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CreativeLive : Bride+Groom

ife is crazy beautiful. Often times more crazy, but when beautiful strikes, it's awesome. Remember that wild adventure I'm taking with creativeLIVE? A couple weeks ago, I posted that we needed a real life couple who'd be willing to get married, and in turn for their generous participation, they'd get a free wedding. The response was amazing and the couples who took time to submit their videos blew me away. I was incredibly honored to hear their stories.

One of the couples was Laura and Billy. And they made the following video...

Laura and Billy want to win a free wedding with Jasmine Star from Laura Marchbanks on Vimeo.

Seeing them so in love and happy made my heart melt. The creativeLIVE team and I are happy to announce Laura and Billy as the contest winners! It was an incredibly hard decision, but after a few Skype conversations, we knew we found the perfect fit! The day will be made extra amazing with the help of Daniela of Bella Signature Design, one of Seattle's premiere wedding coordinators. She has some amazing things in store and we're stoked to have her talent for this event.

If you'd more information how you can participate this event online, definitely check out the creativeLIVE website. Or, if you'd like to join the fun in person, you can submit a video and hopefully score a seat for the actual event in Seattle. Don't forget: The deadline is THIS Friday!

Happy Wednesday!
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runa - Beautiful couple.Best wishes for them.  05.14.11 - 12:54am
matrimonialsites - wonderful Video. Beautiful couples. They are looking so cute. congratulations to Laura and Billy. i really happy to see your photos. Thanks for sharing. matrimonial sites tamil matrimony   01.10.11 - 3:24am
Rachelle - Amazing. I love how special this couple is. They radiate from each other. Have been watching on C-Live and they were clearly an awesome choice.   08.27.10 - 7:00am
Tracey Emmett - Oh they are so cute! Laura cracks me up. She seems like she might be one of your best "Jasmine" personality matched brides ever!   08.03.10 - 12:01pm
Amanda - Okay so I vote for Laura and Billy because the butt grab was pretty funny and the comment about being poor made me LOL. Congrats to the two of you.   07.31.10 - 12:08am
Erica Velasco - HOw cute are they? Great video!  07.30.10 - 9:08am
Patti - WOW! Congrats Laura and Billy. Brent and I met Laura when Brent won a free ticket to a photoshoot that Laura arranged in Las Vegas. The photoshoot was to benefit Portrait House. Laura put a lot of effort into this and I can not think of a more deserving person/couple!  07.30.10 - 7:43am
Bobbie Brown - What a great video! Congrats to the winners and I can hardly wait to watch you get married! WHOO-HOO!  07.29.10 - 9:29pm
Nora Nathoo - Oh, so wonderful, and such a almost too cute to be true couple.   07.29.10 - 5:29pm
Audrey Smit - Hurraaaaaay! They were my favorite couple. Great to see two people so in love who can get this awesome opportunity :)  07.29.10 - 6:35am
Romonia Isaac - I was rooting for these guys! Feel in love with this video...the realness and he beauty of their love. Congratulations guys!!! I wish you the absolute best! What an incredible experience...Jasmine Star is your wedding photographer!!!!!!!!  07.29.10 - 12:01am
Jen Anway - WOW! Jasmine, I don't know if you could have cast a spell to create a better couple than these two for the big event! I can't wait to see it all!  07.28.10 - 9:14pm
Courtney - Such a good little video! Looks like they've set the bar high for the photographers that are entering... And I've got 2 days to get something recorded! EEK!  07.28.10 - 8:31pm
Alice - what a lucky couple to have this opportunity! congrats laura and billy!  07.28.10 - 6:56pm
Melissa Papaj Photography - What a cute couple! I too have a wedding this weekend...SO MUCH FUN!  07.28.10 - 6:47pm
Vasti - I'm not getting married, but can I win help with networking?????? =D  07.28.10 - 6:25pm
Ning - Yay, welcome to Seattle! Just worked with Daniella this past weekend for the wedding I photographed, she was great!!  07.28.10 - 5:10pm
MARY - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their video!  07.28.10 - 3:51pm
Alice G Patterson - LOVE the fun these two clearly had in making this video... shows a lot of thought and enthusiasm!  07.28.10 - 3:18pm
Hayley Ziebart - WAAAAAAAAHOOOOO!!!!!!! That's my quarky, awesome cousin and his fabulous & lovable, soon-to-be wife!!!!!!!!!!! So cool that they were picked! Jasmine, you will NOT be sorry you chose this amazing couple of people. That four or five days is likely to be the most fun you've had on the job, ever! Just saying. ;) CONGRATS BILLY-BOY & PRINCESS BOLD (PINKY), we love you!!!  07.28.10 - 3:13pm
Christina - Hilarious! They are completely adorable! I can't wait to see what's in store for them! Congratulations!!  07.28.10 - 3:07pm
IPBrian - A very well done video...congrats to Laura and Billy...looking forward to seeing it all come together @ creativeLIVE!  07.28.10 - 2:43pm
kristine atienza - yay!! congrats laura!! I too had the pleasure of meeting her in person at wppi this year! :)   07.28.10 - 2:37pm
Alicia Swedenborg - Adorable!! Great choice!  07.28.10 - 2:06pm
Nicole - Laura shot my wedding this summer and she is absolutely amazing! I am so glad her and Billy won! They deserve it!   07.28.10 - 1:53pm
Evie Perez - Congrats to the lovely couple!!! I can't wait to see all the planning come to real life. I believe that there is something special in store for them!!!  07.28.10 - 1:50pm
laurie - they are such a cute couple!! so excited they were chosen!!   07.28.10 - 1:16pm
Amber Fox - I love them! Good choice Jasmine!  07.28.10 - 12:43pm
Sarah Danaher - Holy cow. They are ADORABLE.  07.28.10 - 12:42pm
Victoria de Martigny - Great choice (I just love that car wash scene!!). They look so in love and so much fun. Can't wait to see what's in store for their wedding - and of course, hoping to be able to participate too :-) My video has been submitted to be one of the lucky photographers (KookyCatChick) and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you choose me too :-))  07.28.10 - 12:29pm
Jeff Almquist - What a great couple to win! This will be a fun & productive experience for everyone...and the industry! Way to go Jasmine and CreativeLIVE!  07.28.10 - 12:26pm
JulieP - Oh, I love the choice! Loved the video and totally get the poor "artist" photographer thing! We still haven't had our family pictures taken and our daughter is 18 months old! Best wishes to the adorable couple! xoxox  07.28.10 - 12:23pm
Kevin - Great couple! They look like they're going to be a blast to work with. Looking forward to the creativeLIVE wedding photography seminar!  07.28.10 - 12:21pm
Damien Noble Andrews - So very cool... I really wish I could have submitted to follow you on this one. Congrats to them and keep up the amazing work.  07.28.10 - 12:20pm
MelissaFoscardo - Excellent choice. This video made me laugh out loud (the car washing scene) and tear up. Can't wait to hear about this experience.  07.28.10 - 12:20pm
LEOLAK - Congrats Laura and Billy! I actually met Laura earlier this year....such a nice person...happy for them! Awesome video.  07.28.10 - 12:11pm
Patty Reiser - Congratulations to Laura and Billy. They sound like a perfect couple for this awesome event. Looking forward to watching it all happen.  07.28.10 - 12:02pm
James - !Pour Some Sugar on Meeee! haha, that was awesome. Great post.  07.28.10 - 12:02pm
SaraMac - A perfect choice. They are so cute - and funny! You are going to have a blast!   07.28.10 - 12:02pm
Ivona - Awesome! Congrats to Laura&Billy! My husband and I loved their video!  07.28.10 - 11:59am
Kimberly - This is a GREAT video! I love the butt cheek squeeze at the end!  07.28.10 - 11:54am
Tiffany Fosnight - YAY! I'm so glad you chose Laura and Billy! She was our wedding photographer so I'm a little biased I guess. ;)  07.28.10 - 11:49am
Mavi Fuentes-Archilla - When I saw this entry, I knew it was a winner. They really deserve it! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to capture their wedding and learn from you in Seattle, Jasmine!!! I can't wait to hear who the lucky 6 photogs are!   07.28.10 - 11:36am
emily scott - YAY. i am working on my video right this very minute and seeing this one was inspiring and hilarious. love when she squeezes his butt HAHA  07.28.10 - 11:36am
Terri - Great Pick! I LOVE THEM!   07.28.10 - 11:35am
Karen Stott - ooooh oooh I am SO pumped! I do hope that I am able to join you guys in Seattle, they seem like too fabulous a couple to not meet in person! Great choice Jasmine!  07.28.10 - 11:34am
Laurie Bracewell - Congrats to Laura and Billy! Well deserved and fantastic vid!  07.28.10 - 11:29am
manraj Gujral - cute couple... all the best :)  07.28.10 - 11:23am
Kristen - OMG! They are awesome! :)  07.28.10 - 11:22am
Alicia Candelora - *sigh* I SOOO badly want t submit a video to be one of the photographers and I have this super creative, funny, fun idea that I am 99.9% sure would get your attention and make you laugh.....but I have a wedding that saturday and a speaking engagement that Thursday. If only it was the week before or after. *sigh*  07.28.10 - 11:17am
feuza - tearing up here, working on my video submission, when will you announce winners ?  07.28.10 - 11:17am
Jennifer - This is the cutest video! I think they totally deserved it!  07.28.10 - 11:17am
Jihan Cerda - Yayyyy! I'm soooo happy for them! The video was awesome and I'm totally excited for, will I be one of the photogs?? Find out next week, yea? =)  07.28.10 - 11:15am
Tira J - OH MY! I am totally giddy inside for my sweet friend Laura and her handsome beau Billy! Wow! This is so wonderful!   07.28.10 - 11:13am
Brittany - Wow! What a sweet video! The couple seems full of personality and I think they'll add so much to the experience! :) Very happy for them!  07.28.10 - 11:13am
malika - awh! yay! I adored them! The video was perfect :)  07.28.10 - 11:13am
VICTORIA - great choice! very cool couple!  07.28.10 - 11:11am
Deb Peluso - They are super sweet! Congratulations!  07.28.10 - 11:10am
Jamilah - awwww... what a fantasticly made video!! it definitely tugged at my heart... I will definitely be tuned in for creativeLIVE!! Looking forward to it!  07.28.10 - 11:10am
Nicole - One of the cutest couples ever...... right behind all our wedding couples ;o) Congrats to Laura and Billy!!  07.28.10 - 11:07am
Tammie - Congrats to Laura & Billy!!! (...and that video...Nicely done!)  07.28.10 - 11:07am
Cass Mooney - Oh Jasmine! I love them! Now I need to figure out how I can get a video done by Friday in hopes of being one of the amazingly lucky ones to win a 'seat' and get be a part of this amazing day!!!  07.28.10 - 11:07am
Brandis Allison - YAY Laura!!! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is quite fabulous. :)   07.28.10 - 11:07am
Brandis Allison - YAY Laura!!! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is quite fabulous. :)   07.28.10 - 11:07am
Angela Compton - Congratulations! That video totally made me smile! I think they are perfect for this whole process!!  07.28.10 - 11:05am
Cherisse - Wow! Lucky Winners!! I bet they can't wait! How incredibly awesome you are J*  07.28.10 - 11:04am