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'm suffering from blockage. In the worst of ways. I feel completely depleted and uncreative. Heck, it was like pulling teeth to write this blog post, but I decided I needed to get it out because I need to remember these days. The days that feel like my creative bank has been overdrawn, and who likes NSFs anyway?

So now what? What am I going to do to get myself back where I need to be? Nothing. Yup, that's right. A whole lot of nothing. I'll take care of office things and lingering emails, but I refuse to become frustrated. Instead, I'll read, watch movies that make me feel something, and maybe hit up a museum. I'll likely conclude my night tucked away in the magazine section at Barnes&Noble. Just staring, soaking in, and making deposits.

This picture? Well, it's a piece of art I bought at an antique fair. It's a rusted rim of a 1953 Thunderbird and sea nest. Or something like that. I didn't really have to know what is was because upon first glance, I loved it. I made me feel something. It made me happy. It made me feel alive. And I knew I needed it in my house.

Happy Tuesday!
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Kelly - This is so graphic, it is fascinating how nature can mix so beautifully with man made objects. Gorgeous find.   08.10.10 - 9:09am
Hannes Uys - Awesome!`  08.08.10 - 2:07pm
Apple - in my aesthetics class, our prof said that art's purpose is to make people feel more alive!:)  08.06.10 - 7:18am
West Palm Beach Wedding Photographer - As terrible as it sounds, it is comforting to hear that I'm not the only one that goes through this feeling every now and then. I think if you're not passionate about something, then it's difficult to ever be depleted or worn out about it. Thank you so much for posting this!  08.01.10 - 11:16pm
Nellie Guerrero - hugs dude....just hugs  07.30.10 - 12:02am
R. J. Kern - j*, Tapping the well of creativity isn't easy, but I've shared my tips as a wedding photographer:  07.29.10 - 11:24pm
Brandy Frank - J* this is why I love you. You remind me that it's OK to feel depleted and to admit to the world: I'm not feeling the love for ___ today. I get so wrapped up in my "should be doing / ought to do / need to do" mentality that I forget to stop and give myself a break. Thank you. xoxo Brandy  07.29.10 - 12:17pm
amanda thiessen - beautiful!  07.29.10 - 10:53am
kortnee kate and ted - The world is so full of inspiration, it's wonderful when we remember it doesn't all have to come from within ourselves. We are always invited to appreciate it in others!!! :)  07.29.10 - 8:59am
Becky - I'm in LOVE with the art!  07.28.10 - 12:45pm
Kelli Taylor - Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away for awhile and come back fresh!  07.28.10 - 12:28pm
Sarah - I feel like I have these moments once a week! I usually hold a small pity party and invite my husband. This tends to begin with me sitting at the end of the bed in tears and ends with my husband giving me "the pep" talk and then I am ready to conquer the world again. Okay so maybe not the world, but another day as a photographer at least. ; )  07.28.10 - 10:23am
Sheila - LOVE this art! Love it is from a FORD rim as well!! super cool!  07.28.10 - 10:16am
laetitia - The two most engaging powers of a photographer are to make new things familiar and familiar things new."----W. Thackeray   07.28.10 - 8:32am
Austin Party Rentals - All to many days like that, what a great blog. I found it by accident but will stop back often. As an "old dog" learning new tricks it's a great example of combining who you are with what you do....  07.28.10 - 8:31am
Sally - I love your piece of art - it's great, would look cool in my hosue , ha ha. I remember making a small square little canvas when I was younger and sticking on a leaf that had rotted back to its veins - it reminded me a little of it.  07.28.10 - 8:28am
Anda - Good for you, Jasmine. It's nice to know that even someone like you takes a break and focuses on nothing but the NOW sometimes:) “With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson  07.28.10 - 7:49am
Apple - We all have those days jas! What's nsf?:D hope you're feeling a little more inspired now!<3  07.28.10 - 5:30am
Diana - 2 films to see: "The Legend of 1900" and "Patch Adams". And you will be inspired!!  07.28.10 - 2:52am
Erick Claytor - Jasmine... you know, another great photographer, Matt Nicolosi, said we need to "Shoot for ourselves [to] keep your perspective fresh, your creative batteries recharged and your passion alive." Check out his blog and you will see what he is talking about: By the way, I absolutely love your work! Beautiful!  07.28.10 - 2:44am
John Michaelson - More fiber.  07.27.10 - 11:31pm
sarah - an evening at barnes and noble reading magazines (and perhaps drinking coffee?) sounds sort of like my idea of heaven. ENJOY.  07.27.10 - 11:31pm
Lydia - Sometimes our brains need time to rest. Your days sounds about perfect to me!  07.27.10 - 8:32pm
B Fiji - again - Quoting - Damon Wise of The Times gave the film four stars out of five stating, "I Love You Phillip Morris is an extraordinary film that serves as a reminder of just how good Carrey can be when he's not tied into a generic Hollywood crowd-pleaser. His comic timing remains as exquisite as ever."Xan Brooks of The Guardian also gave the film a positive review, describing the movie as "fast, funny and rather daring. A whisk of caffeine with a center that's sweet."  07.27.10 - 7:56pm
Marissa Nicole - Barnes and Noble is where I go when I need to become energized, recharged, replenished. It is one of the greatest places ever.   07.27.10 - 7:39pm
Pauline at Elations Designs - Jasmine, I thought it was only I who had these kind of moments. I had it a few months ago and just kept myself busy with quiet time in order to find "it" again. Creativity comes when you are quiet in the moment. Be patient with yourself. You will be back to yourself in no time.   07.27.10 - 7:03pm
Erica Velasco - I get this often....I'm trying to figure out how to write on my's a learning process. I love this antique find! I just went antiquing the other day, isn't it relaxing?  07.27.10 - 6:46pm
Owen W Brown - Jasmine - I've been following your blog since Escalate Live, and have enjoyed your posts each and every day since. Yes, I haven't taken the opportunity to comment until now. I am inspired by your talent, but even inspired by your honesty and frankness. Your stories seem to each tie back to the central message of caring and contributing to the lives of others. You should feel good about taking time to refuel.  07.27.10 - 6:31pm
Brent Pilgrim - I've been having some rip-my-hair-out moments because I feel like I'm going nowhere sometimes. I'm hoping they lead to something more, because there's no where else but up. Venting, I like venting. This may not relate to what you're going through, but at least we're all still looking up.  07.27.10 - 6:22pm
Life with Kaishon - That is cool art! I hope you had a wonderfully inspired day : ) I am doing an interview with someone for my Thursday interview series and she said you were one of her inspirations. : ) I think you inspire everyone. That is so beautiful!  07.27.10 - 6:10pm
Irina - Days like these are perfectly natural - you're an artist! For all the days of inspirational genius, you have to put up with one of these.   07.27.10 - 5:56pm
Kristin Nicole Photography - Love the art...I could so see that in my living room.   07.27.10 - 5:41pm
Michael Ririe - I am inspired by other photography, but I get the most of my inspiration from other arts such as painting, music, literature, sculpture, etc. I also pull from my culture, community, family, etc. I have an inspiration journal, when I've got ideas I jot them down, when I need ideas, I pull it out!   07.27.10 - 5:29pm
Robin McQuay Anderson - Feed your inner artist. It requires nurturning and stimulation. I feed mine by shooting just for me - taking a wonderful "walk-about" and seeing the world and all its beauty - no pressure, just me, my camera, and God's creation.  07.27.10 - 5:08pm
B Fiji - May i suggest watching 'I love you Philip Morris' - ewan mcgregor & jim carrey combine for an EPIC performance- a movie this smart, hilarious & shockingly good hasnt been produced in a very long time. ENJOY :)  07.27.10 - 4:54pm
mariana herrera mosli - Barnes & Nobles is the perfect haven for lost creativity! You will definitely deposit large sums while you are there! Enjoy this time, it's the best because right after, you will hit the ground running! Thanks for ALWAYS sharing so much! Mariana | Kismis Ink Photography  07.27.10 - 4:38pm
Alicia Damron - I'm loving that artwork, I've never seen anything like it. How cool!  07.27.10 - 4:05pm
Gabriela Fuentes - Oh, J*. If I could only payback all the inspiration that I've gotten by reading your blog. I've read how you always encourage everyone even though I sometimes feel wedding photography is an uphill battle. I've been where you are, and it's not a pleasant place, but I've learned that it's OK to feel that way. Whenever that happens, I find solace in what Martin Scorsese once told us. "Sometimes, I arrive at the set with no idea of what I'm going to do, so I look at everything with fresh eyes." If Marti feels that way, it's OK for the rest of us mortals. We cannot expect to always be machine of ideas and creativity. It will come back to you, maybe in the way least expected, and most likely better than ever. Social media is like looking at cars passing by in a highway, everyone rushing trying to get someplace, and you don't have to be on the road ALL the Time. Take the service road, refuel, and enjoy life. Tomorrow, it will be another day. PS. Look out for "Max and Mary" on Netflix. Great stop motion film, with great storytelling; it gave me a lot of inspiration.  07.27.10 - 3:55pm
Sarah Danaher - I absolutely, completely understand this feeling. Because I'm there, too. My problem, though, is that I don't have the time to refuel. I spent the afternoon in soul-depth conversation with a dear friend, and that helped... some. I'm looking forward to a break, come September, when my wedding season slows down a bit. Perhaps that will help. Until then, I'm playing soccer with my boys for 20 minutes every night, and reading Sherlock Holmes before I go to bed. The distraction helps me feel more refreshed.   07.27.10 - 3:15pm
Tira J - I hear ya sister! Doing nothing gives me more fuel. It gives my brain a chance to sort of re-charge and filter through all the other things I was working on or want to work on. Of course, you get this really long mental to do list that you so badly want to write down, and that's okay. Staying away from the computer, the phone and the TV is fabulous! Good Luck. the new piece of art, but they didn't make t-birds until 1955. Our family has a classic 1955 T-Bird parked sideways in my grandmother's garage. Don't ask.   07.27.10 - 2:54pm
Rensche Mari - Yup, I know those days. Our brains' need to reboot every now and then. Enjoy your reboot!  07.27.10 - 2:38pm
Megan - I feel the same way lately. Must be something in the water? Air? Good luck pulling out of your funk. Take some "me" time and cuddle with your puppy.  07.27.10 - 2:38pm
Allison Carenza - Jasmine we all go there don't we. It's such a dark and lonely place, but I love how you put it out there. Keep on keeping on, and know the universe will reward you with renewed creativity soon. Much Love   07.27.10 - 2:37pm
George - Amazing how much a small circle can hold! ... ;)  07.27.10 - 2:37pm
Feuza - so true, feel the same J* want to go to Barnes and Nobles and just ready and drink some cool coffee, reading rework at this time  07.27.10 - 2:35pm
Lawrence Chan - It's time for a vacation, which means no internet and phone. If you need anything, let me know! :)  07.27.10 - 2:32pm
cassie - it must be a common theme as of late to be completely drained of who you are...creativity and all. i'm having the same problem with just feeling empty and creativeless and pretty much like I'm a shell of my usual self. thankfully, it's worked out that the majority of august i can take here's to refueling and finding yourself again. you're always such a breath of fresh air into my take on my photography. you make me want to do more, see more, feel more...i know my photography isnt the greatest and it's not the best version of who i am...YET. it will get there. and you'll be a huge part in that. thank you...  07.27.10 - 2:32pm
B - NSFs are great reminders to continue make deposits and stop over-spending (as in yourself!). Take a break.   07.27.10 - 2:32pm
Manny - have a day of R&R, hang out, recharge, find things that you love. the Lord won't leave you now (:  07.27.10 - 2:24pm
Mandi - I sooo felt this way recently. Asked my dad if he'd ever felt that way (he is massively creative on a huge, build a new wing on the house type of way), and he said he does from time to time, too. He says he just sits on it. Just like you said. Enjoys the "other" stuff. And waits for inspiration to make a visit again soon. :)  07.27.10 - 2:23pm
Lara - Just wanted to tell you I love you much and I am thinking of you. We seem to be on the same path lately. Have fun doing nothing... which sounds like a whole lot of something good for you : ) xo  07.27.10 - 2:18pm