SO GREAT!!   07.26.10 - 3:20pm
trisha - parents. love them more and more as time goes on :)  07.26.10 - 3:09pm
Tab McCausland - Hahahah my family calls me fathead :) LOVE those glasses!  07.26.10 - 2:46pm
erica clark - What an adorable anecdote. Thank you for sharing.  07.26.10 - 1:53pm
Joe Anna - LOL! This is awesome! Who could question your coolness in these? ;) I totally want a pair!   07.26.10 - 1:50pm
Calli - Jasmine they are so cute! Your parents and the glasses :-) Being a late-night-reading-owl-type, I definitely approve of this practical and very attractive gadget! This is actually the first time I've commented, but I've been following you for a long time. I think the world of you! Thanks for sharing little bits of your life as well as your amazing photography. Calli :-)  07.26.10 - 1:41pm
Cynthia Bee - Too stinkin cute! :)  07.26.10 - 1:35pm
will tangorra - Adorable! :)  07.26.10 - 1:29pm
Kumu - Just have to say that I saw "In the Heights" in NYC, and that show is Awesome! Also, I love your blog, thanks for keeping it interesting!  07.26.10 - 1:28pm
Dawn McCarthy - You are rockin' those light glasses J*.   07.26.10 - 1:23pm
Sarah - That is awesome. So... WHY does he call you fathead???  07.26.10 - 1:22pm
Raquel Sergio - Love this post. makes me miss my daddy and mom :)  07.26.10 - 1:17pm
Ingamae - Your parents=AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do they call you Fathead? ha.  07.26.10 - 1:15pm
Amanda - LOL. My husband calls my son fathead as well. I get annoyed, don't want him to develop a complex :) But you seem to be okay without issues of a big head so I guess he'll be fine. hahaa What was the show called?  07.26.10 - 1:14pm
Adrienne - How cool are those?!?!?!   07.26.10 - 1:06pm
gladys jem - HAHA those glasses are amazing. You look so cute in them too :)  07.26.10 - 1:04pm
Amber Fox - Ooooh, thanks for posting this. I have been looking for a theater production to go to. I checked out the link and it looks great. This is perfect for date night!  07.26.10 - 1:01pm
Damaris Mia - hahaha! THOSE are awesome!  07.26.10 - 12:58pm
patricia - gotta love family nicknames. btw...u make those kind of glasses look good.  07.26.10 - 12:58pm
stephanie - where can I get a pair... i read by the light of my daughter's video monitor so I don't bug my husband and it cant be good for my eyes....  07.26.10 - 12:58pm